Moderate? Is that french for ‘burpee’?

With no inspiration hitting me at home, YHC decided to show up and see what the AO would speak to me today.  It was angry and made us do stupid things.

Mosey, warm up with burpee countdown between exercises.

Mosey down the hill to the playground at the elementary school where we counted off into groups and did round robins of swing crunches, LBC’s and mountain climbers twice.

Then over to the wall for some relaxing wall sits and a couple bttw.

Who doesn’t love running in circles?  Partnered up and while partner ran lap, 2nd Pax did LBC’s, WAM’s and CDD’s – flap jack at each lap.

Back over to the middle school hill for 10 bomb jacks, run up the long windy hill and 10 more at the top.

Fairly gassed at this point I heard the words ‘Jack Webb’ in the wind so we did that too.

Mosey for a close of Mary and COT.

As always, an honor to lead the men of F3.  Thanks for being there.

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Shaolin inspired gear at The Tomahawk

Last Tuesday YHC’s phone made a strange noise, which I found was created by Polaroid, who wrote, “Are you ready and willing to Q The Tomahawk this Wednesday?”  Well, I’d been wondering for a while when I’d step up for my VQ, and that certainly made it easy to decide.

We started off with a quick mosey about the parking lot, followed by SSH, windmills, and a delightful exercise that I’ve been doing for over a decade which is called open tee position.  Everyone steps their right leg over their left so that the legs are crossed and your feet are about should width apart.  Then you sink down until your six is a few inches above the right ankle.  About 90% of your weight is now on your right leg which is bent at < 90º.  The left knee is hovering about an inch above the ground, and the left foot is out to the right, resting on the ball of the foot, ankle up.

So you hold that for 5-10 seconds, work up some shaking legs, then slap your hips as you straighten up, turn around and sink so your weight is on the left.  5-10 seconds   Do this 3-5 times each leg.

After the warmup we hit the six stations.  We got through three rounds of masculine singing (grunts and growls).  Below are the stations with the odd gear’s exercise explained as best I can.

  1. BYO Kettlebell Woodchoppers x10/ea
  2. Box jumps x10 (box dimensions: 20″x24″x30″)
  3. Black Iron Staff (6′ long ~ 15lbs)
    1. One hand rotations x10/ea – Holding the staff horizontally with arm extended to the front, gripping the middle, fully rotate to the left and right, using your wrist to break and overcome the momentum
    2. Drop and lift x10/ea – Holding the staff vertically with arm to the front,  allow the top of the staff to drop to be parallel with the ground and use wrist strength to bring it back to fully vertical
    3. Drop and lift x10/ea – Holding the staff parallel to the ground, arm straight up (above the head), the long end of the staff extended behind the body, allow it to drop to vertical behind you and use wrist strength to pull it back to parallel with the ground
  4. Bean bag o’ pain – (~9″x9″ canvas bag with ~25lbs of steel BBs)
    1. The same for all three rounds, hold the bag with one arm as far away as you can from your body, gripping it by its side (so you’re looking at a square). Toss it up a bit and catch it with your opposite hand, using only the fingertips, letting the tossing hand drop.  This gets awkward because the BBs get out of the way and you have nothing to grip after a second.  Repeat this x10/ea arm before dropping it to the ground and growling in victory.
  5. Training Mace (10lb head)
    1. I like to call them Conan swings x10/ea- Holding the mace upright with right hand on top, do a full rotation above the head and strike out to the left.  Left elbow up, right is down.  Rotate back over the head and strike right, now the right elbow is up and the left elbow is down.  Switch hands and form for the other ten.
    2. Barbarian Squats – Holding the mace with hands together, resting behind your head like chopping wood with a maul, swing it over your head into a good squat, stopping with the mace upright and balance.  I like to switch my grip and do 10 with each hand on top
    3. Spears 10/ea – Or “Bayonet!”, standing with the mace, stab out like it’s a big old spear, holding it out for a two count.  Put your body into it
  6. Kettlebell Swings – Geronimo offered to leave his 50 at station six, we all got a taste

After the first two rotations we stopped to sing the chorus, which like any good song, changes slightly every time.

  1. On the six
    1. Gas Pumps x10
    2. LBCs with one leg crossed over the other x15/ea
  2. On the six
    1. Windshield Wipers x15 – Bell in your hands, rotating opposite
    2. Windshield Wipers x15 – Bell in your hands, rotating opposite
  3. On the feet
    1. Imperial Walker
    2. (blanking.. Hillbilly walker?)

With a few minutes left and the third rotation complete, we headed back to COT for some forearm stretching, announcements, and prayer.

Thanks again Polaroid for the opportunity to VQ on your turf.

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A Strong House is Built with HEAVY METAL

7 Gathered for Giant Sets in a body builder type workout focused on each muscle group followed by a circle of power with two burnout exercises as PAX alternated.  Rep counts to the right on the grid.

Warmup:  Side Straddle hops, low slow burpess, front straddle seal hops, wide, normal, diamond merkins.

Shoulders Bi’s Legs
5 Front Raise 1KneeCurl Front Lunge
10 Press Reg Curl Sissy Squat
15 Upright Row 1Hammer Squat
5 Front Raise 1KneeCurl Back Lunge
Circle of Power Bus Driver Lucky7Curl Calf Raise
Dynamic10 Bear Crawl Gorilla WalkL Sprint
Chest Core Back Tri
5 Side Fly Am Hammer Pullover Kickback L/R
10 1-2-3 Dolly Lawnmower Overhead Press
15 Press Crunch Plank Row Skullcrusher
5 Side Fly Am Hammer Pullover Kickback L/R
Circle of Power 1/2Merk Hold Boat Back Merk Dips
Dynamic10 Superman Pump Goofballs Gorilla WalkR Crab Walk

Announcements:  Sweti, New Tomakawk, Bermuda Triagle,

Prayers:  Gratitude for a great new day and the pax that attended, healing for the sick, wisdom to start the week.

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The Tomahawk: 25th Monday in 2018

8 PAX seeking to a better version of themselves posted in the steamy gloom this morning.


Started out with a mosey around the parking lot.


  • SSH x30
  • Merkin x10
  • Mountain Climber x10
  • Honeymooner à Downdog à Honeymooner
  • Imperial Walker x10
  • Hillbilly Walker x10

Mosey back to the grab our bells.

The Thang: COP with kettlebells

  • Kettlebell Swings x10
  • Merkins x10 (single count) (80 total)
  • Kettlebell Swings x10
  • Big Boy Situps x10
  • Set the weight down and rotate to the right
  • Rinse and repeated until we were back at our own gear (8 times)

Mosey to the parking lot curb and setup with the 4 rows of spaces in front of us.

  • Lunge-walk with pass through to the other side
  • Stop at each set of parking spaces for 10 merkins (40)
  • Leave bells & run the length of the lot and back to the bell
  • Lunge-walk with pass through back to where we started
  • Stop at each set of parking spaces for 10 squats

Back to COT for some Mary. SkateorDie mentioned that we were at 120 merkins….so:

  • Merkins x10 in cadence (20 total)
  • Hand-release merkins x10 to reach 150 total merkins for the day. 170 if you count the warmup in-cadence merkins.
  • Flutter w/ press x10
  • American Hammers x10
  • Finished with a leg stretch sequence:
    • Seated Forward Bend, Pigeon Lunge, Butterfly


I usually do a kettlebell workout on Fridays at the Hive. About ¾ of the way through the workout when most of us had sweated more than seemed humanly possible for 5:45am, Polaroid quipped, “They trained you well at the Hive.” I love this thought of being in training.

2 Corinthians 5:4-6 (taken a bit out of context, don’t tell my Christian studies professor friends)

“These tents [bodies] we now live in are like a heavy burden, and we groan…As long as we are in these bodies, we are away from the Lord.”

We are put here for a purpose, and being in these bodies is part of that purpose. It is good and right that we should push ourselves physically and train to be better. Everything is connected. If we can be better physically, we can be better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. As PAX, we must focus on our growth as a whole person. Training for this life starts in the gloom.

My first time out at The Tomahawk. Great AO! Props to Polaroid for asking me to Q and motivating me to get out of my comfort zone of AOs.


A PAX dealing with some medical issues both with family members and himself. Prayers for healing and strength on this HIM and his family.

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16 @ The Ballroom 5/15

  1. It’s always exciting to see cars come in hot around the curves of Pleasant Knoll Middle School to get to the workout on-time.  Everybody was in the circle when my phone alarm signaled it was 0515.  No FNG’s, but I disclaimed because a Q should always disclaim.
  2. We took off for a mosey towards the super far back parking lot with butt-kickers and high-knees.  Halfway to the lot we stopped for some warmup moves that included:
    1. SSH
    2. Seal Jacks (Jack Seals? Apparently I do them in reverse.)
    3. Weed Pullers
  3. At the back lot we did more SSH before grabbing a Cindy for some Walking Lunges ending with an All You Got back to the start line. We did that 2 times across the parking lot before we cleaned up the lot of random bigger Cindy’s.
  4. I broke out the Jumbo Cards for a round of Deck of Pain. As we went around the circle, I asked pax what Accountability means to them.
    1. Spades = Merkins
    2. Clubs = Crunches
    3. Hearts = SSH
    4. Diamonds = Monkey Humpers
    5. Face Cards = 10
    6. Aces could be 1 or 15, Dealer’s Choice.
    7. Jokers = 5 Burpees (no Jokers were pulled, hallelujah!)
  5. We had plenty of time left so we counted off by 2’s and did an Indian Run to the track where we completed 1 lap.
  6. We took a 20 count as we walked to the bleachers.  At the bleachers we ran up and down each stairway (4 rows) and then kept on running all the way back to the school.
  7. I gave the pax 2 options: Continue running around the paved path to COT or take the “shortcut” and Bear Crawl up the hill to COT.  It was about 50/50.

We did the Big Ball of Man thing.
Continue to pray for Badger and also our brothers who can’t seem to beat the fartsack. Prayers and Praises went out and up for Cornerstone’s MIL. Signup to cut the grass at Fort Mill Care Center, see Assassin for more info. READ THE NEWSLETTER!

I consider it an honor and privilege to Q a workout.  A big THANKS to Short Sale for the invite.

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Yahtzee Culture Club Style

So, Culture Club came out completely prepared as usual.  Always love attending one of his workouts!  This Friday morning we played Yahtzee in a way I personally never have before.

The basics were one PAX called out an exercise from the bottom list seen above, and the remaining PAX did that exercise while the first PAX took his three rolls for Yahtzee.  Once the points were written on the tape, then the blue tape was removed to reveal which exercise would be performed, and the reps would be the amount of the score written in.  If the exercise under the blue tape was highlighted in green it meant that for the next round, instead of choosing an exercise from the bottom list, the PAX would run a lap around the parking lot.

If you have not been out to participate in a Culture Club workout, I highly suggest you plan for it.  He has certainly set a high bar of excellence, at least in my book 😉.

Smithers – Out

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Dragon’s Den

This week is a special week as Thursday makes four years since I joined F3 up in Area 51 (south Charlotte) so I was happy to chip in and q again at Tomahawk which is at Doby’s Bridge Elementary, with a school mascot of a dragon.  Small world as my elementary school also had a dragon for a mascot.  Anyway, enough of this on to what we did.

After a pretty standard COP we got the bells a swinging.

25 swings
25 goblet squats
20 merkins
20 tricep extensions
25 LBC’s
30 curls
20 skull crushers
20 calf raises
20 American hammers

After every third exercise, run/walk a lap.  We got through two rounds and I added some core work in there as well just for fun.

I got at least one “I hate you!” from Polaroid or someone sounding like him so I feel like I did my job.

Welcome to Data Breach!  Looks like you guys are busy EHing your friends and neighbors.  Keep it up.  Great work out there DB!

Thanks for the HIMs you guys are and how you encourage me every day.

Peace out.  DT

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HIT at the Hive

Following up my tremendously successful initial kettlebell Q at Tomahawk last week I was asked to Q the Hive this week… That or they just needed someone to do it… I chose to believe it was because I excelled at my previous attempt…

Being Friday I thought maybe I could combine the HIT philosophy of Varsity with the Kettlebell workout of the Hive.  Sitting in the living room the night before googling “high intensity kettlebell circuits” I was smart enough to realize that 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 4 minutes per excercise sounded a bit too “high intensity” so I decided to cut it to 30 on with 10 seconds for 2 minutes each.  I was worried that the 10 seconds would be too much but decided to leave it there (spoiler alert… 10 seconds or rest goes MUCH faster than the same 10 seconds working out… its an odd law of time…)

So following a brief lap around the lot with some high knees and butt kickers and a quick warm-up with some SSH, windmill, imperial walkers and hillbilly walkers we turned on the little app with our nice coach and some classic rock to motivate us.  Each exercise consisted of 4 sets of 30 seconds on and 10 second rest

-Dead Lift

-Goblet Squat


-Russian Twist




-Calf Raises

-Wood Chop

-Shoulder Press


-Kettle Bell Swing


Following these sets we had Airborne lead us in a round of his hip exercises to close out the morning.  The we formed into COT with announcements and prayer requests

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Tomahawk-0 to 60 in 45 mins

12 PAX and YHC came in da Gloom of Doby’s Bridge Elementary to take our daily Red Pill. As I thought about what type of beat down I’d apply I realized simple is sometimes enough. We over complicate many things and our lives and we can’t do any one thing well. So I kept it simple and effective!

The Thang:

Warm Up around the parking lot with mini COP

Grab the bells and get after it. 20 exercises for 60 secs or 1 min each and after 4 we run a lap.  Fun times had by all!!

Flutter kick
Russian twist
V up
Hello dolly
Leg raises
Right leg
Squat figure 8
Left leg
KB Swing
Shoulder press
Upright row
Bent row
Lat raises
R/L Curl
Concentration curl
Tri extension
Skull crushers
Calf Raises
YHC spoke about restoring old cars and how people can see the beauty in things that some of us don’t. I mentioned the research center in NC where body parts are being grown with people’s actual cells, so they can be interchanged if something goes bad….like car parts.
As much as we can exercise and change parts there is only one way to be restored…..through the Grace of Sky Q. He takes our old away and makes us New. He sees beauty in us that we don’t even see in ourselves. Find time to realize how Sky Q plans to make you restored and living a brand new life today!!
2/17-Breakfast at Philly UMC
2/20-1stF and 3rdF convergence at Forest Hill Parking lot
2/24-YETI…..just do it!
Thanks for Lead Polaroid!
Cake Boss
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Post Snow Cold Burn

11 at SlowBurn … label me disappointed, is it the cold? Is it the snow on the ground? Prepare Yo Self, put on some mittens and a cap and get out here … please (apparently I don’t say please enough)

Filling in for an injured PAX …

The Thang:
Mosey down the hill and circle up. Reps were 10x or 15x (sprinkled in 25s for OH Claps & MNClub). Burpees (1 or 2) in between each exercise after the first few were in the books. Windmill, Imp Walker, Plank-o-Rama (stretch it out), MNClub, LBCrunch, HR Merkins, Hillbilly Walker, OH Claps, Dying CR, CDDock, LSSquat, MNClub (yes, again), Freddie, Travolta (14 burpees in between).

Mosey to the lot on the other side of Lowe’s, run from the wall to the other side of the parking lot doing 7s, 1-6,2-5,3-4,4-3,5-2,6-1. Burpees and HR Merkins. Back to the wall … sit while the two ends pop out, do 2 burpees and return to the wall, until the ends meet in the middle. Recover. Back to the wall, everyone Bear Crawl from one end to the other. Recover.

Mosey to the front of Lowe’s. 3 station suicides.
Run, Shoulder taps 2ct x10, run back
Run, Shoulder taps 2ct x10, Donkey Kicks x10, run back
Run, Shoulder taps 2ct x10, Donkey Kicks x10, Monkey Hs x10, run back

Back to the big lot for some cool down, stop on the way for calf raises, 10x forward, 10x point in, 10x point out, OYO. Big lot … Squat, Mahktar N ‘Diayes, OH Clap, LBCrunch ….couple more ?

Indian Run back to COT

Looks like we made it,

Barry Manilow


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