The Coop Shovel Flag Hand Off

It was a crisp February morn… crisp enough to wear short sleeves, in fact. A change was in our midst and you could feel it coming in the air as Phil Collins would say.

Three weird-O’s (NASA, Dirty Harry, and YHC) showed up at approximately 4:10-4:13 to pre ruck four miles. Wegmans joined in somewhere along the way to get his daily mileage in, and then peeled off to get the field ready for his Weinke.

As Wegmans prepped, we finished our rounds and met up with other PAX around the shovel flag, which would soon be in my possession. Sixteen was the count.

Wegmans called the time, disclaimed the disclaimer, and then took us to the field.

We moseyed, we circled up, and we wind milled. Three times, in fact. Just enough to get Ginsu going about his affection for this specific movement. I cannot recall the other warm up exercises, but they were all counted to prime numbers in true Weginator fashion.

It was at this moment that I realized I had to utilize the best part of the AO. The toilet. I truly understand why NaFo is the #bestAO now.

Wegmans counted us off by 1’s and 2’s as I ran for the facilities. I took my break and found there was a 100 yard race of burpee/tire flips (one at a time), and my team has lost. This meant we did 10 Burpees while the other team did monkey humpers in our direction. We had a second chance, and we just about prevailed until shenanigans took place. Wegmans punished all of us with Burpees. That was fair.

Then he handed it off to the new site Q. I had some plans as well…

Football Field Circuit

Partner Workout

Each Partner Wheel Barrows every other 10 yards, both partners complete workouts equal to yard marker on the field that you land. Start at one end zone and work toward the other.

Endzone – Burpee Broad Jumps x 7
10 – Donkey Kicks
20 – Hand Release Merkins
30 – Jump Lunges (each leg)
40 – Air Squats
50 – LBCs
40 – Air Squats
30 – Jump Lunges (each leg)
20 – Hand Release Merkins
10 – Donkey Kicks
Endzone – Burpee Broad Jumps x 7

Gotta go back across the field.

All Together
Bear Crawls every 25 yards, stop for a workout
25 Yards
15 Bomb Jacks
25 Yards
15 Jump Squats
25 Yards
15 Bomb Jacks
25 Yards
15 Jump Squats

Props to Shield for kicking this weinke’s tail on his second post.

End with some Jack Webbs to burn the shoulders – made it to 5 Push Ups & 20 Claps.

Headed back to COT to do some quick Mary.

Ended with a shovel flag hand off. Looking forward to Site Q’ing the Coop for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can keep the same momentum that Wegmans had working. Thanks to Wegmans for what he’s done with this AO. A true HIM.

Due to my slacking and not submitting this backblast immediately… I’ve lost track of the prayer requests. Please forgive me for that.

Some @HeardatF3 Mumblechatter…

Dark Helmet: “I wonder how this split Q is going to be?”

Wegmans: “Well I’ve already seen PL’s Weinke… so…”

Punch List Out.

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#Kotter Q was how it was billed

8 PAX joined YHC this cool morning. Site Q Wegmans has been holding me accountable with getting out to post, regularly. His solution: put him on the Q list! It worked.

Disclaimer – Disclaimed.

Warm up:

Mosey around parking lot; dynamic stretches:

+Karaoke left/right

+Knees to chest / ankles to hips


+40 SSH; in cadence

+8 Windmills; in cadence

+10 Imperial Walkers; in cadence

+10; Merkins / 8 Peter Parkers / 8 Parker Peters; all in cadence

+Honey Mooners / Downward dog

Mosey past pull-up bars towards the playground

The Thang:

Two teams –

25 yards – Wind sprints: Result – Losing team 10 burpees / Winning team 5 burpees

25 yard – bear crawls: Result – Losing team 10 burpees / Winning team 5 burpees

25 yard – wheel barrows – Result – Losing team 10 burpees / Winning team 5 burpees

Partner- up:

Exercise #1 Partner 1: 100 Merkins  (total between both partners) / Partner 2: run lap around playground

Exercise#2 Partner 1: 200 LBC  (total between both partners) / Partner 2: run lap around playground

Exercise#3 Partner 1: 100 Carolina Dry Docks  (total between both partners) / Partner 2: run lap around playground

~5 minutes of Mary.



Thanks to Site Q Wegmans for getting me on and keeping me on the Q List. It was the motivation I needed to get back into shape to at least try to bring a beatdown.


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2019 Q1 PFT – The Coop

YHC decided that 2019 needed to have an old tradition re-instituted, the Quarterly Physical Fitness Test.  So, Wegmans has given me the last Wednesday of every 3rd month to test and track the progress of the Pax.  The Thang:

Pull Ups – 1 minute

Situps – 1 minute

Pushups – 1 minute

1 mile run on track

Done – here are the results, in no particular order.  Just how they showed up on the sheet.

DNP – Did not Participate (these guys did a pre-run!)

Name Pull Ups Sit Ups Push Ups 1 Mile Run
FunHouse 5 45 37 6:40
Sk8orDie 5 39 37 DNP
DarkHelmet 22 42 64 7:21
Kaiser 15 22 61 7:38
SugarBug 3 29 36 8:41
Esso 12 38 43 8:25
Sasquatch 24 54 64 DNP
ChickenHawk 25 43 60 7:37
Wegmans 1 26 24 8:54
Husky 13 45 52 7:34
PunchList 12 39 33 6:48
DirtyHarry 5 50 50 7:28
Youts 18 44 51 8:49
Slash 8 26 31 8:45
Xray 3 12 25 9:15
Chunck 2 32 20 8:32
Tinsel 22 38 36 8:43
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Today’s brisk temperature did not stop the Pax from posting at The Coop. We had 3 pre-ruckers that joined us for a high impact workout. All 15 of us pushed each other to get better.  What an amazing morning with my F3 brothers!

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the school

COP: SSH (30x), IW (20x), WM (15x), Sumo Squats (15x), MC (15x), Moroccan Night Clubs (15x)

Mosey to the pull up bars: Jacobs Ladder with burpees at the bottom, pull ups at the top 9x

Mosey to FMES:Balls to the wall, People’s Chair 4x


High impact men, you must be intentional with your time. Our time on this planet is limited and life moves at very a fast pace. Respond to the Great Commission by intentionally investing time to build God’s kingdom. Do not let the ways of the world distract you from His calling. Be intentional with your family by studying and serving them. Identify and address the needs of your wife and children.

“Impact is never about knowing all the steps ahead, but about taking one intentional step after the other.” ― Bidemi Mark-Mordi

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The Cornerstone – Challenge ( One Year Long )

To all the Pax of F3 Nation

Are you prepared to challenge your self for 2019? I am challenging all Pax’s to join me for 2019 we will take on one exercise for January (merkins single count) 100 reps every day. Then in February we will add another exercise which will be done every day on top of the 100 merkins and so on and so on. We will increase by adding one exercise each month.  These exercises will be above and beyond when you post. So by the end of the year there will be 12 exercises that need to be done everyday at the reps set.

Do you accept the challenge? Do you want to get better?

I will set the next month exercise and reps the week before to keep you on your toes

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Pre-blast PAINtheon Games are back at the Coop: Version 3.5

3.5 years ago Pantheon was born. We celebrate the event with the games every 6 months. Annually at Pantheon and at The Coop on the halves. Sadly, a filing error at last years PAINtheon Games (Coop) resulted in the scores not being posted. If I ever find the scores, be sure they will be posted (Jedi’s may still be omitted for my personal pleasure). So there you go. This Wednesday. A warm up, if you will, for Spiderman’s shenanigans that will ensue Saturday. For newbies, here’s what’s in store for the games.

Date: 12/19/18
Time: 0500
Where: The Coop (NAFO, Badger Den)
What: See Below

Pantheon Games
• Merkins AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Sit-ups AMRAP (2 minutes)
• Burpees AMRAP (2 minutes)
• 100 Yard Bear Crawl Dash
• 1 Mile Timed
• Balls to the Wall (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Timed 6 inch hold (2 minutes or until only 1 PAX is left)
• Burpee Chase

Get after it!



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AO covered (Circles = COP)
green mark is shovel flag, COT, and mary location

QIC: Band Camp

After thinking for a while about preparedness, expectations, disappointment, last minute changes and our reactions, YHC tried to devise a workout that would be in the mold of an F3 bootcamp format but would also disrupt expectations in uncomfortable ways to give PAX as change to work on their response. What follows is my attempt to put this (again unconventionally) into a BackBlast. The exercises are listed out of order and with no set number of reps. My general plan was to create unexpected changes and I chose exercises and reps based on what I felt would be unexpected in the moment.

11 PAX gathered in the cold December gloom for my lengthy version of the disclaimer and set off. The strategy (unbeknownst to the PAX) was for a faster than standard “mosey” and short (ADD-esque?) unpredictable COPs (see map above). Occasionally we’d just plank up and then wait for half a second before running off again. Chicken Hawk, a wise PAX, sniffed out my plan after the first “plank and mosey.” When we arrived at the second circle and YHC planked up, Chicken Hawk planked up with one hand on my ankle to prevent my quick mosey. YHC was forced to call for some plank jacks and mountain climbers and we were off again!

Among the exercises we did mostly in cadence (but in no particular order) were:

Mtn Cimbers
Plank Jacks
Burpees + bomb jacks
Mike Tysons-->Bear Crawl
Step ups
Dan Taylor (1:4 squat/lunges) sequence (YHC may or may not have demonstrated a weakness of multiplication around the numbers 24-28)
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Non-alternating shoulder taps
People's Chair (cold slick surface, one PAX walked their 6 down the wall...)
BTTW merkin
Peter Parker
Pigeon Lunges
Cossack stretch (can easily be mispronounced...)
LBCs straight up to 0600


The Advent season (advent is Latin for “coming”) is about preparing and anticipating the coming of Christ. How do the expectations of a F3 workout or any situations affect our responses when what happens does not align with what we anticipated?

Jesus, the Messiah, came as a tiny baby in a dirty stable born in a poor town to an unassuming carpenter who had contemplated leaving his finacé quietly due to the unexpected pregnancy. Certainly not the expected “savior” the Jewish people were waiting for to liberate them from Roman occupation. See also CakeBoss’ tweet How did their expectations of a savior change their response to the Messiah’s message….?

Every morning I like to think of an F3 post as a chance to be more prepared for the unexpected. Then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, has a nonsensical quote about Iraq. But after further inspection it doesn’t sound as nonsensical.

as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

Donald Rumsfeld 2/12/2002

It is my hope that F3 helps PAX train and prepare for the known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. If you’re interested, composer Phil Kline set this Rumsfeld quote in an art song. Enjoy and SYITG!

Prayers for Unity Presbyterian as they recover from the recent fire.

Announcements: convergence on 12/24 at Palisades

–Band Camp dismissed

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0.0 Pullups at the Coop

Lucky number 7 at the Coop for 12 pain stations and a little of this and that!  Overall it was a great group with lots of 2nd F and a little 3rd F mixed in to make it spicy!

Message:  We spent time discussing with our partners the sin we see in the world and the sin we acknowledge in our lives.  All acknowledging that we are sinners and need a savior.  The bad news being we are separated from God due to our sin but Good news that we have a redeemer.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot doing a variety of shuffles, karaokes, lunge walks, etc.

COP with some SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers

12 pain stations some with coupons some without

Bring Sally Up break with Squats as the exercise of choice

Rinse and repeat pain station.

Lots of Praises and Prayers around the circle at COT.  Aye, it was a lot of fun with the group.  Aye!


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The Coop: Beat the temperature day and we did it! #25

It was a cool morning and when I say cool I mean Fonzie cool. PAX came in from all directions and we had met the temperature of 25 degrees. I was proud that the men did not stay in the fartsack where it was easy….but rather said yes to accountability and posted with their brothers.

Had to get the PAX warm, so away we went……

The Thang:

Mosey around parking lot

  • Shuffle
  • Mosey
  • Toy solders
  • more Mosey
  • COP
    • Plank
    • Merkins
    • Imperial Walkers
    • Squats
    • Peter Parker
    • FLutters
    • Parker Peters
  • Mosey
    • 1’s wall sit with shoulder presses
    • 2’s 5 box jumps, 10, derkins, 15 dips
    • Flapjack
    • Mosey to front of NAFO school

Had 12 cinder block stations, partner up

  1. Run around islands of parking lot
  2. perform exercises below with as many reps as possible while waiting on partner
    1. Flapjack until all 12 are completed
  • Bear crawl with Block drag
  • Block swing
  • Floor to Shelf L/R
  • Curls
  • Tri-extensions
  • Leg raises with Block
  • Bear crawl with Block right/left Merkins
  • Squat to overhead press
  • Bent Rows
  • Burpees
  • Sumo deadlifts press
  • LBCs

Time was up and so the PAX moseyed back to COT with blocks in hand

  • Wrap up with Freddy’s and Hello Dolly’s

Thank you Wegmans for the opportunity to Q

  • The Fort Christmas Party is this Saturday 12/1
  • Christmas convergence at Palisades Elementary School 12/24
  • Prayers for the many dealing with health concerns, lost family members and injuries

Individually we can be picked apart and crumble, however when we stand together and support each other we are indestructible. Like the cinder blocks we used, individually they don’t do much but with many of them……makes a solid foundation. Hold a brother accountable and likewise and you will become a solid foundation for your family, friends and community.

Cake Boss


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Charter Band-aids for Little Warriors – PreBlast

As most of the PAX in the Fort and Rock regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother bout-time out of Area 51 son Jennings who has leukemia also.

It has come to my attention that the budgets have been cut in some of the pediatric departments and the first thing to go is usually the character band aids. You say how important is to have these band-aids? Well as far as the cancer kids go every time the have their PORT’s (Port is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein) which for some kids is traumatic they get a band-aid over it. For others that are done with treatment such as my daughter Emma has to go back for the next 21 years to get checked (mainly blood counts). This not always easy for instance this past Wednesday she was poked 3 times. Well at the end the band aid can put a smile on a child’s face. This also goes for those kiddos that have to constantly get blood work done not just cancer kids.

So what I am challenging you to do is every week you go grocery shopping buy at least one box or more of character band-aids girls or boys. Also Spread the word in every COT. I will tweet out what AO’s I will be at and if anyone wants to step up and help me collect that would be awesome.

I also challenge others in different regions to pull together and do the same thing. My goal is to gather as much as possible and split it between Levine Children’s Hospital and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Affiliate Clinic) before Christmas.

Let a simple act of kindness put a smile on a little fighters face.

AYE. Lets do this.

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