A Sunny Saturday Afternoon at CAH

20 posted for a Saturday afternoon game day at the Children’s attention home.  The boys were already playing basketball before we got started, but they still had some energy to burn.  So, we did a slow mosey/walk to the field up the street from CAH and got to it.  Here is what we did:

The Thang:

Mini- COP

SSH x 20, merkin x 10,   windmill x 10, squat x 10, mountain climber x 10

We split the group up and played a friendly, but competitive game of kickball.  There were some good plays, some not-so-good plays, but we all had a lot of fun on a beautiful, late afternoon spring day.  I think the score was 8-7, but it wasn’t important who won the game.  The time we spent together, getting to know each other better and learning from each other, was what it was about.

Welcome FNG/Trek Star who is a friend of  Man of Steel (my son), and also, who we found out today, a neighbor of NASA’s.  He said that he enjoyed himself today and wants to come again.  I was very happy to hear that and hope that he can join us any time we come to CAH.

I told the boys about a news story I saw this week about a high school boy named Gerald Hodges who swam for his high school swim team in Texas.   It’s an amazing story about a young athlete, who could have easily played for just about any sport team at his school.  But instead, chose to join the school swim team.  Gerald could barely swim, but decided to join the swim team because he wanted to learn how to handle failure if it happened (it didn’t).   Being able to handle failures and learn from them, Gerald thought, would make him successful.  This to me, was an incredibly mature thing for an 18 year old to do, and was a powerful message for anyone.  The link to this story is below.


My thanks to NASA for the invitation to Q.  I have been absent from the CAH for too long and plan on getting there more regularly this year.

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Fun with Big Balls and Little Balls at Guidance

One of the things you have to appreciate about serving, I don’t mean sending a letter to a service member oversees or collecting cereal boxes kind of serving… rather I’m talking about roll your sleeves up and get into the trenches kind of serving with the people that you are serving… is the reality that you can’t anticipate what the twists and turns and speed bumps and hurdles that will experienced along the way.  Not to mention what God will show you along the way.

This post at Guidance started out surprisingly divided as the great divider was working overtime with these young men with a little in-fighting and much negativity of those moping around not wanting to participate.  It was apparent that even one of the boy’s that is new since our last visit was spewing negativity and didn’t want to participate.  This day required an overdrive of positivity and encouragement with a dose of peer accountability and expectation set by the Pax.  By the end of our time with the boys the mood changed materially and the boys had fun and were much more engaged and participatory.

What is the lesson?  First, I’ve noticed that currently amongst the boys there is lacking leadership within that has positivity rather there is more negativity that is infecting the home.  In reflection, this is a reality in my daily life that in my home, work, F3 or any group I participate in I can be that person that takes the group to new heights with my positivity or I can be the cancer that infects the group and at worst infects others or at best stagnates the group at mediocrity.  I challenge the Pax to be a light in the circles you run in but also take your light into the world, into these darker places in our community to be a light, a beacon of hope and encouragement.  Serving the least of us is not easy, comfortable or always safe but we are called to step out of our comfort zones and serve.

The Thang:

Mosey to the church at the top of the hill (slow but steady).  We had some fast pacers and some slow anchors to get to the top of the hill.


It is not abnormal to have varied participation amongst the boys but today they were going to hold each other accountable to participate because we weren’t going to stop until they could string together three exercises in a row with full participation and effort.

SSH – 10x – Not all participated so exercise didn’t count

Squats – 10x – Again not all participated …

Imperial Walkers – 10x Now we’re talking!  All boys are in!

Mountains Climbers – 10x Best yet!

Windmills – 10x Mission accomplished

In the spirit of Easter we dispatched the boys to search the property (aka Easter Egg hunt style) to find the supplies for the next event.  Searching for 4 bases and two balls the boys scoured the grounds, secured provisions and returned to the field.

Ended the work out playing kick ball with a twist.  Playing one round with a large 20″ exercise ball and the other round with a dodge ball.  Each time the kicking team got on base the fielding team had to do a burpee and each time the fielding team got an out then the kicking team had to do a burpee.

COT and mosey home!

Editorial Comment:  The beginning of the workout shows me that these boys need the men of F3, they need more men to invest in their lives, to give them direction, accountability and hope. Consider how you can invest your time in their future!  They don’t need more prayers… they need  men to be in community with them on a consistent ongoing basis.

Chicken Hawk


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#Seeitbeit – Paradise Reading Center

I had the chance to listen live to David Chadwick (Senior Pastor, Forest Hill Church) talk about his recent interview with Charlotte Police Chief, Kerr Putney. In his final question, David asked the Police Chief: What can the church do to make Charlotte a better place to live? The Chief listed three items:

“We need three things,” the Chief said:

  1. Volunteers to hold babies
  2. Volunteers to read to kids
  3. Mentors for kids, Especially male mentors

In that moment, I wanted to say, “David, there is this group of guys that are already doing this!” #F3Nation. In that moment, I was especially proud to be one of the PAX! My mind went to the good work the PAX are doing with the Children’s Attention Home and The Paradise Reading Center (and more!).

My opportunity to be the change I want to see was with serving the underserved community of Paradise. My first time volunteering I was excited to see, how may kids showed up to this after school program for help with reading and homework. And also, how fun, energetic and smart they are (My first reading partner was Kelvin, a six year, who was easily a better reader than me when I was six. He didn’t laugh too hard when he had to correct me with the correct pronunciation of, “Galileo”)!

I also had the chance to watch CoPay give his story. What a story! And more importantly T-Claps for this HIM for showing our youth, if you can see it, you can be it! I simply followed Copay’s (and Deacon’s!) lead and made it known to them I wanted to share my story too.

Deacon sent me an outline with suggestions of what I should cover during my 10 minute talk (1. My personal background, 2. What I wanted to be when I was a kid, 3. My job, 4. School experience, 5. Advice I wanted to share with them) and I was ready.

I was pumped to share my story with the hope that if just one kid could #seeitbeit, then it was well worth the 60 minutes I spent with the kids that day.



F3 has made me physically stronger, put more PAX in my life that have given me great community, and have helped me to have a better walk with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  To give a little back to this community that has given me so much was a true pleasure.

Thank you to the PAX for all being HIMs in your own individual ways.


The Reading Center takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 4PM-5PM at Bethlehem Baptist Church 601 Joe Louis St. Fort Mill,SC 29715. The kids are doing homework and reading and we have the opportunity to assist or listen. This is  a great opportunity for us to mentor and encourage beyond the workout. Looking to get a schedule with 4-8 PAX each session starting 1/8/17 and going throughout the school year.

See link to sign up. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11ak80g7L12X6hCDN1_h5cSUemDlqWzBdgMyJII1RHy4



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PREBLAST: 2018 at Guidance – PAX Support Needed

We have kicked off 2018 at Children’s Attention Home / Guidance!!

Rock Hill’s Dawg Pound is Co-Q for the Site/AO!! Woo wooo!!! He will bring Rock Hill energy to Guidance and help elevate it to new levels. We are super excited for his leadership!! Thank you Dawg Pound!!

The definition of “Guidance” is advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in a position of authority or influence. It is also the directing of the motion or position of something towards a goal or objective.

That is exactly what we as F3 Nation intend to do, and this is where the young men need your help for the impact will be greater in numbers than alone.

We know there is alot of curiosity towards CAH, that the young men down there may not be within your comfort zone. Well it is time to step out of that comfort zone and embrace them. The young men there are in their early teens, at a vulnerable stage of great influence (good or bad). Life thrust upon them a situation that they did not ask for, and they need our love, time, support, strength, wisdom……our Guidance. Each one of them are smart, witty, and funny, but they are a close knit group working to get through life at CAH together and you can tell they lean on each other, some are hesitant to open up to outsiders.

They are not too different than some of us PAX in that they sometimes feel that they have to carry their burdens themselves and solve their own problems. They need to know that there are people out in the world they can rely on, they can trust to ‘have their back’ and lift them up when they are down, and they are part of something He has planned that is bigger than themselves. Within each one of them, hidden beneath their burdens, is a Leader and HIM. Some just do not know or realize this. This is where we as HIMs need to be Intentional and lead them through our example via the mission, principles, and foundations of F3. Now I humbly ask all area PAX and HIMs to come support this great and worthy cause.

General info for posting:

  • The first workout was 1/20/18, then the workouts are every other Saturday (2/3, 2/17, 3/3, and so on).
  • Workouts start at 4pm prompt so arrive early to prep
  • For directions, contact NASA, Dawg Pound, Decibel, Chicken Wing, Reborn, or Chicken Hawk
  • They do not want the street address or directions to their site posted online
  • Pictures or videos of the young men there are not allowed
  • These are teen boys – bring your sense of humor for they have one for sure (nothing like a fart mid-LSS to get the giggles going).
  • Trash talk – kind trash talk – is almost mandatory. Bring it if you have it.
  • 2.0’s are allowed – and encouraged – as long as they are boys over 12

If you want to Q a workout:

  • Contact NASA or Dawg Pound
  • Q schedule is on the Rock Hill tab on the Google Docs link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mfnvJ9faf5NVFU9afWW4IDWBxJglS-4YFzZx39RGa4M/edit#gid=1726409880
  • Keep it to 30 or so minutes of workout, 30 minutes of something fun – they love basketball and football
  • Explain F3 and give the disclaimer at the beginning of each workout as usual
  • This is not a high-intensity PAX beatdown or CSAUP – these are teens in collective average shape.
  • Avoid a run-only workout as well.
  • Make it challenging yet attainable by them.
  • BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN…..but at the same time we want these young me to be challenged physically and mentally while achieving the goals you set for them.
  • We will be able to use the areas around the home which include Winthop University lake, the field at First Christian Church, the field behind the factory nearby, and the CAH grounds themselves.
  • In order to give them rest times – use the power of your words. Hold a short devotion incorporating the Monthly Theme that our regions are using; speak about what F3 means to you and what it has done in your life; or give them an example of a rough time in your life and how you overcame it. You can do this more than once during the workout – before the workout, after the COP, during your Thang, and before/after the COT. Keep in mind words are just words but if they have meaning, emotion, intention – they become much more powerful and impactful.
  • Engage the young men – when using your words, get them involved in the discussions through questions. Let them show you how intelligent they can be.
  • Pictures or videos of the young men there are not allowed
  • For the Name-O-Rama – please use only first names, ages, and then F3 name
  • Post a BackBlast!! I’d like this done within 48 hrs. This is marketing of the workout to build interest throughout the regions. Guidance is now live on the F3 The Fort web!

Thank you all for the support you have provided in the past and we look forward to this new year at the Children’s Attention Home. Please be praying that God will bless our efforts there so that we can build up young males that will one day be leaders in the community and beyond.
Read more – http://f3nation.com/2017/01/07/new-vision-for-childrens-attention-home/

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Vince Lombardi

 Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. These young men need our strength, our commitment, our effort to bring out the Leaders that lie within.
We need your help. All it takes is 1 hour of your time, every other week. That’s only 24 hours out of the 8,760 you will be blessed with in this year. 

We hope to see you all at Guidance. Thank you and God bless.

-NASA and Dawg Pound

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PREBLAST: FLASH DRIVE!! Yeti Snack Drive for CAH Guidance

Winter is here, and so is THE YETI!! I know just hearing that word gets you all excited. I am. You should be too. It will be EPIC!!!!

For those PAX who will be there (participating or whatever), I ask that you make it more than just a CSAUP.

The children of CAH Guidance need you. They also need cereal, A LOT of cereal – the go-to breakfast, snack, and substitute meal for a lot of teens. If you have one I am sure you know they eat it in bulk. We are asking those who will be participating in the Yeti, those who will be helping facilitate or assist with it, or those showing up to participate in the fellowship during or after to bring in a box (or more) of cereal for Guidance.

  • There are mostly teens at Guidance now, so remember that when choosing the cereal.
  • I will collect them in my big blue truck.  I will be running the Yeti, so I can collect them before the start. I will also collect them afterwards during the epic 2nd F at the BBQ feast.
  • For those who want to drop donations off while I may be out suffering, I mean killing it – I will leave my tailgate unlocked. Leave it in there. Look for a bright blue 4 door F-150 FX4 with F3 and Ragnar on the back Window. Please shut the tailgate when done.
  • I will drive them down to Guidance later that day.
  • IF you are participating and want to collect some from PAX who you regularly interface with, then bring it with you……that would be AWESOME!!! Challenge for site/AO Q’s……

My apologies for the short notice, but sometimes last-minute picks can bear alot of perfectly ripe fruit.

The PAX of F3 The Fort, Rock Hill, and York have a great thing going at CAH Guidance. We meet with the young men there regularly not just to workout, but teach them the F3 way, mentor them, bring Him into their lives more, and just be a male role model and positive presence in their lives in this tough time they’re going through. The youth there are amazing, wonderful, good kids that are dealing with something no kid should have to.  It has had a great positive impact on them, helping them see that there is a positive future for them and that they are indeed part of something bigger than themselves.

But we need the PAX help in many ways to plant, serve, and GROW our presence there to help invigorate the young leaders within them. Please consider helping in any way you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

God Bless,
-NASA and Dawg Pound

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In just under a month, we will have an opportunity to run one of the best races of the year which has become our Signature Fort Race, The Joe Davis Run for Recovery.

This year is going to be particularly special in that we will also be adding the opportunity to push race chariots for SPEED FOR NEED.

Here’s how you get involved, if you know of someone who has a child with a disability, someone who has a child whose home has been affected by addiction, or a child in some other kind of need, then DM Dark Helmet on Twitter and let him know. If you would like to help push, let him know.

We have a chance to have as many as 6 chairs there (several are already spoken for, but some are empty). That’s the most of any race yet…

So man up! Register, find a “Track Commander” to push, and let’s get after it!

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Its Christmas time and the word of the month is giving so I am asking if you would take moments pray about giving to help a fellow pax. Last year Stang got the Fort and the Rock pax to donate gift cards, cash and presents for me and my family.  This was huge for me and my family, with that  being said I feel the need to help a fellow pax and give back. I have been in touch with our pax of the Fort looking for someone to help out. This morning in COT it was mentioned by Destiny that a fellow pax’s son has just been diagnosed with leukemia and his wife is pregnant with twins. Then again Ginsu and Rock thrill had a tweet about it and come to find out it is an Area51  pax named Bout time his sons name is Jennings. This hits close to home and just knew this is who we need to help this year. a few

If I have never had the pleasure of posting with you in the Gloom I would like to take a second and share my story, Dec 2015 on Christmas eve my 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL Type B, on Christmas day she had surgery to have a port installed and her first 3 rounds of chemo. We spent Christmas in the hospital and I broke down never cried so hard in my life. I reached out to God prayed that everything will be okay and about 10 min later after the took my daughter back for surgery he answered my pray because a peace just came over me and heard the words its going to be okay.  The last 2 years have been a hard 2 years with ups and downs but also have enlightened me, allowed me to get closer to God.  It also allowed me to become apart of F3 with out the men of this group not sure where I would be mentally and physically today. I like to thank you for the push the words of encouragement.


I am asking pax to give what your heart tells you. Prayers gift cards, cash etc. I have seen what awesome pax you can be when challenged to give you all always go above and beyond.

See your site Q’s for collections and or Dark helmet , Stang, Witch hunt, Royale and Cornerstone, we want to wrap it up by 12/22/17


2 Corinthians 9:7

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Proverbs 18:16

A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Thanks Again HIMS


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Preblast: Holiday Social with the CAH Guidance Youth


We have had a GREAT year at CAH Guidance! To continue the impact of the three F’s, there will be a Holiday ‘social’ dinner with the youth from CAH Guidance.

  • WHEN: Friday December 8 at 6pm.
  • WHERE: Location is TBD pending group size, but will be at either Sakura Japanese Steak House and Sushi or Buffalo Wild Wings, both in Rock Hill.
  • WHAT: F3 will treat the CAH youth with funds already accumulated, but other PAX may be asked to pay their own way pending group size. It will be a regular menu selection at either location. Appetizers will be provided if at BWWs.
  • HOW: Please RSVP to NASA by Monday 12/4, noon, via Twitter or Facebook DM, or email at eransone@hotmail.com

This 2nd F event is a great opportunity to meet and greet the youth, let them know they matter and have some fun. It is going to be a great time, but it takes YOU to make it happen. Be the vessel thru which He works.  Please be there.

Thanks in advance,

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Children’s Attention Home / Guidance New F3 Exercise Station – Thank You

All Area PAX:

On Saturday Sept 30 a small group of F3 PAX set out that morning, a short time after the Convergence celebrating The Fort’s 5th Anniversary, to permanently change the landscape at the Children’s Attention Home / Guidance. The fruition of all the burpees and subsequent pledges from the 2017 CAH Burpee Challenge spearheaded by Chicken Wing would culminate in the installation of some permanent outdoor exercise equipment that day. This small group of men would be representing many from F3 Nation’s local regions – The Fort, Rock Hill, York, and Indian Land, among others – who participated in the challenge. Those who participated believed that there was a meaning, a purpose, a goal that is greater than themselves. The exercise equipment will be a permanent physical example to those at CAH Guidance, and others as well, of what F3 is all about. Not only of the importance of the 1st F, but power behind the 2nd and 3rd F’s as well – when you invigorate the leader within, and you have Faith, the possibilities are limitless.

After several hours of hard work, with help from the young leader residents at CAH Guidance, as well as a lot of GREAT 2nd F, the work was finally complete! It was not easy work at all, but by now we all know to choose to do the harder thing and get after it, which the team did with no complaints. We all pushed, pulled, and motivated each other to completion, a true Shield Lock effort. By no means was it a ‘professional’ installation, but the heart put into the work cannot be denied. It was obviously a labor of Love.

The equipment is quite rugged, well designed, well built, and installed in a manner to where it will last quite some time. T-Claps to Chicken Wing on the design, Iron Horse for his incredibly well done job fabricating the bars, and to all of those who participated in the installation efforts led by Chicken Wing and Iron Horse. It was a GREAT team effort.

Before we even left, it was making an impact:
* Richard, who is the Supervisor of Grounds / Equipment Maintenance there at CAH, was nearly in tears and overwhelming in thanks at the effort put forth and how the equipment will help the kids there
* Many of the staff where quite speechless and thankful when they came out to see the finished work
* The youth were already hanging all over the equipment (who needs the concrete to set??), laughing and having a good time

And the impact will be a lasting one. Attached is a letter sent by the Volunteer Programs Coordinator at CAH, Sharada Abraham:

“”Good Morning Gentlemen,

I hope you all are well! I wanted to thank you all for the phenomenal job that was done on last weekend with the installation of the Pull Up & Dip Station. It looks great (pics are attached) and everyone is asking about it from the children, staff, and even our volunteers. I had the pleasure of giving a tour yesterday to one of our community partners and they were in awe.
Thank you all so much for your continued support of the Home. The pull up and dip station is a great addition to our Campus and I do believe our teens will spend more time getting FIT!
Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sharada Abraham
Volunteer Programs Coordinator


On behalf of F3 Nation and CAH, I am incredibly thankful for the efforts put forth by the area PAX to get this done. From the inception of the Burpeee Challenge fundraiser by Chicken Wing, to the PAX participating in the challenge (I still do not like burpees, but I’m better at them now), to the PAX designing, fabricating the equipment, procuring the materials, facilitating the approvals, leading the installation efforts, and finally participating in the installation. It was quite a project, and a good example of what happens when you step outside your comfort zone to lead and make things happen.

Keep up the great efforts F3 Nation! Remember that within each one of you there is a true leader waiting to be unleashed if it has not been already. Believe in yourself,  be the change you want to see in the world, and get out there and make a positive difference in the world. Be the vessel through which He works.

You are all HIMs, and I am honored and privileged to be part of this wonderful thing we all call F3.

Thank you and God Bless

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Children’s Attention Home Workday

PAX of Rock Hill, York, Gastonia, The Fort Regions and beyond,

The overwhelming success of the CAH Burpee Challenge that we worked our tails off in June is coming to fruition on 9/30 at 10:30AM at CAH. We will be getting rental gear for post hole diggers, concrete mixers, supplies are being worked on for lumber and hardware (hoping to get confirmation this week from Home Depot) and our very own Iron Horse is making the bars himself!! We have collected in cash, check, and through the website $2,508.24!!! That speaks to the HIMs that you all are.

We are going to install 6 pull up bars with step assists, 2 parallel bars, and 6 dip stations.

Iron Horse’s handy work. All bars are being sent off for powder coating as well!!

Date: 9/30/17 at 10:30AM

Who: All PAX, please sound off in comments if you are able to come. If we get 12 guys, I see this as a few hour project at most.

Location: CAH in Rock Hill

Duration: Until we are done

What to bring: Gloves, water, work boots, and dress is old work clothes.

If you have: Post hole diggers, cordless drill, large drill bits, bring them, I have some, but more is better. Let me know if comments what you plan to bring.

What is provided: Plans, materials, lunch (pizza will be delivered)

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