Seis Rancheros

A motivated group of 6 men met at The Ranch for another test of their strength and endurance.  Here is what they did:

The Thang:

Warm up with walking knee pulls, ankle pulls, toy soldiers, and lunge twists.  Take a short mosey and circle up for COP:

All in cadence:

SSH x 30, potato pickers x 10, merkin x 10, IW x 20, mountain climber x 30/hold/6”/regular/6”/low plank/regular.  LBC x 25

Take a short mosey and stop at the entrance to the drop off circle at the elementary school entrance.

ST400 – (5 rounds, 4 exercises/round, 20 reps/exercise, run a lap in between).  Today, we cut it to ST350

Round 1:  Merkins, Freddie Mercs, squats, burpees, run a lap

Round 2:  Diamonds, flutters, alternating lunges, burpees, run a lap

Round 3:  Wide arms, hello dolly’s, sumo squats, burpees, run a lap

Round 4:  Staggered merkins (L/R), Rosalita’s, monkey humpers, burpees, run a lap

Round 5:  Dips, pretzel crunch – stop here.  We ran out of time.

Take one last Indian run around the loop and head back to the starting point.

End with the body destroyer ( lay on your back, breathe deeply, stare at the sky, and don’t talk)


This is a pretty tough workout and everyone got after it today.    The 20 burpees followed immediately by the run kept the heart rate up quite well.   Sasquatch ran at  a swift pace around the loop this morning.  I left a sweat stain on the asphalt during the warm-up and Change Order’s shirt came off after round one.  Yes, it was humid.   Not a lot of mumble chatter today, but Sasquatch did manage some slightly sarcastic encouragement to the group during round 3 or 4 of the burpees.   We were running a bit short on time so we avoided the 5th round of burpees.  We may or may have had time.  Or, perhaps the Q was gassed after round 4 and could not call out another round of 20 burpees (maybe).     In any event, it was a great day at the Ranch and a privilege as always to lead such a fine group of men.


Read your newsletter!  Need a Q for Guidance (CAH on May 26), also need Q’s for F3 Dads in June (Change Order)

Continued prayers for Badger and his family and for the Jennings family

Praises for Sasquatch’s sister graduating from college.  Safe travels for the Sasquatch and Wegmans to NY this weekend.



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Cone heads

First I want to thank Jiffy for the opportunity to lead the PAX today. 15 guys showed up and this was the biggest group that I had Q’ed for . I spent an hour or so the night before reading up on the exercise database found in the F3 website. The first exercise I introduced was the kimono dragon. It’s best described as a Peter Parker but you actually move forward. Note: very hard to execute backwards. This new move was implemented in the warmup.

Then we moseyed to soccer field for the main event. We started on the goal line and I had placed cones 10 yards out .First we did DMC. It’s a duck walk, merkins, and a bear crawl. Duck walk to the first cone, 5 merkins, and bear crawl back. Duck walk to the next cone(20 yards) and do 10 merkins and bear crawl back with increasing by 5 merkins every cone until we reached 50 yards.

The next thing we did was lunge walked to the first cone and did 10 squats and lunge walked back and progressed through each cone adding 10 squats each time. This was painful. A total of 150 squats and 300 yards of squats .

Next we paired up and partner 1 ran to the first cone, did 5 merkins and ran back. Meanwhile partner 2 is doing flutters . Each partner ran to each cone and did 5 pushups and ran back .

6 minutes of Mary and then the end .I looked up a new ab exercise called Dr . W .I still don’t fully understand what that is so you should go look it up .

Thanks agaun!


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No Saggy Middles @ The Ranch

PAX: Wegmans, Cable Guy, Senator Tressel, Decibel, Jiffy, Geronimo, Funhouse, Cake Boss

16 PAX showed up to The Ranch on a relatively chilly morning. 7 joined Dark Helmet for a BEYOND workout… the remaining fools joined me (Sasquatch) for a lesson on core… and it was hard. -Hardcore- It is in my nature to look around and see how people move, and oftentimes, it’s sloppy- too many SAGGY MIDDLES or rears to the sky. Focus was to perform several of the exercises we do day-to-day at bootcamps (i.e. peter parker, plank jacks, etc *see below) and to do them with GOOD FORM. Maintain a flat lower back that is aligned with your upper spine and buttocks. Think about pulling your navel up in towards your spine. Any plank-type exercises (including Merkins) should be performed with your hands aligned directly below your shoulders for optimal stability… any other position will compromise the shoulder joints and take away from CORE strengthening. No SAGGY MIDDLES!

The Thang

Front Plank during long disclaimer

Dynamic Warm-up on the Field
Knees to chest / High knees
Heel to butt / Butt kickers
side shuffle / side shuffle other way
Inch worm / bear crawl

Mosey to Playground Parking Lot

Imperial Squats
Static Lunge with Moroccan Night Club
upward dog/downward dog
Mountain climbers
Peter Parker
Parker Peter
Elbow Plank Jacks

Mosey to Playground and Partner-up
Sit-ups holding feet x20 and switch
Toes to bar x10 (Partner 1) and supermans x10 (Partner 2) then switch

Mosey to front of school
Bench Jumps x10 (Partner 1) and Curb Burpees x5 (Partner 2) switch
Wheelbarrow ~30 yards and then switch

Mosey to COT and MARY

Honey Badger officially opens Monday at 5AM NAFO.
RPG on Fridays at 5AM Food Lion Parking Lot for some Broga and Run is a thing.
Prayers for family and friends suffering with cancer.
Attend CAH workouts, especially since new kids are showing up.
Still need volunteers for Strawberry festival booth.
Witbeck Golf Classic begins tomorrow but you have until April 22nd to sign up to join the league and play round 1. Message Wegmans on the Twitter machine for more information.

Thank you, Jiffy, for the opportunity to Q at the Ranch. Thank you, Dark Helmet, for not stealing my thunder and having everyone go BEYOND. Good lesson from him. Check out his Backblast when you get a chance.

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Final Prespect Q at the Ranch

 Name-O-Rama.  11127355-7E37-4F2A-9B9E-F19861396FC7

YHC thanks Jiffy for the opportunity of one last Q as a Prespect and for the PAX who attended.

Not many posts to the Ranch from my end, but I had been eyeing up the facilities for weeks during 2.0’s soccer practice. Made good use of the the soccer fields and all the trees and light poles.

Arrived early,  fortunately enough lighting in the gloom for the planned weinke, set up 3 cones in front of one soccer goal approx. 10, 15 and 20 yards away and placed the 43 lb sandbag near the opposite goal.

Arrivals, no FNG’s, and a really ‘succint’ disclaimer. I believe we may have had one late arrival.

Moseyed around the parking for 2 laps with high knees, butt kickers, toys soldiers and shuffling. Jogged to far end of the further soccer field for SSH, merkins, flutters, GoofBalls, MNC’s. The real fun began with stage 1:

Stage One. Making use of 27 crepe myrtles lined up, we did bear crawls for one tree with 5 merkins, lunge walk one tree with 5 squats and continuing with adding 1 more tree until the end. Wow, this was tougher on the thighs than expected.  The RETURN lap was jog 3 trees, bear crawl 1, sumo walk 1 until the end. The first lap started near the trees, but by the second lap we were spread out across the soccer field.

Stage Two, Act One. Soccer field. Partner up, one PAX ran the length of the field and kicked a soccer ball into the goal from the closer 1st cone, the other PAX carried the sand bag overhead until handing off to the kicker for the return run. A missed shot meant running a lot further to track it down and replace it at the first cone for the next kicker/group.  MEANWHILE, the other PAX cycled through 5 LBC’s, 5 Flutters, 5 American Hammers. This continued until all 5 partner duo’s had gone.

Act Two and Three had the kickers move back 5 yards, while PAX cycled through…Act Two: 5 bombjacks, 5 Jump Squats, 5 Calf Raises. Act Three, 5 yards further back cycling through 5 Donkey Kicks, 5 left side crunches, 5 right side crunches.

YHC along with about 5 other PAX missed shots on goal.

We finished with 2 laps around the fields using the light poles. 3 burpees at every pole which ended up amounting to 45 burpees. For good measure, we finished 4 more burpees in COT to reach the magical “49” for the workout.

The brief message of the workout was to “Be Inspired, Become Inspiring.” Observe our PAX and follow their lead. We have PAX with different personalities and different involvements to inspire us to become better from the fitness side, to the community/philanthropy efforts, to the betterment of ourselves from the faith and spirituality side.

Prayers to sick or injured family members and friends. ChickenHawk noted to make use of the Easter holiday season to seek out, learn and improve yourself in your faith. Use the extra time to connect with family members.  G-Fit and CAH every Saturday needs PAX involvement, ESPECIALLY during Easter when regular PAX may not be able to post. HELP IF YOU CAN!

3 days to 50 for me, but my first RESPECT post will probably be with the Lehigh Valley PAX back in PA. Looking forward to first Respect post back in the Fort.

Aye! Bolt

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It was a Dark and Drizzly Morning…

It was a dark and stormy morning in the gloom… well actually it was dark and rather drizzly more than anything, but apparently the forecast rain was enough to keep many a PAX in the fart sack.  Wegmans and Senator Tressel manned up and were ready to go at 5:15


Warm-up consisted of a lap in the car rider loop with some butt kickers, high knees and toy soldiers.  we then triangled up for 20 SSH, 20 Moroccan Nightclub, 12 Imperial Walker and 12 Hill Billy Walker


Warm-up completed we mosey over to the front of the middle school for some cover just in case it actually does rain.


Once there the action consisted of 4 sets of

40 double count toe taps on the curb

20 derkins from the bench

20 squats

40 LBC’s

Lap around the middle school car loop


Once this was completed we mosey back to the front of the elementary school to find some decent wall space and finished up the fun with

1 minute wall sit

20 Freddie Mercury (in cadence)

20 Flutter (in cadence)

Wall Plank Series (Flat, 45, BTW) – 10 count each

20 Dying Cockroach (in cadence)

20 Hello Dolly (in cadence)

Airborne’s Hip Destroyer


COT and Prayer


Thanks for the opportunity to lead, its always fun to Q and while large groups are great it is refreshing occasionally to have a small group.  We were able to chatter a bit and get to know each other much better which is always fun.

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Conditions were near perfect this morning in The Fort. 65 degrees, clear skies, nice breeze meant that we have optimal weather for bettering ourselves. We started off with a quick disclaimer, set up the BAM in the workout (Burpees, American Hammers(IC), and Merkins (SC). We started with a 5-10-15 and each time BAM was called incremented by 1…6-12-18 and so on.

We started off and immediately Chicken Hawk calls ‘BAM’. I think he must have been testing the system out, it worked 10 steps into the mosey, we did the 5-10-15 and proceeded with the mosey to the bus loop.

Did some dynamic stretching, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and then took another mosey past the playground to the back parking lot.

Circled up for PAX led warmup, SSH, LBCs, Windmills, CDDs, Peter Parkers, and Parker Peters. Now that we were all warmed up and a few more BAMs called out, we did some leg work.

Single leg hops – R for 75 yards
Single leg hops – L for 75 yards
Ski jumps at an angle for 75 yards
BAM!! 7-14-21
Backward lunge

Mosied to back wall.

BAM! 8-16-24
Aussie Mountain Climbers – 15 degree, 10 count, 45 degree, 10 count, BTTW 10 count, 45 degree 10 count, 15 degree 10 count.
BAM! – 9-18-27
WALL Sits – 10 count each PAX
Wall Tar Jai – 10 count each PAX

That was a winner!

Mosied to SMS loop.

Last BAM! was spread out over the loop performing one of the exercises at each corner.

Proceeded to COT with some SSH in the middle for a rest.

At COT had time for 1 minute of Freddies and we were done!!

Thanks to all for pushing each other and to Jiffy for having YHC as Q.

Great work today.


Prayers to those families affected by tragedy in Florida, but also those who are dealing with the lead up to those flash points across the country.

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Running the Lights with Classic Rock

I haven’t Q’d at the Ranch in quite a while so I thought it would be fun to use the field and light poles in a circuit training of sorts.  It is always a decent change in pace when I can carry around a phone and speaker to add a little life to the party.

Started with a mosey to the back of the school and began with a warm-up of SSH, Moroccan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers and Windmills. We then mosey back to the front light poles along the field.  There are 8 poles so I planned on 2 exercises per pole 50 seconds on and 10 second rest with 10 seconds after them to travel to the next pole.  I hoped to make 2 circuits of the field.  It all hit the fan right off the bat when I actually started on a light pole from the parking lot not the field.  Thankfully in my incredibly observant nature I realized this 9 light poles later and since I’m easily adaptable I was able to handle this wrinkle of an extra pole like the champion I am… The action went like this





Donkey Kicks



-Mountain Climbers


-Side Straddle Hops

-Nolan Ryan


-Box Cutter

-Plank Jack



-Peter Parker Merkins


-Dry Docks

-Bobby Hurley


-American Hammers

-High Knees

Confusion about how an extra pole appeared, Then just MOVE anyway


After 2 cycles we mosey to the lot for COT, announcements and prayer.  Always and excellent AO and appreciate the opportunity.

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The Q, a Weinke, and an Audible

Dang, it was cold.  The PAX assembled, 2 were off running and the rest began the mosey.  We mosey’d to the access road to Springfield Middle School and completed some warm-ups consisting dynamic stretching, karaoke, accelerating sprints, COP.  We then assembled at the bottom of the drop off for an ab lab.  The plan was for 30 reps LBCs then run the loop, 25 reps each LBCs & American Hammers then run the loop (opted for flagpole as the loop was bigger than remembered – audible 1), 20 reps each LBCs, AH, Flutter Kicks then run the loop (opted this time for the tree line at the top of the adjacent grass hill).  As the ab exercises were all 4 count, we did enough.  There’s still enough time before beach season, but time was flying on this morning’s Q.  Audible 2 – found a wall for wall sits, balls to the wall, and sprints back to the top of the hill.  Off-weinke, the rest of the morning was impromptQ.  Mosey’d to the back of the school and split into two groups of 4 PAX.  Group 1 did partner wheel barrels up and down a flight of stairs, while group 2 did step ups and box jumps.  Mosey’d to back parking lot and completed burpee suicide.  A little stretching to regain composure and then mosey’d to a bus loop behind the elementary school for Dora 1-2-3 with 50 Merkins, 100 Carolina Dry Docks, and 150 Front/Back Alternating Lunges.  As time was dwindling, the decision was made (Audible 3) to abort Dora and begin the mosey back, culminating in dips and a jail break run back to COT to meet the runners.

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Name the FNG (Glowstick), announcements, prayers/praises.  Pray for safe travels and patience with the kids still at home from school for the holiday break.

Moleskin: Today was a great workout.  Sometimes life (or a workout) doesn’t go as expected.  Being too rigid and inflexible may cause you to miss out on something great (albeit, unexpected).

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


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Changing of The Guard- Ranch Style

When checking in with the scheduled Q that was suppose to bring todays beat down, and he said he needed to call in a relief. YHC took it as an early Christmas present. Not only was I able to Q today I also got to hand off the shovel flag to a true HIM. It has an an honor to get to spend the last year leading on of my favorite AOs in all of The Fort, but also to be as excited to give it to Jiffy. He will only make this site even better.

We started off the morning with cars pulling in all the way up to the disclaimer. It was brief but to the point. All PAX knew to give what they could. Dig deep it will only hurt for 45 minutes. So they thought.

Start with easy mosey throwing in some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke.

Circle up SSHx20, IW x 15, windmills x 15, monkey humpers X15, Peter parkers x 10, 6 inches and hold x 2.

mosey to picnic benches dips in cadence x10 followed by derkins x10 for 3 sets.

change to legs 10 squat box jumps, 10 calf raises X3 sets

mosey to wall keep legs burning by doing 20 second wall sit.

Mosey to back of school. Partner up for DORA 1-2-3.

Partner 1 runs loop, Partner 2 merkins, squats, flutters.

Mosey to playground- 5 pulls ups 10 big boy sit-ups, 4 pull ups 8 big boy sit-ups down to 1.

Max set of pull ups.

Mosey to entrance 5 trees lunge walk to first, broad jump to second, bear crawl to third, squat walk to forth, and reverse lunge to fifth.

go back with lunge walk sprint, lunge walk sprint.

Mosey to COT. 1 min ab work.

Hand off Shovel Flag to Jiffy.

Announcements- Joe Davis Jan 6, Convergence this Saturday tega cay elementary 0600 5k/10k.

Prayers and praises for family’s coming and going out of town.

It has been a pleasure to serve the Ranch, the PAX and look forward to another leadership roll in F3.

Backdraft out…


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In just under a month, we will have an opportunity to run one of the best races of the year which has become our Signature Fort Race, The Joe Davis Run for Recovery.

This year is going to be particularly special in that we will also be adding the opportunity to push race chariots for SPEED FOR NEED.

Here’s how you get involved, if you know of someone who has a child with a disability, someone who has a child whose home has been affected by addiction, or a child in some other kind of need, then DM Dark Helmet on Twitter and let him know. If you would like to help push, let him know.

We have a chance to have as many as 6 chairs there (several are already spoken for, but some are empty). That’s the most of any race yet…

So man up! Register, find a “Track Commander” to push, and let’s get after it!

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