Tires and props at the deep

Thankful for the opportunity to lead a one hour Q at the Deep, 16 PAX decided to get better in a perfect weather saturday morning. Some PAX pre run not knowing what was coming.

Quick disclaimer  and welcomed one FNG (Cosmo)

We started the warm up with a 2 minute run around the parking lot, circled up and started with the following in cadence:

20 Windmills

20 Low slow squats

20 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 diamond merkins

10 wide arm merkins

20 regular merkins (lots of mumble chatter here, not sure if PAX were complaining about the merkins)


Quick explanation of the workout, we had 4 station/corner setup,  we split into groups 1 to 4 and one group went to each corner, a lap around the parking lot was the “resting” time between stations.

  • First  Corner: (sledgehammers and tire)

10 rosalitas

15 big boy sit ups

20 Sledgehammer swings (10 each side)

25 American hammer (one side count)

  • Second Corner: (dumbbells)

10 two arm triceps extension

15 two arm biceps curls

25 triceps dips

30 Carolina drydocks

  • Third Corner: (large tractor tire)

5  Tire flips

10  Deep squats

20 lunges (10 each side)

30 calf raises

  • Fourth Corner: (battle rope)

10 diamond merkins

15 wide arm merkins

20 regular merkins

30 battle rope wave

With about 32 minutes into the workout we moseyed to the hill behind the baseball field, we bare crawled to the top and crawl bear to the bottom with 5 burpees at the top, rinse and repeat 2 times, our FNG Cosmo was feeling the merlot coming out but luckily he recovered. We run one more time to the top of the hill and grabbed a curb for some triceps dips and a needed 10 count recovery time. We moseyed down the hill and a wall crossed our pat so we people chaired while each PAX did 5 monkey humpers starting from the ends working our way to the middle of the crowd, we did a quick recover followed by balls to the wall while each PAX did 3 burpees starting from each end towards the middle, not sure why Flux’s face was so red (he was in the middle of the pack)  with about 10 minutes left we moseyed back to COT and circled up for some ABS work, clockwise each PAX  chose their favorite exercise for 10 reps each,  great way to finish the workout.

We did a headcount and namearama, we welcomed FNG Cosmo and a 4 year F3 veteran Olaf who moved from Lake Norman to our area.

We prayed for our families, our kids, our jobs and were thankful for our F3 community and the support and strength that brings to our lives.

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The Green Monster

There were 7 on a wet, rainy, spring-forward Monday morning in Lake Wylie including 5 fresh faces that didn’t post during the 1st recon.

I had been planning on tackling this HUGE hill next to the ball field at Crowder’s Creek.  After looking at the weather over the weekend and knowing the hill would be a muddy mess, I thought about calling an Omaha, but decided against it.  The harder and more miserable the better the gains right?

We circled up after a quick-and-groggy disclaimer and moseyed our way towards the back of the school w/some active running along that way that included some Toy Soldiers and Karaoke’s.  After getting close to our destination we circled up for some warm-ups that included a random number of the following:

  • SSH’s
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Windmills
  • Peter Parkers
  • Parker Peters
  • Plank Jacks

The Thang

The plan was simple, get to the massive hill and go up and down it as many times as we can in varying ways.  For the cherry, I thought we would keep count by doing a burpee for each new time we went up & down the hill.

  • To see what we were dealing with I thought we would start with a nice mosey up & down the hill.  x1 Burpee at the bottom.
  • Sprint up/down.  x2 Burpee’s at the bottom.

I appreciated Cornerstones “Clockwork Merkin’s at the Abyss Wednesday, so I thought we would take a “breather” and do this exercise again.  The hill really makes it interesting.  We did 6 Merkins IC at 12, 3, 6, and 9o’clock.

  • Back to the hill… Bear Crawl up, Bear Crawl down.  x3 Burpees
  • NUR up the hill, NUR down the hill. x4 Burpees
  • Crawl Bear up, Crawl Bear down. x5 Burpees.
  • Grab a partner and Wheelbarrow Walk up and back down. x6 Burpees.
  • BONUS, sprint up and down. NO BURPEES!
  • Crab Walk up, Crab Walk down. x7 Burpees.
  • Partner Carry up, but not on the way down.  To slippy. x8 Burpees.

We had about 7 minutes left and needed 4-5 to make it back to CoT.  I asked the PAX if they wanted to do 1 more climb or mosey back for some Ablab.  Unsurprisingly they picked Ablab…

We moseyed back with 3 minutes to spare.  PEG, Whopper, and Q-Bert called out some exercises; Freddies, Freddy-has-a-fat-girlfriend (4-count Freddie with a crunch in position 3), and Crunchy Frog respectively to fill up the rest of the time.


Included Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Praises, and Prayers in random order (because the time jump left me pretty dazed and confused this AM).

This AO will be official and named next week!

Prayers for my M’s grandmother as she passes.  We are praying for a peaceful exit to go and be with God.

Praises to Homebrew and his EH from the week before ICE T, for getting together to support the homeless every other Saturday.  What a great cause!

Until next time….


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Deck of Death and the Deconstructed Burpee at the Deep

It was early, it was cold.  I had told the guys throughout the week to bring their kids and we could enjoy an easier workout.  But even I bailed with my two boys when I heard it was going to be 20 degrees.  Seems like that’s pushing the child abuse line… Luckily  the other 8 guys that showed up felt the same and decided the kids needed to stay at home.  Good for the children, bad for the PAX…now we got to do the harder things I had planned!

We had an FNG show up a little early and asked if this was F3?  I said yes, and asked him if he had gloves? He seemed confused and then asked, “is this outside?”  I knew he was going to have some fun today…lucky for him the PAX that EH’d him told him about the gloves.  By the end, Chris, an art teacher at a local school, was christened with “Picasso”.

I gave the long disclaimer, and we were off.

Dynamic warmup lap around the parking lot with:

High Knees – Butt Kickers – Toy Soldiers – Karaoke – Knee to Chest – Ankle pull

We circled up on the soccer field for COP:

SSHs – Imperial Walkers – Windmills – Squats with Calf Raises – CDDs – Plank Jacks – Merkins – Peter Parkers

No one really likes when I keep them in plank for 4 exercises…kinda my thang!

Now that we were warmed up, we moseyed over to the GA-GA ball pit.   Each of the 8 men find a post, and jump over the wall 30 times. If they didn’t want to do that…burpees were the alternative. No one took the alternative.

We headed over to our favorite hill for an evolution I stole from Bing down in Lakewood Ranch  who had posted it the day before on his BB.  Seemed like a tough thing to do so I added it to the Weinke.

Partner Up for the “Deconstructed Burpee”

Partner 1 run down and up the hill while partner 2 does the exercise.  Add reps together to these numbers:

100 Hip Thrusters

100 Merkins

100 Jump Squats

Several 10 counts after this one. Picasso didn’t seem to like the deconstructed burpee.  Later Bing told me he got this from our boy Longshanks…no wonder it sucked!

Mosey on to the next evolution behind the school.

5 cones were set up along the back street

Bear crawl to cone then 10 merkins

Lunge walk to next cone then 10 squats

keep repeating until the end 5 cones – about 200 yards.

I shared some thoughts around temptation, personal struggles and accountability. These men of F3 help make me a better man!

Next we stayed by the benches for:

20 Dips

20 Durkins

20 Step-Ups (each leg)

Mosey around to the front of the school

Last evolution today was the Deck of DEATH for 15 minutes.

Hearts = Jump Lunges

Spades = Merkins

Diamonds = Bombjacks

Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks

Aces high were 14 reps

We seemed to pull 13 clubs out of 15 tries… this always gets fun and rowdy by the end.  I pulled two of the Aces myself!

Mosey back to the cars for the normal COT items and naming of our FNG to Picasso.

prayers for Tater’s grandbaby still in NICU but doing OK. Qbert’s wife starting her new job soon, Shakespear’s friends’s parents heath, safe travels for all traveling.

Always and honor to lead,



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Size Matters at The Deep

I was definitely excited to lead the PAX this morning after getting FiA’d out of the Beyond workout at Poopdeck this week. Had a pre-run at 6:15 with long laps around both schools so Wild Thing could hang out and get in some exercise before work. 6 HIMs put in 4 miles.

Kicked off at 7 with a mosey behind the middle school and did some muble chatter heavy warm ups, which let me sneak in some extra counts since no one was really paying full attention. Lots of stretching worked in to the warm up. I usually enjoy when other Qs work that in, so I try to as well.

Then we started the push to be better! There are some brick columns to use for suicide runs. So I led the group through a Bear Crawl -icide with NURs to return to start.

Mosey’d around to one of the wooden octagons at the AO (we are still trying to figure out how the school uses them) 30 vaults over the wooden fence is a great quick exercise and keeps the heart rate up

Since Tater was doing his normal run, we actually had 9 for boot camp, split into groups of 3 and cycled through a few exercises. While one partner was doing the exercise the other 2 were pushing out a rough forearm plank. Each team did 2 rounds of 5 seal jacks, 10 monkey humpers, 15 Carolina Dry Docks.

Circled back to the cars and everyone grabbed a landscaping Cindy from my car and we went to the soccer field for a York favorite the Filthy Fifty!!!

Each PAX worked through 50 of each exercise

Squat Jump
Cindy Bent Rows
Cindy Swings
Lunge Step
Cindy Floor Wiper
Cindy Overhead Press
Cindy Thrusters

After this we took a “break” to talk about Beginning and what everyone was starting this year so we could hold others accountable. Each HIM took time to express places in their lives where they wanted to specfically be pushed for growth while we rotated through

plank, one arm up, reverse plank, one arm up

and kept rotating around every 10-15 seconds.

We ended with some great mumble chatter while taking a lap around the school carrying the Cindy overhead which definitely filled time and started to really hurt since we were just walking.

The mumble chatter at The Deep is some of the most amazing ridiculous conversations ever heard at F3. And today ‘Size Matters’ was the theme, make sure you Post this week and ask about it…… or be smart.. and don’t.

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Crawlin’ at the Deep

It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the Deep, cool with no humidity in sight (finally).  Since this was my first opportunity to Q I showed up early to scope the lay of the land and prep for the beatdown that was to follow, I wanted to make an impression after all.  The minutes leading up to the workout were suspenseful for me with most of the 9 PAX that posted rolling in at about 6:28.

@ 6:30 sharp we were all ready to begin.  No FNG’s in sight so I gave a quick disclaimer and we immediately circled up in the parking lot for some warm up exercises:

15 Windmills IC
15 Cherry Pickers IC
15 Moroccan Nightclubs IC
15 PJ’s IC
15 Alternating Shoulder Taps (Plank position) IC
15 Low Slow Squats IC

We then moseyed the long way around the parking lot with a few toy soldiers along the way until stopping at the top of a grassy hill for the first routine.  This consisted of running down to the bottom of the hill and backwards back up to the top where 5 CDD’s  awaited us before repeating 5x and adding 5 CDD’s each time.

Back to mosey across the street to the elementary school playground where the next routine awaited which consisted of 5 dips & 2 pull-ups and a lap around the perimeter of the playground.  Repeat 5x adding 5 dips & 2 pull-ups each time.  Grand total about a half mile of running, 30 pull-ups, and 75 dips.

Short mosey from the playground to the track & field where we spent the rest of our time.

First up was a little baseball, F3 style, as we attempted to hit for “The Cycle”.  I found this little gem on the Exicon, which I must admit, seemed a lot easier on paper.  After a little grumbling and a lot of crawling we all finished the exercise.  The Cycle consisted of bear crawling to 1st base (about 75ft to each base in our version), performing 3 burpees, and crawl-bear back to home (backwards bear crawl).  Then another bear crawl from home to 2nd base (rounding 1st), 6 burpees, and crawl bear back to home.  From home to 3rd base with another bear crawl, 9 burpees, and crawl bear back to home.  Finally, the last bear crawl all the way around the bases where 12 more burpees awaited…

…We called and audible and nixed the crawl bear back around the bases to the relief of all.

The last routine was another goodie I found on the Exicon named after Del Brown.  This consisted of performing 10 merkins, 25 yd. crab crawl, 10 diamond merkins, 25 yd. crab crawl back, and 10 more merkins.

Mosey back to the parking lot with a couple of minutes to spare.  I called on some PAX for ab exercises and we filled the last couple of minutes with Boxcutters and Hello Dolly’s before recovering to CoT.

Thanks Royale for the opportunity to lead, it was an honor and I’m already thinking about the next one.  All the PAX worked hard today and a few of us met up for Coffeteria after at the local Dunkin’ Donuts for a little 2nd F.


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Post Birthday Beatdown at The Deep – 7/15/2017

Was very excited when I found out that Longshanks and I were Qing the Deep.  A fellow burpee fan myself I figured this would be a heck of beatdown. When discussing the plans with Longshanks, we thought that 60 minutes of AMRAP burpees would get us removed from the Q schedule for good so we decided against it. Instead YHC would take the first half and Longshanks would take the 2nd half.

When 5:15 hit we had 9 Pax receive the disclaimer and we were ready to go.  We took a long mosey to the front of the elemterary school across the street for the warmup which included:

  • Weed Pullers x10
  • SSH x10
  • Wind Mills x10
  • SSH x10
  • Morracaan Nightclubs x20
  • SSH x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Down Dog/Honeymooner
  • SSH x10

Now that the Pax were good and warm we moseyed to the side of the school for The Thang.  But first we hear someone coming running up and it is none other that OLAF, your huggable friendly snowman. Unbeknownst to the Pax, this snowman was carrying poppers in this pocket that he would torture the Qs with for the duration of the workout.

The Thang

We would perform one exercise for 45 seconds then run down the hill to a bucket filled with pieces of paper. We would return to the top of the hill with one piece of paper and perform the excercise (*WINK* it was all burpees). Then we would repeat with different excercies until time was called.

The 45 second exercises were:

  • Squat back lunges
  • Crunchy Frogs (Longshanks maybe did one)
  • CCDs
  • Shuffle, Shuffle Lunge
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Jumping Lunges

The Burpees selected were:

  • Kraken Burpees x5
  • Switch Jump Burpees x10
  • Squat Hold Burpees x10
  • Burpees with Peter Parker x10
  • Burpees with SSH (x4) x10
  • Hand Release Burpees x10

Time was up so I handed it over to Longshanks.

We moseyed back to the middle school and paired up for some good ole Dora Blimps.

While your partner runs you perform the following:

  • Burpees x50
  • Lunges x100
  • Imperial Walkers x100
  • Merkins x100
  • Plank Jacks x100
  • Squats x100

With a little time remaining, Longshanks introduced us to 2 rounds of People’s Donkey Balls. This was People Chair followed by 10 Donkey Kicks followed by Balls to the Wall. I will be using this in my next Q.  Then we completed LBC (x15) and Rosalitas (x15).

With only minutes left, we slow moseyed to the end of the school and turned around and gave it all we had back to COT.

This was a great workout and a pleasure to Q with Longshanks. Cant wait to do it again, however the Pax may disagree.

3rd F Convergence

Tater’s Eye surgery
Royale’s daughter turning 7
Travel mercies for families

Until next time, back to the hunt…


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Find Joy in the Pain

So YHC had spent the previous Saturday experiencing Base Camp in Asheville as a Nomad and wanted to bring some lessons, and some pain, back to the PAX of Lake Wylie. The original plan was changed as YHC learned just before launch of the passing of Flux’s grandmother at the age of 102.

The Thang

With the small group assembled and a quick disclaimer given we moseyed of towards the football field at Oak Ridge Elementary. PAX circled up and first exercise is…102 Burpees. This was met with some disbelief and a some unhappy comments. Original plan was 100, but 102 was the number to honor Flux’s grandmother. YHC must admit that I had the same response when I showed up to Base Camp and missed the disclaimer and launch.

As we pushed through the evolution YHC discussed a podcast the was on my mind from earlier in the week. It featured Joost Jansen, former Navy Seal and now military consultant in Hollywood. To sum up the message of his podcast, he talked about finding the joy in the pain that you are feeling. Without having been through anything remotely similar I tried to convey that message to the PAX. What is the reason you are here? Why did you show up today? What goal are you trying to accomplish? Find that reason, find that joy and you can accomplish anything.

With maximum effort the PAX completed their assigned Burpees and a few others pitched in to help and add motivation. With the Burpees complete and the PAX sufficiently warmed up, we moseyed over to the playground area for our second evolution.

The next evolution consisted of a circuit of 3 exercises and a lap around the grassy perimeter of the playground. Completion would be 7 rounds. The circuit is below.

5 x Pullups
10 x Lunges (double count)
15 x Squats

With the little time we had left YHC wanted to introduce an exercise that was learned at Base Camp, the Donkey Farmer. This little number is a partner exercise that starts in a standard wheelbarrow position. 1 rep consists of the PAX in plank position completing a Peter Parker followed by the standing partner completing a squat. PAX took turns completing 5 reps each before moseying back to COT.

Great push today by all the PAX. This was one tough hour.

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