Cannoli Run 5-19-18 ft Speed For Need – Help needed

Twister and Bolt invite you the Cannoli Run (5k and 1 mile Family Walk) on Saturday, May 19, 2018!

This is a fun family event leading into the St. Philip Neri Italian Festival and we hope to have great attendance from the PAX and family again this year. Speed for Need will be at the Cannoli Run!

PAX, help us make this a big F3 event! Let us know asap if you can help. Please use Twister as the main contact moving forward and Bolt (race director) as necessary.

The actual race is a one mile loop passing the festival/start-finish line 3 times (5k), great for observers…and also to stop at the cannoli tables to eat your 3 cannoli’s, if you so choose! Age group awards and King/Queen Cannoli to fastest male/female eating 3 cannolis.

Below is our planning and our needs. Please step up if you can.

  • 6-7:00 am Pre-ruck start, ending at the finish line. NEED A RUCK Q TO PLAN!
  • 8:00 am Speed For Need setup. NEED A SFN Q ASAP!
  • 8:15-8:45 am  F3 Family Workout. NEED A Q!
  • 8:45-8:55 am F3 Led Pre-race Stretch. NEED 2 VOLUNTEERS.
  • 9:00 am 5k Start (SFN leading out, 5k, then walkers)
  • 10:00 am Age group awards and prize drawing
  • 10:30 am Kids 100 Yard Dash
  • After…the SPN Italian Festival!!!

More details on needs:

Ruck: Ruckers can start early and end at the finish line. Ruckers need to be registered in the race. The ruck Q would need to plan and advertise and work with Bolt on logistics.

Speed For Need: It is awesome we have SFN this year!  I IMMEDIATELY need a SFN Q!  You would work with the SFN staff and Bolt leading up to the race and organize on race day. The process has already been started and you would step in and take over. VuVuzuela’s 2.0 Luca is our first Track Commander and we are looking to add 2 more if you know of someone who can be a Track Commander (to be pushed).

Family Workout:  We are looking to make this a nice F3 family event and need a Q to handle the family pre-workout at starting at 8:15 am.

Pre-race stretch: F3 has led stretching in the past and we are looking for 2 volunteers to lead it immediately before the race.

We will keep you updated. Registration is currently at a very low cost $20 5k, $15 juniors and will only increase by $5 after 4/26.

Visit the website and get registered!


Twister, (918) 671-0309

Bolt, (803) 415-1946,

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11 PAX posted to RPG for some Broga and miles.

Beautiful spring morning with a temperature of 54 degrees.

Disclaimer, disclaimed.

The Thang:

20 minutes of Broga (courtesy of Sasquatch) loosened up the PAX before we headed off on a 3.5 mile run through Regent Park.


As the Q, one of my main goals, was to keep everyone together, or at least on course.  It goes without saying, running at 5am, through neighborhoods, on a newer AO, posses a challenge.

I fell short of my goal and had a couple of the PAX get lost in the neighborhood. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have the PAX give YHC the opportunity to develop and become a better leader by allowing YHC to make and learn from my mistakes.

In the end, everyone made it back to COT. YHC’s lesson learned: ask a PAX (or two) who is familiar with the course to pick up the six so QIC (YHC, in this case) can keep oversight of the other PAX.

F3 does develop leaders. For that opportunity, I am thankful.

COT – Prayers/Praises

Bass-o-Matic, thank you for the opportunity to Q.







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No Saggy Middles @ The Ranch

PAX: Wegmans, Cable Guy, Senator Tressel, Decibel, Jiffy, Geronimo, Funhouse, Cake Boss

16 PAX showed up to The Ranch on a relatively chilly morning. 7 joined Dark Helmet for a BEYOND workout… the remaining fools joined me (Sasquatch) for a lesson on core… and it was hard. -Hardcore- It is in my nature to look around and see how people move, and oftentimes, it’s sloppy- too many SAGGY MIDDLES or rears to the sky. Focus was to perform several of the exercises we do day-to-day at bootcamps (i.e. peter parker, plank jacks, etc *see below) and to do them with GOOD FORM. Maintain a flat lower back that is aligned with your upper spine and buttocks. Think about pulling your navel up in towards your spine. Any plank-type exercises (including Merkins) should be performed with your hands aligned directly below your shoulders for optimal stability… any other position will compromise the shoulder joints and take away from CORE strengthening. No SAGGY MIDDLES!

The Thang

Front Plank during long disclaimer

Dynamic Warm-up on the Field
Knees to chest / High knees
Heel to butt / Butt kickers
side shuffle / side shuffle other way
Inch worm / bear crawl

Mosey to Playground Parking Lot

Imperial Squats
Static Lunge with Moroccan Night Club
upward dog/downward dog
Mountain climbers
Peter Parker
Parker Peter
Elbow Plank Jacks

Mosey to Playground and Partner-up
Sit-ups holding feet x20 and switch
Toes to bar x10 (Partner 1) and supermans x10 (Partner 2) then switch

Mosey to front of school
Bench Jumps x10 (Partner 1) and Curb Burpees x5 (Partner 2) switch
Wheelbarrow ~30 yards and then switch

Mosey to COT and MARY

Honey Badger officially opens Monday at 5AM NAFO.
RPG on Fridays at 5AM Food Lion Parking Lot for some Broga and Run is a thing.
Prayers for family and friends suffering with cancer.
Attend CAH workouts, especially since new kids are showing up.
Still need volunteers for Strawberry festival booth.
Witbeck Golf Classic begins tomorrow but you have until April 22nd to sign up to join the league and play round 1. Message Wegmans on the Twitter machine for more information.

Thank you, Jiffy, for the opportunity to Q at the Ranch. Thank you, Dark Helmet, for not stealing my thunder and having everyone go BEYOND. Good lesson from him. Check out his Backblast when you get a chance.

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Man in the Arena

Perfect gloom conditions.  15 studs out for a beatdown.  Opened with Teddy Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Warm up:

  • warm up 70%  sprints between each exercise
    • SSH, Squat, SSH, Merkin

The Thang:

  • 4 corners- run in between- (abt 30 yards) Rinse/Repeat x 5
    • 3 burpee
    • 4 bombjacks
    • 5 merkin
    • 6 squat
  • Ark Loader Series- 30 yards, Rinse/Repeat x 3
    • Bear Crawl down, 10 merkins
    • Lunge walk back, 10 squat
    • crab walk down, 10 LBC
    • Backward Bear Crawl back, 10 CDD
  • 6 minutes of Mary
    • flutter
    • rosalita
    • protractor
  • Sprint Series
    • 2 x 70%
    • 1 X 85%
    • 5  X 100%


Naked Man Moleskin

Jedi and Straight Up were out front today, all morning.  No surpise here.  Lots of great mumblechatter as the men answered the call for a beatdown and were all in.


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Glass Joe Finally Stops Talking

Four years ago yesterday I joined F3 while I still lived in Mint Hill.  Back then there was no F3 Mint Hill, so Area 51 was my poison of choice back then.  I posted twice a week in Union County and one or two times in Area 51 proper.

That same year my mother got sick and two weeks before Christmas she went on to be with our Lord and celebrate Christmas as she never had before.  Needless to say the Union County pax became very special to me and I was very thankful to have them in my life.

Then 2016 rolled around and I moved south of the border to Fort Mill.  I don’t see the UC boys nearly as often, but still try and get back to q every now and then.  Today was one of those days.

Overdrive being a gear workout, I can easily make it so there’s not too much running and that’s what we did.  It went a little something like this.

25 swings
25 goblet squats
20 merkins
Run a lap.

20 tricep extensions
25 LBC’s
30 curls
Run a lap.

20 skull crushers
20 American hammers
20 calf raises
Run a lap.

We repeated and added five(ish) to each exercise.  Added a little people’s chair, a little stretching and we were outta there!

Please remember in prayer Glass Joe’s M Paige’s dad who has an upcoming surgery.

Outland needs a q tomorrow.  Someone step up!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and I always enjoy all the mumblechatter at the UC.

Thanks Shepherd for taking us out.  You know, you should be a pastor or something.  Something like that.

DT out.

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We Have Something Good Here

The faithful grew to 10 this week, some new, some old, but the buffet of pain has been a common stay. Starting off at 0500 is a Q’s dream as it provides ample time to deliver the Pax some pain.

A call was put out the night before for the PAX to bring some 65lbs or their weapon of choice, and all kinds of coupons showed up.

We did a warmup COP style and went off to the track. I promised out P200 PAX that the running would not be excessive, but I would not have been present based on past experiences, so I am sure it seemed like a mountain to them. Great courage on coming out and working through the post P200 pain.

First up was The Looney.
We ran a warm up lap to clear the track of debris and moved benches, lonely cones, and general trash off the track where our dreams came true.

7 400 yard sprints round the oval at AYG pace. After each lap, 20 yards weighted lunge. The book called for 65 lbs, but all shapes and sizes were had.

After we hit 4 rounds, it was all down hill, although I am not sure the breathing was any easier. We then proceeded to the Brenton with our remaining time.

The Brenton was 5 rounds of 30 yards bear crawls, then broad jumps back with 3 burps after each set of 5 jumps. In succession, this ended up as a killer. Great way to spend 10 minutes of your life right there.

At that point, we were on our way back to COT. We finished with peer led ab work. Did we care about the 6 quitting time? NOPE, The Honey Badger said to have all PAX lead, so we ended at 6:03.

Thanks men for the opportunity to lead. Wegmans is on Q next week.


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Ruck + Homebrew + Charities + Miles = good times for all

On March 31st we will execute BREWRUCK 002 – Homebrew Edition within The Fort, the second annual posting of this event.

Here’s what you need to know:

When: Saturday March 31st, 2018, 1300 launch (1:00pm)
Where: Alcatraz (aka Runde Park, 5000 Tega Cay Dr, Tega Cay, SC 29708)
What: This is our spin on Brewruck, the course will bring thristy ruckers from Homebrewer to Homebrew (i.e. their garage/front yard, M approved area), you’ll have 20 mins to enjoy the feature homebrew on tap or a water, there will be 3 homebrew stops along the course, ending at Full Spectrum Brewery
Why: 1) 1stF, 2) homebrew, 3) fellowship 4) charity
Part 1) Brewruck is normally tied to a canned food drive, so our spin on it: instead of filling your ruck with bricks or plates, we ask that you fill your ruck with canned food (30lbs weight for pax >150lb, 20lbs weight for the feather weaights), at the end we’ll collect all cans and donate all items to Fort Mill Care Center.

Distance: 9.5 miles
EndEx: Full Spectrum Brewery
Duration: ~4 hours (1500 (5pm) finish (get you home in time for dinner)
Course: Start in Tega Cay, make our way to Baxter, through Baxter and endex at Full Spectrum (you should plan to car pool and/or be dropped off at the beginning or picked up at the end)
Full course is below.
Cost: Patches will be sold for $10/each, all proceeds will be donated to Fort Mill Care Center, additionally your fellow pax have brewed some of the best beers you can make in a garage, opened their house or yard to you and offered water and/snacks, all for your enjoyment.

WE DO ASK THAT YOU SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT, so we can plan the headcount. Sign up here.


This is going to be an awesome ruck and supports our community at the same time.

Direct any questions to WWL (@jclaroche2)


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I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you

Weather – 35 degrees and not sunny with a slight wind coming in from the northeast.

13/14 PAX (not sure the total number but 21 was the total between Laces In and Laces out) showed YHC some love by posting on this beautiful Thursday morning. No joke I thought most would post the Celebrity Q CSPAN on the Track considering it is P200 training season. Though he PAX showed some love, YHC didn’t show it back. Here’s how the beatdown went:

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot with some Butt Kicks, High Knees, Karoake and Toy Soldiers. Circle up for COP

SSH x 25
IW x 15
Windmills x 10
Mountain Climbers x 15
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10
Low Slow Squats x 15

Mosey over to the hill.
1 partner runs to the first speed bump while partner exercises. Plank after each round of exercise.
100 Hip Thrusters (plenty of jokes about thrusting and humping)
100 Merkins (jokes stopped after they realize whats happening)
100 Squat Jumps
At this point the PAX realize its a deconstructed burpee.
100 Burpees (aka 100 I Hate You’s)

Mosey over to the Large Gym Parking lot where cones were setup
Exercises done Cupcake style (formerly known as a suicide)
40 SSH, run to first cone, 20 Carolina Dry docks, run back to start, 40 SSH, run to 2nd cone 25 LBC’s, Run Back to start 40 SSH, run to third cone 25 Squats, run to start 40 SSH, run to last cone 5 Burpees, run back to the start.
Mosey 3/4 a big lap until over at the 5 Burpee cone.
Rinse and repeat but the start line is at the Burpees.
5 Burpees, run, 25 squats, run, 5 burpees, run, 25 LBC’s, run, 5 burpees, run, 20 CDD, run, 5 burpees, run, 40 SSH. Finish at SSH. Mosey back for 2 minutes of Mary – LBC’s and Flutter Kicks

COT and BOM with Laces Out

Announcements – Yeti 2-24, Reading with kids on Mon/Wed (contact Deacon/Copay), Saturday coffeteria at Peach Stand following workouts, read your newsletter.

Prayers – Corruptions Mom having Surgery today, FMHS teacher that had open heart surgery this week, marriages, families, kids, our community

1. Thanks Lil E for the opportunity to lead this morning.
2. Great Push this morning by All PAX. Moderate amount of complaining. I can handle that. And yes, I have love/hate relationship with burpees.
3. 1 month into 2018 and how are we all with our 1 word. As some of you may know my word is Patience. It has already taken on many forms throughout the first month. The biggest takeaway thus far is to remember to take a deep breath every now and then and just let it all go out instead of keeping everything inside.
4. Just Breathe

Shanks out

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Pathfinder Comes to Springfield

Conditions were cold and windy and some may have thought that it would be worm, including YHC’s original plan to wear shorts, but that was quickly foiled by Mother Nature. 5 PAX met at the Springfield Pool and did a tour of the golf course and neighborhood. The hills were in full effect as was the 2nd F. Great morning and thanks for the push men.

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