Goodbye Uncle Sam!

OK so moderate is a loose term but modify as needed!

Disclaimer given and were were off to mosey a short way down near Empire Pizza to COP

Start with 20 SealJacks

10 Diamond Merkins

20 Slow Squats

20 Peter Parker

20 SSH

20 Parker Peter

20 IW

Plank on Elbows and Hold it for 2 min

20 Moroccan Night Club

Mosey a short ways and partner up

Several rounds of one partner backwards run about 20 yards and forward back to starting point

meanwhile partner two stays in and completes exercise then flip flop

78 squats on the curb

78 calf raises

78 wide merkins

78 LBC

78 Flutters

78 Carolina Dry Docks

39 Burpees (Crowd Please) Run Forward

78 Wide Merkins

4 rounds of Al Gore

Finish with 2 rounds of Body Destroyers

Mosey back to COT

Uncle Sam heads back to his native Colombia with 2 O’s! Safe travels! Hope yo see him back!


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If you build it, they will come..

The weather forecasts leading up to Slow Burn showed what could have been a soggy outing. In preparation, I made sure I had not one, but two Weinke’s prepared for the PAX. One bringing back a popular game from College past to keep us dry, “Roxanne,” with a slightly different spin, and the other a friendly mosey around the parking lots with a few exercises mixed in. Surprisingly, it ended up being a perfect day and with it, an impressive 30 PAX showed for the party.


Mosey to the parking lot in front of Empire Pizza

Along the way, did some butt kicks, high knees and side shuffles, left and right and circled up for some warm-up

SSH- x25

LSS- x10


Moroccan- x25

Overhead Claps- x20

Happy Jacks- 4 rounds- 5 SSH/ 2 jump squats- a nice new surprise for the PAX

Mountain Climbers- x 10

Annie- 1-2 (1) Total of 10-

The Thang

Mumble Chatter was in full force and hard to avoid with such a great number.

First Round-Same parking lot, PAX lined up close to the center back parking line and faced towards the curb heading at a slight decline. Kicked off the fun with a round of 7’s. PAX started with 1- CDD and sprint to the other side- 6 squats. Continue this pattern until the the flip-flop happens, and you are ending with 6-CDD and 1-squat. Great work out of everyone. Plank until the Six was in.

Second round-Mosey over to the parking lot next to the new restaurant Persia (not sure if that’s the name). PAX lined up along the parking space middle line facing the curb. Seemed to be a theme for the day. Next up- Modified ascending bear crawl until 13. 1-CDD then Bear Crawl to other side- 2 Derkins. Bear Crawl back to starting position, complete 3-CDD. Continue this pattern until you end on 13- CDD. Once complete, a couple of ten counts and off to the next destination. Amazingly, the mumble chatter had decreased significantly!

Third round– Mosey over to the right side of Lowes and all the PAX grabbed some space on the wall. I had originally planned for some chicken peckers, look it up. Instead we started a 10 count at one of the PAX line and continued with all PAX in a chair position. PAX joined in with instructions to push everyone to that great feeling of displeasure. Thanks for chipping in! As it got to the halfway point, I could hear the mumble chatter wondering what happened to the moderate workout, so I gave a quick leg shake break. Quick it was, and then back on the wall. We didn’t quite complete the entire line but I commend the PAX on the effort.

Next up Individual suicides- showed the PAX the lines to hit and off they went. 5 Merkins after first set and 5 flying squirrels after the second.  Took a break in between to highlight for the group the mission and 5 principles of F3. Hopefully the FNG’s heard it!

Headed back to the warm-up spot for some Mary work


Reverse Crunch- 20

American Hammer- 15

Flutter kicks- 15

Mountain Climbers/Peter Parkers/Parker Peters

Back to COT

It wasn’t quite Six O’ Clock so we needed one more exercise to get us there, and Trucker happily offered up toe touches to get us home. Thanks!

Announcements– read your newsletter

Prayers/Praises– Badger, Glenn, Children, Teachers, Parents, Smithers, CSPAN, if I missed one I apologize

Thanks for the support PAX and for Shady and FMB for bringing FNG’s- Wide Right and Wilson

And Smithers for the opportunity to lead!

Frat BoySlowburn



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Gambling in the Abyss

What happens when you’re granted the honor of Qing at an AO you’ve not been to much and therefore, not to familiar with? Why, you scout it on Sunday with your kids after Church of course. Completely normal, right? For this group, you’re expected to “bring it” so you’d better know the turf. For those Ft. Mill’ers who’ve not frequented The Abyss, put it on your short-term bucket list. I didn’t explore much of it due to our card playing but this place is a gem.

Once the 16 of us rolled in on this beautiful Wednesday morning, I quickly noticed the footwear NASA was sporting and got a little concerned…for him. He let me know that he and a few other PAX would be breaking off to do a busted-foot-friendly-workout so I felt a little better about what we were getting into. The people-pleasing side of me wanted to make sure I had a little something for everyone so after typical butchered disclaimer, we took off for the basketball courts for our warm up:


Side Straddle Hops of course

Super mans

Hand-Release Merkins

Jump Squats

Mosey back to the main lot and I had to grab the deck of cards I slipped under the cone. As many but not all were familiar with, each suit is a different exercise and the number on the card represents how many reps. Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 and the Ace = 14 (not 1).

Hearts = Wide Arm Merkins

Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks

Diamonds = Jumping Lunges

Spades = BURPEES (Yup, we did that)

After we recognized the deck must have been front-loaded with Wide-Arm Merkins and Jumping Lunges, it wasn’t long until we started getting smoked and a few 10-counts were necessary. In the end, we completed it all which totaled 104 of each, that’s right, 104 Burpees.

There was still a little left in the tank and on the clock so we had to round it out with Dying Cockroaches, descending 10ct leg lifts and the finisher…Lt. Dan’s. The latter was a lesson I would remember the rest of the week.

Bones, I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to the next time.

Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.


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Moderately Crabby

Thanks to Smithers for allowing me to lead this morning.  23 HIMs started with the disclaimer and then took a little twist on the mosey down the hill to the back side of Lowes for the warm-up and beat down. Two lines formed up at the shovel flag and proceeded to Blacksnake all the way to the warm-up.  It was noted that surprisingly no one was injured bobbing and weaving while running in a line.

The Warm-Up was short and sweet to get the muscles ready and not tired.

  • Brisk 25 SSH
  • 25 Moroccan Night Club
  • 20 Imperial Walkers

The familiar Burpees that are often limited or lost at Slow Burn were tweaked slightly to provide a little 4×4 action!

Immediately following the 4x4s, we jumped right into a round Batwings.  All to a 4-count cadence:

  • 20 Forward Arm Circles
  • 20 Reverse Arm Circles
  • 20 Seal Claps
  • 20 Overhead Claps

After the shoulders were smoked, we met up along the wall of Lowes facing the side parking lot.  Everyone partnered up for some 123’s with a rotating exercise for the traveling partner. The partners completed their 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats while crossing the parking lot performing either Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Lunge Walks, or Toe-Walks.  The parking lot had 3 distinct rows of spaces along each PAX to determine the length of their crawls or walks.

Following the 123’s we circled up for a bit of core work; Abs and Back.  I thought it was important to incorporate the most often forgotten part of the core.  This is where the real “crabbing” started among the PAX.  All exercises done in cadence:

  • 20 Crab Cake
  • 20 Crunchy Frog
  • 20 Crab Humpers
  • 20 American Hammers
  • 20 Crab Jacks
  • 20 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Merkins done with several pauses at 6″

The PAX moseyed its way back up to the top at their own pace in preparation for COT

At COT, the origin stories for  a couple of PAX were shared so that we can all get to know one another a little better.

Great work from all the HIMs who pushed through some serious shoulder exercises and goofy crab work.





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Slow Burn Deck of Pain

The morning started out cooler than yesterday…and everyone noticed that right away. That’s okay, because what I had in store would keep everyone warm enough without question.

Started out with the standard disclaimer, then moseyed down the hill for the warm-up.

  • Butt Kickers
  • High Knees
  • Circle up
  • SSH’s
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Windmills
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Hillbilly Walkers

Mosey over to the side lot for the Thang.  Now, when we got over there the PAX saw the deck of cards and immediately knew what was coming.  I set the ground rules:

Aces are 1, Face cards are 10, we will use the value of the card and do that many sets of 10 of a given exercise, and each suite for that card will determine what exercise would be done.

We did 4 rounds in total, with a lap around the building in between rounds.

Round 1 – CORE; Round 2 – UPPER BODY; Round 3 – LOWER BODY; Round 4 – CARDIO with the ultimate goal to provide a solid and challenging total body workout!

So, we started out with a face card that meant we had to get after it right out of the gate with 100 box cutters.  And the mumble chatter turned at that very first exercise of round 1 ;-).

Overall, we did hundreds of exercises, some more than others, but the exercises completed for each round were as follows:

  • LBC’s (Hearts) – We did about 60
  • Flutter Kicks (Clubs) – We did 100
  • Box Cutters (Spades) – We did 100
  • American Hammers (Diamonds) – We did 80

Run a lap around the building

  • Merkins (Hearts) – We did 80 or 90
  • Carolina Dry Docks (Clubs) – I think we did 70
  • Moroccan Night Clubs (Spades) – I think we did 40
  • Overhead Hand Claps (Diamonds) – I think we did 50

Run a lap around the building

  • Squats (Hearts) – I can’t remember how many we did
  • Monkey Humpers (Clubs) – We did 100
  • Apollo Ohno’s (Spades) – I think we did 40 or 50
  • Lunges (Diamonds) – We did 10 each leg

Run a lap around the parking lot to save time and get the last round in

  • Peter Parkers (Hearts) – I think we did 40 or 50
  • Mountain Climbers (Clubs) – I think we were in the 30 or 40 range
  • SSH’s (Spades) – We did 80
  • Parker Peters (Diamonds) – I think we did 20

Mosey back up to COT

There was a lot of complaining, but I was really proud of all the PAX as they pushed through the pain and discomfort and came out their comfort zone.  Moderate is a state of mind, and I will admit that a lot of times I tell myself I can’t do something, but then when pushed by the PAX I find out, hey, it hurt like crazy, but yes, I can do that!  Today it was my turn to lead the PAX and push them.  I’m feeling it for sure now, and I know they all are too…but I wouldn’t change it for the world!


TClap |

Footloose- The Fort


Mosey to other Church parking lot. Dynamic Warm-up- high knees, butt kickers, knee to chest, ankle pull to chest.

Circle up- SSH, windmills, hill Billy walkers, Mtn. Climbers, Peter Parkers

1st set Mosey to top of hill 10 plank jacks mosey down hold plank for the 6

abs- in cadence LBCs, Hello Dolly’s, American Hammers

2nd set up hill 10 SSHs down hold 6

Upper body- in cadence Merkins, Moroccan nightclubs, Jack webs 1-10 4-40,

3rd set up hill 10 squat jumps

Lower body in cadence- Squats, 3 different position calf raises, pistol squats.

4th set up hill 10 more SShs.

To newly paved parking lot- Partner up.

while partner 1 does exercise partner 2 runs to end of lot and back.

  1. LBCs
  2. Flutter kicks
  3. roselletta
  4. hold feet up six inches

Mosey back to COT

Prayers and praises- Beacon health issues, Badger and family, Job situations, unspoken.

Announcements- Strawberry festival, cannoli run, Operation sweet tooth run, Convergence for Whetstone on Saturday.

Thanks for allowing me to Q. Always great to get to Q someplace I haven’t before

Backdraft out

TClap |

Lucky Friday the 13th

The thang

Disclaimer given

Mosie dow and around the back of Empire Pizza

COP in front of Empire Pizza

13 of each exercise to keep with the Friday the 13th theme

Seal Jacks

Diamond Merkins

Moroccan night club

Mountain Climbers

Wind Mill

Peter Parker

Parker Peter


Plank Jacks

Mosie over to the sidewalk for 3 rounds of Dips and box/curb jumps 13 ea.

Mosie over to the cones and partner up

Partner 1 stays in and does LBC while partner 2 runs to first cone and does 1 Burpee, run back do 6 handslap merkins with your partner. Partner 1 runs to 1st cone does 1 berpee returns to home and does 7 more handslap merkins, both partners run to next cone together. Increase by one burpee each round till we get to 4 burpees

Round 2 we replaced hand slap merkins with hand slap squats

Mosie over toward COT and do some AB Lab led by each PAX and continue with the 13 theme


A fairly moderate workout but not too moderate!!!

This was my VQ at Slowburn and I’d be happy to go back any time! Not sure the regulars feel the same!!!  🙂


TClap |

Slow Burn Core Workout

It was the last weekday of spring break, yet 14 PAX joined us in the gloom for a solid core workout.  Mumble chatter was significant and welcomed!

Getting right to it….Disclaimer then a mosey to warmup:

  • SSH’s – 25
  • Low Slow Squats – 10
  • Windmill – 10
  • Moroccan Nightclubs – 25
  • Cherry Pickers – 10

Mosey to the other side of the eatery strip to get out of the wind a bit.

We took a moment to discuss the word of the month, Worthy…and then got after our cores!

  • LBC’s in Cadence – 15
  • Flutter Kicks in Cadence – 25 (that is a LOT)
  • Hello Dolly in Cadence – 15
  • Run a lap of the parking lot and then Rinse and Repeat

Split the group into two lines and we did a relay sprint race just to get the heart pumping a bit and give our core a short break

  • Hello Dolly in Cadence – 25
  • Freddy Mercury in Cadence – 25
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups, together as single count – 10
  • American Hammer’s in Cadence – 15

To mix it up a bit, People’s chair with 3 popout burpees from each PAX

  • Merkins in Cadence – 10
  • Diamond Merkins in Cadence – 10

Run another lap around the parking lot for a breather

Rinse and Repeat the last round of core exercises

  • Hello Dolly in Cadence – 25
  • Freddy Mercury in Cadence – 25
  • Big Boy Sit-Ups, together as single count – 10
  • American Hammer’s in Cadence – 15

AMRAP style we did two rounds of exercises

  • Low Slow Squats
  • PAX individual choice, but had to be an exercise they really hate doing.  We had burpees to big boy situps, but the PAX all pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone!

Mosey back to COT

It was a fun group, and as usual, completely honored to lead my Brother’s in this workout!


TClap |

Redwood Original Tour Kickoff

9 men posted on a beautiful SC morning for a moderate start to their day, and also took a look back to the origins of F3 The Fort.  Here is what they did:

The Thang:

Mosey out of the parking lot and circle up on the cement pad in front of the center building along Pleasant Road.

COP (all in cadence)

SSH x 20, Windmill x 15, Mountain Climber x 20, Rosalita x 15.  Pause for back/shoulder stretch L and R, Squat/Merkin/Dip seqence (5-10 reps, repeat 3 or 4 times).  Peter/Parker/Peter x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15.

Mosey around the building to the hill near the steel bridge

Jacob’s Ladder.  5 trips up the hill starting  with 1 burpee and finishing with 5.  Plank at the bottom when finished.  YHC took time to mention that Jacob’s Ladder was a staple of most F3 workouts in the early days, but seems to be absent from workouts these days.  Too bad – this is one of the best cardio/strength exercises and one of YHC’s favorites.  Take notice Q’s and bring it back.

After completing JL, mosey to the edge of the steel bridge and pair up.  With your partner, make your way across the bridge by lunge walking.  At each light, stop and do 10 partner merkins (with handclap).

When all the Pax have crossed the bridge, turn around the lunge walk back to the start.  At each light, stop and do 10 partner big boy sit ups with a hand clap.

Mosey to the building, find a bench, and do 10 steps up each leg.    Find a spot on the wall and do peoples chair with arms up/out.  Stand up, walk/shake em up and come back for balls to the wall.  Hold while each Pax does a 5 count.

Mosey back to the front of the school for some Mary.  Pax choice today with Grave Diggers (10R/10L), Hello Dolly x 15, and LBC x 15.

Finish up with the Body Destroyer for 60s in silence (another YHC favorite).


I have been on IR for several months and was very happy to get the invite to Q from Short Sale a few weeks back.  This was the perfect way to ‘get back on the Q horse’ after a long lay off.  The PKMS location is awesome – expansive, a great turf field, and plenty of variety to work with. It was a blast to Q a workout again and I appreciate the effort put forth by the Pax today.

YHC talked a little about how F3 The Fort got started with the first group of Pax (me, Assassin, DD, Santini, Red Banjo, and Peach).  Nice to have Assassin in the Pax today too!  Back in the day,  Fort Mill was one of the first areas outside of Charlotte to launch F3 , and F3 Nation leaders, Dredd and OBT,  were part of the Fort Mill launch team.   What I recall from the first workout was that it was very hard, and I was plenty sore the next day.  But, I was hooked right away, and could not wait for the following Saturday when we posted again.  For us, back then, it was just a workout ( a really good one), and we didn’t know what would happen with the group, or where the group; was headed.  We just enjoyed the workouts and being together.    During the 1st year, the group started to grow and we started having 2nd F events and a regular Friday morning bible study.   The Pax kept coming and we kept expanding.  More workouts were added in new locations, regular 2nd F events appeared on the calendar, and a thriving 3rd F community was established.  The leadership we had in the beginning and the high caliber guys that have joined us since have built the Fort into what it is today.  I am a proud F3 member and plan to be one for many years to come.


Prayers for Badger who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Praises for an M with a recent good report from her doctor.  Cornerstone’s 2.0 is cancer free!  Vuvuzela’s 2.0’s seizures are not as frequent.



TClap |

Sparkplug’s 4 Corners + Coupons

The morning was actually pleasant.  Upper 60’s, a slight breeze, and no active rain…to start.   Sparkplug was on Q and had Twister bring a trunk load of coupons!  Started out with a partner carrying a coupon in a mosey down to the corner of the restaurant row, Then off to the parking lot for some warm-up.

Mosey around to the far side of Lowes for some wall sits, bear crawls, and a few other things.

Then Mosey back up to the restaurant row where there were 4 exercises listed for each corner.  We counted off in 4’s and each started at our own corner, going clockwise around the building.  It was a great full body workout!  Rain started somewhere during the first cycle, but it was pleasant, not a hindrance. Plus, we got wet on the parking lot when Sparkplug called for LBC’s and Freddy Mercury’s during the initial warm-up!

We even had one of Fort Mill’s finest from the police department stop to check us out.  Spitz did his best to EH him…he seemed interested, but Spitz said he would stalk him to make sure he came out ;-).

Finished up, and partnered up to carry the coupons back up to COT.

Great job to Sparkplug for the Q today!  I have to be honest…I really just wanted to hear him talk for the full 45 minutes ;-).

Smithers, out

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