I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you

Weather – 35 degrees and not sunny with a slight wind coming in from the northeast.

13/14 PAX (not sure the total number but 21 was the total between Laces In and Laces out) showed YHC some love by posting on this beautiful Thursday morning. No joke I thought most would post the Celebrity Q CSPAN on the Track considering it is P200 training season. Though he PAX showed some love, YHC didn’t show it back. Here’s how the beatdown went:

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot with some Butt Kicks, High Knees, Karoake and Toy Soldiers. Circle up for COP

SSH x 25
IW x 15
Windmills x 10
Mountain Climbers x 15
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10
Low Slow Squats x 15

Mosey over to the hill.
1 partner runs to the first speed bump while partner exercises. Plank after each round of exercise.
100 Hip Thrusters (plenty of jokes about thrusting and humping)
100 Merkins (jokes stopped after they realize whats happening)
100 Squat Jumps
At this point the PAX realize its a deconstructed burpee.
100 Burpees (aka 100 I Hate You’s)

Mosey over to the Large Gym Parking lot where cones were setup
Exercises done Cupcake style (formerly known as a suicide)
40 SSH, run to first cone, 20 Carolina Dry docks, run back to start, 40 SSH, run to 2nd cone 25 LBC’s, Run Back to start 40 SSH, run to third cone 25 Squats, run to start 40 SSH, run to last cone 5 Burpees, run back to the start.
Mosey 3/4 a big lap until over at the 5 Burpee cone.
Rinse and repeat but the start line is at the Burpees.
5 Burpees, run, 25 squats, run, 5 burpees, run, 25 LBC’s, run, 5 burpees, run, 20 CDD, run, 5 burpees, run, 40 SSH. Finish at SSH. Mosey back for 2 minutes of Mary – LBC’s and Flutter Kicks

COT and BOM with Laces Out

Announcements – Yeti 2-24, Reading with kids on Mon/Wed (contact Deacon/Copay), Saturday coffeteria at Peach Stand following workouts, read your newsletter.

Prayers – Corruptions Mom having Surgery today, FMHS teacher that had open heart surgery this week, marriages, families, kids, our community

1. Thanks Lil E for the opportunity to lead this morning.
2. Great Push this morning by All PAX. Moderate amount of complaining. I can handle that. And yes, I have love/hate relationship with burpees.
3. 1 month into 2018 and how are we all with our 1 word. As some of you may know my word is Patience. It has already taken on many forms throughout the first month. The biggest takeaway thus far is to remember to take a deep breath every now and then and just let it all go out instead of keeping everything inside.
4. Just Breathe

Shanks out

TClap |

Laces In – Not for the weak minded or those that are hungry!

4 Runners came at 0500 to get some laps in at the track. Daytona is around the corner, but they are preparing for P200 and using their feet. Crawdaddy saw his course for P200 and decided it was time to get training…no messin around!

14+YHC took to the campus of Fort Mill High School. After required discaimer and no FNGs, away we went for a mosey


DID a bunch of stuff….the usuals

  • SSHs
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Imperials
  • Peter Parkers
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Flutters
  • Parker Peters
  • Inch Worm Merkins
  • Hillbilly walkers
  • Mosey to front of school for some people’s chair on the wall and 20 overhead presses
  • Mosey to benches for 20 dips 15 derkins 2 rounds

Warm Up over

YHC spoke to the men about the things we keep putting off and avoid doing as much as possible. Tough conversations, the house projects, the doctors visit and most importantly the relationships that need some work or simple phone call. 

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, -Romans 5:4

By pushing through the tough stuff and the hard things we get stronger and we become the men Sky Q built us to be. Avoiding and masking the pain and suffering we only become weak minded and have no character, as we are not who we should be in all areas of our lives. Continue to get better and build character!

Mosey to main driveway entrance

8 exercises – 15 reps each – run down hill and back up in between each exercise. Fun time had by all!

ski hops
lunge Hops
inch worm Merkins
leg lifts
wide arm Merkins
sumo squats
donkey kicks
Mosey back to COT with a few ab stops along the way
YETI is 2.24
Sign up to participate as receiver of pain or giver of pain. See Anchorman!
Prayers for Karson Bailey Whitesell and her family as well as first responders and our community.
Thanks Lil E for lead
Cake Boss
TClap |

Block Party 2018.04

So I was expecting it to rain for this Q so I had an entire plan for under the awning of the Springs Global building but alas, the sky Q seems to always lighten the precipitation at 5:15…

Mosey to Springs Global building parking lot
SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins

Head to wall for 30sec People’s Chair, 30 sec Balls2Wall, for a total of 5 min.  Last round doubled the time added arm flutters to chair and inverted mountain climbers.

Mosey to the top of Gun Shop hill and partner up for a Dora123.  100 bombjacks, 200 merkins, 300 squats, run to the bottom of the hill and back

Mosey to circle drive to nowhere parking lot and do more peoples chair.  1 min then chalf raises while in peoples chair x20

Mosey to playground for 1 1arm pullup each arm, 5 pull ups, activated deadhang until failure.

Mosey back for COT
I touched on what the word of the month brings to my mind.  Beginning.  Beginning is the time in which you define the problem you are going to fix, the answer you are going to solve.  If the reason you do Merkins is to be able to do more Merkins, then this may not be for you.  But if you do Merkins so that you will get stronger and better at pushing, then maybe you have something.  Exercise is answering a problem, but first you need to know what problem you are solving.

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Forefeast of the Theophany

10 PAX posted in the arctic air this morning (the Ninth Day of Christmas) after emerging from their warm vehicles. There was some mild griping about the weather and a college football game from the night before. Before our feet froze to the ground, YHC directed a mosey to the WEP playground:


SSH 27
Windmill (Abe Vigoda style) 18
Imperial Walkers 9
Hillbilly Walkers 9
Mountain Cimbers 9
Plank to Down Dog to Honey Mooner back to Down Dog
Pull-ups (oyo) 9

Mosey to missing drill bit:


Brief quiz on Theophany that resulted in a lack of correct answers and lead to:
Merkins 9
Low Slow Squats 9
Burpees 9

Mosey to Calhoun St. parking lot

The Thang

Begin w/ 9 bomb jacks (modify to squats if needed)
Run to the center of the parking lot
5 burpees
Run to the end of the parking lot
9 merkins (reserve the right to call hand-release merkins if form is suspect)
Run to center of parking lot
4 burpees
Run back to start

Rinse and Repeat 9 times – (due to time constraints we completed 6-7)

Mosey to CoT for Mary (9 reps of 9 exercises)

1 Love – Flutter
2 Joy – Freddie Mercury
3 Peace – LBC
4 Patience – American Hammer
5 Kindness – Box Cutter
6 Generosity – Monkey Crunches
7 Faithfulness – Big Boy Situps
8 Gentleness – 9 count
9 Self-Control – Catalina Wine Mixer
*Bonus* Stubbornness – 9 Burpees

Naked man moleskin

January 2 is the Ninth Day of Christmas and/or the Forefeast of the Theophany of Jesus Christ. The Theophany, in the orthodox tradition, is the revealing of the divine in Jesus at his Baptism. This date in the more modern tradition coincides with Epiphany, which is the revealing of Jesus as coming to redeem the Gentiles as well as the Jews represented by the Magi.

Some Protestant traditions also celebrate Paul’s nine Fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23 as part of the Ninth Day of Christmas, hence the focus on repetitions of 9. I add a bonus fruit of the spirit, stubbornness. Stubbornness has been a real blessing to my life (and occasionally a source of frustration).

We welcomed FNG, Spay, to the ranks. It is a good sign for a FNG to post in 11ºF (which for the record is -12.2ºC). Welcome to Spay!

This was my VQ. It was an honor to have so many come out and post! Thank to Double D for the opportunity!

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Holiday Lights Tour by Donkey

13 pax celebrated the gift of a new day at Block Party.  All vets on hand for this journey, so the Disclaimer was short and sweet.  Then the pax saddled up for the Fort Mill Christmas tour.  The theme for the tour was Preparation, in particular, the preparation that Joseph undertook to position himself to fulfill his role in the birth of Christ.

The Thang

Short warm up run to the corner at Ardrey and 160.

COP — SSHs, Mtn climbers, Hillbilly walkers, Merkins, Windmills

Mosey to front of Springs building under the angled windows

People’s chair

FM History Lesson:  The angled windows were inspired by the Hindenberg.  The Springs family made a trip back from Germany via the Hindenberg in 1936.  Anne Springs Close is the last living passenger from the Hindenberg, and she says her father was inspired by the bright light and lack of glare of the angled windows on the Hindenberg, so he put that feature into the building on 160.

10 Burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

Mosey to parking lot on 160 in front of UC Synergetic building

People’s chair while pax take turns doing 10 merkins each

10 burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

pax split into 2 groups
Group 1: on wall for 10 donkey kicks OYO
Group 2: LBCs
Rinse & repeat for 3 total cycles

10 Burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

Mosey to grassy corner where 160, Main Street and RR tracks converge

Plank sequence

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to field on other side of war memorial and line up along first lit tree

Move to other end of field through sequence of lunges, bear crawls, crab walks, switching at each lit tree.

Mosey back to UC Synergetic parking lot

Back on the wall for donkey kicks and merkins (flapjack then rinse & repeat for 3 more cycles)

Mosey to wall at back of Springs building

10 wall pull ups OYO

Mosey home

COP – Freddie Mercury, Box Cutter, Penguin, Flutters



Great collection of pax this morning!  Nice to have the Springfield clown car find its way to WEP.  It was also a treat to have the Thrill Brothers out (Drop and Rock).  It’s also good to see BP regulars Uncle Sam, Band Camp and Flash along with a return from Sawdust.

The weatherman predicted 30s so some pax were a bit overdressed for the 40s.  Ginsu had to shed the orange to make it through the session.  Drop Thrill just plowed right through in shorts and short sleeves like it was September.

The lights around downtown Fort Mill offered a festive hue to the workout.  YHC gets frustrated with the work involved in holiday decorations at the house, so a tip of the cap goes to those who decorate the town — the lights provide a much needed dose of perspective amid the hustle of closing out the work year.

This season of Advent always brings Joseph to mind for me.  He is a true #HIM if there ever was one.  His ability to see, hear and discern the voice of God was remarkable.  His obedience in following God’s call, even in the midst of doubt and difficulty was awesome.  His willingness to leave it all behind to follow God’s direction to go to Egypt presaged the apostles leaving their lives and work behind to follow Jesus.  How did Joseph get to a place that he could make all those choices (YES, those were choices!)?  Preparation.  He could never have known what he was preparing himself for, what God was preparing him for.  Yet, he prepared.  We don’t know any specifics of hi preparation, yet it must be part of his story.  There is no other way he could have pulled the trigger on all that without preparation.  Am I preparing myself properly?  What am I preparing for?  What is God preparing me for?

Thanks for giving me the honor to lead you today (and hopefully in some small way to contribute to your preparation).

TClap |

Remembering Pearl Harbor

As a son/grandson of military servicemen and a cousin in active duty as a graduate of the USNA, it is a privilege and honor to show respect to our  men who are and have served our country for the right to be living here. My grandfather served in WWII as an air force bomber mechanic and hearing stories of his time serving during the war made a early impression on my. If it wasn’t for my birth defect, I too would have been serving this country with my dream of attending the USNA. That didn’t happen, of course. So I always jump on an opportunity to Q on a historical day in military history. Seeing that it is the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, I dusted off my off my college history books and incorporate some statistics into the WO.

COP consisted of good mornings, windmills, mumble chatter as Twister drove off to lead a RGH/Cary PAX to the WO site – welcome Pet Sounds – squats, jumping jacks, and merkins.

Mossy to bottom of hill. Run the hill 3 times. top of hill do 20 merkins each round and 20 LBCs at bottom for first two rounds, then only 10 LBCs at bottom on third round. Reason is that this totals 110 – Japan attacked Pearl Harbor or 110 minutes on Dec 7.

45 V sit-ups, Japan attacked in 2 waves, 45 minutes apart from each other. Mossy to entrance of FMHS football stadium.

PAX did 2 burpees, 3 merkins, 3 burpees, 5 squats. This is 2,335, which represents the number of US soldiers killed on Pearl Harbor (I knew we couldn’t do 2,335 burpees, so modified).

Mossy into FMHS football stadium and line up on the sideline. Army crawl to first hash and tighten up for some Navy Seal sit ups!! Army crawl back to sideline. Mossy to bleachers and run the stairs (since the midshipmen had to run up stairs -ladder per twister – in the battleships to man the guns) three rounds with 10 squats at the top each round. Mossy to fence. Lay on the 6, hands outstretched grabbing the fence. Feet 6 inches off ground and raise feet to fence for 20 OYO.

Mossy to parking lot, partner up. Partner 1 runs to end of parking lot, Partner 2 does exercise.

Round one was 353 LBCs – Japan used 353 airplanes to attack Pearl Harbor.

Round two was 230 squats – Japanese Navy was 230 miles west of Hawaii staging the attack

Round three, which we didn’t finish was  188 arm claps. 188 US airplanes were destroyed that day

Finished with 8 burpees – 8 battleships were destroyed, 2 sunk after the fact, Arizona being the most notably.


One more thing about Pearl Harbor day, Japan attacked on a Sunday morning assuming that we wouldn’t be on alert, we would be relaxed and at church. We shouldn’t have to honor or remember our fallin’ and active brothers on historic days, we should always honor and thank them everyday. If you ever get a chance to visit Honolulu, you MUST visit the Pearl Harbor memorial. Of all the places i have traveled, it will not only take your breath away, it will take your breath away for eternity.

Read your newletter

Prayers to marriages, injured, travels for holidays and those hurting during the holidays


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Spork and Knife

19 at Laces In, 6 passed on the fun and went Laces Out.

It was nice to break out of the norm and Q at Laces In, thanks Rebel for telling us where it was.

The Thang:

Anchorman Lead:

Mosey around the student parking lot and circle up. SSH x 20, Slow Merkin x 10, Imperial Walker x 20, other misc warm up exercises x 15(ish).

Burpee See-Saw, partner up, one burpee, other burpee, and back and forth x 10 each.

SPORK, one partner runs, the other exercises, combine count.
Squat x100
Peter Parker Peter x 100
Overhead claps x 100
Rosalie x 100
donkey Kicks x 100

Message about Awareness …

Hand off to Barry Manilow:

Jonah Hill (3 broad jump, 3 merkins x 7 times)
Mosey back near the start and find some soft grass
HR Merkins x 15
Low SS x 20
Kneetar Jai x 10
OH Claps x 50
Mahktar Jai x 12
Pause Squats x 10 (hold down for 2 extra seconds each time)
Alt Lunge x 10
Dying Cockroach x 20
JACK WEBB to 10/40
Moroccan NC x 50
Shoulder taps x 15
LBC x 15
Scorpion DD x 10 x 2

Great time, thanks for the opportunity.

Looks like we made it,

Anchorman, Barry Manilow


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F3 The Fort Thanksgiving Convergence 2017

70 Men came today to burn calories so they can eat whatever they want the rest of the day. Ok, maybe that was my reasoning, but most came because the know in order to get better, even in being Gratful, it is best when being challenged by your brothers. We all came to get better and realize this great thing we have called F3 and give thanks!
Santini Opening with warm up both physically and mentally with some leadership principles
Split off into the various groups!
4 went for for a Run
  • Drile (F3-Wapner)
    Mozy to the front of SFES, high knees, toy soldiers, Butt kickers, and Knees to chest.
    Mozy to front of SFMS, circled up…Side straddle hop, Merkins, Cherry Pickers, and Moroccan Nightclub
    Mozy to SFMS bus loop …high knees, toy soldiers, Butt kickers, and Knees to chest.
    Circled up.. Flutter Kicks and Low Slow Squats, America Hammer and Low Slow Squats, Merkins and Windmills, mountain climbers and windmills
    Mozy to back of SFES, circled up…Peter Parker’s and Side Straddle Hop, Plank and windmill, shoulder taps and Low Slow Squats, LBCs and Moroccan Nightclub
    Then rinse and repeated the above sequence…before joining the other groups at COT
    Lil E—Bootcamp Q
    Mosey to the parking lot in the rear of school and circle up. SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Squats
  • The thang
    • 10 cones set up in a line spaced about 10 paces apart. Each cone had an exercise and rep count on them. Do exercises on the first cone and run a lap of the parking lot. Once you complete the lap do the first cone and the second cone and then run a lap. Repeat this adding the next cone until all 10 are complete. Here were the exercises in order from first to last:
    • Burpees x 10
    • Bombjacks x 10
    • LBCs x 25
    • Merkins x 20
    • Jump Squats x 10
    • Flutter kicks x 40
    • CDDs x 20
    • Lunges x 20
    • Mtn Climbers x 20
    • Monkey Humpers x 20

Majority of the pax finished in the Lunges lap with a few speedsters out in front on the mtn climbers. Mosey back to the front of the school for some Freddy Mercury’s and Rosalitas.

After that met up with the Moderate and Black diamond groups for COT.

Everyone put out great effort today and really pushed themselves.


Witch Hunt—Black Diamond Q

Not even a trip to the hospital the night before with a pregnant wife could keep me away from this Thanksgiving workout. Shout out to Royale and Cha Ching for stepping up to help me out. Luckily I made it and we put in work.
We stared by counting off by 4 creating 4 teams.
Each team will compete to complete as many burpees as possible in 2-minutes with a catch. You can only do 10 at a time before you most complete 20 reps of ab exercise. 2 rounds:
1.) Burpees with LBCs (Somehow Bounce House was able to do 50 burpees. That dude is not human.)
2.) Burpees with Knee Tuck with crunchy frogs
Winners plank while losers perform 10 Kraken Burpees.
Blood was flowing so we moseyed to the hill by the middle school for some broken down burpees. Catch was that we had 20 minutes for everyone to complete. If everyone doesnt finish within the time then group does 25 Burpees.
Here was the setup:
Run Hill 10 times. (1 Hill Run = Up & Down)

5 Squat Jumps
5  Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
5 Merkins
5 Froggers
5 Squat Jumps

Run Hill 8 times.

10 Squat Jumps
10 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
10 Merkins
10 Froggers
10 Squat jumps

Run Hill 6 times.

15 Squat Jumps
15 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
15 Merkins
15 Froggers
15 Squat jumps

Run Hill 4 time.

20 Squat Jumps
20 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
20 Merkins
20 Froggers
20 Squat jumps

Run Hill 2 time

25 Squat Jumps
25 Plank w\ Shoulder Taps
25 Merkins
25 Froggers
25 Squat jumps

With some great teamwork by the Pax everyone completed within the 20 minutes so no penalty was given.

I attempted to have Backdraft give us a 10-count however  he responded “There are no 10 counts during the Black Diamond.” So no 10 count and a quick mosey back to the parking lot for the 10 Minute 100 Burpee Challenge:

Complete 10 1-minute rounds of burpees in the following set scheme. Any time left over in the round is yours for rest. (typically PAX finish the set between 25 and 40 seconds)

Rd1- 8

Rd2- 9

Rd3- 10

Rd4- 11





Rd9- 9

Rd10- 8

Total – 100

Amazing work by all the Pax. I didn’t pull any punches with this setup for the Black Diamond and the Pax took it on without hesitation. We all survived and are better for it.

Thanks to Ginsu and Cake Boss for the opportunity to lead.

Pusher with closing remarks and finding #Victory 

Prayers & Praises

Thank you F3 The Fort

Cake Boss

TClap |

Just Say Yes

9 strong men gathered for the latest edition of Block Party.

The Thang

Here is how it went down-

No FNGs today, so standard disclaimer was given and off we went into the gloom.

Mosey the long way to FFCU parking lot via Ardrey to McCammon. YHC has been to this AO many times to post and is very familiar with the homeowner with the small, but LOUD dog and her adoration for us at 5:15 AM. No desire to talk to the police today, so we went the LONG way. Plank up for the 6 to arrive.

Warm Up-all IC

Windmill x 19, Imperial Walker x 7, Merkin x 7, Low Slow Squat x 7

The PAX seemed eager to get to work, so we did.

Line up at the end of the parking lot for The Escalator. Jump Squats and Merkins. Run across parking lot for 1 Jump Squat, then back across for 2 Merkins. then across for  3 Jump Squats and back for 4 Merkins. Originally planned to do this to 20, but audibled to 10 so as not to miss the other fun stuff planned. Plank up till everyone finishes. Recover. CSPAN excelled at this!

Mosey towards the flags downtown by way of the big field by FFCU. Pit stop there and PAX line up in  plank side by side with enough space between that we can all take a turn doing box jumps over each PAX legs all the way down the line. Once everyone completes this,  all transition to  high plank while everyone crawls through for the tunnel of  love. Recover.

Mosey to the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. Thank CSPAN and Hee Haw for their service. YHC is thankful for freedom and feels every day should be Veteran’s Day.

Mosey across street to brick steps at the millstone downtown. All together for the first circuit. 7 Hand Release burpees, Run up steps, run sidewalk to swings and do 19 calf raises. Run to short brick wall by playground for 19 dips, 19 derkins and 7 step ups per leg. Run to playground parking lot and bear crawl across the lot. Run down sidewalk back around to the brick steps.

Round 2 is U vs. U. All you got and then plank up to wait for the 6 when finished.

Running low on time, so let’s do 7 more hand release burpees and mosey back.

Gather up for some Mary at the parking lot near 160 and Audrey.

LBCs x 20 IC, Flutters IC x 20, Hello Dolly x 20

Mosey back and bell rang as we pulled in.

COT and a great take out by Chicken Hawk.


It was a great morning and YHC was honored to get the call up from DD. Everyone was getting after it and that is what we post for, to get stronger and better. We covered  2.25 miles.

Most exercises today were in sets of 7 or 19. During the warm up, YHC explained the reason for this. Recently, I posted a pre-blast for The Joe Davis Run for Recovery and I wanted to explain why YHC and my family feel passionately about this cause. 1 in 7 American will face Addiction. We had 9 in the circle. It could affect one of us. Also, 1 American dies of an opioid related overdose every 19 minutes. That is at least 2 lives lost while we worked out. Think about that. Addiction is a big issue and this is why we run the Joe Davis Run for Recovery.

Later on, YHC also took a moment to explain in COT that, as leaders, we need to understand that what we say and do influences others. Ideally, in a positive way. YHC doesn’t get to spend as much time with Double D as I would like, but a couple of years ago, at a Coop workout, he really impacted me by encouraging the PAX to “just say yes.” We all have a lot of responsibility in our lives, but are we missing the good stuff because our default answer is “no?” Since that day, it has stuck in my head and impacted my thought  process.  Whether it is our kids asking us to read to them after a long day at work or our wife asking us to watch a “chick flick,” let’s try to find a way to “say yes” and live 3rd. I gave a personal example of me being out of work  2 years ago for a short period and my wife asking if we should go ahead and take our kids to Disney World with the money we saved versus waiting. Timing and finances didn’t not seem optimal, but I “just said Yes.” It was one of the funnest trips we have ever taken and won’t ever be forgotten. What a blessing that came from what was a suboptimal situation. Be warned though, “saying yes” will take you out of your comfort zone! Not a bad thing.


Bags for Beds

Bags for Beds

Turkey Drive

Paradise Turkey Giveaway


Christmas Party

Pre-Blast: 2017 F3 The Fort Christmas Party

Joe Davis Run for Recovery

2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery


CSPAN noted hat this is all in the newsletter and we should read it!

Thanks for the opportunity to Q, DD!

Honor to lead,



TClap |

Election Day – Do you know about Pennies for Progress???

Knowing that today is Election Day and that there is an important referendum on the ballot to help continue to improve York County’s roadway infrastructure (since SCDOT has no $$$ to help), YHC figured it would be good to incorporate some very important statistics regarding the Pennies for Progress program into the WO. Further info to come on that….

COP consisted of windmills, good mornings, squats, alternate version of the Rocks up then mossy to….playground where the P4 trivia began.

288 – two pull ups, 8 LBCs, 8 Squats…why this number you ask??

434 – 4 pull ups, 3 LBCs, 4 squats…again why this number you ask?? YHC kept asking and there were a few bites but mostly discussions revolving around PSU football championships, statistics to the PSU-MSU game, but not even close. YHC kept giving hints relating to election day…..

We repeated those two again.

Mossy to first drill bit. Bonsai is celebrating the “originals” of the Fort the month of November at WEP and I would consider myself as one of them since I started 3 months after this greatest thing started in Fort Mill. The first WO Senator Tressel dragged me to at WEP involved the Drill Bit. So I figured we would all have some fun. At each drill but, PAX did 2 merkins, 8 LBC, and 8 squats….see a pattern yet? once the lap was completed, a new series of numbers: 97 (for 1997). YHC considered 97 merkins, but decided 9 merkins and 7 squats was adequate.

Mossy to playground for more history. 03 (for 2003) pull ups per PAX, then 11 (for 2011) pull ups. Bonsai then shouted our that the numbers and sequence related to the Pennies for Progress 4 referendum!! He wins, nothing of course, but is correct.

Mossy to small parking lot to do some Rugby Sprints in honor of Crab Cakes. Included 10 rounds with a few bear crawls thrown in there. Finished with some 5 minutes  of Mary.

Mossy to COT

Why the numbers?? in 1997, Pennies for Progress 1 was approved by York County voters to fund $99M of roadway improvements; in 2003 Pennies 2 was approved to fund $173M; and in 2011 Pennies 3 was approved to fund $161M – all totals $434M of roadway improvements. This program allowed York Co to widen I-77 to 8-lanes!! Without Pennies, York County roadways would be even worse in regards to congestion. This program is extremely essential for York County to TRY to keep up with growth. Its not the only answer, but without it, the roadways would be nothing but a crawl. You can debate that congestion hasn’t gotten better, but remember, York County has grown over 30% since 2000 and projected to grow another 40% by 2045. Since SCDOT is not flush with $$, this program helps mitigate as best of possible.

Today we vote on P4. $288M of roadway improvements, on a 1cent sales tax that York Co residents have been paying since 1997 – This is NOT an additional tax but a continuation. Many of us who moved into York County since then have been paying this tax and haven’t realized it. Without a dedicated tax towards roadway improvements, SC 160 would not have been widened at Zoar Rd, Gold Hill Interchange would not be scheduled to be upgraded, US 21 Bridge would not have been built….

Okay, enough of my soapbox, lots of F3 events, so read newsletter and sign up for Xmas Party, T-Giving convergence, and Joe Davis 5/10k.

Prayers to marriages – lots of struggles within the F3 community; raising our children; to the injured and loss of life; and to Texas tragedy.

Peace out – Trucker


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