Goodbye Uncle Sam!

OK so moderate is a loose term but modify as needed!

Disclaimer given and were were off to mosey a short way down near Empire Pizza to COP

Start with 20 SealJacks

10 Diamond Merkins

20 Slow Squats

20 Peter Parker

20 SSH

20 Parker Peter

20 IW

Plank on Elbows and Hold it for 2 min

20 Moroccan Night Club

Mosey a short ways and partner up

Several rounds of one partner backwards run about 20 yards and forward back to starting point

meanwhile partner two stays in and completes exercise then flip flop

78 squats on the curb

78 calf raises

78 wide merkins

78 LBC

78 Flutters

78 Carolina Dry Docks

39 Burpees (Crowd Please) Run Forward

78 Wide Merkins

4 rounds of Al Gore

Finish with 2 rounds of Body Destroyers

Mosey back to COT

Uncle Sam heads back to his native Colombia with 2 O’s! Safe travels! Hope yo see him back!


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Read directions and go…

Short mosey over to band practice parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, and high skipping.  Next we circled up for the following warm-up:

  • SSH, Imperial walkers, cherry picker, mountain climbers, Moroccan night club, hillbilly walker
  • Stretching – downward dog, honeymooner, sitting down with knee up pressing elbow on knee to stretch your back, and last we laid on our backs and pulled knees to chest

Then on to the fun.  Staying on the practice field parking lot, we had 2 sets of activities spaced out 40 yards.  One station had cinder blocks for us to play with.  We split into 2 groups where the goal was to perform the first exercise on the list (some OYO and some in cadence) then run the 40 yards to the other set of activities starting at the top of the list, performing that exercise, then back to station 1, etc.

Station 1 – w/ blocks

5 Block shoulder press (x2)

10 Lunges (10 each leg) with block

20 Curls

30 Dips on block

40 American hammer with block (single count)

50 LBC

60 Ski jumps

60 Calf raises

50 Plank jacks

40 Squats with block

30 Bench press

20 Row with block

10 Merkins using block alternating arm (10 / arm)

5 Plank alternating shoulder taps (5 each)


Station 2 – no blocks

5 Burpee

10 Diamond merkins

20 Knee to chest jumps

30 Mountain climbers

40 Monkey humpers

50 Seal jacks

60 SSH

60 Moroccan night club

50 Shoulder presses

40 Crab cakes

30 Flutters

20 Flying squirrel

10 Durkin (get partner to put feet on back)

5 Dive bombers


Wrapped up and mosey’d back to COT and met up with #lacesout group.  We all had the pleasure of having FNG – Gilligan join us from Florida.  Thanks Pusher for dragging him out!  Had a great time and glad we made it through all exercises with no PAX left behind!

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Overflow of Pax at Slow Burn

28 men battled the humidity this morning and welcomed FNG “Ace” to the Pax who was head locked by Wheels!  Nice job by all moderating up or down depending on your need.



  • We all have struggles with disciplining ourselves.  Maybe for you it is the harsh  words spoken, diet, gossip, eyes wandering, pornography, envy, serving in your marriage, serving and teaching your kids or serving the least of those in our community.  Whatever it is there  is Hope!
  • Bottom line – you can’t do it by yourself.  I find that my discipline gets better when I move closer to the Word and further from the world.  Find a guy to lock shields with to walk in life together
  • Warm up by Wheels – Wheels got his tires warmed up again after being a cotter for too many months.  In promptu Q by Wheels with some SSH, Squats, Merkins, Windmills… nice job stepping up to lead. 


  • Running warm up – Various running, side shuffle, karaoke and sprint varities
  • 3 minutes of Mary
  • Partner up/ Pair off – Joust (lunge walk, bear crawl) 3 rounds
  • Pentagon of Pain (split into five groups) – do each exercise on the cone (10x). Run to middle 5 merkins, clock wise go the next cone and back to the middle with 5 merkins.  Until each exercise is done 1x.  Rinse and Repeat

It is always and honor and privilege to lead the pax in a work out.  Thank you to Barry Manilo on having the opportunity to serve the men of The Fort Pax.


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