Still in Abyssness

I seem to keep having my last Q in the Carolinas at least once a week now. Gonna need to stop calling it that until I got a final date for when I leave. Bones gave me the Q for abyss at sea legs, came up with something on the spot that went more or less like this today-

Mosey to basketball court, COP

Mosey to the back road. At top of back road, tried having us do rugby sprints, learned its kinda hard to do it coming downhill, didn’t realize the angle was as steep as it was when trying to stop suddenly for six inches. Did this all the back to basketball courts

WIth a partner, each man does 30 pullups  altogether, switching off to run to give breaks between sets. I love my pullups, and 30 is ambitious I think for most people.

After this went on to main event. Tried explaining the whole routine before starting, but learned it was alot easier to just go round by round and have the PAX follow along till the habit picked up.


4 islands nearest us in parking lot, do a set of an exercise and run to next. then,Far away islands, run to each and do 15 LBCs.  last island near middle by COT, 10 burpees before moving on to next round. rounds were as follows:

1.10 merkins

2.20 squats

3.20 monkey humpers

after going through one cycle of this, PAX had it down pat. 10 minutes, left, started over with intention that everyone do as much as they could before time. Pax in lead got to monkey humpers again before COT called.  As usual, Jedi was beast mode and in the lead and never looks like he’s dying haha.

Had lunch with Qbert today who was present, I asked him what the general impression was of ” a whopper Q”, if it had any general characteristics . He answered that it was that nobody ever knew what it was going to be or what to expect. Really, Really glad to hear that because honestly, my biggest thing that I want to avoid at all costs, is to be too predictable or cliche when I lead the beatdown. So its good to know.

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Jedi’s Post-iversa-Q

You would think that I’d have some sort of snarky intro to open my backblast for my anniversary Q. But, writer’s block. I blame peanut M&M coma. #keepingitclydesdale

YHC was pleasantly surprised when 11 PAX joined me in the gloom for my poorly hyped celebration. I blame the site Q…  Special recognition goes out to Phish, who is in town for the training YHC runs for his job. Poor soul didn’t know he’d be seeing me in the gloom before putting up with me all day. Anyway, the disclaimer was given and we jumped right into our warm-up. SSH, low slow squats, Moroccan night clubs, and windmills were all done in cadence to some forgotten number before we rolled out.

When I was EH’ed a year ago, my very first post was to a running AO. I hate running (shocker, I know), and at that point I hadn’t run in well over a decade. Not intentionally, anyway. Copperfield gets credit for bringing me out, and since he was training for his marathon, we did a lot of running for my first week. So, to commemorate my first post, we went on a run around Rivergate, working out to right around one mile (we cut out the full loop done for pre-runs, which is ~1.6 miles). Final destination: the fountain.

Mini Moleskin 1

My first big takeaway from jumping into this F3 thing was, you have to put yourself out there and do the uncomfortable thing if you’re going to get better. I hate running, but more than that I hate getting vulnerable and walking into a new situation where I may or may not be accepted. The first couple weeks of posting were more of a mental battle, trying to get over myself, step out, and meet some people because, let’s face it, I had no friends. I wasn’t going to make friends by sitting on my six, so I had to do the uncomfortable thing. Like running. Or meeting a group of guys I’d never met before in a dark parking lot in the wee hours of the morning.

Back to the workout…

Next to the fountain were 10 balloons (taped to cones so they didn’t blow away). Inside each balloon was a card with an exercise and a number of reps. Pretty simple here: pop a balloon, the group does the exercise for the given number of reps, then we all run a lap around the parking lot. Originally the run was around the traffic circles, but that got shortened after the second round.

Exercises completed:

  • 100 hillbilly squat walkers
  • 1000 burpees
  • 400 jump squats
  • 700 squats
  • 500 diamond merkins

Reps were evenly distributed among the PAX, but those completing their reps first were encouraged to pick up reps from those still working. As a team, all reps were completed, with probably some extras thrown in for good measure.

Mini Moleskin 2

After surviving the first couple weeks with F3 last year, I realized that this group was special. It’s been years – probably at least a decade, if not longer – since I’ve had a group of guys who are willing to step in and help out in a moment’s notice, with pretty much anything. Guys who are willing to encourage you, push you, or be a total idiot with you. We aren’t in this life alone, and F3 is a tangible example of that reality. We aren’t made to do it alone, so stop trying, get over yourself, and reach out. There are people around ready and willing to help.

Back to the workout…

With just a couple minutes left, we had to get back to COT. We could run (blech), or we could partner carry. Having recently dropped weight through the generosity of food poisoning, I wasn’t as burdensome as I have been in the past. Nevertheless, Witchhunt took one for the team and carried this Clydesdale halfway back. I lucked out in that deal, as he weighs maybe 160 pounds. All PAX gathered at COT for a final word.

Mini Moleskin 3

In addition to having a group of guys around to help out or be an idiot with, the community here goes deeper than that. These guys are willing to step in and carry your burdens when you can’t. We have PAX in our region who have gone through some awful experiences, just in the past year. Watching the community step in and do for them what they can’t do for themselves at their times of greatest need has been incredible. We can carry each other in a workout, but it’s something entirely different to carry each other through the hardest times. It is an honor to be able to be a part of this.

It’s not about the workout. It’s not about ourselves.

It’s about our brothers.

This is why we do it.

And this is why we give it away.

There were announcements. Read your newsletter.

As for prayers, here were a bunch, but the big ones I remember are recent friends and/or family members of PAX who have died of cancer. Pray for those left behind as they mourn the loss yet continue on.

Thanks to all the PAX who posted with me this morning, and for those who didn’t post but have been a part of this journey. It is an honor to get to serve you.


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Beyond- Freedom has never been easy.

Always an Honor to Q. To be able to push men Beyond their comfort zone. To teach and be tought.  America has given me freedoms that most of the world can not even fathom. Freedom has been given to us all by the selfless acts of men and women willing to give themselves up so that we can live like other country.

We started with a disclaimer. Let all know who I was and checked to see if we had any FNGs. None present so made amentsl mental note to self that I need to work harder on bringingthis gift to other men in my reach. We took off with slow mosey that led into some dynamic movements Stopped for Pledge of Allegiance and then circled up. We warmed up to the acronym FREEDOM (Flutter kicks, Rosalita, empty wheelbarrow, Everests, donkey kicks, outlaws, and Mtn. Climbers) we than did 17 Merkins in cadence followed by 76 SSHs in cadence.
We moseydto drop off in front of school did the next 5 exercises followed by sprint Squat jumps, merkins, bomb jacks, CDDs, burppees 10 of each.
Mosey to small car circle. Get into discussion on true freedom and that is through Jesy=us CHrist. Q had found verses in bible that talked about freedom through him and matched it up with some good exercises. Fastest each round would get to read next verse. Here they are if you want to li=ook them up.Romans *:16- 10 jumpsquats. john 8:32 burpees- 1 peter 2:16-17- 10 grave diggers each side, 1 cort. 6:12 10 jumping lunges, 1 cort. 9:19 10 tony hawk burpees, Acts 13:39 10 bomb jacks, 2 cort. 3:17 15 squats, Psalm 119:45 20 CDDs, romans 6:6-7 20 merkins, gal. 5:1 10 hand release merkins, Gal. 5:13 20 Monkey Humpers, Psalm 118:5 20 flutter kicks. COT. Prayers, and Praises.
Thank You was an Honor.

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Taters beat down

23 Pax, 19 for Bootcamp and 4 Ruckers

Welcome FNG Mill-Billy

It’s been a while since Tater had the Q and he did not disappoint!

He gave the disclaimer and we were off to mosey, Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers, Knee to chest, Karaoke

COP Did a few exercises here to get nice and warm before we mosied over to the fountain and partnered up

Dora 1-2-3-4 100 Derkins, 200 Step-ups, 300 Dips, 400 LBC one partner ran the loop while the other partner did the exercise

We got through one full round and started our way back down before we stopped and returned to the COT area to do a little Ab-Lab

Excellent work! It was not an easy workout and we were all challenged!!

Great work Tater and the PAX!!!!!!

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Chalk up the Pain

29 Men descended on the Colosseum for a downpainment delivered via sidewalk chalk and a discussion on You vs. You.

There are enemies around all of the time and as men we are challenged to defeat those enemies one by one. Often overlooked is the enemy of one’s true self. This may be the most challenging enemy in our effort to become a better man.

In fighting with our enemies, we often look at overcoming the battles and winning the war. For example, to overcome alcohol addiction there is a 12 step process. This works because no one can overcome the war of addiction in one step. It takes winning individual battles…or steps.

To become a better man as we are called to do in Ephesians 5, it is much the same strategy. Get a little better as part of a journey to ultimately be the man that you want to be. It doesn’t happen overnight. There is no cold turkey quitting that offers long term benefit. It is baby steps, one at a time, with an understanding that the enemy is always out there. These enemies are called pride, selfishness and greed to name a few.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot (Lots of mumble chatter here…love it!)

Stop along the way for 5 Burpees…quieted some of the chatter


30 SSHs

5 Burpees

15 IWs

4 Burpees

10 Merkins

3 Burpees

10 Windmills

2 Burpees

15 Squats

1 Burpee

Mosey to back parking lot

9 Stations  each with a different exercise and sidewalk chalk

Do each exercise for 1 minute. Write down the number of times you completed

Station 1 – Burpees

Station 2 – Flutter kicks

Station 3 – Wide Arm Merkins

Station 4 – Bombjacks

Station 5 – American Hammers

Station 6 – Jumping Lunge

Station 7 – Donkey Kicks

Station 8 – Elbow Plank

Station 9 – Carolina Dry Docks

Rinse and repeat station asking that you do 1 additional rep per station

Mosey home



  • Convergence on July 4th at Pantheon
  • Upcoming Sweati on 7/14
  • CnW discussing your One Word on 6/29
  • Tclaps to Ginsu for living the mission of #218 with another FNG – Love Boat
  • Prayers for Bob the Builder, Father in Law, Deacon’s M

It was a pleasure to lead the Pax and all 3 Fs were accomplished with a visit to Crossroads led by Bonsai after. Thanks to Jekyll for the opportunity!

Pusher out!

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2 Year Anniversary of The Abyss

Today we celebrated 2 years of the Abyss.  When the shovel flag was planted 6/29/20016 by Dark Helmet the Abyss was merely an idea that “if we build it….they will post.”  And post the PAX did!  Over the past year and half it has been an honor to be the Site Q of this versatile AO and I appreciate all the PAX who have come out and led a workout.

Q got to the AO with seconds to spare due to an emergency bathroom visit at a 24 hr Harris Teeter in route.

Once disclaimers were given and the 5 F3 Principles given (due to FNG) we were off.

Quick mosey around the front half of the AO to allow all stragallers to exit their vehichles (ehem…Wildthing) and then to a warm-up circle.


  • Windmill
  • Weed Pickers
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Slow Low Squat
  • Plank (a few Broga moves)
  • Merkins
  • Stretch with knees to chest

The Thang

I told the PAX that I wanted to highlight a few of the “features” of the AO during the workout so we started with the Flag pole.

  • Bear Crawl around circle in front of school

Mosey to very back hill of the AO for a series of hill exercises

  • Lunge walk–Sprint to top
  • Broad Jump–Sprint to top
  • Basketball shuffle Flip half way

Mosey to the Basketball court for some Suicides

First Suicide–

all four goals and back


  • Start with 10 Squats
  • 2nd Goal–10 Merkins
  • 4th Goal–5 Burpees

Mosey into “wet and muddy” field

  • Elbow Plank position with Peter Parker’s
  • Jack Webs (everyone’s favorites)

Mosey to “the hill”

  • Finished strong with 5 sprints up the hill

Mosey to COT.

Everyone pushed themselves and got better for it…includding FNG who was off to the side threatening to Merlot.

Once Namorama was finished we welcomed FNG Oompa Loompa!

Announcements and Prayers

Thanks again for all the PAX who came out today to celebrate this AO.  We had 24 there and we have set the goal for 30 next year!


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Being the BEYOND Q has been something that I’ve found to be quite intimidating after the first few that I attended. I’ll admit, I’m not the most experienced in the 3rd F. How will I find a message that will resonate with the PAX? Will it impact them? Will it move them? These are all of the questions that have been on my mind since getting on Q schedule for BEYOND.

5 brave PAX split from the group and went off into The Gloom with YHC.

Throughout the majority of my life I’ve had the luxury of being able to take the easy way out when things got tough. High School Sports Injury? Rehab is too hard I’ll just find something else. Finding out the career you want involves hard classes and real work? Find something easier that takes less effort. Tough time finding a job? Take the first and easiest option instead of facing rejection. I can’t even count the number of goals I’ve set for myself and just sat back watched as goal date just floated on passed.

What do all of these easy way out decisions lead to? Regret. They lead to happy hours and late night talks about how I could’ve done X, but (insert lame excuse here). They lead to late nights saying I should’ve been Y, but (insert lame excuse here).

Where does all of that come from? What makes it so easy to compromise? I think it comes from not knowing who you are as a man, or what is important to you. I’ve spent most of my life trying to assimilate into whatever peer group would have me. Tupac summed up my teen years the best, “I hung around with thugs and even though they sold drugs, they showed a young brother love”. The quickest way to make friends in college? Find the party or hang out in front of dorms and meet the smokers. So far, probably not the most High Impact Men to surround myself with.

Enter F3 about 2.5 years ago. This group of men has given me confidence. It has built enough self-worth in me that I can now look people in the eyes when I talk to them. It has given me the desire to want to finish what I’ve started, to complete the task, to not accept not meeting the standard. The saying we’ve adopted is “Do the Harder Thing”. That is how I want to live my life.

Today the feeling of regret stops. Today we come back to one task, one goal that has eaten away at me slowly for 18 mos…

About halfway through our F3 Custom GoRuck Challenge, after carrying heavy logs and each other, Cadre Danny and Cadre Flash challenged us to a PT Test.

100 Burpees
Run 1.1 Mi
50 Burpees
Run 1.1 Mi
Time: 32 minutes (for the vent they added an extra few minutes)

My time the first time was over 40 minutes.

All participants finished in 31 minutes or less!

Thank you Maximus for the opportunity to lead.

Until next time in the gloom,

Wild Thing out!

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Golden Corral Foursome

A group of 22 pax converged at the HT lot for another edition of Golden Corral.  Once the runners took off, and the ruckers marched on, 3 Pax joined YHC for the bootcamp workout.  Here is what we did:

Mosey around the HT parking lot and pause for a quick warm up of knee pulls, ankle pulls, toy soldiers, lunge twists and arm circles.  Mosey a little further to the perfect spot for COT:

All in Cadence:

SSH x 40, merkin x 10, squat x 20, mountain climber x 30, alternating lunges x 15, CDD x 15, LBC x 20

Mosey to front of HT store and face the front parking lot:

Full parking lot suicides (stop at each concrete island in lot).  Repeat 2 more times.

Mosey to the side of the HT store:

  1.  Balls to the wall/hold, bear crawl to the O’Reilly parts store and balls to that wall.  Bear crawl back to HT store.
  2. Peoples chair against HT store, 10 overhead claps, lunge walk to O’Reilly parts store and peoples chair against that wall.  Lunge walk back to HT store.
  3. Repeat #1 above
  4. Repeat #2 above

Plank it up for a quick talk on the word of the month:  IMPACT

I mentioned to the Pax that one of the strongest aspects  of F3  is the network that has been built over the years.  There is strength in numbers and I the best example of the impact of a large network was the flood relief provided to Columbia two years ago.  Hundreds of men organized a relief effort in an incredibly short time.   It was an amazing thing to see and to be part of.  Another way you can have impact through your F3 relationships is reaching out to your Pax when they need encouragement or just a note to let them know you are thinking about them.  A quick text or phone call can make a huge difference when you are down.

Back to work.  Indian Run around the whole lot and circle up for quick ablab:

Hello Dolly x 20, Freddie Merc x 20, Superman hold x 30.

End with the Body Destroyer (lie flat on the ground, breath deep, relax, no talking)


Naked Man Moleskin

Was good to be Q at the Corral after an extended break including some time on IR.  It’s still one of my favorite AO’s.  Something about being under the lights makes it pretty cool.  We had a good group today.  My apologies to Manifold and Curious George for not learning your names before we started the workout.  My calls for 10 counts from ‘you guys down there’ were a little awkward.  Glad to have you men, and Bones with me today.  Hope to see you again soon.

I shared my thoughts on the word of the month, IMPACT, with the group (which is a rarity for me).  I’m not much for breaks when I Q (other than 10 counts) so we did this in the plank position.

It was an awesome, very humid,  morning at the Corral and a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men.  Thanks for the Q spot, Decibel!


Go Sleeveless for Cheech, this Friday, June 22 at all workouts

Prayers for Dark Helments friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident, F3 Elmer who has luekemia, and for a friend of Drop Thrill , whose child who has recovered from a serious illness.



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Quagmire: Expected cooler temps but was still Hot Mess!

7 PAX came to the muddy shoreline called Quagmire for a Monday morning kickoff of their week.

Friday YHC Q’ed at Varsity and had 4 sets of exercises to get through and only got through 2, so today we will complete the circuit….almost.

The Thang:

Mosey through Rivergate, past McDonald’s and the smell of something briefly appetizing and then quickly gross. Continued on to RISE for quick COP

  • Low Slow Squats
  • Merkings
  • LBCs
  • Hill Billy walkers
  • Moracan Night Clubs
  • wide arm merkins
  • Freddy Murcurys

Mosey to the Fountain

  • Derkins-30seconds
  • Box Jumps-60 seconds
  • Dips/Irkins-90 seconds
  • 1 min rest
  • 3 times

Mosey to other parking lot

  • Mtn Climbers-30seconds
  • Leg raises-60 seconds
  • Jump Rope-90 seconds
  • 1 min rest
  • 3 times

Mosey to Home Depot

  • Pullups – 30 seconds
  • SSHs – 60 Seconds
  • Burpees – 90 Seconds

Mosey to Marshals

  • Sprint up Hill and Back
  • 10 Box jumps


Spoke to the men about “Witnessing” and that it is referenced often in spiritual sense but also in a court of law. Speaking to what you saw, facts of things that have happened. Question and challenge to all us PAX is what are people witnessing about you. Not the Facebook you but the REAL you and who you really are. Can they state the facts of what kind of man you are or is everyone covered in the Facebook facade of you. Facades fade and crumble. Make and impact with the real you and let that be your witness!

Cake Boss out!


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Uptown Funk You Up

It was one of those crazy humid Carolina mornings where YHC actually had to turn on the AC on the way to the workout. You know it’s muggy when you’re already sweating with no sun, and no exercise. Bring 15 dudes into the mix and it got real sweaty real fast.

Disclaimer made, then circuitous mosey around the parking lot.
Circled up for: SSH, weed pickers, merkins, superman, low slow squats

Uptown 50
I got this one straight out of the exicon. I read about it probably two months ago and had been looking forward to trying it since then. Two markers were set up (about) 50 yards apart on the basketball courts. PAX partnered up. The idea is to do 10 burpees then travel 50 yards via the prescribed means to the other marker, where you then do 10 more burpees and travel back to the start by the next mode of transport. There were 10 total lengths of 50 yards so 10 x 10 =100 burpees… plus whatever it took PAX to do 50 yards of burpee broad jumps. Lots of burpees.

Here were the modes of transport in order: Burpee Broad Jump, Crab Walk, Partner Carry (P1), Partner Carry (P2), Alligator Crawl, Wheelbarrow (P1), Wheelbarrow (P2), Nur, AYG (Sprint!), and Bear Crawl

Due to mumblechatter from PAX not wanting to scuff their fancy pants new running shoes up, Omaha was called on the Alligator Crawl, which was substituted for bear crawls. Great effort by everyone on pushing through this till the end.

Ab Doras

100 Boxcutters, 200 Big Boy Situps, 300 Freddies (double count)

P1 ran down and up the hill, while P2 did boxcutters. Flapjack and keep adding till you get to your number as a team. After boxcutters, runners went to end of the school and back for the big boy and Freddy rounds. Each pair made it pretty far into the 200 Big Boy Situps by the time 6:00 rolled around, and a couple of teams managed to break into the Freddies. Mosey back to COT.

Announcements are all in the newsletter. Read it.
Prayers for Whopper’s job situation, Cha Ching with son #3 due to arrive any day, and safe travels for Tinsel’s sister who is flying to Ecuador. Very sweaty BOM.

Big thanks to Bones for the opportunity to lead.

Stay Classy,

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