Slippery When Wet

Rain stopped promptly at 5:00 leaving us with nice wet surfaces.

After welcome & disclaimer started with a short mosey over to band practice parking lot. 20 SSH, 20 mountain climbers, 20 flutters, 20 bombjacks, and 20 boxcutters wrapped it up, followed by a short talk about anxiety and digging down to the underlying reasons for it.

We then mosey down to the bottom of US21 entrance for The Thang:

Four stations at each light pole to top of hill. Sequence: 1 > 2 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

  • Station 1: 10 burpees
  • Station 2: 20 big boy situps
  • Station 3: 20 Merkins
  • Station 4: 30 Squats
  • Rinse & repeat

Mosey to building entrance, everyone Al Gore while rotating one pax 5 burpees at a time.

Mosey back to football field parking lot for CoT with a reminder that while many times we need to fight our anxieties, sometimes we need to surrender them.

Had a great time leading my VQ, thanks to all who showed up in spite of rain.

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Block Party 2018.04

So I was expecting it to rain for this Q so I had an entire plan for under the awning of the Springs Global building but alas, the sky Q seems to always lighten the precipitation at 5:15…

Mosey to Springs Global building parking lot
SSH, Hillbillies, Merkins

Head to wall for 30sec People’s Chair, 30 sec Balls2Wall, for a total of 5 min.  Last round doubled the time added arm flutters to chair and inverted mountain climbers.

Mosey to the top of Gun Shop hill and partner up for a Dora123.  100 bombjacks, 200 merkins, 300 squats, run to the bottom of the hill and back

Mosey to circle drive to nowhere parking lot and do more peoples chair.  1 min then chalf raises while in peoples chair x20

Mosey to playground for 1 1arm pullup each arm, 5 pull ups, activated deadhang until failure.

Mosey back for COT
I touched on what the word of the month brings to my mind.  Beginning.  Beginning is the time in which you define the problem you are going to fix, the answer you are going to solve.  If the reason you do Merkins is to be able to do more Merkins, then this may not be for you.  But if you do Merkins so that you will get stronger and better at pushing, then maybe you have something.  Exercise is answering a problem, but first you need to know what problem you are solving.

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#218in18 Kick-off Convergence BackBlast

76 PAX (including 4 FNGs) met in the gloom at Harris Teeter this morning to kick the year off the right way.

Group 1 – Jedi

Start with 60 seconds of plank tutorial, then a fairly lame attempt to explain the exercise “routine” for the upper body station. The routine, to be done in increasing AMRAP style:
· Incline Merkins
· Low Country Crab Boil (One leg, one hand dips)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Left hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Left hand on curb)
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Pseudo Planche Merkins
· Donkey Kicks
· 90° Turn clockwise
· Staggered/Uneven Break Dancer Merkins (Right hand on curb)
· Staggered/Uneven Carolina Dry Docks (Right hand on curb)
· 90° Turn to starting position

Start with 10 reps for each exercise, then add 2 reps each round after that (10, 12, 14, 16, …). Only the elite few made it past the round of 12.

Group 2 – Peabody

An absolute honor to lead a convergence and had so much fun working with all the guys. Here’s the fun of the cardio Q.

SPRINT Relays!!!  

3 team

60 Yard sprint

Team members are doing Seal Jacks, side straddle hops, or flutters while teammate runs.

Winning team selects penalty exercise for 2 losing teams. (Unknown is losing team has to do the penalty exercise too but only half the reps).

Rinse and repeat the sprint relay races once teams are mixed up.

Mary to follow:

  • 50 LBCs
  • 25 Flutters
  • 10 Freddie Mercury’s

Lists of fun to hear the encouragement of other Pax and see the competition bring out the most in guys.  Saw lots of guys really push hard to win for their team.

Group 3 – Jekyll

Motley Crue and 80’s hairband soundtrack

  • COP: SSH, IW, Squat
  • 5 Burpee OYO, 4 OYO, 3 OYO
  • Lt Dan: squat and jumping , 1:4 ration
    • 1 squat: 4 jumping lunge, 2 squat: 8 Jumping lunge…10 squat: 40 jumping lunge
  • 5 burpee OYO
  • Calf Raises 25 each: Straight, Toes Out, Toes In
  • Donkey Kicks


Welcome FNGs Iron City, Humps, Hillary, and Juliet

Prayers by CakeBoss for leadership.

– Ginsu

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Holiday Lights Tour by Donkey

13 pax celebrated the gift of a new day at Block Party.  All vets on hand for this journey, so the Disclaimer was short and sweet.  Then the pax saddled up for the Fort Mill Christmas tour.  The theme for the tour was Preparation, in particular, the preparation that Joseph undertook to position himself to fulfill his role in the birth of Christ.

The Thang

Short warm up run to the corner at Ardrey and 160.

COP — SSHs, Mtn climbers, Hillbilly walkers, Merkins, Windmills

Mosey to front of Springs building under the angled windows

People’s chair

FM History Lesson:  The angled windows were inspired by the Hindenberg.  The Springs family made a trip back from Germany via the Hindenberg in 1936.  Anne Springs Close is the last living passenger from the Hindenberg, and she says her father was inspired by the bright light and lack of glare of the angled windows on the Hindenberg, so he put that feature into the building on 160.

10 Burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

Mosey to parking lot on 160 in front of UC Synergetic building

People’s chair while pax take turns doing 10 merkins each

10 burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

pax split into 2 groups
Group 1: on wall for 10 donkey kicks OYO
Group 2: LBCs
Rinse & repeat for 3 total cycles

10 Burpees OYO

10 Bombjacks OYO

Mosey to grassy corner where 160, Main Street and RR tracks converge

Plank sequence

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to field on other side of war memorial and line up along first lit tree

Move to other end of field through sequence of lunges, bear crawls, crab walks, switching at each lit tree.

Mosey back to UC Synergetic parking lot

Back on the wall for donkey kicks and merkins (flapjack then rinse & repeat for 3 more cycles)

Mosey to wall at back of Springs building

10 wall pull ups OYO

Mosey home

COP – Freddie Mercury, Box Cutter, Penguin, Flutters



Great collection of pax this morning!  Nice to have the Springfield clown car find its way to WEP.  It was also a treat to have the Thrill Brothers out (Drop and Rock).  It’s also good to see BP regulars Uncle Sam, Band Camp and Flash along with a return from Sawdust.

The weatherman predicted 30s so some pax were a bit overdressed for the 40s.  Ginsu had to shed the orange to make it through the session.  Drop Thrill just plowed right through in shorts and short sleeves like it was September.

The lights around downtown Fort Mill offered a festive hue to the workout.  YHC gets frustrated with the work involved in holiday decorations at the house, so a tip of the cap goes to those who decorate the town — the lights provide a much needed dose of perspective amid the hustle of closing out the work year.

This season of Advent always brings Joseph to mind for me.  He is a true #HIM if there ever was one.  His ability to see, hear and discern the voice of God was remarkable.  His obedience in following God’s call, even in the midst of doubt and difficulty was awesome.  His willingness to leave it all behind to follow God’s direction to go to Egypt presaged the apostles leaving their lives and work behind to follow Jesus.  How did Joseph get to a place that he could make all those choices (YES, those were choices!)?  Preparation.  He could never have known what he was preparing himself for, what God was preparing him for.  Yet, he prepared.  We don’t know any specifics of hi preparation, yet it must be part of his story.  There is no other way he could have pulled the trigger on all that without preparation.  Am I preparing myself properly?  What am I preparing for?  What is God preparing me for?

Thanks for giving me the honor to lead you today (and hopefully in some small way to contribute to your preparation).

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20 pax made it out to the golden corral for some bootcamp, ruck, and run.  Rad had a good showing for what looked like a heavy ruck.

A proper disclaimer was made (thanks to dark helmet’s Q school) and we mosied around HT for cop.
SSH x 25
Morracan Night Clubs x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Low slow squats x 15
Merkins x 15
Peter Parkers x 25
Windmills x 15
The thang
Mosied over to the front of HT and bear crawled/crab walked to the first cone for four cotners, breaking it up with 10 merkins and 20 LBCs.
Four Corners (three rounds)
1st cone with Cindy – OHP x 25/ Bent over rows x 25/ Curls and tricep extrnsions x 25. Nomad got angry and smashed a block.
2nd cone – Burpees x 10/ Burpees x 10/ Kracken Burpees x 10
3rd cone – Squat jumps x 20/ Lunges x 20/ sumo squats x 20
4th cone – Seal jacks x 30/ Plank jacks x 30 / Bomb jacks x 30
Finished with wall sits with everyone doing one more kracken burpee down the line, and a failed attempt at BTTW by YHC who ate pavement, and finally 10 minutes of Mary led by all nine PAX.
As usual, read your newsletter.   Upcoming Icebreaker in York, the Rooster in Rock Hill, and light and heavy rucks.  2nd F at fort mill BBQ at noon.
Prayers and praises.
Thanks Decibel for the opportunity
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Block Party at Block Party

The last day of October, Halloween and the last day of the month of  respectables at Block Party saw the delivery of blocks.  Concrete blocks.  30 lb blocks.

The Thang

A brief warm up:  Lunge Stretch, 25 SSH & Imperial Walkers

The crew then picked up their coupons as well as their complaints and proceeded around the the park stopping at each drill bit for:

  1. 20 curls and 20 LBCs
  2. 20 Prone Presses and 20 LBCs
  3. 20 Upright Rows and 20 LBCs
  4. 20 Squats and 20 LBCs
  5. 20 Lawnmower pulls each arm and 20 LBCs
  6. 20 Overhead Presses and 20 LBCs

Since this was clearly not enough fun, the crew moved to the hill next to COT.   With coupon half way up the hill for 20 curls and all the way up for 20 prone presses. Rinse and repeat about 3 times.

This is the moleskin, and it is important.  God is clearly in control.  At the same time we MUST do our part.  We cannot sit idly by, pray and hope for the best.  We must recognize God’s speaking and His words to us – and then we must act in accordance with His will.

I was honored to lead at this AO.  Thank you to all the PAX who were there.


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