Shieldlock at Quagmire

The few Mondays I have not been DR lately most could find me logging a few miles for the impending P200 destruction.  Pushups have been in shortsupply and even few posts to Quagmire or being a Q.  GLOOM: The murky pre-dawn in which the PAX gather around the Shovel Flag in preparation for a Workout.  Add 45 degrees and wet rain- you’ve got yourself a double dose.  7 men were disclaimed and here is what they did:

Opened with #pearlsonastring- a roving COP throughout the AO.  Ran to Target lot for 20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 hello dollies.  Run to Buff Wild Wing for 20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 hello dollies, 14 Mountain Climbers.  Run some more: 20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 12 hello dollies, 14 Mountain Climbers. 16 Monkey Humpers.  Always good for cars to drive by during MH routine…

Run to City Tavern, err… Bluewater, err…abandoned skeleton of a restaurant .  Grab a partner, run up stairs, down stairs and do 8 partner plank derkins, 8 partner plank dips.  Flapjack.  Rinse/Repeat x3.  Davinci led Mary until #six came in

Mosey to Home Depot Wall.  3 sets each of Wall sits and Balls to Wall.  Tony Horton P90X interlude with Sneaky Toe Lunges down and back, Groucho squat walk down and back, Bear Crawl.

Mosey to Wine Shop back lot for 6 minutes of mary: Boxcutters, Rosalita, Dying Cockroach, LBC, Freddie Mercury, Peter Parker

Great work by MOAB and Bones to lead from the front.  Name of the day goes to Gleek.  I remember Gleek being the spit you could fire between the teeth to an unsuspecting kid at school (disgusting, confirmed), not the #wondermut of superhero power twins.  Our PAX’s collective recall of random pop culture references knows no bounds.  Anywho- Gleek is also a smiley nice guy even though he lives in a van down by the river…if only temporarily.  True story.  Also only guy who may out “southern drawl” Mr. Clean.  Ok, I may be exaggerating.  but only a little.

Got a great opportunity to partner with relative newcomer Primer.  Bones responsible for this EH(nice- #218in2018).  Get to know this guy.  Keep working Primer- keep up with the guy in front of you.  You’ll be mid pack then front pack before you know.  U vs U. #leavenomanbehind

Then there’s Davinci and Mr. Clean.  Never seen Davinci in pain.  Always smiling. Will need to insert more burpees apparently.  Mr. Clean work the ethic today and the Tahoe Chariot to pick me up.

Naked Man Moleskin

Shieldlock- the horizontal relationship between Men.  Each man discussed why they escaped the fartsack on a day like today.  Accountability, to support YHC on Q (T-Claps here, #humbled), clean out emotional poison, get better, meet new people and forge male relationships.  All of these no more important than the other and each with their own merit.  We discussed #Shieldlock as Dredd has been writing about this week but also many men in F3 have tweeted about relationships with men who challenge them and make them better.  Robber in Columbia, SC talked of many years ago having a man looking him square in the eye and say, “you’re getting sideways”.  You’re drinking too much and its affecting your life.  Sober since.  YHC’s whetstone partner keeps me in the guardrails of Lust (THX CSPAN), Pornography, drinking, but also self acceptance.  Being good enough.  These deep conversations from the men in the gloom help to sharpen our blades and make us better.

Prayers for Ella Maude Beard, MOAB Mammon search, Gleek’s family (M, shorties) during this temporary time of living apart for work.

Thanks for Q today.



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Pantheon Tribute to Mr. Clean and His Bride

Warmup:  Indian Run with High Knees, Lunges, Karaoke, Side Shuffle

The Thang:

Split Soccer Field – one side = plyometric exercises and other side weight exercises for 9 reps each side to celebrate 2018:

Station 1:  Side Straddle hops to summersault to Station 2:  Pullups on Fence,

Station 3:  Bombjacks to Lunge to Station 4:  30lb kettlebell swing,

Station 5:  Burpees to Crabwalk to Station 6:  50lb Ruck Press,

Station 7:  High Knees to Bear Crawl to Station 8:  20 lb Sandbag American Hammer,

Station 9:  Squat Jumps to 1/2 Suicide to Station 10:  40lb Sandbag Slam,

Station 11:  Goofballs to Bear Crawl to Station 12:  20lb Ruck Upright Rows,

Station 13:  Roll Merkin to Gorilla Walkers to Station 14:  10lb KettleBell Mace

Men rotated to parking lot run when done to circle of power for superman pumps to merkins in Jack Webb Fashion.

Rinse and repeat.

Prayers:  For Mr. Cleans Family and his Bride Cindy for strenght and wisdom as they celebrate her life.  For Lutefisks mother to be cured of cancer.

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The Armory – Keeping warm while listening to Death Metal

8 pax came to get stronger, better, faster and so they came to The Armory of course.
It was a chilly morning so we had to keep moving but I wanted to keep to kettle-bell tradition.
The Thang:
  • Mosey around church
  • Shuffles
  • karaoke
  • toy soldiers
  • SSHs


Go Grab bells and meet at the circle

Partner up and here we go…

  • Partner does exercise while other partner runs the circle around the lot or optional bear crawl up to church doors and back. It was a nice mix.
Flutter kick
Russian twist
V up
Hello dolly
Leg raises
Right leg
Squat figure 8
Left leg
KB Swing
Shoulder press
Upright row
Bent row
Lat raises
R/L Curl
Concentration curl
Tri extention
Skull crushers
R/L Curl
Great time by all and we stayed warm.
The PAX for The Journey showed up at 6 so we knew it was time to go.
Thanks for Q Assassin!
Cake Boss
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2017 Clave Boss 5k/10k & Christmas Convergence

Here we are as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more——Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!

The largest turn out by far for the Clave Boss 5k/10k was a success. We started on time and as far as I know nobody died. Thank you to all the PAX that ran and had a fun time and fellowship.

For the 5k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. MacGyver
  2. Harry Carry

For the 10k, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Sir Topham Hat
  2. mix of PAX coming from all directions—no idea

For the Ruck, here were are winners of Bundt Cakes

  1. Dark Helmet for 11min pace 5k ruck…..nice work!

Honorable Mention for Anchorman completing the 5k and Barry Manilow being his wingman!

The Convergence kicked off on time and we had Gecko open us up in prayer. We split the groups up and away we went with COT at 0750. Click on links to see the pain that was delivered…..Merry Christmas!

Black Diamond – Longshanks Q –

Bootcamp – Cha Ching Q –

Noderate – Barry Manilow Q –

COT came together and we had 83 men attend this year.

Welcome FNG – Lake Effect, who is 41 not the 50 that he just shouted out. Classic!

Many announcements:

  • Thank you Site Qs for all your work, dedication and leadership!
  • Serve Saturdays ….reach out to Deacon, Bolt, NASA for info…..HIMs!!
  • Joe Davis Run Jan 6
  • Friday Convergence with 3rdF post beat down Jan 12
  • Rooster CSAUP Jan 20
  • Yeti – February
  • P200 – March

More than a workout!!


  • Dark Helmet shared his sister is in need of prayer. Please remember DH and his family each day in prayer
  • Family visiting is fun and sometimes no so fun. BE HIMs!!
  • Prayers for all the PAX traveling and for peace this week!


I spoke to the PAX about how 2000 years ago Sky Q sent his son into the world in the form of a baby. When looking for a place to come in from the cold there WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN. I believe we all fall into this trap and put so much busy into our lives that we don’t have ROOM AT THE INN for Sky Q in our lives. We fill our hearts and minds with so much and when it come to his word and being in relationship, we DON”T HAVE ROOM AT THE INN (in our hearts).

I challenge myself and the PAX to make room for SKY Q and see how it changes your life in 2018 and beyond.

Honored to lead this PAX. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

Cake Boss


TClap |

Ballroom Beatdown

So as I stepped outside this morning my first thought was “this is 44 degrees?” As the wind cut straight through my workout gear.  I was cold…so I guess we need to keep moving to stay warm.

At 5:15 sharp we stared off with a mosey down the entrance road to the bend by the field for our warmup. The warmup consisted of the following, all in cadence:

  • SSH – 15
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 (in honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out this week)
  • Move aside for a better late than never greatly missed kotter, Uncle Cracker (who EH’d me into F3 just 10 short months ago)…treated with a wave
  • Windmills – 10
  • Low Slow Squat – 10

Then it was time to mosey around to the wall at the back of the school for The start of The Thang

  • Everyone grab some walls for The People’s Chair as each PAX took their turn with a 10 count
  • A little talk about the word of the month, Gifts
  • Balls to the Wall in the same fashion as The People’s Chair…each PAX with a 10 count (the counting pace was MUCH faster this time around…Hmmm)
  • A couple of 10 counts to recover
  • Another round of People’s Chair, same as before
  • Another round of Balls to the Wall, only this time a single count like when we count off at COT

Mosey across the bridge to the football field and partner up…size does not matter

For a series of 3 exercises one PAX will stay in the end zone while the partner runs to the 50 yard line and back, then switch.  Plank for the six.

  • LBC’s
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks


  • Carolina Dry Dock’s
  • Hello Dolly’s
  • Wide-Arm Merkins

We still had some time left, so it was perfect for a little Reince and repeat.  The only difference was on the last set of 3 we ran to the 30 yard line, but ran back at 75%

After a couple of 10 Counts I had one more beatdown attempt.  We all lined up on the goal line, and ran to the 50 yard line like normal, then continued to the other goal line at full out sprint…100%.

Took a couple 10 Counts and did the same thing back to the other goal line.  At this point I was so close to passing out, I honestly don’t know how any of the PAX was doing.  I just know they all beat me back to COT!

Mosey back to COT for a few minutes of Mary where we got the following exercises in (Probably a few others) all in cadence:

  • Mahktar Jai – 10
  • Side Stradle Hop (Twister style) – 10
  • Peter Parker – 10
  • Superman’s
  • LBC’s – 10
  • Imperial Walkers – 10
  • Morrocan Night Club’s – 15

Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayers and Praises

Then off to the cars…


TClap |

Christmas Movie Trivia Loop

When Pusher and YHC realized we were co-q’ing Alcatraz, and the weather was predicted to be quite winter-like, we decided a Christmas theme was in order.  But we wanted something a little unique.  So, we landed on Christmas Movie Trivia.

The wintry weather showed up on cue, though more cold and wet than snowy and Christmas-like.  “No matter” said the 12 pax that posted ready for the physical and mental challenges.

Pusher started us off with a jog intentionally avoiding the path around the ball fields.  We moseyed to a few different intersections near the park for various warm-up exercises, including SSHs, merkins, peter parkers, and a few others, while playing a little frogger.

We then moseyed to the bottom of a steep hill and partnered up (size no matter).  Partner 1 took the hill, while partner 2 held a squat.  Flapjack.  Repeat 2 additional times.

We then moseyed up the hill half way, and lunged the rest of the way.  Pusher then took us back to the parking lot where we started and turned it over to YHC.

We moseyed around the parking lot, then to the path that circles the park, where the first of about 30 cones was sitting (each about 10-20 yards apart, all along the path).  And so began the Christmas Movie trivia challenge.  Here’s how it worked:

  • On each cone was a trivia question.  Upon arrival to the cone, the question was read aloud.
  • While pax pondered and discussed the question, an exercise was performed, which was dependent on the movie.  Here were the exercises (some of which we didn’t get to):
    • A Christmas Carol – 10 high jumps
    • A Christmas Story – 10 Plank Jacks
    • Christmas Vacation – 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Christmas With The Kranks – 10 Bombjacks
    • Deck The Halls – 10 Plank Punches
    • Four Christmases – 10 Sumo Squats
    • Elf (My Favorite!) – 10 Squat Jacks
    • Ernest Saves Christmas – 15 Hillbilly Walkers
    • Holiday Inn – 10 Morning Wood
    • How The Grinch Stole Christmas – 10 Russian Twists
    • It’s A Wonderful Life – 10 Dry Docks
    • Jingle All The Way – 10 Run Stance Switch
    • Nightmare Before Xmas – 10 Crab Cakes
    • Miracle On 34th Street – 10 Merkins
    • The Polar Express – Bearcrawl to next cone
    • Scrooged – 10 Monkey Humpers
    • The Santa Clause – 10 Chop Sticks
    • Santa Claus: The Movie – 10 Speed Skaters
    • White Christmas – 10 Donkey Kicks
  • Once the exercise was done, pax had to agree on an answer.
    • If the answer was correct, pax moved on to the next cone
    • If the answer was not correct, pax had to do one or more penalty exercises.  Here’s how the penalties worked:
      • 1st incorrect answer – 10 burpees
      • 2nd consecutive incorrect answer (i.e. at next cone) – 10 burpees AND 100 yard run
      • 3rd (or more) consecutive incorrect answer (3 cones in a row)- 10 burpees AND 100 yard run AND 10 merkins
      • After the penalty was served, pax moved on to the next cone

We got through about 25 cones (with a score of about 50%) before running out of time.  The questions were tough, and thus we clocked in over 100 burpees.  I won’t post the questions/answers here in case any pax want to reuse this weinke, or a variant thereof (contact me on twitter if you’d like the questions and answers).


It was a privilege for Pusher and YHC to lead the workout at Alcatraz.  Pusher talked about how thankful we are for F3 and the amazing HIMs that make it so great, including and especially the pax posting to Alcatraz.  For me, what has made F3 so life changing isn’t the organization, or structure, or exercises or cool gear; it is the men of F3 that invested their time into “FNGs”, long after their first post.

If you are a man that a fellow F3 pax has invested time into, my encouragement to you (and to me) is to find a pax in F3 that could benefit from you pouring into them.


TClap |

Quagmire –

20 At the Quagmire for a fill in Q

  • Welcomed everyone and introduced Will our FNG
  • We did a disclaimer
  • We mentioned Victory and what it looks like in all areas of our lives
  • Mosey to COP
  • Mosey to alley between Home Depot and Target
  • Beatdown doing 8 exercises and sliding crates on the ground (burners)
  • Mosey to fountain for derkins, dips and step ups
  • Mosey to COT
  • Had some announcements
  • Few prayers and couple of praises
  • Ball of Man

Thank you for the lead DaVinci!


TClap |

Basketball drills at Pantheon

5 Pax showed up for the workout on a crisp, cool morning.  After the disclaimer, we took a warm-up lap around the car pool lane and the school to the basketball court.  We performed the following exercises:

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Windmill x 15

Plank stretches

Next, we ran sprints back and forth between the baselines to increase the heart rate and get the blood flowing.  To catch our breath, we sat on the wall for sixty seconds.

Next, we performed the following exercises along the basketball court, in cadence:

Bear crawl / merkins:  10 and 5 count

Sprint the baseline

Crab walk / LBCs 10 and 10 count

Sprint the baseline

Backwards bear crawl / Carolina Dry Docks

Sprint the baseline

We finished up with a slow mosey back to COT.



Individuals and families impacted by addiction

Diesel’s first Spartan race



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OG Launch at The Fort

13 pax posted at The Fort on a cool fall morning for the launch of Bonzai’s month of #OG Qs.  Decibel and YHC were honored to kick things off.  No FNGs on this morning, so with little delay we launched following a brief intro and Disclaimer.

The Thang (DD leading)

Warm up jog along the path, past the playground and to the grassy area along 160 by the WEP sign.

COP – IWs, SSH, Windmills, Merkins, Monkey humpers, Mtn climber, Peter Parkers, 10 burpees OYO

Line up even with the sign facing the street

Karaoke to first tree and back

Side shuffle to first tree and back

Run to far end of park near houses (4 trees away), accelerating pace at each tree.

Muster along the path facing with challenge to take the hill — bear crawl as far as possible toward hill on opposite end of field.  When gassed, rise and do 20 squats, then continue bear crawl, repeating as necessary until reaching bottom of hill.  Bear crawl to top of hill then do 10 burpees.  Run down hill and plank at the bottom.

Time for good old Jacobs Ladder — 7 burpees at top, 1 monkey humper at bottom.

Handoff to Decibel

Mosey to path at past statues at bottom of hill leading to soccer field…yes, more hills.

Run to top of hill, do 5 Three Merkin Burpees, run back to bottom, LBCs
(Repeat for total of 4 cycles changing ab moves at bottom each time and with last two series going all the way to gazebo)

Throw in some more abs and work at the bottom.

Mosey to playground for a partner series of runs around playground & exercises — Pull ups, dips, derkins, CDDs, LBCs (I think…YHC began to blackout at this point in the workout).

Circle up for some ab lab — some Boats & Canoes, Russian Hammers, & God knows what else (YHC gasping for air at this point).

Run home



It was great to be among the pax for a 60-minute boot camp…what was probably my first since end of September.  And, yes,  I felt every bit of it during the workout, afterward and on Sunday and Monday.  I put the Twitter call out for #Sally on Fri night, but Decibel claimed that #Sally is not #OG vintage.  So instead he pummeled the pax with hills and Three Merkin Burpees.  Never thought I would say I missed #Sally.

Great effort by all the pax to endure a tough workout.   I am quite certain my oxygen deprived brain that morning and #Respect level memory missed some portion of Decibel’s Weinke from three weeks ago.  Trust me, I felt like it was Fall 2012 all over again given my recent absence due to personal and business travels.

Hanging tough throughout were three inspirational pax — Little John (War Daddy at 68 yo), Zildjian, a relatively recent arrival who I met for the first time and Mile High, a long timer who I saw back in the gloom for first time after some time out on IR for a while.  Well done, brothers!

Shout out to Senator Tressell whose status on IR kept him from leading at The Fort this month.  He and his #OG leadership were sincerely missed.

Thanks Decibel for a great co-Q and for his continued energetic leadership among the pax some 5 years into this adventure.

Finally, thanks to Bonzai for the invite and for his leadership of The Fort AO.  You are keeping it strong, as it should always be!


TClap |

Alcatraz: Special Thx Uncle Sam VQ and Boss of Cake

I can’t even tell you really how many PAX came to Alcatraz for their DRP, because I thought I was a greeter at Walmart with all the men coming and then leaving it was a constant revolving door. Regardless, a majority of men got after it and with Uncle Sam making his VQ, we were all in for a treat. So after an attempt at introductions, disclaimers and usual office work, YHC handed it off to Uncle Sam.

The Thang:


  • Uncle Sam on Q:
We started off jogging to circle up on center field and warmed up the hipsters by shaking some Finkle Swings (5 reps/leg). 14 Moroccan Night Clubs followed up in a weird sequence since the VQ was stumbling into the rhythm.  The 18 Side Straddle Hops helped the inmates @ Alcatraz get the sensation that it was going to be easy but then they had to scrub the floors with some Annies (10 per arm).  24 Imperial Walkers and 24 Hillbillies thrusted them into Q’s arms.
  • Cake Boss on Q:
5 Burpees OYO
Mosey to the Playground for Mini Murph
Each PAX…no partner
1Lap around Park
50 Pullups
100 Merkins
150 Squats
1Lap around Park
Mosey to the Bball Courts count off 1’s and 2’s
1’s suicides
2’s Freddy Murcurys
flap jack
1’s suicides
2’s flutters
flap jack
Mosey to Hill behind Baseball field
Roll the dice of Pain, do the exercise, run the hill
10 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 10 LBCs, 10 Mountain Climbers
Hand off to Uncle Sam 
  • Uncle Sam on Q:
20 Groiners inspired a lot of grumbling  and some started crying “Parking lot!”, but we still had to do 24 LBCs and 8 Starfish Crunches to get our backs wet with the morning dew.  Partnered up we sprinted from base to base in the Baseball field as if we had hit a home run but stopped;ing for some Mountain Climbers at each base.  Inning was over and prisoners got to go back to their POD cell for some announcements, a lot of Turkey talk and a sweaty thanksgiving for all things good that come from SkyQ.
  • YHC spoke to the men about the “Real” things we are thankful about. Yes we all can be thankful for the obvious, but what are the things that when you realize how grateful you are you get emotional and it makes you want to be a better man. We need to focus on those things when life gets tough. When things and expectations are not going our way….and realize….that thing that makes us realize Sky Q loves me and my brothers are standing with me and everything will be fine!
  • Thanksgiving convergence
  • Christmas Party
  • Joe Davis Run
  • The Rooster CSAUP in Rock Hill


Thank you Senator for the opportunity!

Cake Boss & Uncle Sam

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