Some new things at Slow Burn

Thanks to Smithers for the opportunity! Reaching respectable now allows me to feel a little more comfortable at a moderate workout. No more razzing from the PAX!

Arrived early, set out things. Put in the bifocal contacts to help see taped-on-arm weinke (as usual). The bifocal contacts did not really help too much but this weinke was almost memorized. Welcomed the PAX. Lots of new faces for me. Highly recommend to get out to different workouts and meet new guys.  Read the disclamer.

Mosey along Empire Bldg with high knees, toy soldiers, shuffle it up. To middle of parking lot for warmup exercises: SSH, WM, LBC, Merkins, Goofballs, IW, Flutters, MNCs. Then to curb for a couple new exercises for many…

Rocky Balboas (boxing motion, alternating toe taps on curb), Twist Merkins or Nipple Scratcher Merkins (hands on curb, on drop down, one leg twist through trying to get each “nipple”…hey, it’s in the exicon…to touch the curb), RB’s again, Mike Tysons (feet on curb in flat position, squat, on the up, do  a merkin), RB’s again. Back to middle of parking lot for…

…4 corners explanation. 4 cones at the corners with 3 exercises each. Complete exercises, plank until ALL PAX done, mosey to middle for core work. Broke into groups of 4.

  • Cone 1: 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 alternating plank arms high.
  • Cone 2: 15 Monkey Humpers, 10 Bomb Jacks, 20 High Knee Taps.
  • Cone 3: 15 Squats, 20 Calf Raises, 20 side to side jumps.
  • Cone 4: 10 Merkins, 10 Dips, 20 Mountain Climbers.

We got through one cycle. Core work included LBCs, Hello Dolly, Freddy Mercury, Protractor, and… I think here…maybe in warmup…”point/whip the finger” one leg flutters. Ok, I made this name up. An exercise I do, on six, one leg tucked under butt, one leg flutter, lower as safely as you can from flat to on your elbows. The flutter leg is the ‘pointer’ of the 5 body appendages.

To side of Lowes. Stayed in groups of 4 and had 4 stations.

  • Station 1 sprinted length of Lowes and yelled “turn” at the corner signaling other groups to turn around. (This was to have e1 finish about the same time.)
  • Station 2, 2 PAX carried the #120 Worm coupon until hearing “turn” then handed off to other 2. Good job PAX in improvising the alternating carry as I had not indicated so.
  • Station 3 Burpees until finish.
  • Station 4 Lunge walk until hearing turn then back.

Oh yea, PAX carried and passed around a 30# coupon the whole workout. I did not say, but this coupon was intended for a peoples chair line pass w/ overhead press, curls, etc, if we had time. We didn’t.

We covered good standards of a workout including small group, partner and individual work. And for a moderate workout, maybe a little less running, a few less reps and nice mix of moving and rest time. Weinke it so that PAX are finishing exercises about the same time.


Noted to PAX to talk with your kids about things in the news, including recent suicides and the immigrant situation. They are seeing these things and it is our job as fathers to talk with them the best way we can.

Prayers for Foley who is dealing with cancer.

Sweati on the  way! No details yet makes it all the more intriguing. G-Fit in Paradise and CAH workouts need Q’s!  Use this opportunity to take a small step to #ServeCommunity.  F3Dads Camp Thunderbird camp coming up near end of summer.

Shout out to NASA for his work and commitment to CAH.

All are invited and encouraged to attend the 4x/week F3 gatherings in Fort Mill to improve your mind and spirituality. It is an open environment and all men will feel comfortable.

Aye! Bolt

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PAINtheon Games 3.0 (The Time I Posted the Scores)

This morning 9 Pax woke up and chose to do the harder thing. It’s not like they didn’t know what was coming (they did). It’s not like they had never done this before (most had). They just chose to get better.

PAINtheon Games was born out of doing something stupid (see: CSAUP) to celebrate the anniversary of Pantheon. We then decided annually wasn’t enough and we hold the “half anniversary” at the Coop (I digress). So Pax showed up to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Pantheon. This is how it went down…

Warmup: SSH, Windmills and Mountain Climbers

Mosey to front of school. PAINtheon games begin:

  • 2 Minute AMRAP Merkins
  • 2 Minute AMRAP Sit-ups
  • 2 Minute AMRAP Burpees
  • 100 Yard “Bear Crawl” Dash
  • 1 Mile AYG
  • Timed BTTW (as long as you can hold it)
  • Timed 6” Hold (as long as you can hold it)
  • Burpee Chase (Race the Carpool Lane .33 mile and do 5 Burpees at each corner 20 total)

Scores are listed below:

PAX Name Merkins Sit-Ups Burpees 100 Yd BC Dash 1 Mile BTTW Time 6 Inch Time Burpee Chase
Never Never 35 55 28 2:11 8:50 0:50 0:45 4:10
Sugar Daddy 68 72 28 1:29 7:06 1:03 1:00 2:35
Olaf 52 61 28 1:14 7:30 2:03 0:57 3:34
Wild Thing 67 49 31 1:19 8:06 0:44 0:52 3:38
Bolt 74 69 37 1:17 6:44 2:10 1:00 3:33
BMT 45 52 25 1:29 8:22 0:40 1:10 2:35
Fishsticks 82 58 30 2:05 7:00 0:55 0:55 3:17
Atlas 85 70 30 1:40 7:22 1:02 1:30 3:25
Cornhole 50 50 25 2:09 9:10 1:00 1:00 4:16


Huge Tclaps to the Pax that showed up. They really got after it and didn’t hold back. I apologize to the Pax from PAINtheon 2.5 at the Coop, the time I didn’t post the scores. I will look for them and see if I can get it out in a BB (no promises). I’m inspired by the guys I see in the gloom. We’re all just ordinary guys doing some pretty extraordinary things before 6 AM (thanks for pointing that out Anchorman). Keep getting better.

Prayers and Praise: Did the #oldschool CSPAN round the horn #praise&prayers

Announcements: H&C this weekend, Sweati in July, Read your newsletter

BOM on Anchorman


Zima & Anchorman

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Getting Mobyfied at Alcatraz

Maximus has given me free reign over this backblast as he handed me his actual weinke after the workout.  Unfortunately, creativity has subsided after a couple days. I really suck at expedient backblasts (no excuse).

I had legs. Maximus had arms and I believe the PAX might have preferred to have that reversed.

Arrived early, placed some cones on the double ballfield, tossed out a football and dragged out the worm. There was no weinke taped to the arm on this day. 8 PAX arrived w/ Geronimo and Dark Helmet arriving just on time after having stopped to help a lady with car issues. I do not have all the details as I missed that early mumblechatter getting us going.

Actually read the whole workout disclaimer from my phone to make sure I got it complete. Also, be sure to check out the ‘full’ disclaimer on the F3 website which is much more detailed and covers additional items.

To the field for some warmup and starting tossing around the football, each PAX threw and we moseyed to it followed by an exercise. Tosses varied in length but everyone got a turn.  Before we left the field, I told the PAX that I believe in 2 things at Alcatraz. 1) making use of the hill and 2) making use of the field…basically getting down and dirty in the morning dew. We were going to do both, so before leaving for the hill, we did some:

Panther Pound Burpees – Some have done this with me on Q on before but maybe no one from this group. This exercise is in the exicon as I got it approved around the time when the Panthers were in the Super Bowl. It is essentially a football cornerbacks drill combined with a burpee.  Q leads, start fast pumping the feet up and down. Q decides how long and yells drop (right or left), hit the ground do a pushup, roll right or left, get up to a jump hands over head. Repeat as necessary until very dirty. As I was doing them, too, I could not take notice to proper form, but I would have liked to see the feet of the PAX pumping a little faster….

To the hill. The downhill was a mosey each time. I think we did 3, 4? laps. On the uphills, we did various lunges, broad jumps, a sprint, etc and full 1/2 lap backwards.

Back to the field to incorporate some partner work lunge walking and carrying the worm, a 120# somewhat awkward coupon with handles on the end and in the middle.  While partners carried, the rest of the PAX did core work and sprinted to the carriers when they got done. Repeat to give everyone a chance with the worm. Somewhere in my 30 minutes we did a bunch of various calf raises, although I did miss Tesh’s squat calf raises.

We did one last minute of Panther Pound Burpees and Maximus took over.

Maximus’s truck bed popped open to a whole lot of cinder blocks, one with each of our name on it (not literally) along with a very large boombox. Ok, the box was not much bigger than my hand. But it did play what could be considered a very challenging workout song Moby’s “Flower” which mentions Sally a lot.

I did not know this song but apparently it is used by a lot of people for exercising, similarly to “Thunderstruck.”

We did bicep curls with our blocks, curling on every “up” in the song, holding, then down on every “down”, but not letting it touch your body.  The first time around was the long version, or so it seemed. A little bit nasty if you ask me.

Followed by: Slow flutters block press, American Hammer-position leg extensions.

Back to the song for Shoulder Presses, the short version, I think…Then

  • 10 burpees, 20 CDD, 30 Mtn Climbers followed by cinder block push of about 25 yards.
  • 10 bomb jacks, 20 LBC, 30 dying cockroaches (by this point, that was almost literally), and a block push back to the starting point.

Fortunately, time was done because what was left on Maximus’s weinke would not have allowed our arms to hold a steering wheel and drive home.

With suicides of recent celebrities, we talked about suicide and addressing it with our kids if they are old enough, and to be aware of family and friends who may be experiencing difficulties in their life. Apologies for not recalling more of our COT discussions. CSpan’s party weekend was in effect.

It was another great Saturday morning at Alcatraz. 6 hit coffeeteria at DD after.

Aye. Bolt



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Mini Cannoli Run at Pantheon

Perfect timing with site Q Fishsticks needing a sub. This allowed me  to vent some Cannoli stress on the PAX and set up a workout with Cannoli Run similarities.

In this Saturday’s Cannoli Run that YHC is race director, we run 3 1-mile loops where many of the runners choose to eat a (smaller) cannoli 3 times.  Also, Speed For Need will be at the Cannoli Run.

With that in mind, I brought out a SFN racing chair for PAX to run a loop during the workout, with instruction before getting started. We had the perfect number of PAX, 6, to do a nice mini-Cannoli workout. Disclaimer given and we set off.

“Cannolis” were placed at the starting point of the inner loop. The cannolis were slips of paper with exercises on them. Each PAX got to eat at least one cannoli and push the chair one time. Note, not all cannolis were eaten.

A basic warmup circle and we started our loops with cannolis and pushing the chair. The cannolis contained, in no particular order in this BB:

1  20 goofballs, 20 CDD, 20/20/20 calf raises…reg, toes in, toes out

2  15 burpees

3  To the field for Panther Pound Burpees

4  Core Work for a few minutes, flutter, lbc’s, protractor, side crunches, much 6″ holds

5  20 Peter Parkers, 25 dying cockroaches, 20 sumo squats

6 15 burpees

Somewhere in there, we threw in 3 x near max out Balls to the Wall and 3 x  Peoples Chair near max out.

During the workout I talked about the Cannoli Run and Speed For Need. In COT we continued to address supporting your fellow PAX. There are of course the 3 F’s to support each other, but also to support our initiatives such as Speed For Need, Children’s Attention Home and our community efforts in the Paradise neighborhood.  If a PAX has an idea, run with it, get it organized, present it and we will support you.

Announcements, Cannoli Run, CAH Sat’s, G Fit Friday’s 7:00 pm.  Prayers for PAX and their families.  Thank you to Haushka for taking us out. Thanks to the PAX for having me out and being a part of something a little different.

Get out to the Cannoli Run this Saturday!

Aye! Bolt



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Beyond – how selfish are you

The message for Beyond was around being selfish


Humans we are naturally selfish people.  As a child you grow up thinking everything should be centered around

you.  Even as I moved into adulthood I still didn’t completely understand what it meant to put others first. 

Because I never had anyone who was dependent upon me.  When I got married I was quickly called out that it is now “we”

and not “I” which was initially hard for me to understand at first.  Then several years later reality smacked me in the face

when we had our first child.  Now there was someone in my life that was 100% reliant upon me.  I quickly had to figure

out as all parents do how to adjust and make things happen.


In my life I am the most selfish with my time.  I don’t like to spend “my” time on things that “I” feel are not as important

as other things. 


There are 24 hours in a day

1440 minutes


Average person sleeps 7 hours

                       works 9 hours

                       spends 2 hours in a car


This leaves 8 hours for everything else (Wife, kids, Quite time, F3, Whetstone, etc)


How do you manage your time?  Is is the smartest way?


As I was preparing for this Q I kept going back to how do I manage my time and how I think I should be.  I will be

the first to say I am nowhere near the model, but I desire to be able to say that I will one day get there.


Time Priority:

1. God

2. Wife

3. Family

4. Friends


One of the most important things that I hope the Pax take from the workout is Kids spell LOVE – TIME.  The more time you

spend with them the more love they feel.  Think about that next time when one of your kids ask you to do something and you

would rather be doing something else.  They won’t always be around so enjoy the time you have with them now.







Hand release merkins 10 IC


–With being a beyond workout figured since it just rained we needed to embrace the suck and get on the ground




The thang:


Partner up

P1 – runs to end of parking lot and back

P2 – works on burpee / sandbag thruster (1 burpee / 1 thruster, 2 burpees, 2 thrusters, etc until 10)


Each partner does their own until they reach 10 of each



P1 – runs to end of parking lot

P2 – pick up sandbag on shoulder and toss backward until P1 returns


rinse and repeat x 3


Exercises done holding either ruck, sandbag or cinderblock:

Squats 20 IC

Squat pulses 10 IC

Flutters 20 IC

 Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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Cannoli Run 5-19-18 ft Speed For Need

Twister and Bolt invite you the Cannoli Run (5k and 1 mile Family Walk) on Saturday, May 19, 2018! It is a fun family event and come out to be part of the Speed For Need teams! Vuvuzuela’s son Luka is one of our Track Commanders!

The Cannoli Run leads into the St. Philip Neri Italian Festival and we hope to have great attendance from the PAX and family again this year.

UPDATE 5-15: Celebrity F3 Runner is Rock Hill’s own Burgundy, Lucas McFadden of CN2! Watch him work his magic mingling and running with the crowd!

UPDATE 5-15: The ruckers will begin at the start of the race 9:00 am.  However, the F3-led prerace, family workout is at 8:15 am. Register online this week and arrive by 8:00 am.

UPDATE 5-14: Read the Speed For Need preblast.

UPDATE 5-11: PAX #’s are a little low as of 5-11 compared to previous years. Get the family signed up!

UPDATE 5-9: We have secured a second Track Commander.

UPDATE 5-5: Speed For Need event Q is Scabby (Rick Gambs, (7zero4) 301-four900). We have 2 chairs in the run. FiA will also be part of our SFN pushing teams.

UPDATE 5-4: Ruck Division has been created led by Q Cornhole (John Ponder (eight03) 230-two002). 

UPDATE 5-2: We are proud to announce that Speed For Need is the charity for the Cannoli Run this year and a portion of race proceeds will go directly to Speed For Need! Help the cause with your registration!

The actual race is a one mile loop passing the festival/start-finish line 3 times (5k), great for observers…and also to stop at the cannoli tables to eat your 3 cannoli’s, if you so choose! Age group awards and King/Queen Cannoli to fastest male/female eating 3 cannolis. Team awards include fastest male and female team, most creative/enthusiastic team (youth and adult) and largest team.

Below is schedule. 

  • 7:30 am Speed For Need setup. SFN Q is Scabby 
  • 8:00 am  F3 PAX and family arrive.  Ruck Q is Cornhole.
  • 8:15-8:45 am  F3 Family Bootcamp Workout. CakeBoss is Q.
  • 8:45-8:55 am Pre-race stretch led by Barre3 of Fort Mill.
  • 8:55 am – Pre-race prayer and move into race positions.
  • 9:00 am 5k Start (SFN leading out, 5k, then walkers)
  • 10:00 am Age group awards and prize drawing
  • 10:30 am Kids 100 Yard Dash
  • After…the SPN Italian Festival!!!

More details:

Ruck: Ruckers will start at normal starting time but arrive by 8:00 am please. Ruckers need to be registered in the race. Cornhole on ruck Q.

Speed For Need: It is awesome we have SFN this year! VuVuzuela’s 2.0 Luca is our first Track Commander. We have secured a 2nd Track Commander.

Family Workout:  CakeBoss, etc, will lead the family pre-workout at starting at 8:15 am. Great EH opportunity and to advertise F3 to the Cannoli crowd,

Pre-race stretch: The prerace stretch from 8:45 am to 8:55 am has been given to one of the festival sponsors, Barre3 of Fort Mill.

Visit the website and get registered!


Twister, (9one8) 671-03zero9

Bolt, (803) 415-1946,

TClap |

Another day in Paradise

It was Another Beautiful Day in Paradise. Mid-afternoon, 80 degrees. Perfect.

I was the first PAX to arrive at the AO. I scouted the area (My VQ for G-FIT) and start walking back to what I believe is the gathering spot. In the distance, I see two young PAX.

Young PAX (as he approaches me):  Is there a workout today?

YHC: Yes.

Young PAX: F3 (he yells)!

YHC: For sure! (I felt more than welcome to be among these young PAX).

Disclaimer, disclaimed.

The Thang:


+Lap around the basket ball court

+10 SSH

+10 high knees

+3 set of 10 Merkins

+10 big boy sit-ups

+10 Marocoon night clubs

+10 baby arm circles

+10 over head claps

+5 burpees

+10 mountain climbers

+20 merkins

+lap around the basketball court

I took the first couple of exercises and then invited (rotating clockwise) the young PAX to join me in the middle of the circle and call the next exercise. It was neat to see how eager they were to join YHC in the middle and lead the PAX. The COP lasted 30 minutes. We got some drinks and a snack, played some frisbee, basketball, and soccer. Again, it was a Beautiful Day in Paradise – perfect for a Saturday afternoon.


I once mentored a pre-teen through the non-profit: Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Through this program, I learned how important it is for youth to have positive role models in their lives (especially young mem, as there is seemingly a shortage of positive male role models). And I’ve seen how being there for a youth can make a huge difference in their lives.

It didn’t take much to big a “Big”. YHC was simply someone that showed an interest in my “Little”. It was being someone the Little could look up to and envision themselves someday being. The most difficult part of being a Big (in YHC’s opinion) was making the time. Having said this, every minute I spent with my Little, I truly enjoyed. Without a question, Ruben (my Little), added so much to my life. It was an unexpected pleasure. I felt the same way about being among the PAX at G-FIT.

The best part of today was the COT. When I asked for prayers/praises, two of the young PAX raised their hands to pray. You could tell they love Jesus. It was a beautiful sight.

Thank you Decon for getting me on the Q list. Can’t wait for the next one! And thank you F3 PAX, you are all true HIMS!


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Final Prespect Q at the Ranch

 Name-O-Rama.  11127355-7E37-4F2A-9B9E-F19861396FC7

YHC thanks Jiffy for the opportunity of one last Q as a Prespect and for the PAX who attended.

Not many posts to the Ranch from my end, but I had been eyeing up the facilities for weeks during 2.0’s soccer practice. Made good use of the the soccer fields and all the trees and light poles.

Arrived early,  fortunately enough lighting in the gloom for the planned weinke, set up 3 cones in front of one soccer goal approx. 10, 15 and 20 yards away and placed the 43 lb sandbag near the opposite goal.

Arrivals, no FNG’s, and a really ‘succint’ disclaimer. I believe we may have had one late arrival.

Moseyed around the parking for 2 laps with high knees, butt kickers, toys soldiers and shuffling. Jogged to far end of the further soccer field for SSH, merkins, flutters, GoofBalls, MNC’s. The real fun began with stage 1:

Stage One. Making use of 27 crepe myrtles lined up, we did bear crawls for one tree with 5 merkins, lunge walk one tree with 5 squats and continuing with adding 1 more tree until the end. Wow, this was tougher on the thighs than expected.  The RETURN lap was jog 3 trees, bear crawl 1, sumo walk 1 until the end. The first lap started near the trees, but by the second lap we were spread out across the soccer field.

Stage Two, Act One. Soccer field. Partner up, one PAX ran the length of the field and kicked a soccer ball into the goal from the closer 1st cone, the other PAX carried the sand bag overhead until handing off to the kicker for the return run. A missed shot meant running a lot further to track it down and replace it at the first cone for the next kicker/group.  MEANWHILE, the other PAX cycled through 5 LBC’s, 5 Flutters, 5 American Hammers. This continued until all 5 partner duo’s had gone.

Act Two and Three had the kickers move back 5 yards, while PAX cycled through…Act Two: 5 bombjacks, 5 Jump Squats, 5 Calf Raises. Act Three, 5 yards further back cycling through 5 Donkey Kicks, 5 left side crunches, 5 right side crunches.

YHC along with about 5 other PAX missed shots on goal.

We finished with 2 laps around the fields using the light poles. 3 burpees at every pole which ended up amounting to 45 burpees. For good measure, we finished 4 more burpees in COT to reach the magical “49” for the workout.

The brief message of the workout was to “Be Inspired, Become Inspiring.” Observe our PAX and follow their lead. We have PAX with different personalities and different involvements to inspire us to become better from the fitness side, to the community/philanthropy efforts, to the betterment of ourselves from the faith and spirituality side.

Prayers to sick or injured family members and friends. ChickenHawk noted to make use of the Easter holiday season to seek out, learn and improve yourself in your faith. Use the extra time to connect with family members.  G-Fit and CAH every Saturday needs PAX involvement, ESPECIALLY during Easter when regular PAX may not be able to post. HELP IF YOU CAN!

3 days to 50 for me, but my first RESPECT post will probably be with the Lehigh Valley PAX back in PA. Looking forward to first Respect post back in the Fort.

Aye! Bolt

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Risking it All and Going Beyond

Better conditions led to 14 PAX posting at Golden Corral for this week’s edition of BEYOND. Turnout was improved in part because Rad cancelled the ruck workout, encouraging the usual ruckers to join the fun, while he bailed and went yogging at Sea Legs instead.

After Copperfield gave the disclaimer, the 14 BEYONDers took off for a short mosey around the perimeter of the main parking lot, incorporating butt kickers, high knees, toy soldiers, toe walks, and heel walks. We then lined up at the shovel flags (we had three…I don’t know where the third came from…) and did 10 merkins at the island, jog to the next island, 10 more merkins, etc. for a total of 40 merkins. This was followed by a short mosey to the HT loading docks for some final warming up. (Note for GC Q’s – people drive like MANIACS behind HT, so keep the PAX out of the main roadway if possible.)

Brief COP included 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats on our toes (in relevé, if you will), then a couple yoga lunge stretches on each leg. Then partner up and jog around to the HT wall facing the six of O – O – O – O’Reilly for the Thang.

The workout sets were generally done in Stand By Your Man style, with one PAX performing the prescribed reps of some form of merkin while the other does some other exercise, then switch places until all merkin reps completed. Once done, run around oil change place and O’Reilly and back to the HT wall with your partner. Pretty simple…ish…

Let’s get going.

The original plan was to build this week’s message off of what was covered at BEYOND last week, but that had to be modified when we had only three last week and fourteen this week. So, we started with some quick catch-up. If you want a recap of last week, check out that backblast. Main point to remember for today: dig deep and determine your purpose, as this will give a filter through which to handle today’s questions.

Living with purpose inherently involves risk.

During this first set, discuss with your partner how you would define “risk.”

Set 1: Breakdancer merkins (20-16-12-8 reps each) while partner does Rockette Chair (People’s Chair with alternating leg kicks)

Plank it up for the six, then hold it while we chat (with rotation to side, reverse plank, and other side).

Risk can have a variety of definitions, but generally it is an action that exposes you or somebody else to the possibility of harm or loss. We all face risks every day, from driving to relationships. Some risks are bigger than others, but we live lives of risk. Taking risks is necessary for growth and gain, in work and in life. Without some level of risk, we won’t get better.

Risk and sacrifice are different, but related.

During this set, discuss with your partner how you would define “sacrifice.”

Set 2: Mike Tysons (15-15-15-15 reps each) while partner does BTTW (with shoulder taps for the brave).

People’s Chair for the six, then stay for the talk.

Sacrifice is the act of giving up something you want to keep in order to get or do something else (and potentially better). You could say that sacrifice is the realization of the potential loss involved in the risk. Sacrifice has an intentional, willful component to it – you choose to give something up, whether under compulsion or not. Today, most of us sacrificed more sleep to post (thanks for that!), and in doing so also took the risk of maybe getting a good workout, maybe making our day a bit rougher because our arms won’t work after, etc. Silly example for an obvious point.

Personal examples of risk and sacrifice.

During this set, discuss a current or recent example of risk or sacrifice in your life.

Set 3: Pseudo Planche merkins (15-15-15 reps each) while partner does breakdancer. It’s like the breakdancer merkin, but without the merkin, a little more jumpy, and ideally a bit faster.

Return and breathe while waiting for the six, then for the talk.

An easy example of sacrifice in my life was giving up our life in Africa to return to the US. Again, for more on this, refer to last week’s backblast. But for the risk component, there were two risks that weighed heavily on our last year in Africa and played into our decision to return. The first was our son’s health. He was premature and had some health issues that went with it. He also began having seizures while we still lived overseas. As a father, was I willing to risk his health to continue living and working in Zambia? Then, we wanted more kids, but my wife is a high-risk pregnancy, and we lived in a place where premature babies die more than they survive, and maternal mortality is high as well. These risks paired with other circumstances played into our decision to return, giving up our identities, our home, our relationships, etc.

Much of the reason for me wanting to talk about all this today stems from a conversation with Cha Ching and Olaf from several months ago. They may not remember it, but it has stuck with me ever since. We were talking about the new security training I’m helping develop for our new workers, and there are three main questions that come out of this training. These questions are what I want to leave with everybody today (with one more set thrown in for good measure).

The first two questions to consider:

How much am I willing to risk in order to achieve my purpose? (This makes more sense if you spend the time determining your purpose.)

What, if anything, would be an unnecessary level of risk or a risk that would actually hinder accomplishment of your purpose?

No need to answer the questions this time, as they take time to really work through.

Set 4: Battering rams (drop to six inches, then, using your arms and not your feet, thrust your torso forward so your hands end up between ribs and hips; 20-20-20 reps each) while partner does Monkey Humpers. For some, this proved to be a somewhat inappropriate combination of moves. #badplanning #somethingsyoucantunhear

Pressed for time, we gathered following the run around the buildings for the final point. I actually left out two full sets, but I don’t think anybody’s arms are particularly missing them (see below for what we missed).

The final question to ponder: Do I believe strongly enough in my purpose that I’m willing to sacrifice everything for it?

Simply put, are you willing to die to achieve your purpose? Fourteen years ago, my answer would have been a lot different. But now, with a wife and children, I hesitate. If I know that they will be taken care of, then I’d probably be willing to die. But what if the tables were turned? Would I be so committed to my purpose, to my faith, that I’d be willing to sacrifice my family? I’ve never been in that situation, so I don’t know. But this is a reality faced by many in other parts of the world. For some, it’s a daily reality, being faced with the possibility of losing everything for what they believe.

What would you do? Do you have a commitment to something that is so strong that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for it, even your family?

Time never seems sufficient to cover the topic, but discussion doesn’t need to end when the workout does.

We ended there and ran back to COT to meet up with the bootcampers.


  • Deacon reminded us of the opportunities in the Paradise community, with the reading program on Mondays and Wednesdays and G-Fit on Saturdays. Take a risk and make an impact in the community.

Prayers and Praises

  • Pray for those involved with the Palmetto 200 this weekend.
  • Keep praying for our wives and kids.
  • Pray for those with mental health issues and the practitioners who care for them. Specifically, pray for Copperfield’s M as she deals with some very difficult situations.
  • Bolt’s neighbor passed away last week. Pray for this man’s family and friends and others who are dealing with this loss.
  • Prayers for one of Decibel’s employee’s dad, who is in the hospital.
  • Bonsai and his wife are praying about a few things right now; prayers for wisdom and discernment as they consider some options.
  • Deacon has a friend with serious health concerns. Prayers for him as he seeks care at Mayo.
  • Praises for F3 and the impact it has had on our lives.

It was an honor to get to lead this group, and I really appreciate Maximus pushing me to do two BEYOND Qs in a row. If you haven’t had opportunity to do this yet, talk to him. Whether or not the other PAX benefit from the message you bring, your life will be changed by working through the material in preparation to lead. Definitely worth it. And I’m happy to not do it again for a while.


Missed sets

For those wondering what we missed for lack of time, the remaining sets were:

Set 5: one-arm merkins (16-12-8 reps each) while partner does bomb jacks.

Set 6: Scorpion merkins (16-12-8 reps each) while partner does jump squats.

You’re welcome.

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Party of 13 at Alcatraz (way past due…)

P200 training dictates pre-runs whenever you can get them.  Well that was a mistake.  Jedi and myself met Fish Sticks & Bolt for a “fellowship” pace behind Alcatraz which consisted of 3 miles of hills at 8 min pace.  We got back right at 7am, just in time to greet the other 9 pax.  Wonderful.

Bolt took us around the outside of the field for a half mile warm up sprint prior to the stretching / / official warm-up.  I took it from there for a some fun w/ cones:

Cones set up 20 yds apart, 5 sets in total, for a 100 yds down the field.  I give one exercise w/ rep count, and the pax runs to each cone and does it at each cone, all the way down the field x5 no break:

  1.  3 burpees (15 in total)
  2. 10 jump lunges (each leg) (50 jump lunges each leg)
  3. 5 burpees (25 burpees)
  4. 10 jump squats (50 jump squats)
  5. 3 burpees (15 burpees)
  6. 10 big boy sit-ups (50 sit-ups)

55 burpees, 100 lunges, 50 jump squats and 50 sit-ups in 12 minutes isn’t too shabby to get things started.

Next up – the hill outside of Alcatraz:

  1.  Run down hill, back pedal up the hill and do 20 merkins.  Repeat run down, back pedal up, 16 merkins.  Hill, 12, Hill, 8, Hill, 4, done.  60 merkins and plenty of hills.  Shibby.

Some fun w/ basketball.  Each pax gets a shot from the free throw line.  If he makes, I have an exercise.  If he misses, I have a different exercise (I wonder which one is worse…).  Well, needless to say the pax missed every shot.  In order of exercises after each missed shot:

  1.  Up and down every parking lot line (side shuffle, sprint, side shuffle, sprint…until you get to the end).
  2. 60 flutters (120 single)
  3. 5 kraken burpees
  4. 40 fast / slow freddie mercuries (80 single)
  5. 20 diamond merkins
  6. 20 American Hammers

Hand off to Bolt for the grand finale – partner obstacle course.  Partner 1 goes through the gauntlet while Partner 2 rips through merkins, squats and LBC’s (50 was the # I believe).  Bolt set up about 12 cones w/ rope weaving between and across each of them making the army crawl almost impossible to keep your butt that low to the ground (at least for a guy w/ a big ass like myself).  Obstacle course goes as follows:

  1.  Broad jump to cones
  2. Army crawl 10 yards under rope
  3. bear crawl to sand bags
  4. Curl sand bags
  5. Weave in and out of 6 more cones touching each as you pass
  6. Sprint back to finish

We closed it out w/ some good discussion around the recent events in Florida and engaging God on the little battles throughout a man’s day.  Thanks for the chance to lead Smuggler.  Always a pleasure w/ this group.



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