Still in Abyssness

I seem to keep having my last Q in the Carolinas at least once a week now. Gonna need to stop calling it that until I got a final date for when I leave. Bones gave me the Q for abyss at sea legs, came up with something on the spot that went more or less like this today-

Mosey to basketball court, COP

Mosey to the back road. At top of back road, tried having us do rugby sprints, learned its kinda hard to do it coming downhill, didn’t realize the angle was as steep as it was when trying to stop suddenly for six inches. Did this all the back to basketball courts

WIth a partner, each man does 30 pullups  altogether, switching off to run to give breaks between sets. I love my pullups, and 30 is ambitious I think for most people.

After this went on to main event. Tried explaining the whole routine before starting, but learned it was alot easier to just go round by round and have the PAX follow along till the habit picked up.


4 islands nearest us in parking lot, do a set of an exercise and run to next. then,Far away islands, run to each and do 15 LBCs.  last island near middle by COT, 10 burpees before moving on to next round. rounds were as follows:

1.10 merkins

2.20 squats

3.20 monkey humpers

after going through one cycle of this, PAX had it down pat. 10 minutes, left, started over with intention that everyone do as much as they could before time. Pax in lead got to monkey humpers again before COT called.  As usual, Jedi was beast mode and in the lead and never looks like he’s dying haha.

Had lunch with Qbert today who was present, I asked him what the general impression was of ” a whopper Q”, if it had any general characteristics . He answered that it was that nobody ever knew what it was going to be or what to expect. Really, Really glad to hear that because honestly, my biggest thing that I want to avoid at all costs, is to be too predictable or cliche when I lead the beatdown. So its good to know.

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Gym Jones and a little DORA

It’s been a while since I’ve been back to my old stomping grounds at The Deep and thought this would be a great way to warm up for BEYOND coming on Monday. 9 PAX answered the call in The Gloom. Here’s what went down:

Quick Disclaimer and Mosey over to the parking lot in front of The Office (slight location adjustment was needed due some leftover splashed merlot).

A brief warm up followed.

A while back Facebook into me to Bobby Maximus and some of his Gym Jones challenges. It goes like this: Set a timer for one minute. Starting at one increase by one Burpee every minute until you can no longer complete the number of Burpees in that minute. This group pushed themselves to the limit and made it 15! For those who don’t want to do the math that’s 120 total Burpees

With all the PAX sucking wind we slowly moseyed over to the building and partnered up for a little DORA. With a partner complete 100 Dips, 200 Squats, and 300 double count Flutters while their partner ran to the parking island and back.

With the PAX sufficiently smoked, we moseyed back to COT.

F3 has impacted my life in more ways than I can count. I shared today that for most of my life due to various factors including being bullied, I have never had the confidence to look people in the eyes while speaking with them. I didn’t feel worthy. It felt intimidating. While I’ve held leadership positions, I’ve never known what it took to be a leader. F3 has given me the confidence to finally do that. The mental shift that happens when all of a sudden you lead and others follow is life changing. It’s downright empowering. These 45 minutes or hour leadership sessions have not only impacted my relationships, but my professional life as well.

There’s your preview for BEYOND. Check out the next BB for PART II.

Wild Thing Out.

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What was Paula Abdul doing at the Poopdeck!?

There were 11 PAX including Adretti, who we lost to I.R. a couple months ago, at the Poopdeck on a nice Thursday morning.

At 5:15 sharp I gave  a quick dislamer we moseyed to the gravel-filled parking lot below where we circled up for some cadence exercises.


  • SSH x20
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x20
  • Windmills x10
  • Imperial Squat Walker x10
  • Evil Lance Armstrong x20 (10 each leg) Got this from our F3 Plano brothers.  It consists of extending 1 leg out 6″ off the ground and then doing a Freddy Mercury with the other leg.  And then switching legs.  It pains so good.

1st exercise: Spartans runs

After warming up a bit I discussed our first exercise of the morning which were some Spartan runs.  I had setup some cones about 100 yards apart.  We were going to sprint 100 yards “AYG” and then 20 merkins (5 each of wide, normal, diamond, ranger).  We repeated this 5x. Grand total 100 varied Merkins and a whole lot of heaving breathing and a couple of premature starters (Royale, Wolverine).  I wonder….

2nd exercise: Del Brown

I had some additional cones setup 25 yards apart.  We were to do 5 diamond burpees, crab walk 25 yards perform 5 wolverine burpees (thanks to our false starters) crab walk back 25 yards and do 5 more diamond burpees.

We did this 2 times, although I felt bad and called and Omaha on the Wolverine burpees during round 2.  I figured once was enough punishment.  Grand total 5 normal burpees, 20 diamond burpees, and 5 wolverine burpees, and 100 yards of crab walking. FUN!

3rd exercise: Paula Abdul!

Yep, she was spotted at the Poopdeck and as it turns out, I think the Poopdeck is just where she belongs.

I had 6 cones about 50-60 ft. apart.  Each of the 6 cones had an exercise written on them.  In typical Paula fashion, we were to Bear Crawl to the 2nd cone, perform the exercise, and then Crawl Bear back the 1st cone.  We were going to do this until we got to the end.  So, 2 cones forward 1 cone back, breakdown as follows:

  • Cone #2 – 15 Flutters IC
  • Cone #1 – 15 “Hand Clap” Merkins (did we skip this one or did I just black out?)
  • Cone #3 – 10 Crab Cakes IC
  • Cone #2 – 15 Flutters IC
  • Cone #4 – 10 Donkey Kicks
  • Cone #3 – 10 Crab Cakes IC
  • Cone #5 – 5 Kraken Burpees
  • Cone #4 – 10 Donkey Kicks
  • Cone #6 – 10 Jumping Spiders
  • Cone #5 – 5 Kraken Burpees

Then a nice mosey back to CoT for 4 minutes of “Ablab” where 4 of us called out some exercises which ended up consisting of LBC’s, Dying Cockroaches, Flutters, and Big Boy situps.

We finished up with the tycial Announcments, Praises, & Prayers.  We prayed for our children, specifically, prayers to overcome struggle as they grow into adulthood.

This was  a tough workout, we all survived and got better.  Shout out to Andretti’s for making it through a tough workout to return to.   Thanks for the Q Peg.

Until next time…







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Fun times with Cable Guy

9 Strong Men braved the cool weather and a Cable Guy Q

Brief disclaimer given and a nice warm-up mosey to the middle of he track


20 Seal Jacks

20 Plank Jacks

20 SSH

20 Mountain Climbers

20 IW

20 Peter Parkers

20 Slow Squats with a calf raise

20 Parker Peters

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey over to the side of the track closest to the school

do 10 dips and run a lap

repeat 10 times

Bonus round for those who finished early!

Mosey over to the wall for some Peoples Chair and Burpees (wouldn’t be a Cable Guy Q without Burpees!)

Start from one en and do one Burpee each and back to the wall

Round 2 was 2 Burpees each

Round 3 was 3 Burpees each

Proper technique was suggested!!

Round 4 was a changeup of Ball to the Wall and 1 Burpee down the line

Mosey back to COT

Spoke about the tragedy at The Peach Stand yesterday. Prayed for both the victims family and the suspect for forgiveness. Also spoke about school shootings and Det. Doty. Prayed for peace!

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Whopper on Deck

Since I started posting at F3 over a year ago, I made it an unspoken rule that I never posted on thursdays. Back when I was always 2nd shift, I would post M-W-F-Sat, gym and run tuesdays or thursdays . Therefore the only thing that got me to the poop deck this week was Wild Thing’s 2nd attempt at getting me to volunteer for the Q. 20 degree morning with just 4 made it special.

Thang: Long loop behind bowlnbounce and abbreviated circle of pain to warm up at the parking lot by the boats. SSH, LSS, peter parker, nothing crazy

Main event was 4 exercises and lots of running. Phase 1- partner suicides out to 4 cones, guy behind did as many reps as possible in that period. Exercises were, in order: Merkins, squats, freddie mercurys, burpees. between the 4 of us it was determined what the highest amount of reps were for each exercise.

Phase 2- Together, ran to far light post and back to do the max reps together, total of 4 times. 53 Merkins, 44 squats,  68 Freddies, 15 burpees.

Phase 3- sucides together, 4 times to do same amount of reps of the aforementioned exercise.  started having to take pauses on the merkins to let us do all the reps haha. Time was running short by time to take the last sucide, I called for us to sprint to the light post instead on that one.

Followed by mosey back to COT, prayers for Wild Things son, Royale’s sister in law, and my continued search for better employment opportunities going into the new year.

I was happy to find that the Q was simple, brutal, and took the whole time without having to fill time hugging the wall.

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The 12 Pains of Christmas at The Poop Deck – Redux

Thursday before Christmas in 2016, I Q’d this same workout up at The Poopdeck. We had a great time then, and I was asked to bring it back again to The Poopdeck this year. That’s quite a complement to redux a Q. Thanks Wild Thing for the request and opportunity to lead.

Ho ho ho! Santa Q was out and ready to receive the PAX of HIMs this morning when they rolled in to the Poodeck. It was a great day, balmy for December. What a treat in itself. Everyone was in a great mood. Alot of mumblechatter. It is always great to start your day with a group of HIMs like this,
No FNGs unfortunately. After the disclaimer was disclaimed, off we moseyed around the parking lot a to get the heart rate up. After the warmup run, we circled up for the COP, 20 or so of each:


  • Side-straddle hops
  • Imperial walkers
  • Windmills
  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Cherry/Strawberry/Weed Pickers

We were all nice and warmed up. A brief run over to the large parking lot at the boat ramp for NASA’s follies…..

The 12 Days of Christmas…. Pain:
NASA Claus came prepared with a red bag full of goodies for each and every PAX, whether naughty or nice they have been. In Santa Q’s sack was 12 ‘presents’, complete with bows even. With warmth from his heart Santa Q gave each PAX a present. The joy and excitement each PAX had of receiving these wonderful, yet unknown gifts was an incredible sight to see. I wish I had my camera at the ready! The PAX were excited to reach in NASA Claus’ sack to see what they got, but NASA Claus had to remind him to be gentle with it, for it is VERY old.
After a gift was opened, the group had to partake in the pain it presented. Not only that, the HIM who opened the gift got to lead the exercise it outlined. They were gifts that kept on giving. Each PAX took turns opening their gifts from NASA Claus to find the following pains:
Gift # / Pain:


  1. 15 Burpees OYO
  2. 25 Monkey Humpers, cadence (c)
  3. 40 Merkins (c)
  4. Run, run Rudolph! (Run a loop around the entire boat ramp parking lot, about 1/4 mile loop)
  5. 50 Plank Jacks (c)
  6. 50 LBCs (c)
  7. 40 CDD (c)
  8. Grin and Bear it!! (Bear Crawl loop the circle of HIMs –  had to open the circle a little for this one)
  9. 40 LSS (c)
  10. 30 Hello Dollys (c)
  11. 50 Calf raises (c)
  12. Don’t be Crabby (Crab walk loop the circle of HIMs)


I wanted cadence to slow the exercise down, focus on form rather than speed. Even with not much rest between ‘gifting’, that took a good chunk of the 45 minutes. We still had around 10 minutes or so left, so we started another round. Due to tough economic times, we had to regift and Santa Q redistributed the presents for round 2, letting each PAX reach into Santa Q’s sack AGAIN to grab a gift of goodness. Unfortunately due to time we cut short round 2 to only 4-5 presents. Even so, it was alot of pain combined with alot of fun. Each and every PAX had alot of laughs.
Run to the COT for Announcements, Prayers, and Praises.
Brief discussion on Gifts: My opinion the most precious Gifts we are blessed with is Christ and time. Without those, all other Gifts we have been blessed with we would never be able to be thankful for.  Do not take either for granted. Use every moment of time you have to utilize the Gifts you have been blessed with in a positive way. In doing so, maybe you will bestow a Gift upon someone else.
Thank you for the opportunity to lead.
Merry Christmas and God Bless,
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The DaVinci Cones® Redux

Forecast called for a warmish start for December, but a high chance of rain, so I wasn’t sure if we’d have a crowd or just a few. Very glad to see a bunch of cars when I pulled up. We ended up with 14 including YHC.

The Thang

Ran around the parking lot to warm up the legs, with a little side shuffle then circled up for some COP:

SSH x 15
Low, slow squats x 15
Slow, old-man windmills (just 10, since I was reminded it’s just a 45 minute workout
Merkins x 10
A little downward dog and honeymooner to stretch out
Mountain Climbers x 15

Then a short mosey to the traffic circle in front of school. I spoke briefly about our theme of the month, which is “Gifts.” At other workouts, the Qs have spoken about Gifts, be they tangible, material things that we give and receive, or intangible, like the gifts of time and support and love.

My message was about the holiday phenomenon of the REGIFT.

Today, I decided to reuse a workout I led earlier this year at the Abyss. It worked pretty good then, and worked well today, too.

Here’s what we did:

Partner 1 acts as a timer, going halfway around circle drive to the Cone using the prescribed means of conveyance (bear crawl, crab walk, etc), then runs the second half while Partner 2 does the prescribed exercise (squat jumps, merkins, etc); then switch

1. Bear Crawl | Squat Jumps
2. Lunge Walk | Merkins
3. Crab Walk | LBCs
4. Lt. Dangers | Plank Punches

Then a mosey around to the side of the school for some Wall Sits.

Have a seat, won’t you? A PAX from either end of the row runs out to the center stripe in the driveway, does 3 burpees, then runs back to the wall.

Finally, a mosey around to the track behind the school.

This is one of the set-it-and-forget-it workouts I like to uses. It’s self-paced and allows for some cardio as well as a variety of body-weight exercises. Plus, if someone finishes and there’s still time on the clock, we can always rinse and repeat.

Start at Cone #1 at one end of the track, do the exercise and prescribed reps, run to the other end of the track, do #1 on Cone 2 at  that end, and so on.

Cone #1
1. Slow Squats (20)
2. Curb Dips (20)
3. Mtn. Climbers (20 d.c.)
4. Curb Derkins (20)
5. CDD’s (20)

Cone #2
1. Imperial Wlkrs (20 d.c.)
2. Jump Lunges (10/leg)
3. Freddy Mercurys (20 d.c.)
4. Flying Squirrels (10)
5. Peter Parkers (10 d.c.)


All jokes aside about gifts and regifts, at COT I shared my feelings about what a gift F3 is to me. I was able to thank DarkHelmet again for EH-ing me for weeks, finally convincing me to post at the Deep on a warm Saturday in April of 2016.

I was hooked from the very first workout.

Mind you: it nearly killed me (curse you, Jack Webb!), but the remarkable thing to me was how I felt welcomed from the moment I got out of my car. I was supported and encouraged during that first workout, and that encouragement and support has continued to this day.

I challenge each of us to continue offering support and encouragement to FNGs and long-time PAX alike.

The world may beat us down. This group can help build us back up.

So during this time of giving, I want to thank all of my brothers for their gift of friendship and support and encouragement.

I feel blessed to be a part of this group.


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Modify “only” if Necessary

11 men converged on the Abyss to experience an opportunity to push their limits (and legs).  After the initial “surprise” that there was a Q change due to sickness the mumble chatter began on why staying bed that morning may have been a better option.

A short disclaimer and “sermon” was given about why we get up at 4:30 to exercise and how it is our choice how we leave the workout.  Better than when we arrived…. or the same.  I reminded the men that they always had the choice to modify but that to use it “only” when necessary not just because it is an option.

Warm up (typical stretches and shenanigans)

Pavement Hill Work

  • Lunges to top (mosey down)
  • Basketball shuffle
  • One direction halfway- Switch other half
  • High knees and butt kickers on way down
  • Reverse lunges halfway- sprint second half
  • High knees and Butt Kickers on way down
  • Sprint to top and do 3 Burpees
  • Mosey down

Move over to Parking lot

Bear Crawls to each goal (4)

  • 1st goal- 20 squats
  • 2nd goal- 20 LBCs
  • 3rd goal- 5 Burpees

Broad Jump to each goal (3)

  • 1st goal- 10 merkins
  • 2nd goal- 10 wide merkins
  • 3rd goal- 10 diamond merkins

Over to benches

  • 30 dips
  • 10 steps ups each leg

Grassy Hill


  • Jump lunges/merkins
  • Go up hill (backwards)
  • Finish with 50 Merkins and final accent up hill to COT.

Every man pushed themselves and  finished strong.  May struggle with stairs and sitting on the throne for a couple of days but left stronger than they arrived.

Shared announcements and Prayers.

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Chasing Victory, Monopoly Lessons

As I was thinking about my Q. I was struggling to bring something personal to this workout. I then realized it was the last day for the month and with the months theme of victory. I knew exactly what I was going to do. There are several life lessons learned from one of my favorite board games.

Short Warmup around the Bounce and Bowl parking lot.
High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffle, 5 good form Merkins
Disclaimer given. Missed it at the beginning as was talking about Victory.

COP – 51 SSH (you know why), IW, LBCs, MT Climbers

Mosey to Marina Parking Lot
Partner up
Partner 1 runs to middle rolls dice
Partner 2 planks until Partner 1’s return. Move forward number of stations as rolled on dice. Perform exercise.  Flapjack.

1-(GO)-20 SSH
2-20 CDD
3-20 Hello Dollies
4-10 Inch Worm Merkins
5-20 Mountain Climbers
6-60 Calf raises – 20 each position
7-(Jail) 10 Burpees – (Just Visiting)-10 Windmills
8-10 Wide Arm Merkins
9-20 LBC’s
10-20 Monkey Humpers
11-20 Peter Parkers
12-20 Mac Tar Jai
13-(Free Parking)-10 Bomb Jacks
14-10 Diamond Merkins
15-20 Russian Twists
16-20 Seal Jacks
17-20 Ski Abs
18-20 Sumo Squats
19-(Go To Jail)
20-20 Merkins
21-20 Freddy Mercury’s
22-20 Lunges 10 per leg
23-20 Parker Peters
24-20-Plank Punches
Back to Go, Take a Lap of Parking Lot
Interruptions: Short discussions about life lessons learned from the Game (not in order and not all covered)
1. The game must be played with others. It is no fun to play alone.
2. You choose a game piece that represents you to other’s playing the game. It is like a public persona. You get to choose this image.
3. Baltic Ave or Boardwalk; You could end up on either one. It’s all the roll of the dice.
4. You only get paid as you keep on going around the board.
5. You can make a lot or lose a lot, just by where you happen to land in life.
6. Chance can be a good thing or bad but sometimes you hope for it cause it seems the only way to change your circumstance.
7. Nobody likes to go to jail, unless they are in worse trouble playing the game.
8. If you build on what you get, it can help you get more and win the game.
9. You can profit a lot, when others visit your places; especially if you have them developed.
10. There are costs with everywhere you go and everything you do.
11. You can not stay still for very long. Sometimes you can skip a turn but this may be good or it may be bad.
12. Sometimes you can move extra spaces and this may be good or it may be bad.
13. A cheater can ruin the game for everybody.
14. Sometimes you have to give some away, so people you like can stay in the game.
15. You never know what to expect in the game.
16. A good game takes a long time.
17. It’s only a game and the point of it is to have fun.
18. The only thing you get to keep when you quit the game is the relationship with the person you played with.

What does Victory look like for you? Are you chasing the right things?

Christmas Party – Things to bringC
Children’s Attention Home – 36″ or larger Duffel Bag, Alarm Clock, Umbrella
Operation Sweet Tooth – Toy any age – Unwrapped
Regal Manor clubhouse
Deep AO – Change of Time to 7AM – Pusher and Double D on Q
Berwick area – Looking to develop AO on that area (Udder, Wild Thing, Flipper, One Shot, Cerrano, Axl, Vinny)
Children’s Attention Home – Friday Dec 8th. Needs Head count locked down by this weekend.

Missionary Family lost 20 bags of belongings (entire life in those bags). People stepped up and donated bags and stuff.
Suicide of a friend. Tough time of year.
Brother in laws father stage four cancer.
Opening up your home for Thanksgiving. Need to keep that up for Christmas.

Always humbled by the eagerness and willingness of the PAX. Lots of mumble chatter within the group and between the teams. Appreciate the opportunity to Q.


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Tour de Poopdeck

12 PAX posted on a chilly morning.

YHC started everyone off jogging then realized the disclaimer had been forgotten. Jogging stopped. Disclaimer made. Off moseying again + butt kickers, high knees, and karaokes.


  • SSH, Windmills, MNCs, Finkle Swings (leg stretch – think Ray Finkle… or is it Einhorn?)

The Thang:

Jacob’s Ladder

  • We moseyed to a hill behind the bounce and bowl. Start at the bottom. Do 9 LBCs. Run up the hill and do 1 burpee. Run down, do 8 LBCs. Run up, 2 burpees. Buprees increase, LBCs decrease until you do 9 burpees and 1 LBC. Mosey to the front corner of the shopping center.

Lt. Dans for the length of the shopping center

  • Lunge, lunge, squat. rinse and repeat until you get to the last pillar. There was a good amount of mumble chatter for this one.

Modified Bataan Death March to the flagpole

  • Indian run where the last man stops to do 3 merkins before running to the front of the line. He taps the 6 while passing him, and the 6 then drops to do 3 merkins. Rinse and repeat until destination reached.

Shared some quick thoughts on victory (see below).

Bear Crawl ROF around the flagpole

  • PAX circle the flag and bear crawl around it 1 Lap. Everyone planks while each man takes turns doing 3 merkins. Repeat 3 times.


  • 60 seconds of rapid step-ups onto the curb, followed by 30 secs of rest. Repeat 3 times.

Modified Bataan Death March to the shovel flag

Royale came to pick up turkeys for the Paradise community, and joined in for Freddy Mercuries to bring us to 6:00am.



We talked about a little-known monument at the Poopdeck that honors Col. Thomas Neel and his family. Col. Neel was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, who fought in NC, SC, FL, and GA. He defended Charleston against the British in the siege of 1779. He was also a statesman, in the SC Provincial Congress and the NC Assembly. While Col. Neel is memorialized as a man of victory on multiple fronts, there is also a somber inscription on the monument that his wife, Jean Spratt Neel, was captured by Shawnees, murdered, and scalped.

We are a group of focused men who strive to make each other better. Victory is something that is not foreign to many of us. But are we being victorious in the right things? Are we building monuments to ourselves (careers, projects, egos) while at the same time our relationships with God, and our family suffer? Being victorious in the right things is just as important as being victorious. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?


Thanks to Wild Thing of the opportunity to lead.



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