Sandy Cones at Alcatraz

Warmup:  Seal Jacks, Multiple Hold Merkins, Low Slow Squats.

1st Half Thang by Bear Grylls:  Mosey to the hill for uphill AMRAP sandbag and 20 & 35lb ruck work.

  • 20lb slam ball – Carolina Dry Docs and A Frame Crunches,
  • 20lb Sandbag – Lunge Choppers,
  • 45lb KettleBag – Squat Upright Rows,
  • 40lb Spartan Pancake – Front Raise to Overhead Tricep Extension,
  • 60lb Sandbag – Row to Curl.
  • 75lb Sandbag – Clean Jerk Press

As rucks reach top or bottom of hill, PAX advance to next station via bear crawl.

2nd Half Thang by SkateOrDie:  Mosey to Parking lot for cone workout

Cones with 3 exercises each for 20 reps in each corner, then advance to middle for group cone exercise then back to corners.

Prayers for victims and perp at school shooting, those in hospitals.  Praises for pax brother new job and pax wife negative test results for good health.


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Footloose – Accountability

Accountability – Are you pushing yourself when no one is looking?  What do you plan to gain by getting up at 4:30AM?  Be true to yourself!

Disclaimer – Not a professional, modify but hold yourself accountable, no lawsuits.

Slow Mosey around 2 churches and Town Hall.

Warm Up:

20 SSHs, 10 Windmills, 20 MNCs, 10 Mountain Climbers, 5 Merkins

The Thang:

Slow Mosey to the 4 Station Square

4 Stations are marked by cones with written exercises on them.  Divide into 4 groups and mosey to assigned cone.  Cone #1 sets the pace with 20 Seal Jacks in Cadence.  During the cadence the other three groups are as follows;  2) Merkins / Plank, 3) Air Chair, 4) 6 Inches.  Once cadence is complete Broad Jump to next cone.  Continue until cycle is complete.

Round 2:  Same set up but cone number 1 will start with 20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence, when this is complete mosey backwards to the next cone.

10 count

Mosey back to FBC and line up on right side of parking lot.

Lunge Walk 20 yards  –  7 point Hip exercise (Right Hip)  –  7 point Hip exercise (Left Hip)  –  Lunge Walk 20 Yards  (I think the hip exercises started some interesting mumble chatter)

Bear Crawl 15 yards – Crab Walk 15 yards – mosey to end of lot (repeat going back)

Toy Soldiers 20 yards  –  Downward Dog 20 count  –  Dying Cockroaches x20  –  LBCs x20  –  Freddie Mercury’s x20  –  Big Boy Sit Ups x10 OYO  –  (During this series is when I discovered the mumble chatter had a lot to do with something about every star is Uranus and it’s very gassy)  Honeymooner 20 count  –  Toy Soldiers 20 yards

Slow Mosey around parking lot


Strawberry Fest sign up, Cannoli run, prayers for folks in the hospital, employment and various stresses of life and how we handle them – Bassomatic led us out.



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11 PAX posted to RPG for some Broga and miles.

Beautiful spring morning with a temperature of 54 degrees.

Disclaimer, disclaimed.

The Thang:

20 minutes of Broga (courtesy of Sasquatch) loosened up the PAX before we headed off on a 3.5 mile run through Regent Park.


As the Q, one of my main goals, was to keep everyone together, or at least on course.  It goes without saying, running at 5am, through neighborhoods, on a newer AO, posses a challenge.

I fell short of my goal and had a couple of the PAX get lost in the neighborhood. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have the PAX give YHC the opportunity to develop and become a better leader by allowing YHC to make and learn from my mistakes.

In the end, everyone made it back to COT. YHC’s lesson learned: ask a PAX (or two) who is familiar with the course to pick up the six so QIC (YHC, in this case) can keep oversight of the other PAX.

F3 does develop leaders. For that opportunity, I am thankful.

COT – Prayers/Praises

Bass-o-Matic, thank you for the opportunity to Q.







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CSPAN Returns to The Coop for flutter kick freenzy

Perfect weather and 52 degrees

disclaimer in detail because we had 2 FNGs (T-claps Paul Bunyon and Sasquatch)

and we were off

mosey around until I got tired…


Mosey around until I got tired…

Some abs and some core

Mosey around until I got tired…

partner up – 3 rounds of flutter, squats, and LBC while your partner ran the parking loop

Mosey until I got tired…

Same partner 4 rounds flutter kicks and pull-ups

Mosey until I got tired…

10 flying squirrel countdown with sets of 10 flutter kicks…

and I ran out of time…

COT/prayer or praise/BOM

welcome Llama and Puppy…weird that they were both animal names today…?

read your newsletter, and make a difference today, and my abs still don’t look Tesh…



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Hump Day… Whatever… Pantheon 4/4

11 came to Pantheon ready to tell Hump Day to go pound sand. Too often, men look at Hump Day as the day that they check out and coast to the weekend. We aren’t those kind of men, so we will push hard and make it count everyday…

1 lap around the lot to the side lot
Windmill x 10
IW x 10
Merkin x 10
PP x 10
Moroccan Nightclub x 20
Squat (with a hop) x 15
SSH x 20

On to the fun…
Mosey to playground (in parentheses are the mods)
20 burpees (15)
400M run (down and back)
20 Pull-ups (Supine pulls)
400M run (down and back)
20 Handstand push-ups/CDD (20 or 10-10 or 20)
400M run (down and back)
20 Swerkins (LBC)
400M run (down and back)
20 Knees to Chest

Once complete, we headed to the back lane for Hair Burner Relays
2 teams
Each team performs an exercise while the front men do a hair burner of 100M (50) then Overhead carry back
Exercises will be determined by the winner of the heat…

Mosey back to COT


A couple of thoughts…
– If you are at a workout with Cha-Ching, Straight Up, Longshanks, and/or Jedi, you will likely be behind them. You should know that going in, so you don’t feel bad when it happens.
– Straight Up may not actually be from this planet. Dude is fit…
– CSPAN is still one of the wiser men I know, despite his current injury-related inability to do a proper Merkin…

Helmet, out.

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Easter Monday At Tomahawk

Beautiful Spring Morning in SC


Stations plus run the bus loop after each station

Station Breakdown:

#1 15 KB curls each arm + 15 2 arm KB upright row

#2 30 KB American Hammers + 20 KB triceps press

#3 20 KB Renegade Row + 20 KB figure 8’s

#4 20 KB Calf Raises + 20 KB Flutters

#5 20 Goblet Squats + 10 KB pushups each side

#6 10 KB Press + 40 KB LBC

#7 10 Burpees

NMM – live every single day like it is Easter Monday

COT/ prayer or praise/ BOM

Quality #mumblechatter with a strong group of  #HIM

Thank you for the invite,



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Laces: Super 21 on Maundy Thursday

Laces In:

Slight Mosey to student parking lot

Warm Up – COP
SSH x20
Imperial Walker x10
Hillbilly Walker x10
Windmill x10
Cherry Picker x10

Mosey to Band Practice lot

Super 21s (variation) – Inspired by JWOWW’s VQ at the Hive which used a deck of cards and got me thinking about 21. Then I found Super 21s listed in the F3 Exercises………I wondered why I hadn’t done these before in a workout. Turns out doing Super 21s makes it difficult to raise your arms later… days later.

1 merkin to 1 low slow squat
repeat to 10 reps of each
Flutters x21
11-13 reps of merkin/LSS
Hello Dollys x21
14-15 reps of merkin/LSS
Freddie Mercuries x21
16-17 reps of merkin/LSS
Lap around the Painted Lot
18-19 reps of merkin/LSS
Box Cutters x21
20-21 reps of merkin/LSS
Rosalitas x21
(Total of 231 merkins and squats)

Slight mosey to side of Ceramics Studio

Found some curb – stretch calves
Calf raises x21
Wall Sits (slight discussion of the brass technique of multiple tonguing: generated a good deal of mumble chatter)

PAX mentioned (sarcastically?) that if we just did 19 more merkins, we would reach 250. With the challenge laid down, PAX completed 19 merkins and 19 low slow squats. (Total of 250 merkins and squats: except for Trucker who complete 280 and added that to the Name-o-rama so YHC wouldn’t forget.)

Plank up – Because Abiding (see note below) requires flexibility:
Honeymooner to Down dog variations
Stretch out the legs
Leg raises in down dog
One leg plank
Knee taps to elbow x5
Knee taps to opposite elbow x5
Repeat with opposite leg
Pigeon Lunges
Butterfly stretches
Seated forward bends (i.e., touch your toes sitting down)

Mosey back to COT
American Hammers x21

The word for the month is abide. Abiding in God is active alignment of our will to the Lord’s. This is opposed to “the dude” passively abiding in the Big Lebowski. I gave a brief message about how we can abide in what is happening around us or we can strive to abide in God. The word is not a passive acceptance our circumstances, at least not in a scriptural sense.

We also discussed, while sitting against a wall, how I approach my (music) studio teaching at Winthrop. There’s practice dedicated to maintenance/growth at technical elements and the physical skills required to play the instrument (this is how triple tonguing came up), and then there’s practice learning assigned repertoire. Practicing only repertoire means the physical skills needed for new piece/work must be learned from scratch…..every time. Having a set routine for maintenance and growth means the fundamentals on the instrument are already in place, i.e., you’re in shape. At this point, learning repertoire is simply a matter of applying skills you already possess.

My short (5 months) time with F3 reminds me of this model. A routine to develop ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) so that when we encounter challenges (repertoire) it is only a matter of applying skills we either already posses or are honing. One of the hardest parts of each workout for YHC is leaving the comfort of the bed for the gloom. Yet we are all on this planet (its own form of gloom) called to seek God’s purpose for us and abide in that. I’m grateful to have shared this morning with PAX doing just that . . . . even if that means YHC can barley raise his arms to type a backblast.

Not sure what happened at Laces Out. . . . I’m assuming they ran and can currently lift their arms.

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Dragon’s Den

This week is a special week as Thursday makes four years since I joined F3 up in Area 51 (south Charlotte) so I was happy to chip in and q again at Tomahawk which is at Doby’s Bridge Elementary, with a school mascot of a dragon.  Small world as my elementary school also had a dragon for a mascot.  Anyway, enough of this on to what we did.

After a pretty standard COP we got the bells a swinging.

25 swings
25 goblet squats
20 merkins
20 tricep extensions
25 LBC’s
30 curls
20 skull crushers
20 calf raises
20 American hammers

After every third exercise, run/walk a lap.  We got through two rounds and I added some core work in there as well just for fun.

I got at least one “I hate you!” from Polaroid or someone sounding like him so I feel like I did my job.

Welcome to Data Breach!  Looks like you guys are busy EHing your friends and neighbors.  Keep it up.  Great work out there DB!

Thanks for the HIMs you guys are and how you encourage me every day.

Peace out.  DT

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In the Early Mornin Rain

5 PAX showed up in the early mornin rain this Wednesday.  38 deg at start time.

  • Warm up 1: Mosey around the big loop followed by sprints at 50%, 75%, AYG
  • Warm up 2: SSH, 1 Burpee, Windmills, 2 Burpees, Mountain Climbers, 3 Burpees, CDD, 4 Burpees, Moroccan Night Club, 5 Burpees
  • Thang 1: Bear Crawl Snake (see lexicon) around basketball court plus 2 count merkins when last man gets to the front
  • Thang 2: Four corners, tabata style
    • Corner 1 – Core (LBCs, Flutters, Freddie Mercurys, American Hammer, PAX call-it)
    • Corner 2 – Legs (Jump Lunges, Jump Squats, Side-to-side Lunges, Calf Raises, PAX call-it)
    • Corner 3 – Arms (Wide-arm Merkins, Plank-ups, Inchworm, Plank Taps, PAX call-it)
    • Corner 4 – Cardio (Donkey Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Bomb Jacks, PAX call-it)
  • Thang 3
    • All hold planks, while each PAX suicides x2
    • All hold squats, while each PAX back sprints to opposite baseline, does 5 merkins, forward sprints back
  • COT: Prayers for health of families and for marriages.  High praise for cancer remission.

Always grateful to Q.

Rocks Out.

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Leprechaun Hunt at The Yard

It was a dark start to the St. Patrick’s Day, and upon arrival to the school there appeared to be some sort of overnight activity going on, so I needed to call an audible to work around the unanticipated changes, but it worked.

Disclaimer, and then we started out with a mosey around to the lot in the back of the school where we circled up for warm-ups:

  • 15 SSH’s
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Moroccan Nightclubs
  • 10 Windmills

Mosey down the bus entrance road towards Springfield Parkway until we got to the long straight hill section.  Time to partner up, and one partner will run up the hill and back (three light poles) while the other partner performs the following exercises until they get back.  Each partner does one round of each exercise alternating with a run:

  • Shoulder Taps
  • Squats
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Wide Arm Merkins

Mosey back to the back elementary loop area for a little rinse and repeat, only with a run around the loop and the following exercises:

  • LBC’s
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Overhead Hand Claps

Then we talked a little about what it meant to abide, specifically in Christ.  It’s not something that is easily done, at least not for me.  It requires literally giving up all control, of everything, then placing that trust in Jesus to carry me through to where He wants me to be.  There were several head nods from the PAX, and then we moseyed back up to my slightly less secret spot up in the woods for some cadence exercises all together.  We were all blessed with an amazing view of the sunrise while up on that hill!  God is good!

We rotated around the circle with each PAX counting off cadence for an exercise (or two).  There were three rounds that looked like this:

  • 15 dips with hands facing forward (double count)
  • 15 Inclined Merkins (double count)
  • 15 Calf Raises regular (double count)
  • 15 Calf Raises Toes Out (double count)
  • 15 Calf Raises Toes In (double count)
  • 20 dips with hands facing backwards (double count)
  • 20 Inclined Merkins (single count)
  • 20 Calf Raises regular (double count)
  • 20 Calf Raises Toes Out (double count)
  • 20 Calf Raises Toes In (double count)
  • 15 dips with hands facing forward or sideways (double count)
  • 15 Inclined Merkins (single count)
  • 15 Calf Raises regular (double count)
  • 15 Calf Raises Toes Out (double count)
  • 15 Calf Raises Toes In (double count)

Head back to the playground fence to stretch out our calves then off to COT

It was not an easy workout, but I was really proud of all the PAX and how hard they pushed.  I thank Hasselhoff for the opportunity to Q again, and I really appreciate all you brothers!  You have all changed my life for the better!



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