Conditions were near perfect this morning in The Fort. 65 degrees, clear skies, nice breeze meant that we have optimal weather for bettering ourselves. We started off with a quick disclaimer, set up the BAM in the workout (Burpees, American Hammers(IC), and Merkins (SC). We started with a 5-10-15 and each time BAM was called incremented by 1…6-12-18 and so on.

We started off and immediately Chicken Hawk calls ‘BAM’. I think he must have been testing the system out, it worked 10 steps into the mosey, we did the 5-10-15 and proceeded with the mosey to the bus loop.

Did some dynamic stretching, toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees and then took another mosey past the playground to the back parking lot.

Circled up for PAX led warmup, SSH, LBCs, Windmills, CDDs, Peter Parkers, and Parker Peters. Now that we were all warmed up and a few more BAMs called out, we did some leg work.

Single leg hops – R for 75 yards
Single leg hops – L for 75 yards
Ski jumps at an angle for 75 yards
BAM!! 7-14-21
Backward lunge

Mosied to back wall.

BAM! 8-16-24
Aussie Mountain Climbers – 15 degree, 10 count, 45 degree, 10 count, BTTW 10 count, 45 degree 10 count, 15 degree 10 count.
BAM! – 9-18-27
WALL Sits – 10 count each PAX
Wall Tar Jai – 10 count each PAX

That was a winner!

Mosied to SMS loop.

Last BAM! was spread out over the loop performing one of the exercises at each corner.

Proceeded to COT with some SSH in the middle for a rest.

At COT had time for 1 minute of Freddies and we were done!!

Thanks to all for pushing each other and to Jiffy for having YHC as Q.

Great work today.


Prayers to those families affected by tragedy in Florida, but also those who are dealing with the lead up to those flash points across the country.

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Another beautiful, slightly cool morning as the PAX assembled at the buffet. 5:15 hit and we broke up into bootcampers and ruckers. Disclaimer was given and off we moseyed to behind Teeter. Circle up for normal warmups: SSH (20), HW (20), Low slow squats (15), Windmill (10), Peter Parker (10), Parker Peter (10), MNC (20).

Mosey over to water fountain behind apartments. Spread out around it and then bear crawl around entire fountain circle. Take a couple of steps over to bottom of hill. Time for deconstructed burpee ladder: squat thrusters (I’m sure they have some F3 name I’m missing), jump squats, & merkins. Do same number of these at bottom of hill, run to top of hill, do remainder of ladder, then run back to bottom and plank for the 6 before next round.

  • R1 -> Bottom = 20/20/20, Top = 0/0/0
  • R2 -> Bottom = 15/15/15, Top = 5/5/5
  • R3 -> Bottom = 10/10/10, Top = 10/10/10
  • R4 -> Bottom = 5/5/5, Top = 15/15/15
  • R5 -> Bottom = 0/0/0, Top = 20/20/20

Mosey back to small traffic circle in front of apartments. Circle up, all PAX doing lunges. One by one each PAX did 4 burpees. After we made it around the circle, 20 CDDs & 20 Flutters.

Mosey to side lot and break into 2 lines for sprints. Line 1 sprint to end of building, line 2 take off once line 1 gets 3/4 down. 4 sets of sprints. Time for some ab work. 10 small circles clockwise, 10 small circles counter-clockwise, 10 box-cutters. 4 more sets of sprints and some more abs: 10 toe-touch LBCs, 10 hello-dollies, & 10 rosalitas.  Times almost up, one final sprint, all you got back to COT.

Great work by all the PAX today. It’s always encouraging to see some new faces, several old faces, and some guys coming back from IR. Always an honor lead this group! Thanks Decibel for the opportunity.


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Taking it easy at the Golden Corral

After two Qs last week, YHC’s creativity was all but spent. Nevertheless, when Old Bay asked if I could fill in for Boeheim, I agreed to help. I still have that Twister spinner I made for a previous Q, so I already had something “prepared” in case I didn’t have time to come up with something new.

Not being satisfied with repeating something, I decided to at least update the board a bit (and tried cutting off a finger in the process, so ignore the blood stain if you see it). This will come in handy later, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

14 cold-ish PAX (well, 13, as Cake Boss came rolling in late) posted to Golden Corral before dividing up – six to ruck with Mainframe, Old Bay to run by himself, and seven for the bootcamp. Disclaimer was given (probably my best yet), and off we went. The first couple minutes of the mosey around to the back parking lot were spent explaining what we were not doing: no somersaults, no inverted burpees, no flips, etc. Apparently people get concerned when they find out it’s a Jedi Q. Incorporating knees to chest, butt kickers, and karaoke, we wove around until we found a good spot in the corner of the back parking lot to warm up a bit.


My warmups are getting a bit repetitive, but it seems I feel the need to stretch the hamstrings and open the hips with:

10 windmills IC

10 low slow squats IC

10 hillbilly walkers IC

10 merkins IC

Downward dog with cross body ankle grabs (probably the weirdest move of the day)

Not feeling quite warm enough, we moved over to the curb for some dips and crab cakes, Jack Webb style: one dip and four crab cakes (single count, with hands on curb), all the way up to ten and forty. Our shoulders got nice and toasty, though there were many modifications including a fully-seated version of the crab cake, but since Cake Boss has 60 pound weights at the end of both legs, grace was extended.

Shake it off, then mosey around to the front of Harris Teeter for the remainder of our fun.

The Thang

As mentioned, the Twister spinner made a reappearance for today. Basically, spin the spinner, do the exercise as prescribed, then run across the parking lot to the stop sign and back. Rinse and repeat. The exercises:

Two Arms

Donkey Kick (x20)

Merkins (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Dips (x20)

One Arm

Donkey Kick (x20)

Merkins (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Dips (x20)

Two Legs

Donkey Kick (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Squat Jumps (x20)

Bear Crawl

One Leg

Donkey Kick (x20)

Burpees (x10)

Squat Jumps (x20)

Bear crawl

The first spin resulted in one-arm merkins, which was a real crowd pleaser following the Jack Webb dip/crab cake combo. That, and they’re one-arm merkins. Other exercises completed include burpees (normal, one arm, and one leg), donkey kicks (normal and one leg), dips (normal and one arm), bear crawl (just normal), squat jumps (normal), and merkins (normal). I can’t remember the order, but it was pretty balanced, and there was a lot of running involved, ending with a quick run to COT to meet the ruckers and runner.


  • Read your newsletter
  • Yeti is coming up. Sign up and do it.
  • February second Tuesday lunch will be at Pasquel’s (with either a hard or soft q sound, depending on who you ask) rather than Fort Mill BBQ.
  • Maybe some others, but Decibel was in a hurry.

Praises and Prayers

  • ChaChing’s grandpa passed away over the weekend, so prayers for the family and ChaChing and his wife as they travel north today.
  • Cake Boss’s thirty-something plumber Jason had a stroke (and answered the phone in the hospital)
  • Decibel’s son’s classmate Violet has meningitis
  • Prayers for the community in light of recent events

As always, it was an honor to lead these men, and you can ask any of the bootcamp guys – it wasn’t bad. You need not be afraid of a Jedi Q. We don’t always do weird inverted stuff. Sometimes I need an easy day.


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#218in18 Kick-off Convergence BackBlast

76 PAX (including 4 FNGs) met in the gloom at Harris Teeter this morning to kick the year off the right way.

Group 1 – Jedi

Start with 60 seconds of plank tutorial, then a fairly lame attempt to explain the exercise “routine” for the upper body station. The routine, to be done in increasing AMRAP style:
· Incline Merkins
· Low Country Crab Boil (One leg, one hand dips)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Left hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Left hand on curb)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Pseudo Planche Merkins
· Donkey Kicks
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Right hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Right hand on curb)
· 90° Turn to starting position

Start with 10 reps for each exercise, then add 2 reps each round after that (10, 12, 14, 16, …). Only the elite few made it past the round of 12.

Group 2 – Peabody

An absolute honor to lead a convergence and had so much fun working with all the guys. Here’s the fun of the cardio Q.

SPRINT Relays!!!  

3 team

60 Yard sprint

Team members are doing Seal Jacks, side straddle hops, or flutters while teammate runs.

Winning team selects penalty exercise for 2 losing teams. (Unknown is losing team has to do the penalty exercise too but only half the reps).

Rinse and repeat the sprint relay races once teams are mixed up.

Mary to follow:

  • 50 LBCs
  • 25 Flutters
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s

Lists of fun to hear the encouragement of other Pax and see the competition bring out the most in guys.  Saw lots of guys really push hard to win for their team.

Group 3 – Jekyll

Motley Crue and 80’s hairband soundtrack

  • COP: SSH, IW, Squat
  • 5 Burpee OYO, 4 OYO, 3 OYO
  • Lt Dan: squat and jumping , 1:4 ration
    • 1 squat: 4 jumping lunge, 2 squat: 8 Jumping lunge…10 squat: 40 jumping lunge
  • 5 burpee OYO
  • Calf Raises 25 each: Straight, Toes Out, Toes In
  • Donkey Kicks


Welcome FNGs Iron City, Humps, Hillary, and Juliet

Prayers by CakeBoss for leadership.

– Ginsu

TClap |

What’s that Smell, C’MON Man

6 Ruckers
5 Bootcampers
1 Runner

Moving Dynamic Warm-up

COP – The Usual exercises

Partner Up

Ab/Arm Combo’s thrown in throughout the beatdown

Partner Up

P1 – Exercise, P2 – Run around Chick-Fil-A, Flapjack



Mt. climbers

Ab arm Combo

Evacuation movement #1 Short mosey Mattress firm to compounding 4 corners

Wind Up

1st Corner 20 – SSH

2nd Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats

3rd Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins

Merkins were performed at a faster than normal pace in order to evade the crisp morning air.

4th Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees


1st Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

2nd Corner 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

3rd Corner 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

4th Corner 5 – Burpees

Mosey to Best Buy wall

Wall Sit

Run to Middle Island

AB/Arm combos

Evacuate to a new wall section, you guessed it, Cable Guy!

Repeat wall sit further down the wall

Mosey to COT

Another evacuation order was given and COT was moved about 40 feet from the usually designated area.

Many Prayers this morning both spoken and not.

Always an honor to lead and appreciate the opportunity Cable Guy.


TClap |

Holiday Run and Gun

Run and Gun experienced its largest numbers of recent times this past Wednesday night.


Two PAX – CC (Tiny) & Twister kicked off RNG at 5:15 with a pre-ruck and a short visit with Quack Attack and his son (searching for an Eagle project).

At 6:15 the rest of the PAX joined with Cornhole and CG running with the balance (four) rucking with two coupons 40 lb and 60lb (courtesy Cornhole) and executing the 7 – seven minutes rucking followed by three exercises, rinse and repeat until time is called.

After COT – where we offered prayers for PAX Mr. Clean,  Cornhole, CG, MF and Twister adjourned to Six Pence for 2nd F where libations and hearty fare (including properly toasted bread on CG’s BLT) were shared.

Happy New Year to all the PAX across the US


TClap |

Final Shopping Days at the Swamp

After setting up some fun cones I made it to the AO to see the large group of PAX ready for the day. We had a special guest return of Jerry Lewis back on leave from his military training. Great to have him out! We also got an FNG that several men EH’d from our monthly 2nd F beer social.  He received the name “Wingman”for the old barhopping days with your boys…

With an FNG I gave a long disclaimer and the ruckers started on their way out…the campers followed me.

Mosey down the streets with a run and dynamic warmup.

Made it to COP where we completed to following:

24 SSHs

24 MNCs

19 Squats

11 Windmills (by now the mumble chatter has  started on my sporadic stops)

12 Merkins

11 Ski Abs (I was just being lazy, no other  rhyme to my counts)

Mosey over to the Rivergate Fountain for some speed shopping!

I set up 8 cones in front of eight different stores around the area, or goal was to split into groups of four  and make our speedy stops at the shop and do the two exercises listed at that stop.  Once you completed the two exercises your group ran around the large circle and moved to the next store in front of your previous cone.

The  exercises at each cone consisted of :

#1 25 Carolina Dry docks

#1 20 burpees

#2 40 LBCs

#2 40 Squats

#3 20 bombjacks

#3 30  moroccan night clubs

#4 20 merkins

#4 25  squat jumps

#5 30  Freddie mercury’s

#5 20  wide arm Merkins

#6 40  Side straddle hops

#6 30 Ski Abs

#7 20  dying cockroaches (my fav)

#7 20 diamond Merkins

#8 25  Imperial walkers

#8 40  calf raises

Most of these exercises were in double counts – and in cadence.  The laps were long and the reps were high!  Everyone broke a good sweat and we ran out of time for our last 4 extra shop stops of the day…  so we  trucked it back to COT two minutes late.  Each group completed all eight stops!

At COT I got to share the story of my recent experience with my nine-year-old son. Seems the kids at school have been telling him that Santa is not real so he came home and ask my wife the truth about Santa Claus. Luckily for me she was prepared and had a wonderful two page note that she shared with him about the spirit of Santa and giving and God during Christmas.  I shared that note with the PAX.

TClap |

Changing of The Guard- Ranch Style

When checking in with the scheduled Q that was suppose to bring todays beat down, and he said he needed to call in a relief. YHC took it as an early Christmas present. Not only was I able to Q today I also got to hand off the shovel flag to a true HIM. It has an an honor to get to spend the last year leading on of my favorite AOs in all of The Fort, but also to be as excited to give it to Jiffy. He will only make this site even better.

We started off the morning with cars pulling in all the way up to the disclaimer. It was brief but to the point. All PAX knew to give what they could. Dig deep it will only hurt for 45 minutes. So they thought.

Start with easy mosey throwing in some high knees, butt kickers, karaoke.

Circle up SSHx20, IW x 15, windmills x 15, monkey humpers X15, Peter parkers x 10, 6 inches and hold x 2.

mosey to picnic benches dips in cadence x10 followed by derkins x10 for 3 sets.

change to legs 10 squat box jumps, 10 calf raises X3 sets

mosey to wall keep legs burning by doing 20 second wall sit.

Mosey to back of school. Partner up for DORA 1-2-3.

Partner 1 runs loop, Partner 2 merkins, squats, flutters.

Mosey to playground- 5 pulls ups 10 big boy sit-ups, 4 pull ups 8 big boy sit-ups down to 1.

Max set of pull ups.

Mosey to entrance 5 trees lunge walk to first, broad jump to second, bear crawl to third, squat walk to forth, and reverse lunge to fifth.

go back with lunge walk sprint, lunge walk sprint.

Mosey to COT. 1 min ab work.

Hand off Shovel Flag to Jiffy.

Announcements- Joe Davis Jan 6, Convergence this Saturday tega cay elementary 0600 5k/10k.

Prayers and praises for family’s coming and going out of town.

It has been a pleasure to serve the Ranch, the PAX and look forward to another leadership roll in F3.

Backdraft out…


TClap |

It’s a Burpee and Bear Crawl Tuesday!

15 PAX total with 4 Ruckers and 11 Bootcampers!

Disclaimer given……

Mosey to the back of Harris Teeter and circle up

Q called out 20 Seal jacks to start

Each PAX picks an exercise and calls out the cadence for 20 reps each



Imperial Walker

Hillbilly Walker

Freddy Mercury


Wind Mills

A few more I can’t remember

Peter Parker

Parker Peter

Stay in the area and line up for some suicides!

Bear crawl to each line in parking lot run back to start and do 1 Burpee

13 lines total (Crowd Pleaser) Especially Anchorman!!!

Round 2 Run to each line and do 2 Burpees at the start line each time

Round 3 Run to the 6th line do 5 Burpees, back to start 5 Burpees, to the end 5 Burpees, back to start 5 Burpees

There were some 10 counts in between just for a little bit to catch our breath!

Mosey to the wall for some wall sits and some more Burpees!!!

Mosey to COT and do a little Ab Lab to finish out!

Great workout! Warm weather (No complaints)


TClap |

Ruck W/O: Hill Work on Time

Golden Corral usually draws a good crowd of folks eager to take on a challenge. No different today. A bunch of go-get-ers ready to go get it, despite the cold and wind. Today the ruckers outnumbered the others. Awesome!

No FNGs. The disclaimer was disclaimed. Booties went off their own way, Rad the lone runner went blazing off at a great pace on his own, then we rucked up and got after it.

No 16+ min pace rucking was my goal all WO. So we started off with rucks on running/jogging to the parking lot in front of the church nearby for the COP (rucks off):

  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • IW x 15 (or so)
  • MNC x 20

Didn’t want to spend too much time on the COP. So then we rucked up and then short mosey over to the hill by the super realistic 300ft tall tree (aka cell tower). This hill is shorter than the hill by the church, but quite a bit steeper.

The Thang – Hill Work

Partner up for a couple of series of exercises / hill repeats.

First series: P1 farmer carries both rucks to top of hill as quick as possible (NO WALKING) and back, P2 AMRAP exercises, then swap. HIIT style, no rest. I did not want to waste any time. Circulate through the following exercises:

  1. Merkins
  2. LBC
  3. CDD
  4. Flutter (HAVE to say that with a thick Boston accent – Fluttah!!)
    >> Rinse and repeat one more time
    >> Plank w ruck on for the 6
    >> Couple of 10 sec breathers, then on to second series

Second series: P1 with ruck on run to top of hill, do 10 deep LSS, return; P2 AMRAP exercises, then swap. HIIT style, no rest. I did not want to waste any time. Circulate through the following exercises:

  1. Ruck curls
  2. Ruck swings
  3. Ruck upright rows
  4. Ruck overhead press
    >> Rinse and repeat one more time
    >> Plank w ruck on for the 6

BONUS: When you get to the top of the hill and look to your left (south), you get to see Tinsel’s house all lit up top to bottom!! Sweet!!

By the time we finished all of that, we were ready to get off that hill. Everyone did GREAT!! Alot of excellent mumblechatter by the group. Man we had a group of characters!! Confession – this is what I love about F3. No matter how much pain you’re in, it is so much better when you have folks pushing you on…..and distracting you from the pain with their 2nd F. It made the time go by much easier.

We had about 5 minutes or so to get back to COT. Rucked up and jogged/ran back…..until we saw a wall…..

People’s chair/wall sit, shoulder to shoulder. Rucks on laps. Sit for about 10-15 seconds, then left end person passes their ruck down the line (group is in wall sit position) while they bear crawl to the other side of the line to catch up to it, then back to wall sit position. Relay down the line until all are done. Tried to repeat, but ran out of time. Back just in time for the COP. GREAT JOB FELLAS!!!

This ruck WO I’ve done before at The Swamp. Stairs there help make it more painful. Had to bring it out to the GC. Sorry for not being original.

COT: Announcements, Prayers and Praises – see Boot Q BB

I’ve been keeping my talking during my Q’s to a minimum lately. Hey, it can happen. While we were on our brief breaks, I did want to briefly mention to the PAX something that has been on my mind. December is about Gifts. For me, the most important gift He has bestowed upon us all, beside His Son Jesus Christ, is the gift of time. Time ultimately translates to being able to wake up the next day and start each day new. Time allots you a chance to make things better than they were the day before. It promotes growth. It grants you wisdom. It allows you to show mercy, grace, and forgiveness. It allots you a chance to show someone how much they mean to you. It allots you opportunity to reconnect, correct, reconcile with others. It gives you opportunity to heal. It affords one a chance for peace.

But by no means is this gift guaranteed. It can perish at any given moment. We all are given a certain amount of it, and only He knows how much. This is why we have to cherish every moment we are given, and use it wisely.

I bring this up because in December 2002 I lost my dad to leukemia. I did not talk about this to the PAX. Since then, each year around the holidays I get in a funk. My normally positive, energetic self is a bit less so. It has not gotten any easier with time either. He was my best friend, the best dad one could have. He has had an amazing impact on my life. I was blessed to have the amazing family I am part of, and he and my Mom were the reason that was so. To this day I miss seeing him when I visit and calling home and hearing his voice. I thought he was invincible, a hero in my eyes from the time I was a toddler up to this very day. When cancer got him, it put a hole in my heart and soul that to this day I still feel. Our precious time together on this earth was cut short way too early. My mom has been a total trooper. She is an amazing woman. She’s gone through the loss of a son, a husband, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, her mother and father, in-laws, and friends. But to this day she is still loving, laughing, nurturing as she was when I was a little child. An incredible mother, another blessing.  When my mom’s time is up, it will rip another hole in my heart and soul as well. I do not have any regrets of my time with my dad…..other than he not being able to ever meet his grandkids, my two sons, one of which I named after him. But what I have learned….through the gift of time… that they, with His word as well, have both showed me how to be a proper parent, son, husband, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, and citizen – a better person as a whole – our most important task here on earth, for it impacts the lives of others. Now it is up to me to figure out how I can follow that path. I know that one day my time on earth will end, and then I will be with them, with Him. That path will lead me to there.

2018 is coming. A new year. Another gift of time. I challenged each of the PAX to reflect on 2017 (and previous years). Be honest with yourself and identify what things or aspects in your lives you would like a second chance at. What have you REALLY taken for granted? What would you do better? What would you improve? Who would you want to reconnect and reconcile with? Who would you want to better know how you feel about them? Who would you like to forgive, and let them know? What needs to heal? Where do you need to find peace? When you identify the ‘whats’, the ‘hows’ will be self-evident within you if you open your heart and soul to finding the answers. The path may be rough and challenging, but anything worth achieving usually is. Persevere! Use this gift of time wisely.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

God Bless

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