Beyond 2018.07

This morning was a good day for some positive influence.  There were two options this morning, but everyone decided to try something a little harder and go Beyond.

Mosey to the basketball parking lot for some warmup.
SSHx50, Hillbilly walkers x20, Typewriter merkins x10 (I wasn’t the only one!)

Mosey to the paved path behind the half wall.  I went over the word of the month, anxiety.  I used to have extremely high anxiety with a life of distraction.  I would become anxious about anything and everything, so to get by, I had to constantly keep my mind off of things.  One day, I decided to put all my focus on my anxiety.  Everything I feared, I would think about constantly until I was tired of thinking about it.  I would fight the beast until somebody won.  The main one was, does God exist?  You have to figure this out for yourself.  The answer is going to be yes or no, but what that answer means is going to be different for everyone.  So figure it out, come to a conclusion, and make it your assumption from that point going forward.  When you doubt again, remember the time you came to the conclusion (even if you don’t know why) and move on.

Balls2wall shoulder taps x10, Muscle ups x10 w/ a 20 sec 6inches hold within the set. (3 rounds)

Mosey to rock pit paste the gate of the school.  I ask if anyone had seen “Fight Club”.  I love this movie because it shows the most basic problems of Sad Clown Syndrome, even though it pursues completely destructive pathways to fix the problem.  One scene Tyler asks “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”  I love this self-analysis of learning oneself, but I don’t care about fighting.  Instead, I asked myself “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been hungry?” I explain to the PAX that for the past week (Sat-Fri) I did a strict water fast for a week.  I had always wanted to know what it was like physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but had always been afraid because of anxiety of losing weight (irrational fear of being the guy that’s too skinny).  There are about a dozen reasons why I did it, but one was to face a fear.

Find a pet rock for…
Clockwork deadlifts:
I call out a time, you lunge in that direction, set the rock down, reset, lunge out, pick rock up, repeat

Clockwork deadlift
Al Gore calf raises x20 (w/ pet rock)
Clockwork deadlift
Jump squat (w/ pet rock)
Clockwork deadlift
Russian twist (w/ pet rock)
Clockwork deadlift
Al Gore calf raises x20 (w/ pet rock)
Jump squat (w/ pet rock)

This exercise to help you remember how to lift a load in awkard positions so hopefully you don’t teak your back one day picking up a grocery back off the floor behind you.

Mosey back for 6MOM
Freddy Merc x50
Flutter (good form, hollow body) x20
Dying cockroach x50

And that’s the game…  Loved leading this morning.  Go Beyond!!!

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Be Still

18 pax posted ’round the Shovel Flag at Slow Burn for some usual Fri 1st F and 2nd F engagement. Well, at launch, we actually had 17 pax and reports of an 18th enroute.   Disclaimer was proclaimed.  February theme of #Worry was noted and the pax were informed that YHC would not disrupt the the Slow Burn rhythm of #moderation and #mumblechatter, though this adventure would force them to talk out their worries.  With that, we launched.

The Thang

Warm up run around CFA through Drive Thru lane

Karaoke lap around CFA through Drive Thru lane

COP alongside CFA — SSHs, Hillbilly walkers, Imperial walkers, Mtn climbers, Windmills

Lugnut posted at this point, so we moseyed on down to the parking lot between the retail strip and Lowes

10 strong form burpees OYO (requested by Twister)


10 strong form burpees OYO

Partner up to complete all exercises together and talk out your anxieties/worries
Round 1: Merkins x5 + Squats x20, Merkins x10 + Squats x15, Merkins x15 + Squats x10, Merkins x20 + Squats x5
Round 2: CDDs x20 + Bombjacks x5CDDs x15 + Bombjacks x10CDDs x10 + Bombjacks x15CDDs x5 + Bombjacks x20
Round 3: Partner legthrows x20 + LBC x5, Partner legthrows x15 + LBC x10, Partner legthrows x10 + LBC x15, Partner legthrows x5 + LBC x20

Line up along curb

Bear crawl to center parking line, sprint to other side, jog back
(Rinse and repeat for 3 total cycles)

Run home



Slow Burn has such a great vibe.  It’s always a treat to Q at that AO — it’s Fri, plenty of energy, plenty of mumblechatter, guys looking out for each other and challenging each other, great 1st and 2nd F warm-up for 3rd F experience at CnW afterward.  S/O to Hard Drive for launching it and to Barry Manilow for continuing to carry the torch.  Well done!

As the pax gathered, it appeared Spitz would be the last one in…until he made it to the circle and alerted the crowd that Lugnut was still inbound.  Glad we were able to get him onboard before departure.

I kept the Weinke in the moderate zone, and there were plenty of breaks to discuss Worry and Anxiety.  Somehow I awoke on Sat with a little soreness in spots, so clearly my fitness level needs some attention.

Thanks to pax for engaging fully in dialog and sharing re personal anxieties.  If you haven’t read Chicken Hawk’s February theme one pager, take a look here.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)   This has become one of my go-to verses in times of worry and anxiety.  I could go on forever about worry/anxiety…I’m closer friends with those two than I ever thought I was or wanted to be.  But when I leave it all in God’s hands and just allow myself to “BE,” I mostly come to realize that (a) my worry is worthless, (b) it’s mostly CREATED by me and (c) it’s too much ABOUT me.  There are many ways to turn this verse into a meditative prayer that cuts through anxiety.  Here’s one:

Be still and know that I am GOD
Be still and know that I AM God…
Be still and know that I am God…
Be still and know THAT I am God…
Be still and KNOW that I am God…
Be still AND know that I am God…
Be STILL and know that I am God…
BE still and know that I am God.

Here’s another:

Be still and know that I am God…
Be still and know that I am… 
Be still and know that I…
Be still and know that…
Be still and know…
Be still and…
Be still…

Try ’em and let me know what you discover.

Thanks to Barry Manilow for the chance to lead.  Always an honor.

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Slowburn – Pain Stations +

25 PAX gathered at slowburn for a saucy workout.  We gave a quick disclaimer and welcomed 2 FNG’s.  It wasn’t long and we headed out for a short mosey.  We circled up and I turned over the warm up to Fogarty for his V Q.

Fogarty started us off with some of the usual:

Imperial Walkers
Speedy Windmills
Peter Parkers
Mtn. Climbers
Moroccan night clubs
2 double merkin burpees (where’d that come from?)

Fogarty turned it back over to YHC for another Mosey. I gave a shout out to Quickbooks for his intro that he did a couple of weeks back and I tried to do the same giving a little background on YHC. I’ll spare you all the details. Dark Helmet was observant to realize that my years of marriage did match up to how old my son is. That dude’s sharp! I closed out the intro with Romans 5:4. Look it up, it’s a solid verse on building character.

On that note we moseyed to the back of Lowes for some chalk scribble that was planned for the PAX.

We broke into two groups with 3 stations. Each group started on either far end would do an exercise and sprint to the middle station do an exercise and then return back to their starting point for the next exercise. Instructions seems easier that the PAX wrestled with, but they quickly got the hang of it. Here are the pain stations:

Station 1:
Shoulder Taps
Mtn. Climbers

Middle Station:
Calf Raises
Donkey Kicks

Station 3:
Leg Raises
Hello Dollies

Round 1 15 of exercise run to the middle and then back for the next exercise until all 4 exercises are complete then run to the opposite Station. Do the same thing 15 of each run to the middle. When finisished with 1 and 3 then rinse and repeat with 10 of each exercise. This took us right up to time.

Jailbreak back to COT. Welcome to the fold Moab and Jake Brake FNG’s.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve!

Bass-o Out. <><

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Quick Adjustments at Quagmire

It was a cooler morning than anticipated when YHC rolled into Quagmire to set up the day’s activities. As soon as I got there, I realized my original plan wouldn’t work because there were two semis parked in the middle of the ideal workout space. But, I’m flexible, and quickly made adjustments to the weinke to accommodate, then drove off to meet the other PAX.

Ten HIMs beat the fartsack (and, to their dismay, failed to check the Twitter machine) to post this morning. As the clock ticked to 0515, a brief disclaimer was disclaimed (“You will go upside down today, so modify as necessary…and be sure to breathe”), and off we went for a mosey through the parking lots with some knees to chest, high knees, and toy soldiers before circling up outside Books-a-Million for a short COP.


10 Windmills IC

20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC

15 Merkins IC

Quick stretch in downward dog then honeymooner, with some side to side low plank (6″) work and a brief battering ram for good measure. Recover to our feet and mosey to the red balls for some more warm up.

Originally, YHC was going to call this the “Paula Abdul” burpicide, but the lyrics to “Opposites Attract” actually say “two steps forward, two steps back,” which gets you nowhere, and that’s unacceptable. So, it went nameless. But, we did what worked out to two burpees and five LBCs at every ball (ten balls total), running forward two balls, do two burpees, then back one ball, five LBCs, etc., all the way across the front of Target. Lots of mumblechatter that this didn’t feel like just a warmup. But we were warmed up by the end, so the title fit.

With the six in, quick mosey to the (semi blocked) roadway between Target and Home Depot for

The Thang

Partner up for a Dora inspired, wall dependent workout. Partner one ran across the street to the broad wall facing Home Depot to complete two wall walks (plank to BTW to plank; aka “wall worm” in the exicon, but it’s one of two definitions, so wall walks was preferred). Partner two found a spot on the Home Depot wall to complete as many reps as possible of the prescribed exercise, When partner one returned, switch places, keep counting reps for a cumulative total.

Exercise breakdown:

100 air humpers with feet on wall (aka “glute bridge”)

200 Rockette chairs (Peoples Chair with alternating leg kicks, single count – it’s a good burn)

300 sit ups with straight legs up the wall (try to touch your toes!)

400 plank wall taps

500 calf raises

All groups made it to the calf raises, but no groups got through all 500 reps (that’s a lot of calf burning) before time demanded a quick mosey back to COT.


  • Read your newsletter
  • Rooster was fun; keep an eye out for other CSAUPs coming up, like the Yeti on Feb. 24 (make an 18-man team if you need to, but try to be a part of it)
  • Read your newsletter

Praises and Prayers

  • Tater’s a grandpa (but he doesn’t know what to call himself). Grandson Fletcher was born at 32 weeks, so he’s in the NICU. Prayers for Fletcher and his parents.
  • Royale’s mom’s surgery went well; prayers for full recovery
  • Royale’s aunt was bit by a dog, so prayers for recovery there too
  • YHC’s in the middle of leading another missionary training that has been filled with bumps; pray for peace and wisdom


I didn’t get to share this at the end – I’m bad about actually having a message during the workout. The words come later.

My word for 2018 is “deeper” – deeper faith, deeper relationships, digging deeper, etc. It seemed innocuous enough when I chose it, but this past week has showed me that it is anything but. In my role of training and equipping new missionaries, I spend countless hours putting together week-long training events that directly affect the lives of people looking to live long-term in cross-cultural ministry. I love what I do, and though I’ll admit that there’s no perfect program, I think we’ve built a pretty good thing here.

So naturally, it’s extremely frustrating when I have to change things, especially last minute.

Like when it snows and the city shuts down on the first day, and I have to somehow provide food and transportation to 11 people. Or when I have to cram a 5-day training into four days without going outside the 9-5 schedule because of childcare constraints. Or when I have to teach somebody else’s session because the presenter has to attend to a family health issue and the backup presenter is out of town. Technology issues, schedule issues, supply issues, the list goes on. Just when I think I’m making progress (two steps forward), something happens and I need to change something (one step back). I feel completely out of control.

All I can do is trust God.

God answers your prayers, but it doesn’t always happen the way you expect.

More trust. Deeper faith.

I’ll let you chew on that.


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The G.R.I.N.C.H. Posts to Colosseum

18 pax showed up at Colosseum to steal Christmas back from the GRINCH.  Though not a regular at this AO, YHC jumped at the chance to pinch-hit for Pusher.  And being so close to Christmas, it’d almost be a sin to not have a Christmas theme.

Fresh out of Christmas workout ideas (see Alcatraz backblast from 2 weeks ago), YHC took to backblasts from other regions and found a Grinch theme workouted posted in F3GSO. T-Claps to GSO’s CHiPS and WoJo for the idea.

Disclamer was delivered as a few pax were coming in hot.  25 SSH allowed them time to catch up.


We ran a bit, then stopped for 5 burpee broadjumps and a few toy soilders.

Moseyed some more (in the general direction of 160), stopping at various times for warm-up exercises, including:

  • Squats
  • Peter Parkers
  • Seal Jacks
  • Moroccian Nightclubs
  • Windmills

Our run end in the Velux parking lot.  A few pax tried to claim we were at Golden Corral (sarcasm, perhaps?).  On the hill of the parking lot, 3 stations were set up:

  • Bottom of the hill was an orange cone, representing “Whoville”.
  • Mid-way up the hill was a green cone
  • At the top of the hill was a lantern with this sheet:


To summarize, pax were to do the exercises, run down the hill, stop halfway for 5 squats, run the rest of the way and do 5 LBCs, then run backwards up the hill, stopping halfway for 5 monkey humpers.  Once returning to the top, pax planked up for the 6 before starting the next round.

Exercises were cumulative, so pax had to repeat all previous exercises for each round.  A smattering of #mumblechatter ensued when pax learned 30 HR Merkins would follow 25 CDDs.

We wrapped up with about 12 minutes left, so we headed back, with Jekyll (who ran to the WO from home) Larry Bird’ing most of the way back.

We stopped at a parking lot on the edge of campus and effectively did a lap of alternating bear crawls and lunges, with a couple segments of crab walks.

Finally we ran to where we had done the initial burpee broad jumps, and finished out with the same.


Great job by the pax.  Seems like we put on more miles than a typical bootcamp, and with some hills, yet the 6 was never far behind.  Prayer requests at COT:

  • For Trucker’s neighbor
  • For Orange Crush
  • For Fratboy’s friend
  • For Stang


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Alcatraz: Special Thx Uncle Sam VQ and Boss of Cake

I can’t even tell you really how many PAX came to Alcatraz for their DRP, because I thought I was a greeter at Walmart with all the men coming and then leaving it was a constant revolving door. Regardless, a majority of men got after it and with Uncle Sam making his VQ, we were all in for a treat. So after an attempt at introductions, disclaimers and usual office work, YHC handed it off to Uncle Sam.

The Thang:


  • Uncle Sam on Q:
We started off jogging to circle up on center field and warmed up the hipsters by shaking some Finkle Swings (5 reps/leg). 14 Moroccan Night Clubs followed up in a weird sequence since the VQ was stumbling into the rhythm.  The 18 Side Straddle Hops helped the inmates @ Alcatraz get the sensation that it was going to be easy but then they had to scrub the floors with some Annies (10 per arm).  24 Imperial Walkers and 24 Hillbillies thrusted them into Q’s arms.
  • Cake Boss on Q:
5 Burpees OYO
Mosey to the Playground for Mini Murph
Each PAX…no partner
1Lap around Park
50 Pullups
100 Merkins
150 Squats
1Lap around Park
Mosey to the Bball Courts count off 1’s and 2’s
1’s suicides
2’s Freddy Murcurys
flap jack
1’s suicides
2’s flutters
flap jack
Mosey to Hill behind Baseball field
Roll the dice of Pain, do the exercise, run the hill
10 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 10 LBCs, 10 Mountain Climbers
Hand off to Uncle Sam 
  • Uncle Sam on Q:
20 Groiners inspired a lot of grumbling  and some started crying “Parking lot!”, but we still had to do 24 LBCs and 8 Starfish Crunches to get our backs wet with the morning dew.  Partnered up we sprinted from base to base in the Baseball field as if we had hit a home run but stopped;ing for some Mountain Climbers at each base.  Inning was over and prisoners got to go back to their POD cell for some announcements, a lot of Turkey talk and a sweaty thanksgiving for all things good that come from SkyQ.
  • YHC spoke to the men about the “Real” things we are thankful about. Yes we all can be thankful for the obvious, but what are the things that when you realize how grateful you are you get emotional and it makes you want to be a better man. We need to focus on those things when life gets tough. When things and expectations are not going our way….and realize….that thing that makes us realize Sky Q loves me and my brothers are standing with me and everything will be fine!
  • Thanksgiving convergence
  • Christmas Party
  • Joe Davis Run
  • The Rooster CSAUP in Rock Hill


Thank you Senator for the opportunity!

Cake Boss & Uncle Sam

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Tour de Poopdeck

12 PAX posted on a chilly morning.

YHC started everyone off jogging then realized the disclaimer had been forgotten. Jogging stopped. Disclaimer made. Off moseying again + butt kickers, high knees, and karaokes.


  • SSH, Windmills, MNCs, Finkle Swings (leg stretch – think Ray Finkle… or is it Einhorn?)

The Thang:

Jacob’s Ladder

  • We moseyed to a hill behind the bounce and bowl. Start at the bottom. Do 9 LBCs. Run up the hill and do 1 burpee. Run down, do 8 LBCs. Run up, 2 burpees. Buprees increase, LBCs decrease until you do 9 burpees and 1 LBC. Mosey to the front corner of the shopping center.

Lt. Dans for the length of the shopping center

  • Lunge, lunge, squat. rinse and repeat until you get to the last pillar. There was a good amount of mumble chatter for this one.

Modified Bataan Death March to the flagpole

  • Indian run where the last man stops to do 3 merkins before running to the front of the line. He taps the 6 while passing him, and the 6 then drops to do 3 merkins. Rinse and repeat until destination reached.

Shared some quick thoughts on victory (see below).

Bear Crawl ROF around the flagpole

  • PAX circle the flag and bear crawl around it 1 Lap. Everyone planks while each man takes turns doing 3 merkins. Repeat 3 times.


  • 60 seconds of rapid step-ups onto the curb, followed by 30 secs of rest. Repeat 3 times.

Modified Bataan Death March to the shovel flag

Royale came to pick up turkeys for the Paradise community, and joined in for Freddy Mercuries to bring us to 6:00am.



We talked about a little-known monument at the Poopdeck that honors Col. Thomas Neel and his family. Col. Neel was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, who fought in NC, SC, FL, and GA. He defended Charleston against the British in the siege of 1779. He was also a statesman, in the SC Provincial Congress and the NC Assembly. While Col. Neel is memorialized as a man of victory on multiple fronts, there is also a somber inscription on the monument that his wife, Jean Spratt Neel, was captured by Shawnees, murdered, and scalped.

We are a group of focused men who strive to make each other better. Victory is something that is not foreign to many of us. But are we being victorious in the right things? Are we building monuments to ourselves (careers, projects, egos) while at the same time our relationships with God, and our family suffer? Being victorious in the right things is just as important as being victorious. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?


Thanks to Wild Thing of the opportunity to lead.



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Sweatin’ To The Oldies @ #Slowburn

26 HIM came out for a warmer-and-drier-than-the-day-before “moderate” beatdown.  Welcome and disclaimer given and then I turned it over to Clark Kent for a little VQ Warm Up that went a little something like this:

10x Goofball
10x Windmill
10x Cherry Picker
10x Low Slow Squat
10x Side Straddle Hop

10x Merkin

Polaroid took back over and we moseyed to the back of Lowe’s for 2 rounds of:

30x Dips
Bear Crawl to the line
Lunge back to the rail
30x Calf Raises
Mosey to the side of Lowe’s for 1 round of Deck of Pain
Hearts = SSH
Diamonds = Bomb Jacks
Spades = Merkins
Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks
Jokers = 10 Burpees – – – – Dangerfield pulled the Joker!Mosey to the front of Lowe’s for a quick ab workout:

10x Flutter
10x LBC

Mosey back to the Warm Up circle for some Sweatin’ To The Oldies with
“I Get Around” by The Beach Boys.

Start in a squat and every time “I get around” is said you go up and down.  It’s 2m8s of squattin’ and hopefully the guys were feeling the Slow Burn.

Most of the PAX gave AYG to the Chick Fil-A hill and a mosey back to COT.  Great job!
-Turkey Day Convergence 11/24 0600 @ The Ranch
-Christmas Party 12/1 1830 @ Regal Manor Clubhouse
-Paradise Turkey Giveaway Bring a FROZEN turkey to an AO on Saturday, November 18th. Why? To bless the Paradise Community with turkeys for Thanksgiving. This turkey giveaway will reduce the financial burden for underprivileged families in this neighborhood as they prepare for the holiday. We will also eat lunch with the community during this event to further build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Paradise. Read the pre-blast for details regarding this fruitful event. Contact Deacon with questions.

Pinup prayed us out.

It’s always an honor Q’ing.  Thanks, again, Barry Manilow.  Peace.

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Backblast: 17 for 17 at The Colosseum

16 men joined YHC for some fun on the concrete at The Colosseum.

After the disclaimer was said we moseyed around the parking lots until we found the perfect spot for a warmup.


  • side straddle hops x20
  • windmill x10
  • squats x30
  • merkins x15
  • mountain climbers x15
  • LBCs x15

Mosey about 10 feet to the first set of painted road arrows. There are 17 of these over about 1/10th of a mile stretch. We did the follow exercise at each set of arrows and then hauled it back to the start:

  • 1 burpee
  • 1 burpee + 3 merkins
  • 3 jump squats
  • quick break for some Captain Thor – up to 6 x 24
  • 5 carolina dry docks
  • 2 big boy sit ups
  • finish up with boats and canoes x a lot

Mosey to COT

Announcements included T-giving day convergence, Christmas party.

Praise for Ginsu’s daughter (successful surgery), prayers for marriages, family.

Ginsu took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity, Jekyl. See you next time.


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Light Pole Lane – a Colosseum BB for 10/24/17

Well… it was another day in paradise at The Colosseum.

Mosey lap around the pickup loop in front of the school, then circle up at the end of “light pole lane”. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anyone call it that, but those that have posted there know exactly what I am talking about, I think. We partook of some normal warm-up goodies like Squats, Windmills, Merkins, Moroccan Nightclubs, SSH, etc…

Next it was 1 burpee and add a burpee at each light pole until we get to the end and meet me there, plank for the 6. Then for no fun, we did a few burpees in cadence, which is, I am told, the proper way to do them.

Then we moseyed down the entrance road to the cross street of Patricia Ln, which is about the halfway point between the top of Dave Gibson and the left turn onto Light Pole Lane and to the schools. (If that makes any sense at all) Here, we played “it pays to be a winner” and we hoofed it to the top of Dave Gibson and pack to Patricia as fast as we could. MacGyver (shocker) was the winner, so he got to pick the ab exercise. 30 flutters… Then second place picked the direction to run… up the hill or down the hill… Naturally (I think it was Backdraft who picked) we went up the hill… #choosetheharderthing … then we bear crawled back for the 6.

We repeated this nonsense until about 0552, then we ran down to the corner of Light Pole Lane for a little ab work and an AYG sprint back to COT.

A couple of thoughts:
1. Light Pole Lane is longer than I thought and I nearly killed myself trying to stay ahead of Pax until I finally ran completely out of gas and nearly splashed merlot.
2. If you are at a workout with MacGyver, he will most likely be The #King
3. If you are at a workout with Backdraft, he will most likely choose the harder thing, and will push you to do the same.
4. If you are at a workout with Longshanks, he will most likely talk a lot of crap, but he will do it while he is helping you along and making sure you ok. He does that part quietly because he has a rep to maintain.
5. If you are at a workout with Sparkle, he will most likely push harder than you.
6. If you are at a workout with Trucker, he will most likely fake complain a lot, but push harder than you.
7. Finally, if you are at a workout with me, you are not the dumbest guy there, so you got that going for you… which is nice…

Helmet, out.

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