Beyond with Tinsel’s Utensils at the Ranch

Today I had the opportunity to lead a Beyond Workout, I’ve been to many of them and decided to share some of my personal stories. I was welcomed by all the PAX that decided to get better and a new name for my toys/props, Tinsel’s Utensils, great name Mainframe!!

We started the warm up with a short run around the parking lot with high knees and butt kickers and then circled up for a few warm up exercises:  Windmills, Moroccan night clubs, low slow squats followed by story sharing while on different variations of planks (regular, elbows, right/left leg up while on elbows, right/left arm up while on regular, back to regular), downward dog-honeymooner; with 9 minutes into the WO we split in 4 groups and each group went to a different station.

Station 1:

-> 10 diamond merkins

-> 15 wide arm merkins

-> 20 regular merkins

-> 30 battle rope wave SC

-> 40 plank jacks

-> 50 Shoulder taps

Station 2:

-> 15 boat and canoe

-> 20 Rosalitas

-> 30 Sledgehammer swings (15 each side)

-> 40 Heel Touches SC

-> 40 Dying Roach

Station 3:

-> 15 overhead press

-> 15 biceps curls

-> 25 dumbbell swing

-> 30 SSH

-> 50 Carolina drydocks

Station 4:

-> 10  Tire flips

-> 20  Monkey Humpers

-> 30 reverse lunges

-> 30 squat pops

-> 50 calf raises

After each group completed a station we met at the center for a brake and to continue my story sharing, on first brake we had a visit from Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up and 4 american hammers, 2 BBSU and 8 AH, 3 BBSU and 12 AH and so on) the plan calls for 10 BBSU and 40 AH but it’s looks easier on paper so we stopped at 8 BBSU and 32 AH. Back to the next station.

Time for brake number 2 and more story sharing, we did one of my favorite exercises the famous Worst Merkin ever, start with wide arm, down to regular and finish with a diamond merkin, that counts as one, we did 10 total. Back to the next station.

Brake number 3 came up and more of the story of my life was shared and since we were running out of time we went back to finish our 4th station.

I guess I didn’t take all the talking that I was going to do into consideration and we stopped at about 49 minutes, circled back into COT for a final chatter about my personal story.

We finished up with prayers, praises and announcements.

Thank you Straight up for lifting us up for the final prayer.

I think the best part of the WO was at the end when some of the PAX decided to skip the fist bump and switched it for a hug!!

Big props to Maximus for this great idea to go Beyond!

TClap |

Octagon of Pain

It was an incredibly hot and muggy morning and the workout I had planned at the Crows Nest didn’t do it any favors.  We were all dripping with sweat and smoked by the time it was over.  I’m still tired as I write this a few hours later…

Mainly due to IR, DR, or Jedi’s postiversary, only 5 PAX showed up today at the Crows Nest, but they came ready.  We were glad to have NASA come out this way! He hasn’t had the opportunity to post at the Crows Nest so I even modified things a little to give him the “tour” so to speak, more on that later.

After practically no disclaimer, we took the long mosey towards the back of the school.  Along the way we did some karaoke’s, NUR’d, butt-kickers, and toy soldiers, before arriving in the back parking lot for warm-a-rama; which consisted of the following in cadence:

  • Windmill x10
  • Plank/Elbow Plank (30 count)
  • Elbow Plank Peter Parkers x15
  • Back to plank for Merkins x10

I was inspired by Sasquatch’s Q at the Swamp 3 or 4 weeks ago so I’ve been doing something a little different for warm-ups, it must be working because at least 1 PAX shouted that he is starting to hate my warm-ups.  Mission accomplished!

The 1st routine of the morning was supposed to get the blood flowing before the main event and I think that was accomplished.  We did “Eights”, which is basically just a modified “Elevens”, and also fit with my theme for the workout.  1 Pull-up at the playgroud and then a run to the top of the parking lot for 7 Diamond Merkins, back to the playground for 2 Pull-ups, and 6 Diamond Merkins at the top… you get the drill.

The 2nd routine was really supposed to the the last and final, but I called an Omaha before we even started because I had a surprise for Nasa.  I had 8 cones setup in the field in the shape of an Octagon with an additional cone in the center.  There was about 40ft. from center to each cone.  Each cone had an exercise taped to the top of it.  I had planned to partner up for this, purely for the push, but we ended up going solo mainly.  We all started at one of the points in the Octagon, performed the exercise and then broad jumped to the center cone and performed 4 burpees.  When finished with the burpees, we bunny-hopped back to a new point/cone and did that exercise.  We were to do this until we made it all the way around the Octagon, we always broad jumped to the center cone and bunny hopped back.  We always did 4 burpees in the middle.  As I mentioned earlier, I called an Omaha on this one to shave some time off so we only did half of the number taped to the cone and 4 burpees instead of 8.  It was still brutal because it was a leg/cardio burn for sure because of the exercises chosen:

  • 50 SSH
  • 50 Jump Rope
  • 25 Squat Jump
  • 20 Jump Lunges (each leg)
  • 10 Jumping Spiders
  • 50 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 Bomb Jacks

And that was half!

So like I said, NASA was here, and probably the most amazing thing about the Crows Nest is the Green Monster so we were going to pay him a visit.

The last and final ad-hoc routine was a King-of-the-Mountain type exercise at the Green Monster.  1 PAX would stay at the top and perform Makhtar N’Diayes, while the remaining PAX run down and back up, twice (I quickly Omaha’d this to 1 time up and down to save time, it takes like a minute to go up/down this F@#%$!!! thing).  We then cycled through all the PAX, each one staying at the top for a rotation while the rest go down and up the hill.  Makhtar N’Diayes were to be OYO until the 6th made it back up the hill, then the next PAX would be “King”.  At one point I thought NASA might need an ambulance while he was laying on his back, practically motionless, at the top of the monster, but he recovered and finished! Well done brother!

We finished with about 5 minutes to spare and still had about a 4 minute mosey back to CoT so we ended up arriving just in time.

  • NASA on Q at Children’s Attention Home
  • Prayers for injured PAX, Homebrew, BTB
  • Prayers for safe travels (Austin Powers travelling to England Thursday, Whopper taking a job in Washington)

Until next time,





TClap |

Baseball in the Bermuda Triangle

Some mysteries are never resolved.  We may never understand why things seem to go missing here, but we do know… they have Baseball!

All kidding aside, it was another muggy morning and 8 PAX were present for YHC’s Q at the Bermuda Triangle.  When the site Q (Homebrew) informed me he was still on I.R. and asked me to Q, I was eager to help out and already had a good idea of what I wanted to do since I’ve posted here a couple times prior.

After a quick disclaimer, we took a mosey around the track, it’s not an official “track” like you would have around a football field, but I’ll bet it is about 1/4 mile around this gravel filled trail that leads around a couple of baseball fields, a playground, and a lot of green space.  Everything a Q needs to give the PAX what they paid for, which included some butt-kickers, high-knees, karaoke’s (both sides), NUR, and some toy soldiers before circling up in the grassy field for Warm-a-rama where we did the following exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x15
  • Windmills x10
  • Imperial Squat Walker x10
  • Elbow Plank (had a couple of PAX call a 10 count while holding)
  • Peter Parker x10 (while still in elbow plank)
  • Merkins x5
  • Finished up with the honeymooner and downward dog to stretch it out and recover

As mentioned before, this site has some easily accessible baseball diamonds, so I felt like utilizing one of them.  Basically, we did “The Cycle”, which consisted of a bear crawl to 1st base, 5 burpees, crawl bear back (reverse bear crawl) to home plate, bear crawl around 1st and stop at 2nd base, perform 10 burpees, we repeated this until we stopped at all the bases including home plate, where we did 20 burpees and a crawl bear all the way back around the diamond.  I had Peg do Lt. Dan’s around the bases while his shoulder heals, some of the other PAX followed suit as  well before the end, all the PAX finished and did great!

With a little less than 20 minutes to spare, I took a quick count of the PAX and since we had an even number, decided to partner up for Catch-Me-If-You-Can.  I really like doing this, especially if you have a nice yard to play in, which we did, so it was the perfect fit.  The basic structure was that PAX-A would do a small number of an exercise while PAX-B NUR’d down the field at speed.  When PAX-A finished, he would sprint to catch PAX-B, tag him, and they would do more of the exercise together, and then we would travel back a way of my choosing. Here is what we did:

  • 5 squats, tag partner, 15 more squats, bunny hop back and then repeat once switching partners.
  • 6 shoulder taps, tag partner, 20 more shoulder taps, crab walk back, swap partner and repeat.
  • 10 flutters, tag partner, 40 more flutters, sprint back, swap & repeat.
  • 4 Makhtar N’Diayes, tag partner, 15 more Makhtar N’Diayes, mosey back, rinse & repeato.

With about 5 minutes to spare, the PAX were looking pretty smoked, so I decided to let them choose either 1 more set or circle up for Ablab, not surprisingly they quickly chose Ablab.  We circled up and I called on several PAX to pick an Ab exercise  and call it out in cadence.  We ended up doing some boxcutters, big boy sit-ups, freddies, hold plank, and 1 more that I’m forgetting.

We circled up for CoT, which consisted of the usual name-a-rama, announcements, praises, prayers.

  • Sweati tomorrow!
  • Prayers for Homebrew’s return/healing

Even though mumble chatter was low, we had a great time this morning. Thank you Homebrew for the opportunity to Q.

Until next time,


TClap |

GC 7/10

7 bootcampers and 5 ruckers showed up for the buffet.

After a disclaimer by Olaf, we went our separate ways and bootcampers mosied around HT and started COP.

COP – MNC x 15, IW x 15, LSS x 10, Merkins x 10, PP x 15

We then made our way to HT where YHC had set up some cones for the main event.  PAX did 7s (but really 8s) of big boy sit-ups and burpees, bear crawling to the first cone and crab walking back.

For the main event, PAX did suicides starting with 1 SSH x 10, 2, 1 SSHx 10 Plank Jack’s x 10… Building up to 4, 3, 2, 1 SSH x 10 plank jacks x 10 bomb Jack’s x 10 and ski abs x 10.  We then rotated through again with squats, lbcs, monkey humpers, and diamond merkins.

After the main event we sat on the wall a did some burpees, and finished up with some mary.

Met up with the ruckers for COT.  Sweti coming up, read your newsletter.

Thanks decibel for the opportunity to lead

TClap |

Taters beat down

23 Pax, 19 for Bootcamp and 4 Ruckers

Welcome FNG Mill-Billy

It’s been a while since Tater had the Q and he did not disappoint!

He gave the disclaimer and we were off to mosey, Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers, Knee to chest, Karaoke

COP Did a few exercises here to get nice and warm before we mosied over to the fountain and partnered up

Dora 1-2-3-4 100 Derkins, 200 Step-ups, 300 Dips, 400 LBC one partner ran the loop while the other partner did the exercise

We got through one full round and started our way back down before we stopped and returned to the COT area to do a little Ab-Lab

Excellent work! It was not an easy workout and we were all challenged!!

Great work Tater and the PAX!!!!!!

TClap |

2 Year Anniversary of The Abyss

Today we celebrated 2 years of the Abyss.  When the shovel flag was planted 6/29/20016 by Dark Helmet the Abyss was merely an idea that “if we build it….they will post.”  And post the PAX did!  Over the past year and half it has been an honor to be the Site Q of this versatile AO and I appreciate all the PAX who have come out and led a workout.

Q got to the AO with seconds to spare due to an emergency bathroom visit at a 24 hr Harris Teeter in route.

Once disclaimers were given and the 5 F3 Principles given (due to FNG) we were off.

Quick mosey around the front half of the AO to allow all stragallers to exit their vehichles (ehem…Wildthing) and then to a warm-up circle.


  • Windmill
  • Weed Pickers
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Slow Low Squat
  • Plank (a few Broga moves)
  • Merkins
  • Stretch with knees to chest

The Thang

I told the PAX that I wanted to highlight a few of the “features” of the AO during the workout so we started with the Flag pole.

  • Bear Crawl around circle in front of school

Mosey to very back hill of the AO for a series of hill exercises

  • Lunge walk–Sprint to top
  • Broad Jump–Sprint to top
  • Basketball shuffle Flip half way

Mosey to the Basketball court for some Suicides

First Suicide–

all four goals and back


  • Start with 10 Squats
  • 2nd Goal–10 Merkins
  • 4th Goal–5 Burpees

Mosey into “wet and muddy” field

  • Elbow Plank position with Peter Parker’s
  • Jack Webs (everyone’s favorites)

Mosey to “the hill”

  • Finished strong with 5 sprints up the hill

Mosey to COT.

Everyone pushed themselves and got better for it…includding FNG who was off to the side threatening to Merlot.

Once Namorama was finished we welcomed FNG Oompa Loompa!

Announcements and Prayers

Thanks again for all the PAX who came out today to celebrate this AO.  We had 24 there and we have set the goal for 30 next year!


TClap |

Friendly Competition and Fellowship at Guidance

Older PAX: NASA, Chicken Hawk
Youth PAX (name/F3 name): Jonah/Iron Man, Isboset/Cassanova, Tyreese/Dragon (FNG), Jaden/Ali (FNG), Sam/Chick Flick (FNG), James/Mossy Oak (FNG), Michael/Trespass, Aaron/Rocketman, Mario/Super Mario, Tyler/Chalupa, Gage/Contra, Will/Diesel

The folks at CAH Guidance without much notice (that week) decided to change workouts from Saturday afternoons to Friday evenings since school just let out for the summer. My man Deacon was going to Q on Saturday, but he could not Q on Friday due to his much honorable commitment to the community at G-Fit. Fresh off the IR with no restrictions, I decided to go at it.

This evening it was myself, HIM extraordinaire Chicken Hawk, and about a dozen or so young men, 4 of which were new.  We gathered out back at the basketball courts, the heart of the facility for the kids. There was a full disclaimer, what F3 is, and the 5 core principals. Then we were off and running…….Not.

No mosey. COP right there:
20 ea
* WM
* IW
* PJs (plank jacks)
>> I did not stop each exercise until EVERYONE participated, letting them know I will not move on to the fun stuff until they ALL committed to each exercise. They policed each other quickly and got in line mostly.

Then it was off to the main event. Recently in an effort wonderfully led and executed by Chicken Wing, a new set of pull up and dip bars were installed at the home in hope the kids would use them, or the PAX would get them to use them in their workouts. I know for sure the latter has not happened much at all. I wanted to change that. Combine that with the fact that teenage boys are for the most part very competitive at everything, it led to a good friendly competition that would be tied to a reward at the end…..the old carrot and stick routine.

Let’s Get After It!

I divided the group into two teams, myself and Chicken Hawk as captains of each. In the end each team had 7 PAX. I wanted to make sure the teams were even physically and also pit folks against those I knew who would push them on, who brought out their competitiveness. There were three exercises that 1 PAX from each team would compete head to head. Cycle through all PAX of each team before moving on to the next exercise. The exercises were:

  • Hang time – how long can you hang from the pullup bars, feet off the ground of course. Last person hanging wins
  • Press time – how long can you hold yourself up, feet off the ground arms extended, using the dip bars. Face to face. Last person remaining wins.
  • Shuttle run – sprint to one end of the basketball court and back, TWICE (a few people missed that detail). First person across the finish wins.

Whichever team had the most head-to-head victories won that exercise round. Cumulative winner of all three rounds got the reward – first choice at what was in my cooler, Poweraide or water (I made sure there was only enough Poweraide for one team). That way they had to push themselves, and the entire team relied on each other for their overall results. A lesson in life right there.

Team 1: NASA, Ali, Chick Flick, Chalupa, Rocketman, Cassanova, Super Mario
Team 2: Chicken Hawk, Diesel, Mossy Oak, Iron Man, Trespass, Dragon, Contra


  • Hang time (with bonus for most pullups): Team 1 = 4.5 / Team 2 = 6.5 >> TEAM 2
  • Press time: Team 1 = 6 / Team 2 = 2 (one tie) >> TEAM 1
  • Shuttle: Team 1 = 4 / Team 2 = 4 (had one rematch) >> TIE
  • OVERALL WINNER: TEAM 1 !!! Yeah baby!!!

Since I tied the performance to a reward, all the kids were really engaged, pushing themselves and each other, holding each other accountable by not letting others slack. Everyone really got after it!! GREAT mumblechatter, alot of fun!! Even the new ones quickly meshed in with the others and really got after it – both in fitness and in fellowship. It was awesome to see!! Not to mention fun for everyone. I saw smiles on everyone. Mission accomplished. We moseyed over to the COT and let the victors enjoy the rewards.

COT, P&P ensued. Not alot of prayers, but I let them all know I pray for them daily.

Had ALOT of fun naming the FNGs. Chick Flick was named by his older brother Mossy Oak, and you can tell they both enjoyed that.


Today I wanted to drive home a couple of key terms – Fellowship and Impact – and how they are part of everyone’s lives.

When I asked them what fellowship means to them, I got the expected – friends, friendship, having a good time, and so on. That’s part of it, but in my opinion fellowship runs deeper, stronger. Fellowship involves effort towards mutual trust, reliance, respect, acceptance, accountability, and vulnerability, creating a bond that is more than friendship. We as men, old or young, tend to carry all of our burdens on our own shoulders. We let self perceived things like fear, anger, pride, prejudice, shame, expectation, and guilt prevent us from lightening those burdens through developing a fellowship with others. It takes a brave person to make themselves vulnerable to try to develop a fellowship with someone else, but when you do it becomes a blessing. Life changing. Forging a fellowship allows all the walls we each build around us to protect ourselves from each other to come down. A good fellowship can make the difference in being miserable at the home, or – more than just surviving – enjoying the blessings the home provides. It all starts with trust and making yourself vulnerable to others. Fellowship is a really strong word in life. It all starts with the first step of making yourself vulnerable. Life is much easier when you have a fellowship with others. I encouraged them to seek fellowship at the home, find a battle buddy to make life at the home much more enjoyable.

When I asked them what the word impact means, in general I heard something along the lines of one thing pushing on another, involving some type of force. In a nutshell, that is correct. It is just how it is applied in the F3 world – and thus life in general – is what they needed clarification on. Impact is in its simplest form how something changes or affects something or someone else. The most crucial is how one’s actions impact the lives of others. I was blunt and straightforward with them when I discussed how the actions of their parents, loved ones, or others impacted their lives and led them to the home, or how their actions may have impacted their lives in school or home and led them to the home. In all cases the impact started with a choice to do something. True to physics, everything you do creates an impact on your life and something or someone else. It is inescapable. This is where they need to do their best to put their past behind them and move forward with what the home provides for them and try to make positive impacts in their lives. Sky Q knows the path, and shows the path. It is up to them to follow it to a better life. I left the subject of impact with reinforcing to them that they cannot control others’ choices, but you can control your own and how you react to your situation.

Sometime during the workout I also briefly discussed what happens when you combine the two – a fellowship with impact. They go hand in hand. You bond with someone, and you have a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties are trying to make each other better. We call that a whetstone relationship.

It was a great evening there. I strongly encourage the PAX to come out and be a part of this.


PS – My thoughts on the kids at the home

Often when I show up at Guidance, I really do not know what to expect. How many older PAX will come out to support? How many kids will be there? Will there be new kids? Would some of the repeat attendee kids be gone without notice (a sad-happy moment)? Sometimes it’s just me and a handful of kids. Sometimes it a good crowd of old and young, full of energy. As a site Q, and workout Q, you really have to be prepared for the unexpected…….tailor your weinke for a specific crowd, number, etc, and it may not be as engaging. You really have to be able to read the crowd and know how to push each button right in order to get them engaged, to reach them. Only way to be able to do that is be there and get to know them. An impression can be made with one visit, but a real impact can only be made through time.

The youth at the home are not there on their own making. They were thrust there unexpectedly due to the actions, or lack thereof, of others who were supposed to be caretakers to them. The IMPACT on their lives. There is also self accountability in play as well, for each teen is responsible for their own actions – or IMPACT – on their own lives or that of others. But I truly feel that how a child behaves is the result of their environment, the community they know. No child is brought into this world bad, they are made that way. They did not choose to be troubled teens, they were made that way due to lack of positive impact on their lives. No child should go through what they had to, but unfortunately it happens. They are all in the same boat regardless of age, color, etc.. Whether they know it or not they are forging a fellowship with others at the home because of this commonality. After some time they grow together, create tight fellowships. You can see it as each child spends more time with others there.

Some have grown together with me. After the workouts end, I usually stay after for some time with them because during the workout, we are their chaperones of sorts. When we leave, they have to go back in their cottage. They don’t want that, so I try and stay as long as I can. This time myself and Chicken Hawk stayed and played some basketball. The kids love to be outside, and most love basketball. Plus it gives us more time to bond, to get to know them, them know us, and each other open up a little more. This is when I usually get a peek into their worlds a little more each visit.

Today was no different. After basketball ended around 8:30 or so, C-Hawk went home and I sat down on a nearby picnic table and just started talking with a few of the teens – Contra, Trespass, Dragon, Mossy Oak, and Chick Flick. I  noticed early on that Dragon, a FNG, was very friendly, engaging. I decided to try and get to know him by asking general questions – where are you from, where do you go to school, what do you like to do, etc. The general questions I ask all the kids. He was quite open and we had a great conversation going. Then I decided to probe a little more by bluntly asking “what’s your story, what brought you to the home?” I don’t always ask this, for it is a very touchy subject for the kids and I have to know without a doubt that they will trust me with their story. I assured him that nobody will be allowed any negative input towards him if he responds. The other kids were all quiet at this time, but not really looking at him, just doing their thing. To my delightful surprise he told me everything – what happened to him daily growing up in Hackensack, NJ – directly across from the Bronx, NY – a tough tough area for kids. Then why they moved to Charlotte, how he ended up in the home, then his plans for the near future.  I was honored for him to trust me enough for him to tell me this, and i let him know that. It was a breakthrough moment in my opinion with this young man, but that was not the only breakthrough. During our conversation I noted that the other kids with us were really paying attention to him, watching and listening. Eventually they started getting involved in the conversation, asking questions and offering their emotional support to him. BUILDING A FELLOWSHIP!! Next thing I knew, after Dragon was done, Contra asked to tell his story, then Trespass, then the two FNG brothers Mossy Oak and Chick Flick. WOW!! As we went on, the crowd around us grew, over half the kids were engaged in the stories of each others lives. More fellowship be built!!

As great as it was for them to trust me, and the others listening, to tell their stories, the things I was hearing was hard to hear and making my heart hurt for them.  The things their parents and loved ones did to negatively impact their lives was astonishing to me, but I was outside my bubble of comfortability and taking a peek into their everyday lives. Things like alcohol/drug abuse, physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, parental incarceration, and horrible neglect were their everyday worlds and nearly all they knew. Despite that, all of these kids at the home are coping quite well in my opinion, they are good kids at heart with hope in their eyes. The really bad kids, the ones most others really give up on, are sent to different homes. These kids at Guidance are good kids at heart that are starting to grow a tough shell and negative outlook on their lives, and in risk of choosing a good path in life or a bad one. They are really in need of what their parents could not give – a positive, nurturing environment, positive role models, positive influence and Guidance (that’s why Travolta chose the AO name).

This is where the home does an outstanding job. I’ve seen positive change in these kids from the time they first show up until they leave. And I know for a fact that F3’s continued presence there has had a positive impact on the kids – I hear testament from the staff at the home, and I see it as the kids become more and more engaged with each passing workout. That is very reassuring. With that they’ve become somewhat like my own sons, even though I don’t get to see them as much as I would like. Sometimes I know when they are going to leave (they or the councelors will tell me). Sometimes I show up and they are gone – mostly back to their home (after SC DCC determines it has changed to a good environment), but on occasion they go to the home for more problem children. It’s a happy-sad moment whenever I show up and kids are gone – for example Travolta (home), Yzerman (home), Eagle Eye (grandmother’s), Superman (different childrens home), and recently Sherlock and Phoenix went back home. It’s selfesh for me to be sad at their leaving, for they grow a spot in your heart, but there is also joy at the hope that they are home where they should be and hopefully there is now a much better life ahead than before Guidance.

I hope and pray that myself, and the other F3 PAX who have come out to the home, made a positive impact on their lives like F3 has done for us. I believe we have. But there will be an endless stream of at-risk kids coming to CAH Guidance as time passes. We F3 PAX have to continue our presence there!! There are not many men coming out to the home – CAH staff told me once that we are one of 2 or 3 mens groups that come out specifically to be with the boys. The male teens NEED positive male role models at this point in their lives – they are screaming for it, whether they know it or not. Women can do only so much for teen boys, for they really cannot give them what men can. Men need to step up and lead them, be role models for them, lead from the front by example, and help them make sense of the testosterone-induced changes that are happening to their minds and bodies . It is an enduring effort to be there for them, a calling. Intentionality at it’s most extreme. It will push your limits of patience, grace, mercy. BUT it is not about us. We are all about fellowship and faith towards each other, we need to extend that to these at risk kids. Give it away to those most in need. The only reward you will get is the personal satisfaction knowing you have helped someone through the positive impact you have imparted on them. The greater the numbers, the greater the impact. Please consider joining this effort.


TClap |

Tempo – WindJammer

Had 5 for 5 miles out to the lake and back via WindJammer.  Great run and great fellowship as always.

Stoked to see NASA out for a second time with me this week, and feeling better.

Lifted up Cha-Ching and the new baby, and Spuds father.

Until next time.


Oh yeah, 4:50 – Pre – Bootcamp before the run started this week and will continue next week!

TClap |


Well it was my turn to Q again and was digging through my twisted mind as to what to do and I started thinking about something with Suicides.  Then the lovely thought came to mind about doing RUCKICIDES, and from there the workout took shape.

Router put out for a pre-run so of course the usuals showed up to do it, but was excited when OLAF wasn’t really feeling it.  So Jedi, Cha Ching, and Router took off for 3 miles and Olaf and I grabbed an 80 and 60lb sandbag, plus rucks and did a little under two miles in 30 minutes.  Those got heavy!!

On to the Ruck, was pumped to see 9 PAX out today!

Warm up

Indian run where last person does some cleans with the sandbag – well that turned out to be way to easy for everyone else and confusing so about 15 seconds in I yell “Screw this, RUCKS overhead”.  So then we run three laps around the parking lot alternating exercises while still running.

Rucks Overhead

Overhead Press

Away from Chest Carry


Farmer Carry


Again all while running.


Grab 7 Sandbags and the two person carry cement pipe and start moving.  We carry it to the church parking lot where RUCKICIDES commence.


Bear Crawl – 5 merkins – Crawl Bear back – Bear Crawl – 5 Merkins Crawl bear back (length of parking lot)

Lil E is a bear literally, he beat Cha Ching if that tells you anything.


Walking Lunge – 10 Squats – Duck walk back – repeat (length of parking lot)

My butt is still sore…

Grab weight and move – This time whatever weight we were carrying beyond our rucks had to be overhead for a certain amount of time.  Sorry Cha-Ching that 80lb bag sucks!

Next we did timed bag toss relay up the hill to the fire station:

We set a time hack of 1.5 minutes and did the first round with the 60lb bag in 1minute 3 seconds.

We cleaned it up and did it in 46 seconds

Next we jumped up to the 80lb bag and knocked it out in under a minute.

At this point we had 6 minutes to make it back to COT and some distance to cover, so we grabbed all the weight and double timed it back!

Pumped for the turnout and to see NASA out there again!

I’ve got a full Q schedule so you won’t see me Q’ing for a bit but come out and support.

Until later,


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