Prepared for Rucking?

It was an honor to lead 6 High Impact Males this morning in the Ruck WO at Golden Corral. This is always a difficult Q for me because I never want to underestimate the abilities of the men I am leading.


We began the morning by circling up for a short COP to warm ourselves up and performed the following: Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, & Merkins. We than Rucked 2×2 over to the Rite Aid where YHC had set up our workout.


The first time I ever attended a Ruck WO Zima was on Q and this is what he did. A Ruck Pyramid doing the following: 25 Burpees; 50 Merkins; 75 Ruck Swings; 100 OH Flutters; 75 Ruck Curls; 50 CDDs; & 25 Burpees. I know this sounds crazy, and trust me it was. Between each set of exercises the PAX were to run around the Rite Aid back to where we began. We then Rucked 2×2 back to the COT where I shared what is below.


Are you prepared for each day as you approach it?

I asked the PAX if they were spiritually prepared to face their maker. We better ourselves everyday physically but are we doing the same spiritually. Does what we do at F3 in the morning compare to the rest of our lives?

If we aren’t prepared, how do we lead our communities? How do we lead our M’s, our 2.0’s, our F3 brothers, our coworkers? We cannot lead unless we are prepared. We cannot lead unless we are being led. Are you being led by this world or your maker.

You have a choice to make. What will you do today to be prepared?

Luke 12:40 ‘You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.’


Sign up for Yeti-2/24/2018.

Read your Newsletter.


Multiple prayers for sick family members.

Prayers for PAX who are suffering.

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#218in18 Kick-off Convergence BackBlast

76 PAX (including 4 FNGs) met in the gloom at Harris Teeter this morning to kick the year off the right way.

Group 1 – Jedi

Start with 60 seconds of plank tutorial, then a fairly lame attempt to explain the exercise “routine” for the upper body station. The routine, to be done in increasing AMRAP style:
· Incline Merkins
· Low Country Crab Boil (One leg, one hand dips)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Left hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Left hand on curb)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Pseudo Planche Merkins
· Donkey Kicks
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Right hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Right hand on curb)
· 90° Turn to starting position

Start with 10 reps for each exercise, then add 2 reps each round after that (10, 12, 14, 16, …). Only the elite few made it past the round of 12.

Group 2 – Peabody

An absolute honor to lead a convergence and had so much fun working with all the guys. Here’s the fun of the cardio Q.

SPRINT Relays!!!  

3 team

60 Yard sprint

Team members are doing Seal Jacks, side straddle hops, or flutters while teammate runs.

Winning team selects penalty exercise for 2 losing teams. (Unknown is losing team has to do the penalty exercise too but only half the reps).

Rinse and repeat the sprint relay races once teams are mixed up.

Mary to follow:

  • 50 LBCs
  • 25 Flutters
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s

Lists of fun to hear the encouragement of other Pax and see the competition bring out the most in guys.  Saw lots of guys really push hard to win for their team.

Group 3 – Jekyll

Motley Crue and 80’s hairband soundtrack

  • COP: SSH, IW, Squat
  • 5 Burpee OYO, 4 OYO, 3 OYO
  • Lt Dan: squat and jumping , 1:4 ration
    • 1 squat: 4 jumping lunge, 2 squat: 8 Jumping lunge…10 squat: 40 jumping lunge
  • 5 burpee OYO
  • Calf Raises 25 each: Straight, Toes Out, Toes In
  • Donkey Kicks


Welcome FNGs Iron City, Humps, Hillary, and Juliet

Prayers by CakeBoss for leadership.

– Ginsu

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Frozen: The Fort Version – Let It Go – 12/30/17

12 men met on the frozen tundra that was Walter Elisha this morning to get better. Freebird led the first half of the workout and Ginsu closed it out. Motivational words were given re: purpose & intentionality heading in to the new year.


Mosey to the field

  • 21 side straddle hops
  • 10 slow windmills
  • 21 side straddle hops
  • 11 monkey humpers
  • 21 side straddle hops
  • 10 merkins

The Thing

Mosey to the playground & partner up

  • Partner 1 – run a lap around the playground
  • Partner 2 – toe taps on the playground barrier
  • Flip flop
  • Rinse & repeat 3x

Mosey to the tree line

  • Lunge to the first tree
  • crab walk to second
  • lunge to 3rd
  • crab walk to 4th
  • lunge to 5th
  • crab walk to 6th
  • mosey back to start

Hand off to Ginsu

  • 10 burpees OYO
  • 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey to the playground and get back to parters

  • Partner 1 – take a lap around the playground
  • Partner 2 – pullups AMRAP
  • Flip flop
  • Partner 1 – take a lap
  • Partner 2 – dips AMRAP
  • Flip flop
  • Partner 1 – take a lap
  • Partner 2 diamond merkins AMRAP
  • flip flop
  • Partner 1 – take a lap around the playground
  • Partner 2 – pullups AMRAP
  • Flip flop
  • Partner 1 – take a lap
  • Partner 2 – dips AMRAP
  • Flip flop
  • Partner 1 – take a lap
  • Partner 2 diamond merkins AMRAP
  • flip flop

Mosey to the big hill for modified Jacob’s ladder

  • Run to top of hill, do 1 Merkin
  • Run to bottom, only 1 burpee
  • Run to top, 2 Merkins
  • Run to bottom, only 1 burpee
  • Continue until 10 merkins at top, 1 burpee at bottom

Mosey to the wall at Springs

  • Muscle ups – in cadence – 10x
  • Rinse & repeat x3
  • Captain Thors to 5×20
  • Boats & Canoes

Mosey to COT


  • Joe Davis Run – last day to sign up
  • Convergence on the 12th
  • GoRuck Lite

Prayers & Praises

  • Prayers for Mr. Clean & Family
  • Praises for Freebird’s new job
  • Prayers for Gobbler’s sister
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2017 Clave Boss 5k/10k & Christmas Convergence

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more——Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!

The largest turn out by far for the Clave Boss 5k/10k was a success. We started on time and as far as I know nobody died. Thank you to all the PAX that ran and had a fun time and fellowship.

For the 5k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. MacGyver
  2. Harry Carry

For the 10k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Sir Topham Hat
  2. mix of PAX coming from all directions—no idea

For the Ruck, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Dark Helmet for 11min pace 5k ruck…..nice work!

Honorable Mention for Anchorman completing the 5k and Barry Manilow being his wingman!

The Convergence kicked off on time and we had Gecko open us up in prayer. We split the groups up and away we went with COT at 0750. Click on links to see the pain that was delivered…..Merry Christmas!

Black Diamond – Longshanks Q –

Bootcamp – Cha Ching Q –

Noderate – Barry Manilow Q –

COT came together and we had 83 men attend this year.

Welcome FNG – Lake Effect, who is 41 not the 50 that he just shouted out. Classic!

Many announcements:

  • Thank you Site Qs for all your work, dedication and leadership!
  • Serve Saturdays ….reach out to Deacon, Bolt, NASA for info…..HIMs!!
  • Joe Davis Run Jan 6
  • Friday Convergence with 3rdF post beat down Jan 12
  • Rooster CSAUP Jan 20
  • Yeti – February
  • P200 – March

More than a workout!!


  • Dark Helmet shared his sister is in need of prayer. Please remember DH and his family each day in prayer
  • Family visiting is fun and sometimes no so fun. BE HIMs!!
  • Prayers for all the PAX traveling and for peace this week!


I spoke to the PAX about how 2000 years ago Sky Q sent his son into the world in the form of a baby. When looking for a place to come in from the cold there WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN. I believe we all fall into this trap and put so much busy into our lives that we don’t have ROOM AT THE INN for Sky Q in our lives. We fill our hearts and minds with so much and when it come to his word and being in relationship, we DON”T HAVE ROOM AT THE INN (in our hearts).

I challenge myself and the PAX to make room for SKY Q and see how it changes your life in 2018 and beyond.

Honored to lead this PAX. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

Cake Boss


TClap |

Milkshakes at Tomahawk

I love a good Twitter Storm… a little chatter and we had a pretty strong showing for a Monday. Milder weather probably didn’t hurt anything either… Let’s get to it:

Warm up lap around the outer loop of the parking lot

Circle up in middle of lot:
10 x windmill
10 x merkins
10 x squats
15 x SSH
10 x Moroccan Nightclubs

Grab your bell and go around school to small back parking lot.

AMRAP is the name of the game today… As Many Reps As POSSIBLE… You define possible for yourself, but I 100% promise you are capable of more than your mind thinks you are.

Very simple… 40lb. Sandbag is hoisted on to a Pax shoulders, and he runs about 150 yards down and back. This man is the timer. Do the exercise on the cone until the sandbag runner gets back, then rotate to the next cone.

Goblet Squats
KB Front Hold
Flutters with press
Clean and press (L then R)
KB Swings
Around the World (or Slingshot)

If you want to know what’s in a man’s head, watch his actions for a bit… We will eventually always betray what is inside us. I had hard work on the mind over the last few days, so I attempted to bring it to the Pax. After a couple rounds, though, I think I had quitting on my mind… I gave some inspiring blah, blah, blah at the start about working hard and how we were going to do as many reps as POSSIBLE, and how we should push and so on and so on… I ran fast when it was my turn… I lifted the heavy things… but I didn’t do it with the intensity and purpose that I knew I should/could have… I keep saying, “The hard work of this world will not be done by weak men.” I know it’s true, but I think I’m not even close to strong enough yet. Fortunately, I don’t have to be yet.

Helmet, out.


TClap |

Kotter Q at the Ranch

OHHHHH, it felt good to back to a boot camp and thanks to Backdraft and his perfect timing, YHC got to attend as the Q!  After two and a half months of marathon training, YHC could not wait to put in some shoulder work.

As the PAX started to arrive we identified that one of those was an FNG.  He is native from Portugal, to which one insufficiently caffeinated PAX said “ah the Spaniard.”  Um, not the same and we all had a pretty good laugh.  More on that later.

Short disclaimer and we started the warm up.  We started with SSH X30 and then went off on a mosey with stops to do different exercised.  The mosey went past from the front of the middle school drop off and around to the back parking lot.  Exercises were:

  • SSH X30
  • Merkins X40
  • Peter Parker X15
  • Squats X10

YHC loves partner work because it puts someone with you to hold you accountable.  You are also more likely to push yourself when you have a buddy watching and working with you.  This is also true outside of the gloom with you wife, work, and friends.

A previous Twitter post promising no partner carries had to be honored, but that leaves a lot of options. The big parking lot is about .20 miles long.

Laps around the parking lot:

  • Lap 1 – Wheelbarrow with your partner around the entire parking lot taking turns.
  • Lap 2 – One partner runs, the other partner does an exercise that moves them around the circle.  Continue to alternate doing the exercises until the team has completed the lap around the parking lot.
    • Broad jump burpees
    • Lunge walk
    • Inch work merkins
    • Bear crawl
    • (One thing to note here is the team of Peabody and our FNG were first to finish.  The force is strong with this one.)
  • Lap 3 – Short lap this time because time is running short.
    • Side walking merkins
    • Duck walk
    • Crab walk
    • Reverse bear crawl – not sure if anyone got to this given the short loop

Mosey half way back to the parking lot and stop for Burpee Partner Plank with descending burpees from 8.  One partner in plank, while the other partner does a burpee, jumps over them, does another burpee for an 8 count.  Next partner takes a turn and this continues in descending order until all burpees are completed.  We had to stop after the sets of 5 due to time so look for this on Tuesday at the ruck workout…..

FNG naming – the entire PAX tried very hard to come up with a name for our new brother.  Some good ideas were presented, but in the end, nothing compared to the slight insult and hilarity of how it was born as his name from before the workout started.  Therefore, for the first time in my experience and FNG was named at the beginning of the workout rather than the end.  Please welcome El Spaniardo!!


  • Turkeys for Paradise due to AOs
  • Christmas Party 12/1
  • Thanksgiving convergence at the Ranch

Prayer Requests:

  • Cakeboss and family as they undergo some disruption in their house with some major repair work
  • Marriages

As always, a huge honor to lead a group of guys as strong as those the rise this early.  Thank you Backdraft for the opportunity!

TClap |

WhatDid brought Sally to the Ranch

The Ranch, a staple go to AO here in the Fort had 10 HIM show up to get better.  That’s as simple as we kept it.

YHC gave a disclaimer as we had an FNG present. All moves are suggestions, you’re here on your own will, modify as needed and off we went.

My chicken scratch weinke is attached to this post. The highlight – 3 minutes of Sally Up, Sally down merkin fest. Great idea until about minute 2 for most of us. Those merkin beast out there today – great job men.

Welcome to FNG Octane. Who of which, is of Respectable status. He was in my driveway ready to go at 4:45.  It’s never to late for us to get out there and crush it- as proven by Octane. Pax -go out there and EH even our older brothers.  They’ll teach us a few things along the way.


  • Fast5 – Get on a team and ask Anchorman and Zika for details
  • Christmas party on 12/1.
  • Get involved with G-Fit. Which moved to Saturdays at Steele Street park at 3 PM.


  • Praises for all the great Fort AO’s
  • Family, Wives/Children

Until Next time…WhatDid out

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Taking things for granted and getting your $hit together

Conditions cold, clear, and 46 degrees

Every star in the sky was shining bright



Run to playground at Elementary School – partner up

Partner 1 run a lap around fence

Partner 2 = lap 1 AMRAP flying squirrel, lap 2 AMRAP LBC, lap 3 AMRAP squats

I then found a basketball…which turned out to be a perfect display of how bad we shoot…lots more flying squirrels

Mosey to pull-up bars 1-2-3-4-5

ABLAB = with all my favorites with partners running

Pullups 1-2-3


Finished with a minute of flying squirrels, minute of LBC, and a minute of plank

COT/Prayer or Praise/BOM


Sermon was about taking life for granted. I talked about travels, family, work, and how my stuff has gotten complicated over the last few weeks. On Sunday night I did the Capital Ruck Tour in Atlanta with a blind Marine who did the entire ruck with us. A few times on our route our path got dark and I wanted to complain about my path getting dark and hard to see (+I forgot my headlamp), and I quickly realized how “silly” that sounds after hearing John’s testimony on Sunday night. Each day we should realize how good we have it rather than waiting for things to be taken away to make us understand…

Cheddar shared a great message in COT about getting your $hit together as men because tomorow is not guaranteed…



TClap |

Build-a-burp Workshop

19 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Big showing from lake wylie thanks to Jedi.

A disclaimer was made and the bootcampers mosied around HT for cop.
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 19
Windmills x 13
Low slow squats x 16
Merkins x 11
LBCs x 15
Parker Peters x 15
(Reps are guestimates… no rhyme or reason to #s)
Bodybuilder burpees x 10 OYO (multiple demos requested, still no consensus on order of plank jack/merkin)
The thang
Mosied over to the fountain for some deconstructed bodybuilder burpees in pairs.
1st pax bear crawled to cone, ran to the hill to circle, and then crab walked back to the start from cone.
2nd pax did x16 of the following followed by LBCs until relieved by 1st pax:
Leg thrusts
Plank Jacks
Leg thrusts
Bodybuilder burpees
(mumblechattter included complaints of lack of visible cones)
Finished just in time and booked it over to HT for COT with a push from Davinci.
Christmas party
Probably missing something…. read your newsletter
Prayers and praises
Sick, injured, and traveling family.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
TClap |

The Ranch


Mosey around parking lot doing various dynamic stretches/warm ups.

Circle up for warm ups- 20 SSHs, 10 merkins, 10 peter parkers, 10 Morakin night clubs.

Mosey to picnic benches 10 step ups, 10 dips, 10 single leg squats (each Leg), 10 derkins, hold plank for the 6 to finish. Drop to 9 the next set until we get to 1.

Mosey to playground- 5 strict pull ups 10 in and out ab crunches on the swings. drop 1 rep on each pull up until you get to 1.

Mosey to middle school parking lot partner up. run 1 lap opposite direction from partner half way do 10 alternating push up and clap. Run other half 1 partner chair sit while partner does 10 air squats. repeat 2 sets.

Mosey to middle school wall. 15 Balls to wall peter parkers 20 second wall sit. 10 balls to wall peter parkers 10 second wall sit.

Mosey to front of school same partners wheel barrow 1 partner to end switch and go back.

Mosey to COT.

Announcements- fast 5, family ruck

Prayers and praises- Our country ( the people and the natural disasters going on), PAX looking for work, families.



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