Honeybadger 2018.21

So the Honeybadger does not even have a Category from WordPress yet.  The Comz department gets a demerit…

So this week’s WOD was brought to you by Army Staff Sergeant Joshua Whitaker.


Complete three rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

This is a LOT of pulling.  These are both total body moves emphasizing the back and some shoulders…  I tried to break it up with some core/legs/pushes between rounds.  My instructions were to do this with a partner  and get assistance for pull-ups.

End with a quarter mile run then 6MOM.

I seem to get random questions every now and again about what I do or eat.  I look for the hardest thing I can do, and do that.  I don’t try to make it through it, while distracting myself from the discomfort.  I concentrate on it.  The human body is meant to be uncomfortable, because that is when growth happens.  Muscles tear and get bigger, your lungs burn and your cardio gets better, you hold your breath and your oxygen efficiencies increase, you stretch muscles and increase range of motion, you freeze yourself and your circulation increases, you get hungry and your HGH goes up (burning fat and protecting lean muscle)… and all of these produce adrenaline and endorphins, which helps you enjoy all aspects of life.  So don’t look for comfort.  Don’t covet comfort.  It is a thief, stealing life from you.  Get out and move.  Commit to each rep of each exercise.  Respect the next rep.
Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.
AKA, lip service gets you no where.  AKA, I can tell what kind of tree you are by the fruit you bear.  Do the hard stuff.

Welcome Schwinn!  Please come back to another workout.

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A Truckload of pain at Honeybadger

Great way to start a week, we had 14 PAX (2 ruckers, Cha Ching and Jedi) that decided to get better and honor “the seven” a group of 5 CIA officers and 2 Security contractors killed when al-Balawi detonated a bomb sewn into a vest he was wearing. Six other American CIA officers were wounded. The bombing was the most lethal attack against the CIA in more than 25 years.

Al-Balawi was a Jordanian doctor and jihadist website writer who was detained and interrogated over three days by the Jordanian intelligence service, the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), in January 2009. The GID and the CIA thought they had turned al-Balawi to penetrate al-Qaeda in the Pakistani tribal areas to provide intelligence for high-level targets. Instead, al-Balawi used this trust to gain access to the CIA base in Afghanistan unsearched and perpetrate the attack. The Pakistani Talibanand al-Qaeda claimed responsibility, saying they helped al-Balawi with the attack.

The names of our honored heroes are listed below:


-Harold Brown Jr, 37, Bolton MA

-Elizabeth Hanson, 30, Rockford IL

-Darren Labonte, 35, Brookfield CT

-Jennifer Matthews, 45, Cedarville OH

-Scott Roberson, 39, Tolland CT


-Dane Paresi, 46, Portland, OR

-Jeremy Wise, 35, Tigard, OR

After a quick disclaimer on the go we moseyed around the parking lot with some high knees and butt kickers, our warm up consisted of the following exercises with different reps each to total about 9 minutes into the WO :

Side straddle hops


Moroccan night clubs


Arm circles





I followed the book as much as I could but had to include a tire exercise (otherwise it wouldn’t be a Tinsel workout) and also replaced a couple of exercises from the book to focus on upper body strength. The main idea of “the seven workout” is to complete 7  rounds of 7 exercises with 7 reps each, each round took about 7 minutes to complete, after round # 3 we run down and up the hill to give our upper body a break and then continued with 4 more rounds, these are the 7 exercises:


7 handstand push-ups

7 thrusters with log

7 sledgehammer swing each side

7 worst merkin ever

7 burpees

7 log swings

7 pull-ups

Everything was planned to be completed under one hour and I’m glad everyone pushed hard to reach our time window. With a couple of minutes to spare at the end, straight up took over for some Broga and stretching exercises, much needed after the beatdown, thanks for your help!!

We ended up our WO with announcements, prayers and praises.


Tinsel out…


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Hells Bells at The Tomahawk

I realized last week that I hadn’t Q’d a workout in a few weeks and was itching to get back at it.

As always, I try to challenge myself in each workout I lead, but more importantly I try to focus on encouraging others to challenge themselves.

We started out on what was hopefully the last cold morning of the lagging spring, with thermometers readin 39-40 degrees, moseying the Dobys Bridge Elementary School parking lot for some warm-ups.  We circled up with the PAX completing a litany of windmills, imperial walkers, Merkins, hill billy walkers, morroccan night clubs, mountain climbers, and some SSH.  We then grabbed the bells and mosey’d to the bottom of the hill at the entrance to the school, where we “found” some additional tokens (cement blocks and medicine balls).

The thang:

The PAX split into 2 groups of 3 and roughly equally distributed the KB weight. The 1st PAX was the timer and would run with the token to the top of the hill and back, while the other two PAX would complete AMRAP of the prescribed exercise.  Each of the 3 PAX would cycle through running with the token and completing the exercises.  The goal was to challenge yourself by using heavier weight than you normally would.

Exercises: KB swings; squat, curl, and press; KB pull through w/ row; clean and press; squats, curls,  overhead triceps extensions; LBCs w/ KB overhead; Weazy Jeffersons with KB overhead; Lawnmowers; Burpees w/KB.

With a few minutes left, the PAX picked up their KBs and the tokens and mosey’d (more like rucked or farmer carried) back to COT.  This may have actually been the hardest part of the workout – Hells Bells!

Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayers/Praises, BoM

Praise for Pin-ups 2.0 making football team.  Prayed for families and kids in general.

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Abs/Arms/Shoulder Work at Varsity – 3/30/18

8 Good Men joined YHC at the Varsity on this Good Friday.

Mosey around the parking lot to the black top.


  • 20 side straddle hops
  • 10 count count Moroccan night clubs
  • 10 4 count windmills
  • 15 4 count merkins
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 4 count pickle pounders (not sure if that is the actual name…but it is now…thanks Jekyll)
  • 10 4 count high steps

The Thang

  • line up on the black top goal line
  • 10 Carolina dry docs every 10 yards
  • sprint back to start
  • 20 4 count flutter
  • 5 pickle pounders every 10 yards
  • sprint back to start
  • 20 4 count flutters w/ holds

Mosey across the parking lot, down the hill to the wall

  • 10 4 count wall sit toe touches
  • 5 4 count hand stand merkins
  • rinse repeat x3

Mosey to the pull up bars

  • 10 pull up/toes to bar combos (1 pull up, 1 toes to bar, x 10)
  • Captain Thors 5×20
  • 10 pull up/toes to bar combos (1 pull up, 1 toes to bar, x 10)
  • 10 Xs and Os
  • 10 chin up/knees to chest combos (1 chin up, 1 knees to chest, x10)
  • 10 4 count heels to heaven
  • 10 chin up/knees to chest combos (1 chin up, 1 knees to chest, x10)
  • 10 4 count freddie mercury
  • 5 combo ups (1 hand in pull up position, 1 hand in chin up position)
  • switch hands, 5 more

Mosey to COT

– Ginsu

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We Have Something Good Here

The faithful grew to 10 this week, some new, some old, but the buffet of pain has been a common stay. Starting off at 0500 is a Q’s dream as it provides ample time to deliver the Pax some pain.

A call was put out the night before for the PAX to bring some 65lbs or their weapon of choice, and all kinds of coupons showed up.

We did a warmup COP style and went off to the track. I promised out P200 PAX that the running would not be excessive, but I would not have been present based on past experiences, so I am sure it seemed like a mountain to them. Great courage on coming out and working through the post P200 pain.

First up was The Looney.
We ran a warm up lap to clear the track of debris and moved benches, lonely cones, and general trash off the track where our dreams came true.

7 400 yard sprints round the oval at AYG pace. After each lap, 20 yards weighted lunge. The book called for 65 lbs, but all shapes and sizes were had.

After we hit 4 rounds, it was all down hill, although I am not sure the breathing was any easier. We then proceeded to the Brenton with our remaining time.

The Brenton was 5 rounds of 30 yards bear crawls, then broad jumps back with 3 burps after each set of 5 jumps. In succession, this ended up as a killer. Great way to spend 10 minutes of your life right there.

At that point, we were on our way back to COT. We finished with peer led ab work. Did we care about the 6 quitting time? NOPE, The Honey Badger said to have all PAX lead, so we ended at 6:03.

Thanks men for the opportunity to lead. Wegmans is on Q next week.


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Just a perfect Old School Saturday @F3TheFort

6 for the preruck

2 for the prerun

conditions perfect overcast and 46 degrees


Longshanks on warm-up and he ran us to Double D Hill and we started working hard, more running around WEP with timely stops for a variety of PT, mosey to Springs Building for a peoples chair sequence followed by a mosey to Little Ceaser Park

Handoff to CSPAN

partner up with a man you don’t know

station workouts:

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 45 Mountain Climbers
  3. 40 Squats
  4. 30 Tri-cep dips
  5. 55 LBC
  6. 20 Peter Parker and 20 Parker Peters
  7. 30 Flutters and 30 Hello Dolly
  8. 20 KB Curls and Hairburners
  9. Bear & Crab
  10. 25 Seal Jacks and 25 SSH
  11. 25 Imperial Walkers and 25 Hillbilly Walkers
  12. Tug-a-war and 10 Burpees

Finished up with a tug-a-war tournament

Mosey to COT

Prayer or Praise / BOM

Excellent Coffeerteria at Peach Stand




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Five for Six at the Varsity

Typical Varsity style the number of Pax was low but the pain was high on a beautiful morning to post.
The year is short so far but there are already two major learnings through my word of the year and the short time on the Journey
  • My lack of emotional presence is a huge factor in my relationship challenges with my wife and kids… my word is NOW and much of that is learning to be more present
  • If bearing fruit is the yard stick by which you measure your abiding in Christ then I have a long way to travel on my journey because as I look at the fruit I bear it is a little under ripe and the yield is not high.
Rule of the day – 3 Burpees on every transition between exercises.
All Hands Mosey to band parking lot with a single rule (the hands must touch the ground with every step) – bear crawl, crab walk forward, lunge Walk with hands touching the ground, inch worms, crab walk backwards
Warm up at the band parking lot – Exercise run (50 out followed by 3 burpees)
– SSH, Imperial Walker, CCD, Mountain Climbers
Six man fail 100 yard run on regular exercises, 200 yard run on ab exercises
– Merkins
– Dips
– Plank
and a few others thrown in their by the pax
Wall work
– Balls to the wall
Mosey to COT… regular style.
It is always an honor to lead this group.  AYE!
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Conditions were near perfect this morning in The Fort. 65 degrees, clear skies, nice breeze meant that we have optimal weather for bettering ourselves. We started off with a quick disclaimer, set up the BAM in the workout (Burpees, American Hammers(IC), and Merkins (SC). We started with a 5-10-15 and each time BAM was called incremented by 1…6-12-18 and so on.

We started off and immediately Chicken Hawk calls ‘BAM’. I think he must have been testing the system out, it worked 10 steps into the mosey, we did the 5-10-15 and proceeded with the mosey to the bus loop.

Did some dynamic stretching, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and then took another mosey past the playground to the back parking lot.

Circled up for PAX led warmup, SSH, LBCs, Windmills, CDDs, Peter Parkers, and Parker Peters. Now that we were all warmed up and a few more BAMs called out, we did some leg work.

Single leg hops – R for 75 yards
Single leg hops – L for 75 yards
Ski jumps at an angle for 75 yards
BAM!! 7-14-21
Backward lunge

Mosied to back wall.

BAM! 8-16-24
Aussie Mountain Climbers – 15 degree, 10 count, 45 degree, 10 count, BTTW 10 count, 45 degree 10 count, 15 degree 10 count.
BAM! – 9-18-27
WALL Sits – 10 count each PAX
Wall Tar Jai – 10 count each PAX

That was a winner!

Mosied to SMS loop.

Last BAM! was spread out over the loop performing one of the exercises at each corner.

Proceeded to COT with some SSH in the middle for a rest.

At COT had time for 1 minute of Freddies and we were done!!

Thanks to all for pushing each other and to Jiffy for having YHC as Q.

Great work today.


Prayers to those families affected by tragedy in Florida, but also those who are dealing with the lead up to those flash points across the country.

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Working on the Bum-Bum

This was my first kettlebell Q so truth be told I googled “kettlebell circuit workout” and the bulk of the decent sites were ladies teaching how to firm up you “bum-bum’s”… Seemed like we all could use a little help in that department so I plagiarized heavily from these sites…

The disclaimer was disclaimed and we began with a short mosey around the lot with some butt kickers, high knees, side shuffles, and toy soldiers.

We circled up for warm up consisting of:

-25 Side Straddle Hops

-25 Moroccan Night Clubs

-12 Windmill

-12 Imperial Walker

-12 Hillbilly Walker

-12 Goofball (for Geronimo)


We mosey over to the pick-up line curb for the beginning of toning our “Bum-Bum’s”

We completed 2 circuits each consisting of 15 reps of 15 exercises with a lap around the parking lot between every 5 exercises.

-15 Kettlebell Swing

-15 Sumo Squat

-15 Lunge Pass Though (each side)

-15 Calf Raises (I actually raised this to 20 on accident but Dark Helmet kindly reminded me that I had committed to 15 earlier in the description)

-15 Split Squat (squat in a lunge position) – each side


-15 Bent Row (each side)

-15 Shoulder Press (each side)

-15 Curl (each side)

-15 Halo (each direction)

-Drive the Bus for 3 10 counts (bell extended 10 straight, 10 turned to the right, 10 turned to the left)


-15 LBC’s

-15 Flutter

-15 Hello Dolly

-15 Freddy Murcury

-15 Box Cutter



after about 2 cycles we mosey to COT for announcements and prayers


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Tomahawk-0 to 60 in 45 mins

12 PAX and YHC came in da Gloom of Doby’s Bridge Elementary to take our daily Red Pill. As I thought about what type of beat down I’d apply I realized simple is sometimes enough. We over complicate many things and our lives and we can’t do any one thing well. So I kept it simple and effective!

The Thang:

Warm Up around the parking lot with mini COP

Grab the bells and get after it. 20 exercises for 60 secs or 1 min each and after 4 we run a lap.  Fun times had by all!!

Flutter kick
Russian twist
V up
Hello dolly
Leg raises
Right leg
Squat figure 8
Left leg
KB Swing
Shoulder press
Upright row
Bent row
Lat raises
R/L Curl
Concentration curl
Tri extension
Skull crushers
Calf Raises
YHC spoke about restoring old cars and how people can see the beauty in things that some of us don’t. I mentioned the research center in NC where body parts are being grown with people’s actual cells, so they can be interchanged if something goes bad….like car parts.
As much as we can exercise and change parts there is only one way to be restored…..through the Grace of Sky Q. He takes our old away and makes us New. He sees beauty in us that we don’t even see in ourselves. Find time to realize how Sky Q plans to make you restored and living a brand new life today!!
2/17-Breakfast at Philly UMC
2/20-1stF and 3rdF convergence at Forest Hill Parking lot
2/24-YETI…..just do it!
Thanks for Lead Polaroid!
Cake Boss
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