We got our 28+ at The Colosseum

We had a total of 28 guys in The Fort region post yesterday (Monday, Feb 26) amidst the rain so I threw out the challenge of getting 28 men out to the Colosseum this AM. With some help from Jeckyll, Pusher, Ginsu, Cha Ching and a few others, we got that done. The PAX made it even better when that was just the boot camp number as we totaled 31 with our 3 runners included.

I can not even begin to tell you how humbled I was to see headlight after headlight roll in and to have 27 other guys run around this AO at 0515 with me. As Assassin mentioned in COT, we do in fact know how special it is to be blessed with the opportunity to be out with the PAX on just another Tuesday morning. To see some faces out there that I haven’t seen in quite a while was great. With the chatter that ensued, I knew I had better bring it.

So after our disclaimer and the departure of the Pathfinder runners, us boot campers jogged to end of the back parking lot. We counted off to our number of 27  at the time and dropped down for a 2min plank followed by a 2min reverse plank. Well 90 seconds into that latter plank, we had a masked ninja run up to join us for our lucky number 28. That ninja also goes by the name STRAIGHT UP  and man, it was good to have him join us.

1/2 of 28 equals 14 Burpees so that is what we did followed by 28reps of the following:

Dying Cockroach, Boats & Canoes, Jumping Lunges, Jump Squats, X&O’s, American Hammers, Monkey Humpers and Squat Calf-Raises

We partnered up for:

Partner 1: Run to the 1st speed bump and back
Partner 2: Diamond Merkins then flap jack

Partner 1. Run to the 3rd speed bump and back

Partner 2: Merkins then flap jack

Partner 1: Run to the gate that was no longer in existence

Partner 2: Carolina Dry Docks or some ab work then flap jack

Bring it back to the GHMS side of the bus parking lot and circle up for some coupon work.

Begin with the 30lb Ruck and 35lb Kettle Bell on opposite sides of the circle. When the coupon came to you, 10 bicep curls of your choosing while the rest of the PAX cycled through Freddy Mercury, Rosalitas and Flutter Kicks.


Announcements: Read that Sunday email containing your F3 Newsletter. New AO launching from Regent Park. Includes (br)yoga, run and coffeeteria  (contact Cake Boss or Sasquatch) every Friday. Don’t forget about the drive for 218 FNG’s. Reading center opportunity (service).

Prayers/Praises: Flat Tire’s new promotion, Straight Up’s wife is feeling better and S.U. is back with us. Cornerstone’s daughter Emma had her last chemo pill last night and will be ringing the bell soon. Ginsu’s daughter took her first steps yesterday. Jeckyll’s son is now a Boy Scout and Jeckyll has now handed over the leadership. Prayers for Mr. Clean and his desire to be out in the gloom. Prayers for Squeaky for what he is facing right now. Praises for reconnecting with my daughter.

Thank you again for coming out in the gloom.


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PREBLAST: 2018 at Guidance – PAX Support Needed

We have kicked off 2018 at Children’s Attention Home / Guidance!!

Rock Hill’s Dawg Pound is Co-Q for the Site/AO!! Woo wooo!!! He will bring Rock Hill energy to Guidance and help elevate it to new levels. We are super excited for his leadership!! Thank you Dawg Pound!!

The definition of “Guidance” is advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in a position of authority or influence. It is also the directing of the motion or position of something towards a goal or objective.

That is exactly what we as F3 Nation intend to do, and this is where the young men need your help for the impact will be greater in numbers than alone.

We know there is alot of curiosity towards CAH, that the young men down there may not be within your comfort zone. Well it is time to step out of that comfort zone and embrace them. The young men there are in their early teens, at a vulnerable stage of great influence (good or bad). Life thrust upon them a situation that they did not ask for, and they need our love, time, support, strength, wisdom……our Guidance. Each one of them are smart, witty, and funny, but they are a close knit group working to get through life at CAH together and you can tell they lean on each other, some are hesitant to open up to outsiders.

They are not too different than some of us PAX in that they sometimes feel that they have to carry their burdens themselves and solve their own problems. They need to know that there are people out in the world they can rely on, they can trust to ‘have their back’ and lift them up when they are down, and they are part of something He has planned that is bigger than themselves. Within each one of them, hidden beneath their burdens, is a Leader and HIM. Some just do not know or realize this. This is where we as HIMs need to be Intentional and lead them through our example via the mission, principles, and foundations of F3. Now I humbly ask all area PAX and HIMs to come support this great and worthy cause.

General info for posting:

  • The first workout was 1/20/18, then the workouts are every other Saturday (2/3, 2/17, 3/3, and so on).
  • Workouts start at 4pm prompt so arrive early to prep
  • For directions, contact NASA, Dawg Pound, Decibel, Chicken Wing, Reborn, or Chicken Hawk
  • They do not want the street address or directions to their site posted online
  • Pictures or videos of the young men there are not allowed
  • These are teen boys – bring your sense of humor for they have one for sure (nothing like a fart mid-LSS to get the giggles going).
  • Trash talk – kind trash talk – is almost mandatory. Bring it if you have it.
  • 2.0’s are allowed – and encouraged – as long as they are boys over 12

If you want to Q a workout:

  • Contact NASA or Dawg Pound
  • Q schedule is on the Rock Hill tab on the Google Docs link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mfnvJ9faf5NVFU9afWW4IDWBxJglS-4YFzZx39RGa4M/edit#gid=1726409880
  • Keep it to 30 or so minutes of workout, 30 minutes of something fun – they love basketball and football
  • Explain F3 and give the disclaimer at the beginning of each workout as usual
  • This is not a high-intensity PAX beatdown or CSAUP – these are teens in collective average shape.
  • Avoid a run-only workout as well.
  • Make it challenging yet attainable by them.
  • BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN…..but at the same time we want these young me to be challenged physically and mentally while achieving the goals you set for them.
  • We will be able to use the areas around the home which include Winthop University lake, the field at First Christian Church, the field behind the factory nearby, and the CAH grounds themselves.
  • In order to give them rest times – use the power of your words. Hold a short devotion incorporating the Monthly Theme that our regions are using; speak about what F3 means to you and what it has done in your life; or give them an example of a rough time in your life and how you overcame it. You can do this more than once during the workout – before the workout, after the COP, during your Thang, and before/after the COT. Keep in mind words are just words but if they have meaning, emotion, intention – they become much more powerful and impactful.
  • Engage the young men – when using your words, get them involved in the discussions through questions. Let them show you how intelligent they can be.
  • Pictures or videos of the young men there are not allowed
  • For the Name-O-Rama – please use only first names, ages, and then F3 name
  • Post a BackBlast!! I’d like this done within 48 hrs. This is marketing of the workout to build interest throughout the regions. Guidance is now live on the F3 The Fort web!

Thank you all for the support you have provided in the past and we look forward to this new year at the Children’s Attention Home. Please be praying that God will bless our efforts there so that we can build up young males that will one day be leaders in the community and beyond.
Read more – http://f3nation.com/2017/01/07/new-vision-for-childrens-attention-home/

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Vince Lombardi

 Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. These young men need our strength, our commitment, our effort to bring out the Leaders that lie within.
We need your help. All it takes is 1 hour of your time, every other week. That’s only 24 hours out of the 8,760 you will be blessed with in this year. 

We hope to see you all at Guidance. Thank you and God bless.

-NASA and Dawg Pound

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PREBLAST: FLASH DRIVE!! Yeti Snack Drive for CAH Guidance

Winter is here, and so is THE YETI!! I know just hearing that word gets you all excited. I am. You should be too. It will be EPIC!!!!

For those PAX who will be there (participating or whatever), I ask that you make it more than just a CSAUP.

The children of CAH Guidance need you. They also need cereal, A LOT of cereal – the go-to breakfast, snack, and substitute meal for a lot of teens. If you have one I am sure you know they eat it in bulk. We are asking those who will be participating in the Yeti, those who will be helping facilitate or assist with it, or those showing up to participate in the fellowship during or after to bring in a box (or more) of cereal for Guidance.

  • There are mostly teens at Guidance now, so remember that when choosing the cereal.
  • I will collect them in my big blue truck.  I will be running the Yeti, so I can collect them before the start. I will also collect them afterwards during the epic 2nd F at the BBQ feast.
  • For those who want to drop donations off while I may be out suffering, I mean killing it – I will leave my tailgate unlocked. Leave it in there. Look for a bright blue 4 door F-150 FX4 with F3 and Ragnar on the back Window. Please shut the tailgate when done.
  • I will drive them down to Guidance later that day.
  • IF you are participating and want to collect some from PAX who you regularly interface with, then bring it with you……that would be AWESOME!!! Challenge for site/AO Q’s……

My apologies for the short notice, but sometimes last-minute picks can bear alot of perfectly ripe fruit.

The PAX of F3 The Fort, Rock Hill, and York have a great thing going at CAH Guidance. We meet with the young men there regularly not just to workout, but teach them the F3 way, mentor them, bring Him into their lives more, and just be a male role model and positive presence in their lives in this tough time they’re going through. The youth there are amazing, wonderful, good kids that are dealing with something no kid should have to.  It has had a great positive impact on them, helping them see that there is a positive future for them and that they are indeed part of something bigger than themselves.

But we need the PAX help in many ways to plant, serve, and GROW our presence there to help invigorate the young leaders within them. Please consider helping in any way you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

God Bless,
-NASA and Dawg Pound

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