PREBLAST: FLASH DRIVE!! Yeti Snack Drive for CAH Guidance

Winter is here, and so is THE YETI!! I know just hearing that word gets you all excited. I am. You should be too. It will be EPIC!!!!

For those PAX who will be there (participating or whatever), I ask that you make it more than just a CSAUP.

The children of CAH Guidance need you. They also need cereal, A LOT of cereal – the go-to breakfast, snack, and substitute meal for a lot of teens. If you have one I am sure you know they eat it in bulk. We are asking those who will be participating in the Yeti, those who will be helping facilitate or assist with it, or those showing up to participate in the fellowship during or after to bring in a box (or more) of cereal for Guidance.

  • There are mostly teens at Guidance now, so remember that when choosing the cereal.
  • I will collect them in my big blue truck.  I will be running the Yeti, so I can collect them before the start. I will also collect them afterwards during the epic 2nd F at the BBQ feast.
  • For those who want to drop donations off while I may be out suffering, I mean killing it – I will leave my tailgate unlocked. Leave it in there. Look for a bright blue 4 door F-150 FX4 with F3 and Ragnar on the back Window. Please shut the tailgate when done.
  • I will drive them down to Guidance later that day.
  • IF you are participating and want to collect some from PAX who you regularly interface with, then bring it with you……that would be AWESOME!!! Challenge for site/AO Q’s……

My apologies for the short notice, but sometimes last-minute picks can bear alot of perfectly ripe fruit.

The PAX of F3 The Fort, Rock Hill, and York have a great thing going at CAH Guidance. We meet with the young men there regularly not just to workout, but teach them the F3 way, mentor them, bring Him into their lives more, and just be a male role model and positive presence in their lives in this tough time they’re going through. The youth there are amazing, wonderful, good kids that are dealing with something no kid should have to.  It has had a great positive impact on them, helping them see that there is a positive future for them and that they are indeed part of something bigger than themselves.

But we need the PAX help in many ways to plant, serve, and GROW our presence there to help invigorate the young leaders within them. Please consider helping in any way you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

God Bless,
-NASA and Dawg Pound

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Chasing Blue Zones

Nine of the fine regulars of The Ballroom posted for YHC’s first time Q’ing at the AO’s new locale of PKMS.  The temp was mid-40s, but the breeze seemed to bring a chill that made a few spend just a half second wondering if they’d be better off hopping back in the car.  But the thought evaporated as the disclaimer was given, and then we were off…

We took a warm-up mosey around the parking lot, then to the very front of the school for warm-up COP.

  • Seal jacks x20 (IC)
  • Mountain Climbers x15 (IC)
  • Tunnel Touches x10 (IC)
  • Wind Mills x10 (IC)
  • Plank jacks x15 (IC)
  • Speed Skaters x10 (OYO)

The Thang

We then moseyed to the parking lot on the south side of the school where 4 cones were set up in a rectangle (about 15yards by 40 yards.  Pax were told to partner up, size not mattering.  We then engaged in 8 rounds “Catch Me If You Can”, which worked like this: Partner 1 did the stationary exercises, while partner 2 did the moving exercise on a path toward the next cone.  Once Partner 1 was done, he ran to catch Partner 2.  Once caught, they flapjacked.  The round was complete when both partners got all the way around all 4 cones.  In between each round, we talked about what Blue Zones are, and what people can learn from them.  See further down for more details.

Catch me if you can  rounds:

  1. 20 SSH and toy soldiers
  2. 20 LBCs and lunges
  3. 10 squats and power skips
  4. 10 merkins and butt kickers
  5. 10 crab cakes and high knees
  6. 3 burpees and karaoke (alternate left/right)
  7. 10 Imperial Walkers and bear crawls
  8. 10 Monkey Hummers and backwards jogs

To the wall for People’s Chair – one round of Jack Reachers, and a follow-up round of arms up, arms out.

Moseyed back near the shovel flag for some Mary

  • Flutters x15 (IC)
  • Hello Dollys x10 (IC)
  • Russian Twists x15 (IC)
  • LBCs x10 (IC)

6am – Time’s up.  Take a few steps to gather at COT.

Blue Zones
During the main part of the workout, I shared some information I had originally heard about a few years ago.  The cover of National Geographic, November 2005, highlighted their feature article on Blue Zones.  These Zones are 5 areas in the world where people statistically live the longest.  Researchers identified 9 lifestyle “principles” in these areas that, they claim, contributes to their long lifespans.  Small spoiler alert: all 3 F’s of F3 are in the list.

Before covering the principles, it’s important to remember that from the Christian perspective, God is in control of everything.  If we pursue any fountains of youth for the sake of trying to be in control and god-like, I believe that would be a case of doing good things for the wrong reasons.  My personal perspective is that God has blessed us with these bodies (healthy or not), and we should be good stewards of them, treating them like temples.  Most PAX probably already feel this way, but I deemed it worth mentioning, given how this topic has a very “self-help” feel to it.  Now, for the 9 principles (my comments follow the [ob] tag).  These items were taken from a QCTimes article.

  1. Move naturally – Get more physically active by walking in the community, do manual labor around the house and yard, and grow gardens. [ob] This is our 1st F in F3.  Many might say there is nothing natural about burpees. But I’d argue the calisthenic-style bootcamp workouts actually mimic natural movements, at least more-so than you’d see in a weight room.
  2. Know your purpose – People who know why they get up in the morning live up to seven years longer than those who don’t. [ob] For those of use that follow Jesus, our purpose should be a little easier to identify.  But not always. If you don’t know your purpose, it’s important you start looking!
  3. Down shift – To reverse inflammation related to every major age-related disease, find time each day to meditate, nap, pray or enjoy a happy hour. [ob] This even includes making efforts to reduce worry!
  4. 80 percent rule – It takes the stomach 20 minutes to tell the brain it is full, causing most people to accidentally overeat. Stop eating when 80 percent full. [ob] Not much more to say here, except that I can think of other areas of my life where 80% is all I really need.
  5. Plant Foods – Eat a mostly plant-based diet heavy on beans, nuts and green plants. This is consistent with U.S. Department of Agriculture recommendations. [ob] This one sounds really good to me, as long as BBQ is consider a plant food.  Seriously though, this is exactly what my doctor recommend to me after my last blood test results.
  6. Wine at 5 – For those who have a healthy relationship with alcohol, 1-2 glasses of wine daily can add years to a life, especially when combined with a healthy diet.
  7. Family first – Living in a thriving family is worth six extra years of life expectancy. [ob] Early morning F3 workouts can sometimes result in taking time away from family the evening before.  Workouts are important, but quality family time is critical.
  8. Belong – Recommit, reconnect or explore a faith-based community. No matter which faith, studies show that people who show up to their faith community four times a month live an extra four to 14 years. [ob] This is our 3rd F in F3.
  9. Right tribe – Friends have a long-term impact on well-being. Expand a social circle to include healthy-minded, supportive people. This could be the most powerful way to add years to a life. [ob] This is our 2nd F in F3. And I’m not at all surprised at their claim that this could be the most powerful way to extend life.  Just remember, you get out of it what you put into it.


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Feeling the Need, the Need for Speed

Chilly, clear, dry. New Sea Legs locale (same locale as Abyss). 7 PAX showed up to get better. 2 other PAX were already out there doing so.

5:15 hit, no FNGs. Brief warmup right at COT start of the following:

  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • IW x 20
  • HW x 20
  • Stretch the hammys

Then mosey to the back of the school while doing one-legged bunny hops and high knee skips for height to further loosen/prep the legs.

Small ‘track’ out back of the school, less than 400m around (maybe 200-300m). Used a whistle to trigger when we run/cool down. We did a Farlek circuit in the following intervals (minutes at ~85-90% full-go / minutes of cool down run) :

  • 1/2
  • 2/2
  • 3/2
  • 2/2
  • 1/2
  • Rinse and repeat

Pax did 2 complete circuits. GREAT push!! Next time the full-go times will be longer.

Slow jog to COT to meet up with the mileage runners already out there (Witch Hunt and Jedi)  for announcements, Prayers, and Praises.

If you are a runner – beginner with aspirations or seasoned veteran – speed work is essential to becoming a better, stronger, faster, longer runner. It conditions your body in many ways – muscle strength and endurance, lactic tolerance, lung capacity, and oxygen transfer/use. Plus when you start seeing your body improve, it has a positive mental impact as well.

God Bless and Thanks for the opportunity to lead,



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#218in18 Kick-off Convergence BackBlast

76 PAX (including 4 FNGs) met in the gloom at Harris Teeter this morning to kick the year off the right way.

Group 1 – Jedi

Start with 60 seconds of plank tutorial, then a fairly lame attempt to explain the exercise “routine” for the upper body station. The routine, to be done in increasing AMRAP style:
· Incline Merkins
· Low Country Crab Boil (One leg, one hand dips)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Left hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Left hand on curb)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Pseudo Planche Merkins
· Donkey Kicks
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Right hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Right hand on curb)
· 90° Turn to starting position

Start with 10 reps for each exercise, then add 2 reps each round after that (10, 12, 14, 16, …). Only the elite few made it past the round of 12.

Group 2 – Peabody

An absolute honor to lead a convergence and had so much fun working with all the guys. Here’s the fun of the cardio Q.

SPRINT Relays!!!  

3 team

60 Yard sprint

Team members are doing Seal Jacks, side straddle hops, or flutters while teammate runs.

Winning team selects penalty exercise for 2 losing teams. (Unknown is losing team has to do the penalty exercise too but only half the reps).

Rinse and repeat the sprint relay races once teams are mixed up.

Mary to follow:

  • 50 LBCs
  • 25 Flutters
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s

Lists of fun to hear the encouragement of other Pax and see the competition bring out the most in guys.  Saw lots of guys really push hard to win for their team.

Group 3 – Jekyll

Motley Crue and 80’s hairband soundtrack

  • COP: SSH, IW, Squat
  • 5 Burpee OYO, 4 OYO, 3 OYO
  • Lt Dan: squat and jumping , 1:4 ration
    • 1 squat: 4 jumping lunge, 2 squat: 8 Jumping lunge…10 squat: 40 jumping lunge
  • 5 burpee OYO
  • Calf Raises 25 each: Straight, Toes Out, Toes In
  • Donkey Kicks


Welcome FNGs Iron City, Humps, Hillary, and Juliet

Prayers by CakeBoss for leadership.

– Ginsu

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A Real Ball Buster at Quagmire

I was going to name this “Playing with NASA’s Balls at Quagmire”, but I won’t go there….

GREAT morning! Chilly, crisp, with clear skies. NASA-Q loves starry mornings. Quite a few PAX showed up ready to give Monday the boot in the booty. The night before a few PAX were Twitter-chatting about a post run after the workout, since they were fortunate to have the day off of work.  I did not intentionally plan on ruining that, but hey, stuff happens. It was a complement when they said I did. Thank you and you’re welcome.

5:15 hit the mark. No FNGs unfortunately. Disclaimer was disclaimed. Off we went……

Short mosey from Chick Fil A lot to the lot near the fountains. Good mumblechatter about the playoff games the day before. No funky stretchy stuff while running, just running. Circle up for the COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • IW x 20
  • MNC x 20

Just enough to loosen and warm up a little. I wanted to save our energy for the real deal. Short mosey over to Target.

All along the store front there are the large red concrete balls (bollards) Target is known for. At each ball, there was an exercise. Complete it, transition to next ball to the next exercise (anywhere between 10-25 yds apart). When all the balls are completed, run a lap around the outer perimeter roads enclosing the parking lot (about .25 – .33 mile). This is done HIIT style, non-stop start to finish, you rest while you run back to the start. Each PAX was on their own, you vs you, to see how many circuits you can get through.

Exercises (each is 30 reps) and transitions:
1. Merkins
> bear crawl (BC) transition
2. Jump squats
> crab walk (CW) transition
3. LBC
> BC
4. CDD
> CW
5. Jump Lunges
> BC
6. Freddie Mercury
> CW
7. Wide-arm Merkins
> BC
8. Monkey humpers
> CW
9. American hammers
> Run lap back to start #1
>> Rinse and repeat

That was a real ball bustin burner! The entire group cranked out 3 complete circuits. Some over-achievers completed another 2/3 circuit on top. Warning – next time each exercise will be 40-50 reps. Some PAX – Jedi, Cha-Ching, and Bones – are not human, rather they are complete beasts! And they are motivation for others. But I tell you what, the rest of the PAX were not far behind. Witch Hunt, Royale, BtB, Whopper, Homebrew, and Copyright ALL did GREAT. And special Kudos to Dark Helmet for performing all this while rucking heavy with 40lbs on his back. DAMN!! There was alot of encouraging push/pull from the group. No chatter or NMM ramblings from the Q (believe it). We just ground it out, finishing just in time to get back to the COT.

Announcements, Prayers, and Praises:

  • The Rooster is this weekend!! WOO HOO!!
  • Yeti not far behind. JUST DO IT!!! JUST SIGN UP!! It will be awesome, I promise
  • P200 in March. If you’re interested, let folks know. Injury bugs bite and sometimes teams need replacements.
  • Prayers for Short Sale and his family in the loss of his brother
  • Prayers for the family and friends of Mint Hill’s Gremlin
  • Prayers for injured / sick PAX
  • Prayers for PAX going through marriage/relationship/family issues

Get out there and make a difference, make a positive impact. On the day honoring the great Martin Luther King Jr, take his intentions and run with them. We have alot of work to do as a country regarding racial relations and equality. We can – and should – do better. Be the change we all want to see in this world. Conquer the hate and ignorance with your love and intentionality. All it takes is the decision to do so and follow through.

God Bless and Thanks for the opportunity to lead.


TClap |

What’s that Smell, C’MON Man

6 Ruckers
5 Bootcampers
1 Runner

Moving Dynamic Warm-up

COP – The Usual exercises

Partner Up

Ab/Arm Combo’s thrown in throughout the beatdown

Partner Up

P1 – Exercise, P2 – Run around Chick-Fil-A, Flapjack



Mt. climbers

Ab arm Combo

Evacuation movement #1 Short mosey Mattress firm to compounding 4 corners

Wind Up

1st Corner 20 – SSH

2nd Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats

3rd Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins

Merkins were performed at a faster than normal pace in order to evade the crisp morning air.

4th Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees


1st Corner 20 – SSH, 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

2nd Corner 15 – Squats, 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

3rd Corner 10 – Merkins, 5 – Burpees

4th Corner 5 – Burpees

Mosey to Best Buy wall

Wall Sit

Run to Middle Island

AB/Arm combos

Evacuate to a new wall section, you guessed it, Cable Guy!

Repeat wall sit further down the wall

Mosey to COT

Another evacuation order was given and COT was moved about 40 feet from the usually designated area.

Many Prayers this morning both spoken and not.

Always an honor to lead and appreciate the opportunity Cable Guy.


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BB – Swamp Ruck – Miles and Smiles

Here we go, new year, new workout.

Miles and Smiles

The six of us showed up with our Rucks ready to move it.  Grabbed a cement pipe, and a couple sand bags and got in a little under 3 miles.

Great times and great practice for all of our events coming up.

Glad to have Shakespeare joining us with his new shiny Ruck (yeah I’ll take care of that on Tuesday).  Nasa talked about old man farts coming from ahead of us, I’ll let you guess who the supplier was.  And good times.

If you are new to rucking and want an intro come on out.  Post up and let us know and we can source a ruck for you to borrow.  If you are a expert Rucker come out and log some miles and have a great time with us.



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New Year’s at #SwampMire

First off, I’ll let you in on a little secret that you may already know:
If I’m promoting something on Twitter (especially my Q), you should only believe about 60% of the content of the tweet. Problem is, you just don’t know which 60%, so my hope is you’ll show up to find out… That said, the Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4) tweet was ridiculous. If you didn’t see it, trust me, you didn’t miss anything much. In that same tweet, though, I mistakenly referred to Quagmire as The Swamp. Both workouts launch from the same parking lot, so I’d love to blame it on that, but it was IN THE TWEET I REPLIED TO. Meh…Details…

I did make a vague attempt to tie the chemistry to the “One Word” convergence coming up on the 12th. NaBH4 is used as a reducing agent for aldehydes and ketones, and one of the words I’m trying on right now for 2018 is “Reduce” or “Simplify”… I know… a long stretch and an obscure reference… you’ll live.
I was a Chemistry minor in Undergraduate… Despite Crash’s Dad failing me in Chem 102 my Sophomore year. But, that’s a long story, best shared on the road in a white van whilst running a 200 mile relay or something… What were we talking about…? Oh yeah… the workout…

We’ve all heard of Dora 1-2-3… No good to start a New Year, so, I modified it to a Dora “Oh-Why-Me?” Here’s how it went:

Warm up:
Mosey to larger traffic circle
Windmills x 10
IW x 10
Mosey to next traffic circle:
Weed Pullers x 10
Moroccan Nightclubs x 10
MC x 15
Mosey to front of Books-A-Million:
Parker Peters x 10
SSH x 15

Then on to the “Dora, oh why me?” – A Pyramid of hate

You and your partner:
Partner 1 runs (roughly 75 yards down, then back)
Partner 2 does the exercises:
100 Burpees
200 Jump Squats
300 Merkins
400 Flutters
300 CDD
200 Squats
100 Makthar N’Diayes
Mosey back to the flag for some Mary
We didn’t make it all the way through the exercises. It was cold… Also, that was a lot of freaking exercises. QBert and Geronimo were the Kings of the day and they managed to get through most (actually, I think all?) of the squats. The rest of us petered out in Carolina Dry Dock Land… which is a lovely place… I think Jedi has a Summer home there…

Helmet, Out.

TClap |

Bring Back the Donkey Kicks

9 Pax and 2 Runners showed up in freezing temps and were ready to get after it. The runners were already off to the races so the rest of us needed to move to warm up.

There was no disclaimer given as there were no FNG’s present, but after NASA pointed it out, YHC relented and gave a brief one while we moseyed (knees to chest, toy soldiers, butt kickers) to the back of the school.

Warm-Up (IC)

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – WM
15 – MC
15 – Peter Parkers
15 – Parker Peters

The Thang

We moseyed to the paved hill behind the bus circle for some partner work (size did not matter).

Partner 1 – Lunge walk to the first rock pile. Backward lunge walk to the second pile and run it out the rest of the way up and back down.

Partner 2 – Work on the exercises until partner 1 is back down the hill and flapjack.

Exercises – (50) Burpees, (100) Big boy situps, (200) Squats and (300) LBC’s

We finished up the last 50 LBC’s as a group and then moseyed to the wall for some People’s Chair.

Hold the wall while each Pax counted down from 10.
Hold the wall on one leg while each Pax counted down from 5, switch legs for another countdown.

Mosey to the grass hill for more hill work with 11’s.

**Now the reason for the title of this backblast**. When I started in F3 in September of 2015 it seemed like every bootcamp contained at least 50 donkey kicks. No real thought here but they are terrible and we should do more of them! And so we did…

We started at the bottom with 1 donkey kick and ran up the hill for 10 monkey humpers. 2-9, 3-8, etc…It was as terrible as it sounds and a lot of mumble chatter accompanied our second round of hill work. With time up we slow moseyed back to COT.

Great job by all the Pax. I know my quads were successfully shredded by the time we finished up.

Joe Davis – 1/6
CAH workouts – NASA encouraged everyone to step up and get involved
Read newsletter for upcoming events. Lots of them.

Prayer Requests
Qbert and M are dealing with where God wants them to serve for a church home
Mr. Clean is dealing with some struggles right now and needs to be lifted up
Cerrano has a friend that is expecting and dealing with her husband’s recent passing (30 yrs. old)
Lutefisk’s Mom isn’t doing well and he is traveling to be with her in MN
Unmentioned prayers
Parenting (continue to lift one another up in this important, yet difficult at times, task with which we have been entrusted)

Thanks Bones for the opportunity to lead. Always honored.

Until next time…

TClap |

BB – Tempo – 12/28

See BB for runs do exist.

7 showed for a fun filled morning of running.

Originally had two routes planned a 7min group and an over 8 minute group.  As the cold hit us I think we all agreed lets just do the over 8 group.

So we knocked out 5 on a hilly cold windjammer, but hey as Nasa says, the view of the lake at the end was all worth it.

Came back and circled up and talked about all the great things coming, aka read your newsletter.


Traveling Families

Mr. Clean

Injured PAX


As always great time and thanks for the chance to lead!

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