Choosing Not to Cheat – Ballroom Style

Honestly, YHC was stoked to Q the Ballroom this week. First, I had not visited the new site since moving from PKES. Second, I had not seen a lot of the Pax at this site and third the weather was perfect with a mild 60 degrees at launch.

I have struggled with moderate workouts for many years because I don’t view these men as “moderate”. If you define men who get up around 4:45 to post in any weather conditions and workout for 45 minutes while sharing fellowship and faith throughout as moderate, then so be it.

I recently spent some time in fellowship with other Pax and was reminded of the book by Andy Stanley, Choosing to Cheat. The gist of the book is that we are all cheaters. We cheat on our work by spending time with our wife. We cheat on our wife by spending time with our kids and so on. This book hits home for me. While work/life balance is unattainable and a #Oprahbomb, I find that I get the validation that I so desire from work and gravitate to working harder for more validation. I asked the Pax who posted to choose not to cheat for the next 45 minutes on their workout and to hold each other accountable in doing so.

The Thang

Mosey to football field


SSH x 30

Windmills x 15

IW x 15

CDD x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

Night Clubs x 25

Mosey to 50 yard line

Burpee Ladder Starfish

2 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

20 Mtn Climbers

4 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

10 merkins in cadence

6 Burpees in middle

Sprint to corner

20 Squats in cadence

8 Burpees

Sprint to corner

20 Bomb jacks

10 Burpees

Ladder back down

Partner up for Ab Ladder

5 Situps


5 Situps plus 10 flutters

Sprint…you get the idea

Finished with 5 sit-ups, 10 flutters, 15 Freddy, 20 LBC, 25 American Hammer

Random ladder of burpees and abs to finish…lots of complaining here



  • Prayers for Badger and Bullwinkles Dad
  • Lots of upcoming events…read your newsletter
  • Praise for Barney Fife and Boogie Down

Thanks to Short Sale for the opportunity. Love what you have done at the Ballroom!

Pusher out!

TClap |

We got our 28+ at The Colosseum

We had a total of 28 guys in The Fort region post yesterday (Monday, Feb 26) amidst the rain so I threw out the challenge of getting 28 men out to the Colosseum this AM. With some help from Jeckyll, Pusher, Ginsu, Cha Ching and a few others, we got that done. The PAX made it even better when that was just the boot camp number as we totaled 31 with our 3 runners included.

I can not even begin to tell you how humbled I was to see headlight after headlight roll in and to have 27 other guys run around this AO at 0515 with me. As Assassin mentioned in COT, we do in fact know how special it is to be blessed with the opportunity to be out with the PAX on just another Tuesday morning. To see some faces out there that I haven’t seen in quite a while was great. With the chatter that ensued, I knew I had better bring it.

So after our disclaimer and the departure of the Pathfinder runners, us boot campers jogged to end of the back parking lot. We counted off to our number of 27  at the time and dropped down for a 2min plank followed by a 2min reverse plank. Well 90 seconds into that latter plank, we had a masked ninja run up to join us for our lucky number 28. That ninja also goes by the name STRAIGHT UP  and man, it was good to have him join us.

1/2 of 28 equals 14 Burpees so that is what we did followed by 28reps of the following:

Dying Cockroach, Boats & Canoes, Jumping Lunges, Jump Squats, X&O’s, American Hammers, Monkey Humpers and Squat Calf-Raises

We partnered up for:

Partner 1: Run to the 1st speed bump and back
Partner 2: Diamond Merkins then flap jack

Partner 1. Run to the 3rd speed bump and back

Partner 2: Merkins then flap jack

Partner 1: Run to the gate that was no longer in existence

Partner 2: Carolina Dry Docks or some ab work then flap jack

Bring it back to the GHMS side of the bus parking lot and circle up for some coupon work.

Begin with the 30lb Ruck and 35lb Kettle Bell on opposite sides of the circle. When the coupon came to you, 10 bicep curls of your choosing while the rest of the PAX cycled through Freddy Mercury, Rosalitas and Flutter Kicks.


Announcements: Read that Sunday email containing your F3 Newsletter. New AO launching from Regent Park. Includes (br)yoga, run and coffeeteria  (contact Cake Boss or Sasquatch) every Friday. Don’t forget about the drive for 218 FNG’s. Reading center opportunity (service).

Prayers/Praises: Flat Tire’s new promotion, Straight Up’s wife is feeling better and S.U. is back with us. Cornerstone’s daughter Emma had her last chemo pill last night and will be ringing the bell soon. Ginsu’s daughter took her first steps yesterday. Jeckyll’s son is now a Boy Scout and Jeckyll has now handed over the leadership. Prayers for Mr. Clean and his desire to be out in the gloom. Prayers for Squeaky for what he is facing right now. Praises for reconnecting with my daughter.

Thank you again for coming out in the gloom.


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The BeachBall

Neighbors and police were alerted of a suspicious shadow dropping off cones and a dangerous-looking gray mass onto dark, empty parking lot and then driving off to meet with CEO-looking PAX at Walter Elysha. YHC started giving the disclaimer but Site-Q Bonsai felt insecure about Latino accent and wrong use of words so he took over and messed it all up.  FNG was very confused and the rest, embarrased.


Mosey on running track swinging some Buttkickers (Site-Q alerted YHC that A**kickers is a curse word), high-knees and uphill Karaoke.

Once in COP: SSH – Windmills – MNC – Squats – Doggie paddles – plank and 6-inch keeping mississippi count.

The Thang

PAX were asked to perform Bearpees along ten trees.

-Nine???  Someone complained.  -How do you expect us to bearpee eight trees? There’s no way I’m gonna bearcrawl seven trees.

But in the end pax overcame and did all six trees as originally requested.

Mosey to parking lot next to lady who doesn’t like PAX screaming.  Backwards uphill climb.  At this point attempting to do the pain stations seemed pointless since most PAX were out of breath, so YHC simply introduced the BeachBall (see pic), which PAX bounced around like infants.  LBCs ensued while rotating BeachBall and then the ArmWrestlingRollingCarousel (patent pending) was introduced:  PAX lay flat on their bellies facing each other in two rows, and arm wrestle in manly tension while one reads theme verse (Isaiah 41:10). Then one row rolls over and faces next contendor while new PAX reads verse.  Rinse & repeat until all have read verse (arm switch when first row is done rolling).  Of course, Long Shanks arm-wrestled two at a time in an audacious display of arrogance.

Co-Q Cornhole took over at this point with what was left of PAX, but mercilessly had all bearcrawl downhill on reenactment of Civil War battle but with pinecones.  People’s Chair for all while two PAX graciously jumpjacked  with the sunrise behind, silhoueting the too much barBQ from the night before.  Deconstructed Burpees took everyone by surprise and there was a lotta groaning and destructive chatter.

Derkins, step-ups and dips brought joy back to brave PAX.

Then alternating pull-ups, step-ups and laps around kiddie park.


Ab-lap where Atticus over-underperformed, making Pusher blush, but he claimed him as Q-school disciple all the same.

FNG was interviewed an named Oz, but YHC missed out on all the cultural references.

PAX were encouraged to not be anxious and prayers were lifted up.

2nd F at Peach Stand in support of community business.  A joyful moment.

TClap |

Long Route to COT

17 PAX on this 43 deg morning

Warmup: 1 Burpee, SSH, 2 Burpees, Moroccan Night Clubs, 3 Burpees, Imperial Walkers, 4 Burpess, Hillbilly Walkers, 5 Burpees

Wave Merkins to 10, Wave Grave Diggers to 10 followed by a few sprints at 50%, 75%, and AYG

Jacob’s Ladders

Set 1: Carolina Dry Docks 1 to 7 with bear crawl down; Jump Lunges 7 to 1 with sprint back

Set 2: Jump Squats 1 to 7 with long jumps down; Mtn Climbers 7 to 1 with sprint back

Set 3: LBCs 1 to 7 with sprints down; Bomb Jacks 7 to 1 with sprint back

Mosey other parking lot.  Here the “we’re going the wrong way” chatter begins.  Partner 1: Merkins while Partner 2: scales half wall, touches building and back x5

Finish with wall sits, last man to front through all PAX, then BTW for 2 ten-counts

COT… We prayed for families, marriages, and comfort in sickness.

Always honored to Q.

Rocks Out

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F3 The Fort Thanksgiving Convergence 2017

70 Men came today to burn calories so they can eat whatever they want the rest of the day. Ok, maybe that was my reasoning, but most came because the know in order to get better, even in being Gratful, it is best when being challenged by your brothers. We all came to get better and realize this great thing we have called F3 and give thanks!
Santini Opening with warm up both physically and mentally with some leadership principles
Split off into the various groups!
4 went for for a Run
  • Drile (F3-Wapner)
    Mozy to the front of SFES, high knees, toy soldiers, Butt kickers, and Knees to chest.
    Mozy to front of SFMS, circled up…Side straddle hop, Merkins, Cherry Pickers, and Moroccan Nightclub
    Mozy to SFMS bus loop …high knees, toy soldiers, Butt kickers, and Knees to chest.
    Circled up.. Flutter Kicks and Low Slow Squats, America Hammer and Low Slow Squats, Merkins and Windmills, mountain climbers and windmills
    Mozy to back of SFES, circled up…Peter Parker’s and Side Straddle Hop, Plank and windmill, shoulder taps and Low Slow Squats, LBCs and Moroccan Nightclub
    Then rinse and repeated the above sequence…before joining the other groups at COT
    Lil E—Bootcamp Q
    Mosey to the parking lot in the rear of school and circle up. SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Squats
  • The thang
    • 10 cones set up in a line spaced about 10 paces apart. Each cone had an exercise and rep count on them. Do exercises on the first cone and run a lap of the parking lot. Once you complete the lap do the first cone and the second cone and then run a lap. Repeat this adding the next cone until all 10 are complete. Here were the exercises in order from first to last:
    • Burpees x 10
    • Bombjacks x 10
    • LBCs x 25
    • Merkins x 20
    • Jump Squats x 10
    • Flutter kicks x 40
    • CDDs x 20
    • Lunges x 20
    • Mtn Climbers x 20
    • Monkey Humpers x 20

Majority of the pax finished in the Lunges lap with a few speedsters out in front on the mtn climbers. Mosey back to the front of the school for some Freddy Mercury’s and Rosalitas.

After that met up with the Moderate and Black diamond groups for COT.

Everyone put out great effort today and really pushed themselves.


Witch Hunt—Black Diamond Q

Not even a trip to the hospital the night before with a pregnant wife could keep me away from this Thanksgiving workout. Shout out to Royale and Cha Ching for stepping up to help me out. Luckily I made it and we put in work.
We stared by counting off by 4 creating 4 teams.
Each team will compete to complete as many burpees as possible in 2-minutes with a catch. You can only do 10 at a time before you most complete 20 reps of ab exercise. 2 rounds:
1.) Burpees with LBCs (Somehow Bounce House was able to do 50 burpees. That dude is not human.)
2.) Burpees with Knee Tuck with crunchy frogs
Winners plank while losers perform 10 Kraken Burpees.
Blood was flowing so we moseyed to the hill by the middle school for some broken down burpees. Catch was that we had 20 minutes for everyone to complete. If everyone doesnt finish within the time then group does 25 Burpees.
Here was the setup:
Run Hill 10 times. (1 Hill Run = Up & Down)

5 Squat Jumps
5  Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
5 Merkins
5 Froggers
5 Squat Jumps

Run Hill 8 times.

10 Squat Jumps
10 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
10 Merkins
10 Froggers
10 Squat jumps

Run Hill 6 times.

15 Squat Jumps
15 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
15 Merkins
15 Froggers
15 Squat jumps

Run Hill 4 time.

20 Squat Jumps
20 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
20 Merkins
20 Froggers
20 Squat jumps

Run Hill 2 time

25 Squat Jumps
25 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
25 Merkins
25 Froggers
25 Squat jumps

With some great teamwork by the Pax everyone completed within the 20 minutes so no penalty was given.

I attempted to have Backdraft give us a 10-count however  he responded “There are no 10 counts during the Black Diamond.” So no 10 count and a quick mosey back to the parking lot for the 10 Minute 100 Burpee Challenge:

Complete 10 1-minute rounds of burpees in the following set scheme. Any time left over in the round is yours for rest. (typically PAX finish the set between 25 and 40 seconds)

Rd1- 8

Rd2- 9

Rd3- 10

Rd4- 11





Rd9- 9

Rd10- 8

Total – 100

Amazing work by all the Pax. I didn’t pull any punches with this setup for the Black Diamond and the Pax took it on without hesitation. We all survived and are better for it.

Thanks to Ginsu and Cake Boss for the opportunity to lead.

Pusher with closing remarks and finding #Victory 

Prayers & Praises

Thank you F3 The Fort

Cake Boss

TClap |

22 PAX braved the Clydesdale pace, some went their own way rather than face the excruciating hills of the Pineapple Loop, some, faced their fear.

The thang:

I run along the avenue
I never thought I’d meet a PAX as slow as you
Meet a PAX like you

With messy hair and sleepy eyes
The least you could do is keep up with the 6
Keep up with the 6

And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran from 515 to 600ish
I couldn’t get away

A street lamp above your head
A beam of light comes shining down on you
Shining down on you

The street lamp is moving nearer still
A hole in the sidewalk comes in view
Hole comes in view

And I ran
I ran so far away
I just ran
I ran from 515 to 600ish
I couldn’t get away


Looks like we made it,

Barry Manilow

TClap |

a non running Q’s version of Laces Out

7 #HIM showed up for my Q at #Laces out

Disclaimer and quick discussion on how I used to be a runner

Warm up one mile run

stretch for 2 minutes, discuss several of my favorite meals…and for a second week almost everyone took their shirts off…weird…

main course – 15 minutes of sprint the straightaways and recovery on the corners

main course – 10 minutes of your 5K pace

main course -10 more minutes of the first 15 minutes

stretch for the last 5 minutes

COT/BOM with Laces In

The fast guys got in 6 miles, the slow guys got 5 miles, everyone got better…


TClap |

Eclipse at the Colosseum…Rock Hill Rip-off

Leading up to this fine Tuesday at THE COLOSSEUM, there were a few challenges and statements made about who would be willing to come out. Of all the conversations, I’ll give credit to those who showed after being personally invited: Jekyll, Bonsai, Snap Hook, Shady, Sir Topham Hat. The others that didn’t show…well, you’re probably better off not trying to erase a few bad songs from your memory. But for those that did, you’re welcome and I’m sorry (actually, not really).

I wanted to do something a little different from my usual, like pullups at the playground or the deck of cards. So, in search of something creative, I didn’t have to go far. So much can be found if we travel across the river; whether virtually or physically. In this case, Italian Job gave me beat down rights with a slight modification to his Eclipse-Day post and I brought it to the Colosseum.

Once I get to the parking lot, I am immediately met by two better-than-punctual FNG’s that Nomad EH’d. Welcome Rebar and Ham. And oh by the way, we quickly realized these are two of the most fit FNG’s to post at 0515. Side note on Ham, it’s comical when an FNG receives a call sign to which he is clueless on its reference. That’s why we all help to contribute to Wikipedia.

So after a disclaimer that turned into mumbling, we were off to the back parking lot where we circled up for a warm up of:

SSH x 20

Butt Kickers x 35

Merkins x 10

American Hammers x 25

Merkins x 10

Freddy Mercury’s x 20

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 25

Calf Raises x 50 OYO

This is where the plagiarism came in. We used the same 5 songs Italian Job used which for those who didn’t read that yesterday, went a little something like this:

Song 1: Ain’t No Sunshine: Hold squat position then do a tuck jump when you hear, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 2: Blinded By The Light (Remix): Moroccan Night Clubs then 3 Overhead Claps when you hear, “Blinded By The Light” This got really annoying.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 3: Black Hole Sun: Hold in the UP dip position then do 1 dip when you hear, “Black Hole Sun”. This got really, really difficult.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 4: Ring Of Fire: On your back, hold your feet at 6″ and do a Big Boy Situp when you hear, “Ring of Fire.”

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

Song 5: Total Eclipse  Of The Heart: Plank during the song and do 1 Burpee when you hear, “Turn Around” and 1 Merkin when you hear, “Total Eclipse Of the Heart.” This song is way too long.

Then line up on the line and sprint to the light pole and back and get in the circle.

We then ended with 25 American Hammers and 25 Flutter Kicks.

Great job today by everyone putting up with my nonsense.

As You Were.


TClap |

It Was Sooooo Humid Today…

23 men gathered in the sultry SC gloom for another round of F3 at  Golden Corral.  Some rucked while others boot camped, but we all got a good sweat on this morning.  Here is what we did:

The Thang:

YHC  took the boot campers aside and stated their obligations for the next 45 minutes (don’t get hurt and  if you do, it’s your own fault).  We then moseyed for a dynamic warm up of knee pulls, ankle pulls, toy soldiers, arm circles, and lunge twists.  After we woke up our bodies, we mosey around the lot and found a good spot in front of the Piedmont Family practice for COP:

All in cadence:

SSH x 40, merkin x 10, windmill x 15, crab tags x 20, squat x 20, Peter Parker Peter x 20, diamond merkin x 20, side lunges x 15, wide arm merkin x 15, LBC x 20

Mosey to the corner of the lot for suicide repeats.  Run out and back to the first, second and third concrete islands.  Plank up when finished and wait for the six.  We did five rounds today with the following exercises in cadence between each round:

Round 1:  Carolina dry dock x 20

Round 2:  Diamond merkins x 10

Round 3:  Morrocan night clubs x 30

Round 4:  Can’t remember?

Round 5:  Burpees (10 OYO)

Mosey back to the start point for 5 minutes of Mary:

Hello Dolly x 20, Freddie Merc  x 20, Pretzel crunch x 10L/10R, Superman hold x 2


Big group today – more than I expected.   It’s been a while since I’ve been here,  and even longer since I had the Q so was happy to get the call last night from Decibel.   I think we had about 15 boot campers and 8 ruckers.  Don’t know what the ruckers did, but they looked pretty tired at COT so it must have been good.    There was a lot of chatter today from Decibel and Falcon Crest, as well as from the usual suspects (Pusher, Funhouse, Change Order).  The humidity was in full swing and the heavy air made everything harder today.     The pax did a great job, though, and no one complained, when YHC called for the next round of suicides.   Well done, men!

It was nice to have F3 The Fort’s official historian couple (Lugnut and Spitz) in attendance as well as many, many new pax.   My hope for the new guys is that they take full advantage of all that F3 has to offer and that they become stronger men and leaders.


Read your weekly newsletter.  If you are not receiving the newsletter, reach out to Old Bay.

Prayers for the death of a brother-in-law, brother-in-law with cancer, a member of our NC pax struggling with addiction,  children going back to school and heading off to college

Funhouse  made a call for our local F3 pax to be leaders and mentors for young boys in our community.   Deacon called out the Pax to be men of action and not those who stand and watch injustices.


TClap |

The Colosseum 2017.31

This was an impromptu Q that I had forgotten I committed to while Seacrest was in charge, but I love to Q, so being reminded the night before made me a little happy (in my pants).  When training I like to focus on “tactical” strength or “functional” strength.  This means that you may be able to use the strength and endurance you cultivate during one of my workouts.  Today I covered picking up a lifeless body.

Mosey to basketball lot for warmup (simply for space reasons):  SSH, hillbilly walkers, windmills

Mosey to the bottom of the entrance hill and partner up for the main event:
10x Superman Squats (aka, squat picking up your partner from sitting to standing)
20x Jump squats
30ish Lunge walk holds then sprint to top of hill
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to wall by the flag for 4 minutes of holds
6 in & B2W (you and partner alternate when one fails)

Mosey to half wall around back for quick dora, 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats
Start at edge of lot then run to wall do one muscle up and run back.

Last,  4 minutes of hold
Protractor 10deg & Support position on wall (alternate on failure)

And that’s all she wrote.  This was  a lot of fun.  Prayers and announcements.  Prayers for the guys at VC Summer that were told to go home (which suddenly got a lot more personal).  Prayers for the #Give2Give campaign and the hope that we may reach more guys and improve the quality of life for the Sadclowns that know no better.

TClap |