Sweati details

  • QIC: Zima/Anchorman
  • When: 07/14/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast

Launch from Footloose (First Baptist Fort Mill) at 0600.

Be prepared to do 8-ish miles with a few stops.

End of pre-blast.  You’ll get full details when you show up including map.

#secretcsaup #yeswehaveaplan


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The PAINtheon Games 3.0 lands 6/13/18

Hard to believe it’s been 3 years since we started this AO. And as we do every year, we celebrate this fact by doing stupid things in the gloom. So if you have the stones (see: gumption) to post on 6/13, you’ll get to enjoy the following items:

Date: 6/13/18
Time: 0500
Where: Pantheon (TCES)
What: See Below

Pantheon Games
• Merkins AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Sit-ups AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Burpees AMRAP (2 minutes)
• 100 Yard Bear Crawl Dash
• 1 Mile Timed
• Balls to the Wall (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Timed 6 inch hold (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Burpee Chase (Personal Fav)

Cobains for not posting the last games results. I’ll try to get them up before the event so those who have posted before have a benchmark. If you’ve been to the games, you know what’s in store. If you haven’t, it’ll be the highlight of your week. High on pain. High on 2ndF.

Please not the early start of 0500


Zima & Anchorman

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SUNDAY Tega Cay Veterans Memorial Day Weekend 5k 6:00 PM

PAX, you are invited to a celebration and remembrance of our veterans in the Tega Cay Veterans Memorial Day Weekend 5k on SUNDAY AT 6:00 pm.  This is NOT a morning race!

Proceeds from the race benefit the Fisher House. The Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veterans families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital.

Approximately 30 minutes before the race, there will be a Circle of Remembrance of veterans where names of those lost will be read, presented by Wear Blue: Run to Rembember. You are invited to be part of this remembrance by reading your lost military member’s name. More info soon.

This is nice race in Tega Cay and with around 150 participants. The course has been changed to a be flatter than previous years, but with some challenges. There has been an excellent prize drawing after the race with many outstanding gift certificates given away. The race is part of a celebration held in Tega Cay.

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7qOUhi5jDw&feature=youtu.be

“We conduct a Circle of Remembrance before every wear blue: run to remember and will use the same guidelines for the Circle prior to our race.  About 30 minutes before the race starts we will gather all who want to participate in a large circle and I’ll briefly explain the purpose and the process.  We will first read off the names of the 12 Service members who were killed on May 27th over the past 15 years.  Then we will go around the circle and give everyone the opportunity to tell us who they are honoring and want us to remember on Memorial Day. 

I know a number of the F3 guys are planning to run the TCVA 5k race and many have military service.  Many others know someone (friend, family member, etc) who served honorably and is no longer with us that they want to likewise honor on Memorial Day.  A number of men from F3 have run with us on Memorial Day and are already familiar with the Circle of Remembrance.  I ask you to encourage as many of the F3 folks as possible to participate in the Circle of Remembrance prior to our race next weekend.  I believe it will be a poignant reminder of what Memorial Day is really all about.  – Todd Purhrmann, Director”

For more information about wear blue: run to remember, visit their website at http://www.wearblueruntoremember.org

Earn your dog tags and support Fisher House! More info below. Contact Ray Haile 803-372-7852 for more details or to get involved.  Aye! Bolt


Website:  https://tcva5k.racesonline.com/home

Fisher House:  https://www.fisherhouse.org/  

  • Families served: More than 30,000 in 2017
  • Daily capacity: 1,000+ families
  • Families served: More than 335,000 since inception
  • Number of lodging days offered: Over 8 million
  • 12,000 students have received $24,000,000 in scholarship awards
  • Over 70,000  airline tickets provided by Hero Miles to service members and their families, worth nearly $105 million



  • COURSE is flatter than previous years and does not run straight up Tega Cay Drive.
  • LIVE MUSIC AFTER THE RACE: Provided by Sonic Rewind
  • LOCATION: Glennon Center (Golf Club), 15087 Molokai Drive, Tega Cay, SC 29708
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Cannoli Run 5-19-18 ft Speed For Need

Twister and Bolt invite you the Cannoli Run (5k and 1 mile Family Walk) on Saturday, May 19, 2018! It is a fun family event and come out to be part of the Speed For Need teams! Vuvuzuela’s son Luka is one of our Track Commanders!

The Cannoli Run leads into the St. Philip Neri Italian Festival and we hope to have great attendance from the PAX and family again this year.

UPDATE 5-15: Celebrity F3 Runner is Rock Hill’s own Burgundy, Lucas McFadden of CN2! Watch him work his magic mingling and running with the crowd!

UPDATE 5-15: The ruckers will begin at the start of the race 9:00 am.  However, the F3-led prerace, family workout is at 8:15 am. Register online this week and arrive by 8:00 am.

UPDATE 5-14: Read the Speed For Need preblast. http://f3southcharlotte.com/2018/05/13/preblast-speed-for-need-st-philip-neri-cannoli-run-5k/

UPDATE 5-11: PAX #’s are a little low as of 5-11 compared to previous years. Get the family signed up!

UPDATE 5-9: We have secured a second Track Commander.

UPDATE 5-5: Speed For Need event Q is Scabby (Rick Gambs, (7zero4) 301-four900). We have 2 chairs in the run. FiA will also be part of our SFN pushing teams.

UPDATE 5-4: Ruck Division has been created led by Q Cornhole (John Ponder (eight03) 230-two002). 

UPDATE 5-2: We are proud to announce that Speed For Need is the charity for the Cannoli Run this year and a portion of race proceeds will go directly to Speed For Need! Help the cause with your registration!

The actual race is a one mile loop passing the festival/start-finish line 3 times (5k), great for observers…and also to stop at the cannoli tables to eat your 3 cannoli’s, if you so choose! Age group awards and King/Queen Cannoli to fastest male/female eating 3 cannolis. Team awards include fastest male and female team, most creative/enthusiastic team (youth and adult) and largest team.

Below is schedule. 

  • 7:30 am Speed For Need setup. SFN Q is Scabby 
  • 8:00 am  F3 PAX and family arrive.  Ruck Q is Cornhole.
  • 8:15-8:45 am  F3 Family Bootcamp Workout. CakeBoss is Q.
  • 8:45-8:55 am Pre-race stretch led by Barre3 of Fort Mill.
  • 8:55 am – Pre-race prayer and move into race positions.
  • 9:00 am 5k Start (SFN leading out, 5k, then walkers)
  • 10:00 am Age group awards and prize drawing
  • 10:30 am Kids 100 Yard Dash
  • After…the SPN Italian Festival!!!

More details:

Ruck: Ruckers will start at normal starting time but arrive by 8:00 am please. Ruckers need to be registered in the race. Cornhole on ruck Q.

Speed For Need: It is awesome we have SFN this year! VuVuzuela’s 2.0 Luca is our first Track Commander. We have secured a 2nd Track Commander.

Family Workout:  CakeBoss, etc, will lead the family pre-workout at starting at 8:15 am. Great EH opportunity and to advertise F3 to the Cannoli crowd,

Pre-race stretch: The prerace stretch from 8:45 am to 8:55 am has been given to one of the festival sponsors, Barre3 of Fort Mill.

Visit the website and get registered! www.SPNCannoliRun.com


Twister, (9one8) 671-03zero9

Bolt, (803) 415-1946, thenewpauko@hotmail.com

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F3 The Fort – Relaunch of WHETSTONE

F3 The Fort – Relaunch of WHETSTONE

WHETSTONE relaunches in the Fort officially on Saturday April 21 and what better way than to relaunch with a CONVERGENCE! Any excuse to gather for a common beat down, interwoven with messages on why/how we need WHETSTONE followed by a short chat post COT. Maximus has a beyond style workout planed. 0700 at Fort Mill High School. Note, all other area AOs will be closed (TheFort, The Yard, Alcatraz, and The Deep).


As you may already know, the mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. This means that ALL of our bootcamps, runs, rucks, kettlebells are means to a much greater end…to strengthen the lives of other men in order to become and to develop HIMs.

Just as no man casually drifts into being physically fit, no man drifts into becoming a HIM. The current of our culture toward isolation, addiction, and mediocrity is strong. Therefore, you must intentionally direct your life against this current in the direction of personal growth…or you will, by default, drift toward sad clown-ness.

While all of us have made some measure of progress in the realm of physical fitness, many of us still lack the deeper dimension of HIM-ness that cannot be developed in a COT, Coffeeteria, or happy hour. Committing to WHETSTONE is a proactive step into this dimension. In the end, our workouts, CSAUP events, and happy hours will eventually fade, but how we have influenced and been influenced by one another will be our legacy.


  • WHETSTONE is a committed relationship between two men. One (the Stone) serves as a mentor to the other (the Blade), you can serve as both Stone and Blade in most partnerships.
  • Although the Stone and Blade may indeed be friends, the WHESTONE differs from a typical friendship. The purpose of the WHETSTONE is the deliberate sharpening effort in helping men to hone the skills and character qualities that comprise the High Impact Man (HIM) he is called to be.
  • As with anything F3, WHETSTONE is free, voluntary, at-your-own-risk, and you can modify as needed.


We’ve seen that meaningful WHETSTONE relationships revolve around the following five things:

  • Consistency – there is no set rule for frequency, but it must be frequent enough to be effective but not too frequent to be overburdening. Every other week seems to be a good cadence, with a one year commitment.
  • Confidentiality – To go deep, you must have trust and transparency. Therefore, one man needs the permission of the other to share anything personal discussed during a Whetstone meeting.
  • Courageous Humility – Just as the meeting of a physical blade and stone creates friction against both objects, a Whetstone relationship is not supposed to be a “smooth” process. This WILL most likely be uncomfortable initially. These are “muscles” that many of us are not in the habit of flexing. So just like you were probably sore at your first several F3 beatdowns (and probably are still sore at times) expect to be “sore” in this. Courageously, and Humbly, “embrace the suck” and grow.
  • Curriculum – Although there is no prescribed curriculum to follow, there are ample topics to guide your conversations. Its recommended to have a few standard questions to check in with each other, i.e. how are your 1st F, 2nd F, and 3rd F going lately; what’s happening at home; where are you struggling; where can I help keep you accountable; etc. Additionally we recommend checkout the awesome content on the QSource posts found on the F3Nation website. Try to establish a specific topic or question for each gathering, the monthly 3rdF theme posts are a great starter as well.
  • Communication – although phone and email are good, it does not replace physical meeting where you can look each other in the eye. It is strongly encourage it find a partner that you can meet face to face.


There are many things we are good at; merkins, eating, CSAUP events, but match making is not one of them. Thus we will NOT create the Farmers Only dating site for finding a WHETSTONE partner. Finding a partner is your responsibility. We’ve tried to play match maker in the past, and overwhelmingly we’ve seen that WHETSTONE partners that have proactively found each other were significantly more likely to have a meaningful relationship.

But we won’t just leave you out there alone searching for a WHETSTONE partner in the gloom by yourself. We ask you to complete the WHETSTONE INTEREST FORM, in which you will provide us the info for three (3) PAX that you would want to engage in a WHETSTONE relationship. To help you avoid that awkward moment at the high school dance, we’ll send a note to your three (3) PAX informing them that you’d like talk with them about WHETSTONE. From there on, it is on you. They know that you’re interested in improving yourself and investing in them.

You control your own destiny, so take control and find a WHETSTONE partner that can influence you and that you can invest in.



We want to see you succeed. We want to see you as a HIM in your marriage, your job, with your kids and in the community. We’ll help push monthly content for you and your WHETSTONE partner to discuss, that’s the easy part, having the honest dialog with your partner is the hard part.

Give us a follow on twitter @F3FortWhetstone, join the conversation, tell the Nation that you’re actively engaged in WHETSTONE and share ideas.


We’ve all heard them, so we took the liberty of short-circuiting your excuses:

“I already have an accountability partner.” That’s great! All of us should have a few men in our Shield Lock. Whetstone, however, is different than accountability. It’s a purposeful mentorship requiring one man to courageously (and humbly) step into a Stone role and another to humbly (and courageously) step into a Blade role.

“I’m not qualified to be Stone where I assume a leadership role in the life of another man.” ALL of you are potential Stones. Have you ever learned from failure? Ever overcome a challenge? Ever passed through one of the milestones of manhood (marriage, parenting, owning a home, etc.)? Then you have something to offer. A large part of being a Stone is about recognizing one’s life experiences (and resulting lessons learned) as a gift to be shared with another. Your struggles allow the Blade to be more transparent about his own challenges.  On the flipside, knowing that you are serving as a Stone for another man may just force you to step up your game, walk a little straighter, and address some of those hindrances that have dogged you for too long.

“I don’t need to be a Blade where I am led by another man.” If you really think this, then it shows that you very much need to be a Blade. The fact is that ALL of you are potential Blades. None of us has this thing called life figured out, and development doesn’t stop till we reach the finish line. Humbly admitting your need for the intentional influence of another man and courageously extending your trust in him leads to a kind of personal development not found many other ways.

“I just don’t have time for this.” Actually, we’d challenge you to rethink this logic.  Each man is given 24 hours in a day.  You have the same amount of time as every other man on the big ball.  No more, no less.  Priorities are what consume our time.  Honestly assess your schedule, which is a reflection of your life’s priorities, and ask yourself if you are truly investing in the things that matter most. How a man invests the time he’s been given ultimately determines his life’s legacy. So, is sharpening the life of another man OR being sharpened by another man worth investing an hour every couple weeks? We think so.


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PRE-BLAST – RUCKover – Rugged – 001 – 5/11/18

  • QIC: RAD
  • When: 05/11/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast

This is about to get RAD so hang on tight.

Event Details:

NAME: RUCKover – Rugged – 001

WHEN:  5/11/2018 – 21:00

WHERE:  Forest Hills Church Parking Lot – Fort Mill Location (Down Lowes Road)

COST:  $10 – To cover patch and materials, due to me before or at start of event.  http://paypal.me/49erRider/10


  • A RUCK
  • WEIGHT – 30lb if you weigh over 150 – 20lb if you weigh under
  • HYDRATION –  I recommend the source bladder (If not bladder, at least 2 liters of liquid)
  • Nalgene Bottle – May be empty but a necessity
  • Reflective tape/bands on RUCK
  • Headlamp with Extra Batteries
  • A Carabiner that can be accessed within 15 seconds
  • 2 Disposable T-shirts – You may not get these back, old and gross is fine
  • $20 cash or some IOU’s in case someone has to get you an Uber.
  • I.D.


  • Shovel Flag (must be sturdy, PVC expected)
  • Team weight weighing at minimum 30 lbs

What to Expect:

  • 8-10 Hours
  • 12-14 Miles
  • No cell phone usage or watches permitted.  You may carry your phone, incase of need to drop, but cell phone use/watch is strictly outlawed.
  • This will be heavy, train accordingly.  We will cover distance under weight, while incorporating PT and Team Building exercises.
  • It is not a question of if.  YOU WILL GET WET.  Pack accordingly.
  • While I hope we come together as a team and have 100% completion rate, this will not be easy.  Train hard and train now.
  • All communication will happen via DM group on Twitter, under the RUCKover group.  Keep an eye on there as I will post updates as we near.


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Operation Strawberry Fields – F3 Booth at Strawberry Festival

  • QIC: Old Bay
  • When: 05/04/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast

  • When: May 4 (4pm-11pm) and May 5 (10am-10pm)
  • Where: F3 Booth at WEP
  • Sign-up Genius: Sign-up Page

There’s no doubt, the Strawberry Festival draws more people to For Mill than any other annual event.  Thus, it is a tremendous opportunity to reach #SadClowns that need F3 and may not even realize it.  To seize this opportunity, F3 TheFort has reserved a booth space to set up a tent and share F3 info.

If you like telling others about F3, we need your help manning the F3 booth.  We’ve set up a Sign-Up Genius page and are encouraging pax to sign up for one or more time slot to “give it away”.

Pax should wear an F3 shirt (and/or hat), if possible. If the only time slots you can make are already filled, feel free to come anyway whenever you can.  We plan to have fliers and other handouts.  We also plan to hand out water, so if you sign, up, please bring a case.

If you have any questions, please contact me: @oldbay_f3.


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PREBLAST: FLASH DRIVE!! Yeti Snack Drive for CAH Guidance

Winter is here, and so is THE YETI!! I know just hearing that word gets you all excited. I am. You should be too. It will be EPIC!!!!

For those PAX who will be there (participating or whatever), I ask that you make it more than just a CSAUP.

The children of CAH Guidance need you. They also need cereal, A LOT of cereal – the go-to breakfast, snack, and substitute meal for a lot of teens. If you have one I am sure you know they eat it in bulk. We are asking those who will be participating in the Yeti, those who will be helping facilitate or assist with it, or those showing up to participate in the fellowship during or after to bring in a box (or more) of cereal for Guidance.

  • There are mostly teens at Guidance now, so remember that when choosing the cereal.
  • I will collect them in my big blue truck.  I will be running the Yeti, so I can collect them before the start. I will also collect them afterwards during the epic 2nd F at the BBQ feast.
  • For those who want to drop donations off while I may be out suffering, I mean killing it – I will leave my tailgate unlocked. Leave it in there. Look for a bright blue 4 door F-150 FX4 with F3 and Ragnar on the back Window. Please shut the tailgate when done.
  • I will drive them down to Guidance later that day.
  • IF you are participating and want to collect some from PAX who you regularly interface with, then bring it with you……that would be AWESOME!!! Challenge for site/AO Q’s……

My apologies for the short notice, but sometimes last-minute picks can bear alot of perfectly ripe fruit.

The PAX of F3 The Fort, Rock Hill, and York have a great thing going at CAH Guidance. We meet with the young men there regularly not just to workout, but teach them the F3 way, mentor them, bring Him into their lives more, and just be a male role model and positive presence in their lives in this tough time they’re going through. The youth there are amazing, wonderful, good kids that are dealing with something no kid should have to.  It has had a great positive impact on them, helping them see that there is a positive future for them and that they are indeed part of something bigger than themselves.

But we need the PAX help in many ways to plant, serve, and GROW our presence there to help invigorate the young leaders within them. Please consider helping in any way you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

God Bless,
-NASA and Dawg Pound

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BREWRUCK 002- Preblast

It was so good the first time, that we decided to bring it back, BREWRUCK 002 is back!

Saturday March 31, 2018 – 10-12 miles with 4-5 homebrew stops, route and stops being finalized.

We’ll continue with our charitable focus on this event, instead of filling your ruck with 30lb plate, fill it with 30lbs of canned goods and we’ll collect and donate to Fort Mill Care Center!

Lastly, yes, yes there will be patches, thanks to Davinci for a B.A. design.

Patches are available for $10/patch, max 50 patchs available, first come first serve. $10 covers the patch plus beer/snack costs along the route.

Can’t make the event but still want a patch, no problem, just place you order ASAP, $6 just for patch.

You can order your patch now by sending $ to WWL via PayPal (Justin.LaRoche@yahoo.com), patches can be received at the event or in the gloom.

Please signup for the event so we have an accurate headcount for beer planning.

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Marriage Retreat Feb 23-25, 2018

  • When: 02/23/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast
WHO : #HIM & Their #M or girlfriend
WHAT: Marriage Retreat #WeekendtoRemember #Asheville
WHEN: 2/23/2018 – 2/25/2018
WHERE: Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville
One Resort Drive
Asheville, NC 28806-3815
WHY: There are many benefits to a marriage getaway. It’s an opportunity for you and your spouse to get away from life’s distractions and just focus on each other. This gives you opportunities to talk about things you would not otherwise discuss that are important for developing your relationship. You have the chance to listen to gifted speakers talk about things that every couple faces, learn time-tested tools to help strengthen your marriage and hear real-life stories from the speakers about their own marriages. Couple’s projects are used to apply the truths in practical ways to your own marriage during and after the weekend. Also, the “date night” on Saturday offers you and your spouse the opportunity to spend a romantic evening alone.
Here is an example of the itinerary http://familylifeministries.org/itinerary/
Here is how you sign up https://shop.familylife.com/p-5039-asheville.aspx?groupName=f3nation&webSyncID=7c86e5eb-ea7c-7ea2-9bed-75b69b78ca23&sessionGUID=1a1ec721-3c90-5776-18b9-d84ae4823215&_ga=2.255187720.1896578003.1507926622-1835629402.1507389401
Use our code of F3Nation at registration at get half price until January 29 
We have no discounts on lodging…we are staying at the Crowne Plaza…we got our rooms for $138
Contact CSPAN, Brickhouse, or Cobra Kai with any questions and yes we will probably get at least one F3 bootcamp in
Here is a corny promo video…remember you will spend twice the amount of time and money on BRR, GR Tough, or P200…are you ready to train for a better marriage?

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