Party on the Block

Ain’t no party like a Block Party and I didn’t want to disappoint. Shady has lined up some strong Q’s here and the last thing I was going to do was break the positive cycle. On a Tuesday in The Fort you have a wide variety of options. I appreciate the 12 other men that rolled in for a slight variation of the norm.

After spending a few hours in the car recently, I’ve done my F3 duty of getting caught up on the 43′ Podcast by Dredd & Dark Helmet. Sure, it’s a Podcast on “leadership” but let’s be honest, I tune in to listen to the gut punches and banter as much as I do for the leadership discussion. Several learnings were incorporated into this workout which you’ll read shortly. Some may be obvious to you but they weren’t something I gave much thought to previously.

In addition to the 10 Ft Mill locals, we had Drone from F3 metro and he brought an FNG, welcome Radio Flyer!!

Disclaimer: A little more lengthy than normal. And…we’re off

Run around the left side of WEP back down 160 to the parking lot with the chain attempting to obstruct our entrance. Knowledge nugget from 43’…the joys and effectiveness of the 8ct Burpee. Another knowledge nugget was that we too often get caught in the trap of assuming things will be the same this time because it’s the way we’ve always done it. Like Side Straddle Hops to start a warm up or doing exercises in counts of 10. Both of those…out the window.

All of the following in cadence:

20 x 8ct Burpees

18 x Calf Raises

16 x Diamond Merkins

14 x Mountain Climbers

12 x Dying Cockroaches

10 x Grave Diggers (10 each side)

8 x 8ct Burpees

6 x Diamond Merkins

4 x Mountain Climbers

2 x Dying Cockroaches

Mosey to the playground & partner up:

Partner 1: 15 Pull-Ups

Partner 2: Hold the squat while doing overhead claps until your partner is done w/ the pull ups


Partner 1: 15 Pull-Ups

Partner 2: Wide-Arm Merkins until…


Partner 1: 15 Pull-Ups

Partner 2: 180deg Jump Twists until…


Partner 1: 15 Pull-Ups

Partner 2: Monkey Humpers until…


Mosey to the white tenth-of-a-mile post by the parking lot:

Sprint to the next post then do 5 Jumping Lunges. Sprint to the next post and do the same thing. We did this 2 more times for 4 total posts which included some nice up/down hill sprinting.

Closed it out with 10 more 8ct Burpees and some Chopsticks & American Hammers.


Shady, thanks for the nod to Q.

Until next time…


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Beyond with Tinsel’s Utensils at the Ranch

Today I had the opportunity to lead a Beyond Workout, I’ve been to many of them and decided to share some of my personal stories. I was welcomed by all the PAX that decided to get better and a new name for my toys/props, Tinsel’s Utensils, great name Mainframe!!

We started the warm up with a short run around the parking lot with high knees and butt kickers and then circled up for a few warm up exercises:  Windmills, Moroccan night clubs, low slow squats followed by story sharing while on different variations of planks (regular, elbows, right/left leg up while on elbows, right/left arm up while on regular, back to regular), downward dog-honeymooner; with 9 minutes into the WO we split in 4 groups and each group went to a different station.

Station 1:

-> 10 diamond merkins

-> 15 wide arm merkins

-> 20 regular merkins

-> 30 battle rope wave SC

-> 40 plank jacks

-> 50 Shoulder taps

Station 2:

-> 15 boat and canoe

-> 20 Rosalitas

-> 30 Sledgehammer swings (15 each side)

-> 40 Heel Touches SC

-> 40 Dying Roach

Station 3:

-> 15 overhead press

-> 15 biceps curls

-> 25 dumbbell swing

-> 30 SSH

-> 50 Carolina drydocks

Station 4:

-> 10  Tire flips

-> 20  Monkey Humpers

-> 30 reverse lunges

-> 30 squat pops

-> 50 calf raises

After each group completed a station we met at the center for a brake and to continue my story sharing, on first brake we had a visit from Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up and 4 american hammers, 2 BBSU and 8 AH, 3 BBSU and 12 AH and so on) the plan calls for 10 BBSU and 40 AH but it’s looks easier on paper so we stopped at 8 BBSU and 32 AH. Back to the next station.

Time for brake number 2 and more story sharing, we did one of my favorite exercises the famous Worst Merkin ever, start with wide arm, down to regular and finish with a diamond merkin, that counts as one, we did 10 total. Back to the next station.

Brake number 3 came up and more of the story of my life was shared and since we were running out of time we went back to finish our 4th station.

I guess I didn’t take all the talking that I was going to do into consideration and we stopped at about 49 minutes, circled back into COT for a final chatter about my personal story.

We finished up with prayers, praises and announcements.

Thank you Straight up for lifting us up for the final prayer.

I think the best part of the WO was at the end when some of the PAX decided to skip the fist bump and switched it for a hug!!

Big props to Maximus for this great idea to go Beyond!

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Block Party/Colosseum Colombia Team Send off!

28 even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matt 20:28

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

61 PAX and YHC came to Block Party this day to show support to those that have felt a call to serve. As we are commanded to serve locally, nationally and globally this group of men are going global to get uncomfortable and grow closer to SkyQ. The support, prayers and encouragement from our brothers in the PAX is overwhelming and powerful. Anyone that has not realized it yet, F3 is more than a workout!

The Thang:

  • Ruckers when their separate way with Cobra Kai at the helm
  • Runners went looking for golf balls at FMGC with Pusher at the point
  • The rest of us followed YHC for a boot-camp with 40 or so of our brothers
    • Mosey down path, across the field out towards 160 for COP
      • All exercises were to 11 count for the 11 heading to Colombia
      • Plank
      • SSHs
      • Squat
      • Merkins
      • MOracan Night Clubs
      • Sumo Squat
      • Wide Arm Merkins
      • LBCs
      • Peter Parkers
      • Rosalitas
      • Imperial Walkers
    • Mosey to playground
      • Ladder work
      • Do exercise with designated reps, take a lap, add next exercise, take a lap…..
        1 Merkin Bonsai 11
        2 LBC Bubba 20
        3 Squat Cake Boss 27
        Here from PAX on their WHY
        4 Burpee Crawdaddy 32
        5 Inch Worm Merkins Elvis 35
        6 Sumo Squat Fire Marshal Bill 36
        Here from PAX on their WHY
        7 Bombjacks Flat Tire 35
        8 Overhead Clap Italian Job 32
        9 Leg Raises Mr Bill 27
        Here from PAX on their WHY
        10 Lunge Hops Sir Topham Hat 20
        11 Donkey Kicks Trucker 11
    • Right up against time we finished
  • COT
    • We had 3 FNGs, Love Handles, Arrowhead and Homer
    • CSPAN prayed us out  an prayed over the whole team

YHC can thank you all for being a stable rock in my life. I can’t say enough about what F3 and each of my Brothers means to me and how it has changed my life. More importantly it has allowed me to reach men for SkyQ’s kingdom and that is the best achievement ever.

Peace Men

Cake Boss out!


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Table for Two at Ad(Varsity)

With the On again off again, cancelled, not cancelled morning at the Ad (varsity) the number of pax were limited which was fine as Shinguard is in training for his future Q (OYO).

The Thang:

Mosey to band parking lot for a little COP

  • Merkins (20)
  • SSH (20)
  • Squats (20)
  • LBC (20)
  • Mountain Climbers (20)

Mosey to the triangle at the top of the student parking lot for the “Triangle of Death”

3 rounds:

Round 1: 30 Merkins, 30 Squats, 30 LBCs and bear crawl to each station

Round  2: 20 Wide Armed Merkins, 20 Jumping Lunges, 20 big boy setups with Crab walk between stations

Round 3: 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Ski jumps with lunges between stations

Short mosey to the wall of the annex/Gym.

Plate push the wall sit for 1 Min, Plate push then balls to the wall, Plate push

Mosey toward COT

End with some Mary and stretching

This morning was memorable, thank you to F3 for helping make it happen.


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6 Pax had an amazing time of fellowship this morning at The Block Party. Having a smaller group allowed each man to freely share what was on their minds. Today is Juneteenth and I am rejoicing! T-Claps to Band Camp for being knowledgeable and happy about Juneteenth. #TrueHIM

The thang:

Mosey to the Founders Bank parking lot on 160

COP: SSH (30x), IW (20x), WM (15x), Sumo Squats (15x), MC (20x), MCs (15x), LBCs (15x)

Mosey to the parking lot on top of the hill

Pain Stations:

Circle up, count by 4, each group goes to a corner

Pyramid Drill: At each station/corner, do Flying Squirrels, Donkey Kicks and George & Weezy’s in increments of 5 until we hit 15 repetitions then countdown to 5 as a group. Jog to each station.

Mosey to the curved parking lot along 160

Partner up. Partner Big Boy Sit Ups (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Ski Jumps (15x), Partner Leg Lifts (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Squats (15x for 2 rounds), Pepper Grinders (15x), Scorpions(15x)

Mosey to COT


Today, we discussed our theme of impact. In order to have significant impact on others you must put others first. Put God first, others second and yourself third.

We say “I am third” and even wear that saying on our clothing. How often do we really put ourselves third? How often do we really help others without a selfish agenda?

There are daily opportunities to be third, like opening the door for someone. Be there when someone is struggling. Serve the poor instead of retreating to your privilege. Listen, actually listen, to someone else’s opposing perspective instead of impatiently looking for opportunities to prove they’re wrong and you’re right.



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Friendly Competition and Fellowship at Guidance

Older PAX: NASA, Chicken Hawk
Youth PAX (name/F3 name): Jonah/Iron Man, Isboset/Cassanova, Tyreese/Dragon (FNG), Jaden/Ali (FNG), Sam/Chick Flick (FNG), James/Mossy Oak (FNG), Michael/Trespass, Aaron/Rocketman, Mario/Super Mario, Tyler/Chalupa, Gage/Contra, Will/Diesel

The folks at CAH Guidance without much notice (that week) decided to change workouts from Saturday afternoons to Friday evenings since school just let out for the summer. My man Deacon was going to Q on Saturday, but he could not Q on Friday due to his much honorable commitment to the community at G-Fit. Fresh off the IR with no restrictions, I decided to go at it.

This evening it was myself, HIM extraordinaire Chicken Hawk, and about a dozen or so young men, 4 of which were new.  We gathered out back at the basketball courts, the heart of the facility for the kids. There was a full disclaimer, what F3 is, and the 5 core principals. Then we were off and running…….Not.

No mosey. COP right there:
20 ea
* WM
* IW
* PJs (plank jacks)
>> I did not stop each exercise until EVERYONE participated, letting them know I will not move on to the fun stuff until they ALL committed to each exercise. They policed each other quickly and got in line mostly.

Then it was off to the main event. Recently in an effort wonderfully led and executed by Chicken Wing, a new set of pull up and dip bars were installed at the home in hope the kids would use them, or the PAX would get them to use them in their workouts. I know for sure the latter has not happened much at all. I wanted to change that. Combine that with the fact that teenage boys are for the most part very competitive at everything, it led to a good friendly competition that would be tied to a reward at the end…..the old carrot and stick routine.

Let’s Get After It!

I divided the group into two teams, myself and Chicken Hawk as captains of each. In the end each team had 7 PAX. I wanted to make sure the teams were even physically and also pit folks against those I knew who would push them on, who brought out their competitiveness. There were three exercises that 1 PAX from each team would compete head to head. Cycle through all PAX of each team before moving on to the next exercise. The exercises were:

  • Hang time – how long can you hang from the pullup bars, feet off the ground of course. Last person hanging wins
  • Press time – how long can you hold yourself up, feet off the ground arms extended, using the dip bars. Face to face. Last person remaining wins.
  • Shuttle run – sprint to one end of the basketball court and back, TWICE (a few people missed that detail). First person across the finish wins.

Whichever team had the most head-to-head victories won that exercise round. Cumulative winner of all three rounds got the reward – first choice at what was in my cooler, Poweraide or water (I made sure there was only enough Poweraide for one team). That way they had to push themselves, and the entire team relied on each other for their overall results. A lesson in life right there.

Team 1: NASA, Ali, Chick Flick, Chalupa, Rocketman, Cassanova, Super Mario
Team 2: Chicken Hawk, Diesel, Mossy Oak, Iron Man, Trespass, Dragon, Contra


  • Hang time (with bonus for most pullups): Team 1 = 4.5 / Team 2 = 6.5 >> TEAM 2
  • Press time: Team 1 = 6 / Team 2 = 2 (one tie) >> TEAM 1
  • Shuttle: Team 1 = 4 / Team 2 = 4 (had one rematch) >> TIE
  • OVERALL WINNER: TEAM 1 !!! Yeah baby!!!

Since I tied the performance to a reward, all the kids were really engaged, pushing themselves and each other, holding each other accountable by not letting others slack. Everyone really got after it!! GREAT mumblechatter, alot of fun!! Even the new ones quickly meshed in with the others and really got after it – both in fitness and in fellowship. It was awesome to see!! Not to mention fun for everyone. I saw smiles on everyone. Mission accomplished. We moseyed over to the COT and let the victors enjoy the rewards.

COT, P&P ensued. Not alot of prayers, but I let them all know I pray for them daily.

Had ALOT of fun naming the FNGs. Chick Flick was named by his older brother Mossy Oak, and you can tell they both enjoyed that.


Today I wanted to drive home a couple of key terms – Fellowship and Impact – and how they are part of everyone’s lives.

When I asked them what fellowship means to them, I got the expected – friends, friendship, having a good time, and so on. That’s part of it, but in my opinion fellowship runs deeper, stronger. Fellowship involves effort towards mutual trust, reliance, respect, acceptance, accountability, and vulnerability, creating a bond that is more than friendship. We as men, old or young, tend to carry all of our burdens on our own shoulders. We let self perceived things like fear, anger, pride, prejudice, shame, expectation, and guilt prevent us from lightening those burdens through developing a fellowship with others. It takes a brave person to make themselves vulnerable to try to develop a fellowship with someone else, but when you do it becomes a blessing. Life changing. Forging a fellowship allows all the walls we each build around us to protect ourselves from each other to come down. A good fellowship can make the difference in being miserable at the home, or – more than just surviving – enjoying the blessings the home provides. It all starts with trust and making yourself vulnerable to others. Fellowship is a really strong word in life. It all starts with the first step of making yourself vulnerable. Life is much easier when you have a fellowship with others. I encouraged them to seek fellowship at the home, find a battle buddy to make life at the home much more enjoyable.

When I asked them what the word impact means, in general I heard something along the lines of one thing pushing on another, involving some type of force. In a nutshell, that is correct. It is just how it is applied in the F3 world – and thus life in general – is what they needed clarification on. Impact is in its simplest form how something changes or affects something or someone else. The most crucial is how one’s actions impact the lives of others. I was blunt and straightforward with them when I discussed how the actions of their parents, loved ones, or others impacted their lives and led them to the home, or how their actions may have impacted their lives in school or home and led them to the home. In all cases the impact started with a choice to do something. True to physics, everything you do creates an impact on your life and something or someone else. It is inescapable. This is where they need to do their best to put their past behind them and move forward with what the home provides for them and try to make positive impacts in their lives. Sky Q knows the path, and shows the path. It is up to them to follow it to a better life. I left the subject of impact with reinforcing to them that they cannot control others’ choices, but you can control your own and how you react to your situation.

Sometime during the workout I also briefly discussed what happens when you combine the two – a fellowship with impact. They go hand in hand. You bond with someone, and you have a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are trying to make each other better. We call that a whetstone relationship.

It was a great evening there. I strongly encourage the PAX to come out and be a part of this.


PS – My thoughts on the kids at the home

Often when I show up at Guidance, I really do not know what to expect. How many older PAX will come out to support? How many kids will be there? Will there be new kids? Would some of the repeat attendee kids be gone without notice (a sad-happy moment)? Sometimes it’s just me and a handful of kids. Sometimes it a good crowd of old and young, full of energy. As a site Q, and workout Q, you really have to be prepared for the unexpected…….tailor your weinke for a specific crowd, number, etc, and it may not be as engaging. You really have to be able to read the crowd and know how to push each button right in order to get them engaged, to reach them. Only way to be able to do that is be there and get to know them. An impression can be made with one visit, but a real impact can only be made through time.

The youth at the home are not there on their own making. They were thrust there unexpectedly due to the actions, or lack thereof, of others who were supposed to be caretakers to them. The IMPACT on their lives. There is also self accountability in play as well, for each teen is responsible for their own actions – or IMPACT – on their own lives or that of others. But I truly feel that how a child behaves is the result of their environment, the community they know. No child is brought into this world bad, they are made that way. They did not choose to be troubled teens, they were made that way due to lack of positive impact on their lives. No child should go through what they had to, but unfortunately it happens. They are all in the same boat regardless of age, color, etc.. Whether they know it or not they are forging a fellowship with others at the home because of this commonality. After some time they grow together, create tight fellowships. You can see it as each child spends more time with others there.

Some have grown together with me. After the workouts end, I usually stay after for some time with them because during the workout, we are their chaperones of sorts. When we leave, they have to go back in their cottage. They don’t want that, so I try and stay as long as I can. This time myself and Chicken Hawk stayed and played some basketball. The kids love to be outside, and most love basketball. Plus it gives us more time to bond, to get to know them, them know us, and each other open up a little more. This is when I usually get a peek into their worlds a little more each visit.

Today was no different. After basketball ended around 8:30 or so, C-Hawk went home and I sat down on a nearby picnic table and just started talking with a few of the teens – Contra, Trespass, Dragon, Mossy Oak, and Chick Flick. I  noticed early on that Dragon, a FNG, was very friendly, engaging. I decided to try and get to know him by asking general questions – where are you from, where do you go to school, what do you like to do, etc. The general questions I ask all the kids. He was quite open and we had a great conversation going. Then I decided to probe a little more by bluntly asking “what’s your story, what brought you to the home?” I don’t always ask this, for it is a very touchy subject for the kids and I have to know without a doubt that they will trust me with their story. I assured him that nobody will be allowed any negative input towards him if he responds. The other kids were all quiet at this time, but not really looking at him, just doing their thing. To my delightful surprise he told me everything – what happened to him daily growing up in Hackensack, NJ – directly across from the Bronx, NY – a tough tough area for kids. Then why they moved to Charlotte, how he ended up in the home, then his plans for the near future.  I was honored for him to trust me enough for him to tell me this, and i let him know that. It was a breakthrough moment in my opinion with this young man, but that was not the only breakthrough. During our conversation I noted that the other kids with us were really paying attention to him, watching and listening. Eventually they started getting involved in the conversation, asking questions and offering their emotional support to him. BUILDING A FELLOWSHIP!! Next thing I knew, after Dragon was done, Contra asked to tell his story, then Trespass, then the two FNG brothers Mossy Oak and Chick Flick. WOW!! As we went on, the crowd around us grew, over half the kids were engaged in the stories of each others lives. More fellowship be built!!

As great as it was for them to trust me, and the others listening, to tell their stories, the things I was hearing was hard to hear and making my heart hurt for them.  The things their parents and loved ones did to negatively impact their lives was astonishing to me, but I was outside my bubble of comfortability and taking a peek into their everyday lives. Things like alcohol/drug abuse, physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, parental incarceration, and horrible neglect were their everyday worlds and nearly all they knew. Despite that, all of these kids at the home are coping quite well in my opinion, they are good kids at heart with hope in their eyes. The really bad kids, the ones most others really give up on, are sent to different homes. These kids at Guidance are good kids at heart that are starting to grow a tough shell and negative outlook on their lives, and in risk of choosing a good path in life or a bad one. They are really in need of what their parents could not give – a positive, nurturing environment, positive role models, positive influence and Guidance (that’s why Travolta chose the AO name).

This is where the home does an outstanding job. I’ve seen positive change in these kids from the time they first show up until they leave. And I know for a fact that F3’s continued presence there has had a positive impact on the kids – I hear testament from the staff at the home, and I see it as the kids become more and more engaged with each passing workout. That is very reassuring. With that they’ve become somewhat like my own sons, even though I don’t get to see them as much as I would like. Sometimes I know when they are going to leave (they or the councelors will tell me). Sometimes I show up and they are gone – mostly back to their home (after SC DCC determines it has changed to a good environment), but on occasion they go to the home for more problem children. It’s a happy-sad moment whenever I show up and kids are gone – for example Travolta (home), Yzerman (home), Eagle Eye (grandmother’s), Superman (different childrens home), and recently Sherlock and Phoenix went back home. It’s selfesh for me to be sad at their leaving, for they grow a spot in your heart, but there is also joy at the hope that they are home where they should be and hopefully there is now a much better life ahead than before Guidance.

I hope and pray that myself, and the other F3 PAX who have come out to the home, made a positive impact on their lives like F3 has done for us. I believe we have. But there will be an endless stream of at-risk kids coming to CAH Guidance as time passes. We F3 PAX have to continue our presence there!! There are not many men coming out to the home – CAH staff told me once that we are one of 2 or 3 mens groups that come out specifically to be with the boys. The male teens NEED positive male role models at this point in their lives – they are screaming for it, whether they know it or not. Women can do only so much for teen boys, for they really cannot give them what men can. Men need to step up and lead them, be role models for them, lead from the front by example, and help them make sense of the testosterone-induced changes that are happening to their minds and bodies . It is an enduring effort to be there for them, a calling. Intentionality at it’s most extreme. It will push your limits of patience, grace, mercy. BUT it is not about us. We are all about fellowship and faith towards each other, we need to extend that to these at risk kids. Give it away to those most in need. The only reward you will get is the personal satisfaction knowing you have helped someone through the positive impact you have imparted on them. The greater the numbers, the greater the impact. Please consider joining this effort.


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Shovelflag handoff @ The Coop

Thank you for the 24 guys that came out to The Coop this morning for the shovel flag handoff to YHC from Sugarbug. I decided to give the FBI PFT test as the workout.

We moseyed to the field and did a chicken wing approved warmup. We warmed up until he gave the clearance to proceed.

FBI PFT is as follows:

Max situps in 1 minute

300m sprint

Max pushups

1.5 mile run

Pull-ups (optional) we didn’t have enough time for these.

Out of the 25 PAX that posted only 7 passed unofficially.

Dark Helmet



Skate or Die

Harry Carry

Caddy Shack


Some guys were close, but the sprint and run is where most guys got caught . Welcome FNG Easy Button!

My first order of business as new Site Q is to move the congregation point to the good asphalt so when we do Mary, we don’t feel like we are laying on broken glass.

Thanks to sugarbug for the peaceful transition and thank you for all your leadership!


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What a great way to start a birthday! 16 #HIMs that I’m blessed to call my brothers in Christ showed up for a moderate birthday beat down. It was great to be in fellowship with all the Pax. Having my nephew, Shin Guard, there was icing on the cake.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot at Saint John’s United Methodist for a warm-up.

Warm-Up: Stretches, SSH (30x), IW (20x), WM (15x), Sumo Squats (15x), MC (15x), CDDs (15x), Rosalettas (20x).

Mosey to the parking lot at First Baptist Church for a Buffet of Pain: Light Running, SSHs, Squats, LBCs, Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Dips, Wide Arm Merkins, Calf Raises, Monkey Humpers, Penguins, Plank Jacks, Hello Dollies, Guerrilla Squats, Bomb Jacks 

Mosey to the parking lot at Fort Mill Church of God

Partner up. Partner Big Boy Sit Ups (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Ski Jumps (15x), Partners Push Ups (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Leg Lifts (15x for 2 rounds).


I’ve been reflecting on the life in which God has blessed me with for 39 years strong. I realized that I finally answered His calling for me a few years ago. My calling is to Glorify Him and to serve the underprivileged. It seems obvious to others now, but I made myself “too busy” to hear or answer His calling in the past.

This week, I thought the life of King David. God called David to be a Sheppard, then a fighter and then a king. David learned how take care of sheep and protect them from predators when he was a Sheppard. God called on David to protect the Israelites from Goliath. David answered God’s calling in that moment. He cleaned Goliath’s clock while others thought he was ill- prepared. What others did not know is that God fully prepared David for His calling.

What’s your calling that God has prepared for you? Can you hear His voice? If not, slow down, stop being “too busy” and just listen. You were designed for great works that extend beyond your family and day job. Answer your calling.



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Find accountability in your life

YHC was called out of the bullpen to assist the originally scheduled Q – Crab Cakes since he was bi-coastal. Leading up to the morning WO, YHC struggled to figure out what to include in the weinke. The only thing that was a requirement was rugby sprints in honor of Crab Cakes. As I was pulling out the garage,  it dawned on me that each of the student parking rows at FMHS had numbers at the beginning identifying the row number. I couldn’t recall a WO utilizing those row numbers, so grabbed some chalk on the way out. However, as I was sitting in the car at the AO formulating the weinke, I found a deck of cards in the console and thought of Maximus’s infamous WOs. But I realized I should stick to the plan and be accountable for what I planned for. As we were all gathering around for the start, someone mentioned the pull up bars on site and Deacon said “there’s pulll up bars here?” Of course this peaked my interest (Shocker) and so I had to show the newbies the location. Even though the weinke was modified, accountability had a theme for today since it is the last day of the month and the monthly word (read end of backblast for more on this theme)

Mossy to the band field for some warm ups. Mossy towards location of pull ups, halfway there, stop for 20 squats. At pull ups, max out on pull ups, then do 25 LBCs; rinse and repeat 3xs.

Mossy back to band field for 4x4s. 1 burpee with 4 merkins. 10 OYO.

Line up at goal line, conduct 4 rounds of Rugby Sprints.

Mossy to parking lot:

Row 1: 1 Burpee – run to other end of parking lot and back to next odd number row

Row 3: 3 CCD – rinse repeat run through 13 rows

Row 5: 5 Squats

Row 7: 7 merkins

Row 9: SSH

Row 11: LBCs

Row 13: Flutters

Mossy to COT for 3 minutes of Abs: Big Boy Sit Ups, Big Boy Sit Ups with one leg extended out 6 inches from ground – switch legs, flutters, american hammers, dying cockroach.

COT: Today is the last day for May’s word of the month theme of accountability, with June’s word of the month being Impact. As Chickenhawk wrapped up discussing accountability with a Whetstone partner, I wanted to piggy back on that. Yesterday was a hard and sad day for my M. 1 year ago she lost her mom. As I come home from work she was sitting on the couch with teary eyes and a sad look. Before I could ask whats wrong she said “do you know what today is?” Of course I’m thinking “Crap, its not her birthday, its not our anniversary, what am I missing??” She then responds that her mom passed away 1 year ago that day. I of course being a selfish husband said “I’m sorry” and didnt even go over and give her a hug and kiss, nor comfort her. My response was “I need to get my 2.0 to baseball practice” When we got home, I failed again as we sat quietly on the couches watching meaningless TV. As we went to bed, all I did was give her a hug and said stay strong. As I write this, I sure look like a loser! So be accountable to your M each and every day. Show her love and be impactful to her. Support her without being asked to, love her, comfort her, don’t be ignorant and selfish, be accountable in her life by being her rock. We don’t have many days on this life, we need to make the best of every single day as a husband, father, leader…this has been a tough month, one that has shown the importance of being accountable to your family and friends, to be impactful to them as well. Let’s not forget this each and every day.


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My Varsity VQ

I’m afraid of Varsity…not gonna sugar coat it.  Hardcore Boot Camps scare me, especially AO’s that have pull-up bars on site.  I stay as far away from them as possible.  So, to get me to one of these crazy AO’s, you’ll have to ask me to Q.  I tried my best to make this not moderate.  I probably only hurt myself though.

We started by running around the NAFO parking lot.  25 SSH here, 25 SSH there, 25 more here and then 25 more there.  SSH are my favorite warmup exercise because…science says it’s the best. Our last stop in the lot was for a few Merkins.

Next we moseyed towards Sugar Creek Elementary.  I head faked a pitstop at the pull-up bars but kept going.  At the bottom of the hill I decided it would be good to run back up the hill and then back down.  I hate running.

Next obstacle was the Basketball Court.  We ran Suicides, Bear Crawled, Crab Walked, and Lunged. This is why I #Slowburn on Fridays.

I had my speaker box setup in the bus loop to entertain us while we worked it.  We split into 2 teams.  1 team worked out while the other team ran a lap.  Exercises included: Balls to the Wall, Merkins, LBC’s, Big Boy Situps, Planks of sorts, Makhtar N’Diayes…I tried to get a good mix in.

When I decided I couldn’t take anymore running, I put Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping on the speaker and we did 28 burpees in 3m32s. I hear they’ve done more burpees in less time at Varsity.  Beasts!

It was time for COT.  I tried to walk a bit but Ginsu said he felt like running so we ran back.  A couple Ruckers met us there and we closed it out with a Big Ball of Man.  Happy Birthday to Dark Helmet! Thank you Kielbasa for the opportunity.  I’ll trade you Q’s again in a couple months!

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