Build Your Own Beatdown at the Abyss

After being called out on Twitter for being too brutal (still not a denial), I decided to let the PAX create their own board of pain so they were to blame

3 runners jogged off right before the disclaimer, short disclaimer since we were all veterans.

After a quick warm-up with super necessary stretching, we moseyed over to the back lot to create our Board of pain. While the PAX were doing various plank/reverse plank/one arm high, one man would grab a few cards out of the bag and post them up on the board in any random location. If a number was pulled it was placed at the top of the section as the rep count (NOTE: no 25s were pulled…. stack the deck next time)

After the board, we rotated through some Al Gore and plank while everyone gave a specific worry about this day – Wednesday, Feb 14 – and left it in God’s hands to handle the tiny stressors of the day as to not let them pile up and bring us down slowly. Everyone has big struggles and worries that can take weeks or months to pray through, but don’t forget the small tiny interruptions and distractions the Enemy will throw at you to just keep you enough off balance so you are not ready for the big storms.

Everyone successfully completed the board with enough time to spare for about 200 various AbLab reps ( 100 ish in cadence ) and dropped for 5 OYO burpees with 20 seconds left on the clock.

COT (Annoucements, Prayers, Praises, BoM)

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2017 Clave Boss 5k/10k & Christmas Convergence

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more——Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!

The largest turn out by far for the Clave Boss 5k/10k was a success. We started on time and as far as I know nobody died. Thank you to all the PAX that ran and had a fun time and fellowship.

For the 5k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. MacGyver
  2. Harry Carry

For the 10k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Sir Topham Hat
  2. mix of PAX coming from all directions—no idea

For the Ruck, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Dark Helmet for 11min pace 5k ruck…..nice work!

Honorable Mention for Anchorman completing the 5k and Barry Manilow being his wingman!

The Convergence kicked off on time and we had Gecko open us up in prayer. We split the groups up and away we went with COT at 0750. Click on links to see the pain that was delivered…..Merry Christmas!

Black Diamond – Longshanks Q –

Bootcamp – Cha Ching Q –

Noderate – Barry Manilow Q –

COT came together and we had 83 men attend this year.

Welcome FNG – Lake Effect, who is 41 not the 50 that he just shouted out. Classic!

Many announcements:

  • Thank you Site Qs for all your work, dedication and leadership!
  • Serve Saturdays ….reach out to Deacon, Bolt, NASA for info…..HIMs!!
  • Joe Davis Run Jan 6
  • Friday Convergence with 3rdF post beat down Jan 12
  • Rooster CSAUP Jan 20
  • Yeti – February
  • P200 – March

More than a workout!!


  • Dark Helmet shared his sister is in need of prayer. Please remember DH and his family each day in prayer
  • Family visiting is fun and sometimes no so fun. BE HIMs!!
  • Prayers for all the PAX traveling and for peace this week!


I spoke to the PAX about how 2000 years ago Sky Q sent his son into the world in the form of a baby. When looking for a place to come in from the cold there WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN. I believe we all fall into this trap and put so much busy into our lives that we don’t have ROOM AT THE INN for Sky Q in our lives. We fill our hearts and minds with so much and when it come to his word and being in relationship, we DON”T HAVE ROOM AT THE INN (in our hearts).

I challenge myself and the PAX to make room for SKY Q and see how it changes your life in 2018 and beyond.

Honored to lead this PAX. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

Cake Boss


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Ballroom Beatdown

So as I stepped outside this morning my first thought was “this is 44 degrees?” As the wind cut straight through my workout gear.  I was cold…so I guess we need to keep moving to stay warm.

At 5:15 sharp we stared off with a mosey down the entrance road to the bend by the field for our warmup. The warmup consisted of the following, all in cadence:

  • SSH – 15
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 (in honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out this week)
  • Move aside for a better late than never greatly missed kotter, Uncle Cracker (who EH’d me into F3 just 10 short months ago)…treated with a wave
  • Windmills – 10
  • Low Slow Squat – 10

Then it was time to mosey around to the wall at the back of the school for The start of The Thang

  • Everyone grab some walls for The People’s Chair as each PAX took their turn with a 10 count
  • A little talk about the word of the month, Gifts
  • Balls to the Wall in the same fashion as The People’s Chair…each PAX with a 10 count (the counting pace was MUCH faster this time around…Hmmm)
  • A couple of 10 counts to recover
  • Another round of People’s Chair, same as before
  • Another round of Balls to the Wall, only this time a single count like when we count off at COT

Mosey across the bridge to the football field and partner up…size does not matter

For a series of 3 exercises one PAX will stay in the end zone while the partner runs to the 50 yard line and back, then switch.  Plank for the six.

  • LBC’s
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks


  • Carolina Dry Dock’s
  • Hello Dolly’s
  • Wide-Arm Merkins

We still had some time left, so it was perfect for a little Reince and repeat.  The only difference was on the last set of 3 we ran to the 30 yard line, but ran back at 75%

After a couple of 10 Counts I had one more beatdown attempt.  We all lined up on the goal line, and ran to the 50 yard line like normal, then continued to the other goal line at full out sprint…100%.

Took a couple 10 Counts and did the same thing back to the other goal line.  At this point I was so close to passing out, I honestly don’t know how any of the PAX was doing.  I just know they all beat me back to COT!

Mosey back to COT for a few minutes of Mary where we got the following exercises in (Probably a few others) all in cadence:

  • Mahktar Jai – 10
  • Side Stradle Hop (Twister style) – 10
  • Peter Parker – 10
  • Superman’s
  • LBC’s – 10
  • Imperial Walkers – 10
  • Morrocan Night Club’s – 15

Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayers and Praises

Then off to the cars…


TClap |


Its Christmas time and the word of the month is giving so I am asking if you would take moments pray about giving to help a fellow pax. Last year Stang got the Fort and the Rock pax to donate gift cards, cash and presents for me and my family.  This was huge for me and my family, with that  being said I feel the need to help a fellow pax and give back. I have been in touch with our pax of the Fort looking for someone to help out. This morning in COT it was mentioned by Destiny that a fellow pax’s son has just been diagnosed with leukemia and his wife is pregnant with twins. Then again Ginsu and Rock thrill had a tweet about it and come to find out it is an Area51  pax named Bout time his sons name is Jennings. This hits close to home and just knew this is who we need to help this year. a few

If I have never had the pleasure of posting with you in the Gloom I would like to take a second and share my story, Dec 2015 on Christmas eve my 2.5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL Type B, on Christmas day she had surgery to have a port installed and her first 3 rounds of chemo. We spent Christmas in the hospital and I broke down never cried so hard in my life. I reached out to God prayed that everything will be okay and about 10 min later after the took my daughter back for surgery he answered my pray because a peace just came over me and heard the words its going to be okay.  The last 2 years have been a hard 2 years with ups and downs but also have enlightened me, allowed me to get closer to God.  It also allowed me to become apart of F3 with out the men of this group not sure where I would be mentally and physically today. I like to thank you for the push the words of encouragement.


I am asking pax to give what your heart tells you. Prayers gift cards, cash etc. I have seen what awesome pax you can be when challenged to give you all always go above and beyond.

See your site Q’s for collections and or Dark helmet , Stang, Witch hunt, Royale and Cornerstone, we want to wrap it up by 12/22/17


2 Corinthians 9:7

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Proverbs 18:16

A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.


Thanks Again HIMS


TClap |

Quagmire –

20 At the Quagmire for a fill in Q

  • Welcomed everyone and introduced Will our FNG
  • We did a disclaimer
  • We mentioned Victory and what it looks like in all areas of our lives
  • Mosey to COP
  • Mosey to alley between Home Depot and Target
  • Beatdown doing 8 exercises and sliding crates on the ground (burners)
  • Mosey to fountain for derkins, dips and step ups
  • Mosey to COT
  • Had some announcements
  • Few prayers and couple of praises
  • Ball of Man

Thank you for the lead DaVinci!


TClap |

just a rainy Monday…

Conditions cold and rainy about 38 degrees…you had to want to be here


Vinny rolled in on 2 wheels…

Off and running for a moving warmup-O-rama…

Parking lot #AMRAP style, each space had an exercise, do that exercise, run a lap, move to next spot, and repeato…

Board consisted of:

10 Flying squirrels

20 HR Mericans

50 BB situps

20 Carolina Dry Docks

Hairburner to the curb (short distance)

Hairburner to the curb (long distance) aka crowd pleaser…cement block was smoking…

20 KB curls

20 KB Triceps

10 Flying squirrels

50 LBC

10 Peter Parkers

50 Flutters

10 Burpee

50 Rosie

50 Hello Dolly

50 SSH

Run was about a 200 meters…seemed easy…

The mumblechatter was epic, great group of #HIM

Jedi won…a very strong performance


Very weird Dallas Cowboy fan drove through our workout…dude was a jackass, talked junk but was too scared to workout with us…


Prayer or Praise / BOM

See you at The Swamp Friday…

Quick sermon on personal accountability, not being fooled that others care about you performance, and how lucky we are for this F3 Brotherhood



TClap |

Mini Board of Pain at The Abyss

I hate being cold. BUT…..thankfully F3 makes sure the chill does not last long. The cold makes for good running and workout weather.

There’s always a good solid number of folks who show up at the Abyss, and today did not disappoint. No FNGs , disclaimer was said and off we went.

Moseyed around the entrance area parking lot. Nothing fancy, just a nice light run for a few minutes or so. Gathered up along the side of the school near the grassy hillside we ALL love (saving that for another Q) for the COP:

  • SSH x 25
  • WM x 15
  • IW x 20
  • MNC x 20
  • STRAWBERRY pickers x 15

Didn’t want to take too much time away from the main event. No talking (a first for a NASA Q), we just moseyed on over to the back of the school, where there is a nice oval track. Here I had the main event set up.

The MINI Board Of Pain

The real Board of Pain has become somewhat of a legend in The Fort region. It has been around for quite some time challenging people to complete it, and it is pretty much THE most challenging thing to try and complete in a 45min workout. I figured we need to keep our eye on the prize and came up with the mini version, lest people forget what the real one can do to the unprepared. There are 18 exercises, 100+ reps each, on the real BoP. With runs between exercises. This one is a scaled down, slightly rearranged version. Three groups of 5 exercises, 25 reps each OYO (unless otherwise noted), nonstop, with runs after every 5th exercise:

  1. Burpees
  2. Calf raises (50)
  3. Ski Abs
  4. Merkins
  5. Long, slow squats >>> Run a lap
  6. LBCs (50)
  7. CDDs
  8. American hammers
  9. Mac Tar Jai
  10. Jump squats >>> RUN FORREST, RUN!!
  11. Mountain climbers
  12. Shoulder raises (50)
  13. Mary Catherines
  14. Hello Dolly!
  15. Wide arm merkins >>> Run like the wind(ed)…
    (missing from the original BoP were squat jacks, nipplers – whatever the hell those are, and burpees)

Again, NO talking from the Q. A first for NASA (mark it down). I did provide some Pandora streaming music, albeit with a little minor technical difficulty pairing my speaker with my phone (folks were on exercise 4 by the time I got it figured out). The PAX really got after it! Alot of great support and mumblechatter. Most everyone completed 2 full circuits, a few started on their third. GREAT JOB BY ALL!!

We took it right up to ~ 5:57. Enough time for a slow Indian run back to the COT.

Announcements, Prayers, and Praises:

  • IF you have nasty, dirty, stained, smelly athletic clothing that desperately need to be cleaned – talk to DaVinci. A friend is starting up a company whose product will save those clothes and make them look/smell new. Send them in, they’ll clean them for FREE, and return them good as new.
  • Christmas party – SIGN UP AND GO!! You won’t regret it.
  • Joe Davis run for Hope in Jan 2018
  • Rock Hill’s Rooster CSAUP
  • York’s Ice Breaker CSAUP
  • Turkey drive for Paradise community
  • Prayers for Whopper’s Mom as she undergoes surgery and for quick recovery.
  • Prayers for Cha-Ching as he tries to find balance in his life (aren’t we all)
  • Prayers for Flea’s son in his continued amazing recovery from health issues at birth
  • Prayers for those unsaid
  • Praises for everyone continuing to push themselves every day to get better


I kept the conversations to the end of the COT. Yes, believe it! I just want to highlight how amazing this thing we call F3 is, how much of an impact it can have on yourself AND others. Each and every day PAX are coming out at o-dark-thirty, rain or shine, heat or cold. They’re there to work out, but are drawn out by the people, the fellowship, and mad stronger by the Faith. The more and more you are exposed to the 3 F’s, the more and more you submit yourself to them and what they can do, the more and more you change. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each and every day PAX in F3 strive to get better in some aspect of their lives. And it has a contagious effect – you find yourself getting pulled along by those leading the way, or you may be pulling others along who need your leadership. It is amazing to watch people transform. I’ve seen many FNGs since I’ve started, and the ‘then vs now’ comparisons are inspiring to say the least. Those 3 F’s can have a profound impact on one’s life.

Almost 2 years ago before I started F3, I was a rather diffident person. I kept up a good facade, but if someone were to ask me to do 100+ burpees, do a handstand vertical against a wall, run a few trails in the middle of the night, run from Columbia to Charleston, ruck 20+ miles with 40lbs or so on my back doing exercises along the way, participate in a few completely stupid and utterly pointless events with alot of miles and alot of pain along the way, or run a marathon – I would just laugh and say “some day”. If someone were to ask me if I feel closer to God, even reading the Bible regularly and attending church again, I’d shrug it off and say “some day”. If someone were to ask me if I felt more in control of my own emotions, actions, and judgments, were the best husband and father a family could ask for, I’d roll my eyes and say “some day”. Well those “some day”s are now. I cannot believe some of the things I have done since the MANY amazing F3 PAX have entered my life, pushing and pulling me along to get better, push my limits. Their open-ness, inspiring stories, leadership, wisdom, and listening abilities have inspired me and helped me become a much better man in many ways. Their non-judgement has made me at ease when I do not feel as Christian as I should be in my ways, and with their help and leadership I am changing that. I am still a work in progress, but I am not afraid anymore to admit it nor am I afraid anymore to climb the proverbial mountain towards self improvement. I am eager and inspired to tackle it.

In the spirit of the month of Thanksgiving – each and every day I thank God for F3, and for the amazing people who really make it what it is.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

TClap |

Build-a-burp Workshop

19 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Big showing from lake wylie thanks to Jedi.

A disclaimer was made and the bootcampers mosied around HT for cop.
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 19
Windmills x 13
Low slow squats x 16
Merkins x 11
LBCs x 15
Parker Peters x 15
(Reps are guestimates… no rhyme or reason to #s)
Bodybuilder burpees x 10 OYO (multiple demos requested, still no consensus on order of plank jack/merkin)
The thang
Mosied over to the fountain for some deconstructed bodybuilder burpees in pairs.
1st pax bear crawled to cone, ran to the hill to circle, and then crab walked back to the start from cone.
2nd pax did x16 of the following followed by LBCs until relieved by 1st pax:
Leg thrusts
Plank Jacks
Leg thrusts
Bodybuilder burpees
(mumblechattter included complaints of lack of visible cones)
Finished just in time and booked it over to HT for COT with a push from Davinci.
Christmas party
Probably missing something…. read your newsletter
Prayers and praises
Sick, injured, and traveling family.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
TClap |

Here comes the train – The Poopdeck 10/19/2017

10 Pax woke up and braved the “frozen tundra” (insert NFL voice) of the Poopdeck today. A disclaimer was given and we were off.

Took a longer mosey in front and around the back of the Bowl N’ Bounce shopping center then across the street to the ‘more well lit’ or ‘better lit’ (I dunno ask Jeti) parking lot for COP:

  • SSH x25
  • Imperial Walkers x10
  • WindMills x10
  • MC x20
  • Merkins x10
  • LBCs x20
  • Peter Parkers x10

Now the Pax were warm and ready to partake in  The Thang:

I had cones setup about 75 yards apart. The pax partnered up and would perform two exercises in reps of 10/14/18 with a travel to opposite cone and back in between. The exercises and travel were:

  • Round 1:
    • Merkins & Squat Knee Tucks
    • Railroad Tracks w Partner (partner planks while you jump over partner then plank and so on until you reach cone)
  • Round 2:
    • CDDs & BombJacks
    • Barrel Roll (similar to Railroad tracks however when jumping you place your hands on your partners back and use them as leverage for the jump. This forces the planking partner to engage their core and shoulders)
  • Round 3 (only had time to do 14 and 18 reps):
    • Monkey Humpers & Crunchy Frogs
    • Cover and Move (Ask CSPAN, learned it from him)

With that completed we lined up for an Indian Run back to COT. We got there with 2 minutes to spare so we completed the time with The Protractor.

Thanks to all the Pax for the push. Great group of men today woke up and got after it.

We had a very special COT today. Many Pax discussed the difficulties in their lives and requested prayers. I ask the we continue to be the men we have been called to be and seek the wisdom to provide guidance to those in need. We all have a cross to bear but we don’t have to carry it alone.  

Until next time, back to the hunt…

TClap |

Q School at Abyss – 10-11-17

Welcome to Q school from Senator Tressel and Ginsu! 19 PAX posted to sharpen their leadership skills.

Senator Tressel started off with guidelines on safety:

  • Always start with a disclaimer as a reminder, especially to new guys, that this is a voluntary workout led by non-professional fitness leaders. F3, nor the Q for the day assume any reliability if you get sick or hurt.   Be aware of your physical limitations and modify the workout if you need to.
  • Workouts are rain or shine, but should be cancelled if the conditions are unsafe. Usually this will be due to lightning or ice, but can be for other reasons.  The Q should use good judgement and make the call to cancel if he feels the conditions are not safe.  It’s OK to cancel a workout.  There will be another one tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that.  BE SMART.    Spring’s Maltz Challenge at NAFO was sighted as an example of what not to do.  The Q should also determine what exercises are safe to do (i.e. – no partner carries up a wet hill)
  • Always start with a warm up. ‘Surprising’ the Pax with 30 burpees to get things start might be fun, but is ill-advised.    Today, we did the Tressel  standard warm up which includes lunge walks, knee and ankle pulls, toy soldiers, arm circles and pulls.  Jogging and stretching are always good to start off a workout.

After the warm up, we moseyed to the back of the school for COP. ST led off with 25 side straddle hops and 10 merkins and then invited some of the newer Pax to lead exercises and practice counting. Things we stressed today:

  • The proper way, official, F3 way to start exercises in cadence is:  THE NEXT EXERCISE IS……, STARTING POSITION…MOVE….IN CADENCE… . EXERCISE!  (this is commonly done incorrectly)
  • COUNT MORE SLOWLY. ST is of the opinion that guys, in general, count too fast.  Slower counting is more effective for conditioning and leads to better form.  Your count should match your body movement when counting.
  • PROJECT YOUR VOICE so everyone can hear.
  • If your AO has pull up bars use them as much as possible.  The Abyss does have pull up bars so we split into three groups and did pull ups, step ups, and one lap around the track (3 reps were planned, but we only had time for one).

After each group got through a round of pull ups, we all assumed the plank position in a a tight circle for today’s message. Working the monthly theme or other message into the workout is not required, but can be an effective addition to the workout.    This is something unique to the Fort region.

Senator Tressel normally does not do a message, but felt compelled after reading an article about the reasons that people commit acts like the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.  The writer opined that loneliness, frustration, unhappiness, and lack of purpose can lead people to commit heinous crimes.  The mission of F3 addresses these issues.  ST shared that the greatest thing that F3 has done for him is make him a much happier,  ‘at peace’ man.

ST handed off to Ginsu for the 2nd half.

Mosey to the front parking lot.

For the second half of the workout, we focused on the following:

  • Simplicity – Keep the workouts simple! Creativity is encouraged, but not at the expense of a solid, well organized workout. Keeping your workout simple makes organization easy and is less confusing for the PAX. Repetition (e.g. DORA, Jacob’s Ladder, etc.) is a good way to keep workouts simple.
  • Simple does not mean EASY! Burpees, pull-ups, merkins, bear crawls, etc. are all SIMPLE exercise options. But they are not EASY. Challenge the PAX with good workouts, keep it simple, but not EASY.
  • If you can’t do it, don’t Q it! – Challenge your PAX, but don’t turn a 45 minute workout into a CSAUP event. Use good judgment and don’t ask your PAX to do something that you can’t do yourself.
  • Pick up the SIX! – F3 is not like other workout groups. Here, it is you vs you and we pick each other up. We also EH new PAX weekly that are often as out of shape as the rest of us were when we began. Pick them up, encourage them. Appoint one of the PAX to hang back with them, if necessary.
  • Write your BackBlasts! This is part of the responsibility of being a Q. The simpler your workout, the easier the BBs are to write. It takes 5-10 minutes to do this. Just get it done.

With all this talk, you would think we didn’t actually do any work…we did. We kept it simple.

  • 4 cones in the shape of a square 50 yds apart. Do the following exercises at each cone, run to the next:
    • 5 burpees
    • 10 merkins
    • 10 big boy sit ups
    • Vinnie’s choice – 10 Freddie Mercury’s (4 count)


  • Announcements
    • Fast 5 – November 4th
    • CAH – Saturday, October 14th
    • BBQ Competition in Waxhaw
    • October 21st – run in Tega Cay to benefit Community Cafe
  • Prayer Requests
    • Marriages
    • Vegas
    • ST’s sister
    • CakeBoss’s sister

Thanks for the invitation Lake Dub!


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