Tomahawk 2018.38

So today I had the privilege to Q at Tomahawk.  After driving what seemed like a time i could have squeezed in a Lord of the Rings movie, I finally made it out to Doby’s Bridge Elementary.  I’ll make the backblast short and sweet.

There was a warmup that consisted of the usual suspects:  SSH, Windmills, Merkins, Peter Parkers…

The THANG consisted of three parts

Lunge walk with bell pass through.  Lunge steps not in cadence but on my “Step!” and sprint when I say “Go!”  This was broken up by burpees (everything was broken up by a few burpees), KB swings x20 and snatches x5 each arm.

Next was a DORA but one runs with your partners and your own bell to the end of the parking lot and back.  Exercises were 100 Merkins, 100 LBCs, 100 squats

Last (I think) was mobility.  Wide sumo squat and hold, left, right.  Then work it out with a low slow quat in cadence.   Superman hold to an overhead clap for shoulder mobility.  Then work it out with some plank work: merkins, shoulder taps, 1 arm holds, 6 inches, mountain climbers.

Finish it with a few minutes of mary.  Flutters with bell, protractor with bell, LBCs with bell.

BTW… that some nice new blacktop.


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PRE BLAST F3 The Fort 6th Annual Invergence

Men of  The Fort,

On Friday, September 21st, we will celebrate 6 years of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith in the Fort Mill area with our annual F3 Invergence party.   Bring a beverage, some food to share, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your brothers.   We’ll have presentations from your local leadership, take a look back at the previous year, and look ahead to what’s in store for 2019  F3 The Fort and F3 Nation.     This is the premier 2nd F event of the year so mark your calendars now,  and plan on being at Rush Pavilion on Friday night, September 21st.

This is a great FNG opportunity!

This is a Pax only event.  Make it up to your M and 2.0’s next weekend.
What:  Fort Mill Invergence (6th anniversary party)
When:  Friday, September 21, 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Where:  Bruce T. Rush Pavillion at the Anne Springs Greenway
Bring:  Food, drink, chair, cash (to cover the pavillion rental/donations to the F3 Foundation)
Please use the link below to RSVP and list what food you will bring:
6th year F3 The Fort Invergence Food Sign Up:



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On the second clock at Tomahawk

Polaroid sent out a request a few weeks back for Q’s.  Replying affirmatively meant I was going to be put out of my comfort zone as I had only attended a weight AO twice over the years. I was then able to get in a visit to Tomahawk last week to scout the layout.

I will add at this point that everyone should consider attending more weight AO’s. It’s a good test for new muscles and your core.

Arrived early to lay out cones and coupons and got help from an early arriving FNG, Josh Bolden.  I was immediately giving him some disclaimer info as this workout was going to be a bit of a challenge and it was going to keep PAX moving the whole time, and made sure he understood this was not a standard bootcamp workout.

Full disclaimer especially with an FNG. A little bit of a warmup and proper cadence, an explanation of each exercise in the clock and then broke into 2  groups. 2 PAX did the clock while 3 moved over the runway, then alternated.

At the runway, each end was core exercises . We ran to points in the middle alternating doing the following exercises, in cadence if possible: Curls, One Arm Rows, Squats, Overhead Press, KB Swings, Front LIfts…approximately 10 reps each time.

The PAX on the clock did the following with their kettlebell/weight going with them as much as possible. When returning to the middle, 2 burpees. Each ‘time’ was a x5 factor:

  • 12:00 – overhead weight run
  • 1:00      – 5 burpees
  • 2:00      –  10 One leg squats each leg
  • 3:00      – 120# worm coupon pull on slider
  • 4:00      – 20 kb swings
  • 5:00      – 25 squat thrusters
  • 6:00      – bear crawl using dumbells
  • 7:00      – 35 alternating calf raises
  • 8:00      – 40 finger tippers, using 2 hand finger tip strengtheners
  • 9:00       – Lunge walk
  • 10:00     – 50 Hand Squeezers
  • 11:00     – 50 Moroccan Night…Discs. 5# weight in each hand

This was a workout designed to keep moving. There were not many opportunities to rest but I think it worked out well. The clock obstacle course needs some tweeking so that it takes less time. I meant for it to be completed a little quicker, next time we’ll shoot for 10 minutes or less.

Thanks to PAX again for helping with cleanup. We ended up at 29 burpees.

Big reminder here that we did not do. Especially with an FNG, have gloves available!  Generally I believe this is a site Q responsibility, but I always have a bag of gloves and I forgot to offer them to our FNG.

Welcome FNG J-Cruz, or J-Cruise, or J-Crews! EH’d by Jekyl and Decibel. Josh’s whole family’s names begin with a J, plus he was once the President of a Land Cruiser organization (hope I got that right).  Name-O-Rama here.

Thanks to Polaroid for the opportunity and for the PAX who gave the clock set up a go.

Invergence Sept 21, G-Fit Sat’s 3:00 pm, Prayers to PAX with marital issues. Thanks to Punchlist for taking us out.

Aye! Bolt

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Not a lot of Running, He Says…

YHC started off a muggy morning disclaimer proclaiming that we would not be doing a lot of distance-running, which was interpreted by the PAX as we would not be doing a lot of distance, running or for some of those more hopeful, that we would not be running at all. False, although strength was the focus some running (1.7miles) was built in.


  • Quick mosey around the lot
  • Circle up w/ Bells for:
    • 10 Swings
    • 20sec Around the World, reverse direction for 20sec
    • 20sec Figure  8’s, 20sec reverse direction

The KB Thang

  • KB Strength Movement/Suicide Combo – PAX would perform reps of called KB movement followed by a suicide in the parking lot. After each round of KB/Suicides, PAX advance forward 1 parking lot line, decreasing the distance of suicides. Called KB movements in order to the best of my memory:
    1. KB Swings x20
    2. Goblet Squats x10
    3. American (Overhead) Swings x10
    4. Shoulder Press (Right) x10
    5. Shoulder Press (Left) x10
    6. Bent-over Rows x20 (10x each side)
    7. Clean and Press x10 (5x each side)
  • Tabata Round
    • 20sec on, 10 sec off for 8 sets, alternating KB Swings and Bombjacks
  • Gauntlet
    • Perform all  exercises and reps from the KB Strength Movement/Suicide Combo  in succession. No suicide in between, but rather the 6inch Plank
  • The Closer
    • 10 KB Swings, 10 Burpees
    • 8 KB Swings, 8 Burpees
    • 6, 4, 2,


Nice work by a steeerong  and sweaty group this  beautiful muggy morning. Thanks to Polaroid for providing the tunes for this morning’s shred session, your speaker game is on point.  A lot of guys pushing hard this morning, from Skate or Die showing the speed on the suicides to Pinup finishing his final burpee set during COT. Way to get up and make your morning count.


  • Bolt takes the Tomahawk reigns next week
  • Check out Skate or Die on Twitter for an opportunity to win either a Ford Mustang or Jeep. Fundraiser by the Nation Ford HS Baseball team working to leave a legacy with new facilities for future classes.
  • Reach out to Assassin in regards to mowing the Life Center (if I’m wrong correct me in the comments section)  Weekly sign-up. Polaroid working to knock it out this week

Over & Out



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Shaolin inspired gear at The Tomahawk

Last Tuesday YHC’s phone made a strange noise, which I found was created by Polaroid, who wrote, “Are you ready and willing to Q The Tomahawk this Wednesday?”  Well, I’d been wondering for a while when I’d step up for my VQ, and that certainly made it easy to decide.

We started off with a quick mosey about the parking lot, followed by SSH, windmills, and a delightful exercise that I’ve been doing for over a decade which is called open tee position.  Everyone steps their right leg over their left so that the legs are crossed and your feet are about should width apart.  Then you sink down until your six is a few inches above the right ankle.  About 90% of your weight is now on your right leg which is bent at < 90º.  The left knee is hovering about an inch above the ground, and the left foot is out to the right, resting on the ball of the foot, ankle up.

So you hold that for 5-10 seconds, work up some shaking legs, then slap your hips as you straighten up, turn around and sink so your weight is on the left.  5-10 seconds   Do this 3-5 times each leg.

After the warmup we hit the six stations.  We got through three rounds of masculine singing (grunts and growls).  Below are the stations with the odd gear’s exercise explained as best I can.

  1. BYO Kettlebell Woodchoppers x10/ea
  2. Box jumps x10 (box dimensions: 20″x24″x30″)
  3. Black Iron Staff (6′ long ~ 15lbs)
    1. One hand rotations x10/ea – Holding the staff horizontally with arm extended to the front, gripping the middle, fully rotate to the left and right, using your wrist to break and overcome the momentum
    2. Drop and lift x10/ea – Holding the staff vertically with arm to the front,  allow the top of the staff to drop to be parallel with the ground and use wrist strength to bring it back to fully vertical
    3. Drop and lift x10/ea – Holding the staff parallel to the ground, arm straight up (above the head), the long end of the staff extended behind the body, allow it to drop to vertical behind you and use wrist strength to pull it back to parallel with the ground
  4. Bean bag o’ pain – (~9″x9″ canvas bag with ~25lbs of steel BBs)
    1. The same for all three rounds, hold the bag with one arm as far away as you can from your body, gripping it by its side (so you’re looking at a square). Toss it up a bit and catch it with your opposite hand, using only the fingertips, letting the tossing hand drop.  This gets awkward because the BBs get out of the way and you have nothing to grip after a second.  Repeat this x10/ea arm before dropping it to the ground and growling in victory.
  5. Training Mace (10lb head)
    1. I like to call them Conan swings x10/ea- Holding the mace upright with right hand on top, do a full rotation above the head and strike out to the left.  Left elbow up, right is down.  Rotate back over the head and strike right, now the right elbow is up and the left elbow is down.  Switch hands and form for the other ten.
    2. Barbarian Squats – Holding the mace with hands together, resting behind your head like chopping wood with a maul, swing it over your head into a good squat, stopping with the mace upright and balance.  I like to switch my grip and do 10 with each hand on top
    3. Spears 10/ea – Or “Bayonet!”, standing with the mace, stab out like it’s a big old spear, holding it out for a two count.  Put your body into it
  6. Kettlebell Swings – Geronimo offered to leave his 50 at station six, we all got a taste

After the first two rotations we stopped to sing the chorus, which like any good song, changes slightly every time.

  1. On the six
    1. Gas Pumps x10
    2. LBCs with one leg crossed over the other x15/ea
  2. On the six
    1. Windshield Wipers x15 – Bell in your hands, rotating opposite
    2. Windshield Wipers x15 – Bell in your hands, rotating opposite
  3. On the feet
    1. Imperial Walker
    2. (blanking.. Hillbilly walker?)

With a few minutes left and the third rotation complete, we headed back to COT for some forearm stretching, announcements, and prayer.

Thanks again Polaroid for the opportunity to VQ on your turf.

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Audible! Dora 1-1-1, Concentrica and Impact

5 gathered just as the lights came on at DBES for a KB workout to start the week off right.  After choosing our tunes (Southern Rock at the Q’s request), we were off.

Mosey around the parking lot (without Bells) and back for warm-up.

SSH x 10

Windmills x 10

Moroccan Night Clubs x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

Squat x 10

Peter Parker x 10

Parker Peter x 10

The Thang 

Time to grab your KB and get after it.   YHC had planned for us to partner up a complete a Dora 1-2-3. With just 5 PAX, I decided to audible and adjust the rep count.

Complete the exercise (or a portion of it) and mosey across the parking lot, down to second light and back. Less reps = more running, but we all appreciated a break and most ran at the halfway point of total reps. Rep s are TOTAL, not per arm.

Lawn Mowers x 100

Curls x 100

Tricep Extensions x 100

The “10 count” portion of this workout was talking about the Shield Lock and Concentrica, where your priorities should be versus where they are. If you haven’t listened to the Concentrica podcast (or even if you have), I recommend you give it a listen. I also recommend the Minivan Centurions post.

Squats x 10

Dips x 10

Step-Ups x 10

Shoulder Presses x 10

KB Swings x 10

Mosey to COT for Mary

Flutter x 10

Hello Dolly x 10

Rosalita x 10 LBC x 10

Naked-Man Moleskin 

We talked  about the monthly theme of Impact.  We all impact others, whether we do it intentionally or not.  Where are we having an impact?  Is it the type of impact we want to make ?  Is it negative (change/improve)? What are you allowing to impact you (positive/negative)?

Focusing on the ‘Concentrica’ that you have, think about where you spend your resources, time and energy. You will know where your priorities are if you think about which priority receives the bulk of those resources. If it’s where you want it to be, great!  Help someone else striaghten there’s out. If it’s not, get to work.


Continued prayers for Badger’s family, Bob the Builder, all PAX on the IR, PAX suffering from illness. Hold each other and yourself to a higher standard. To hold someone accountable, we must first be accountable. Iron isn’t sharpened on a soft stone.

Thanks to Polaroid for the opportunity. See you in the gloom!



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The Tomahawk: 25th Monday in 2018

8 PAX seeking to a better version of themselves posted in the steamy gloom this morning.


Started out with a mosey around the parking lot.


  • SSH x30
  • Merkin x10
  • Mountain Climber x10
  • Honeymooner à Downdog à Honeymooner
  • Imperial Walker x10
  • Hillbilly Walker x10

Mosey back to the grab our bells.

The Thang: COP with kettlebells

  • Kettlebell Swings x10
  • Merkins x10 (single count) (80 total)
  • Kettlebell Swings x10
  • Big Boy Situps x10
  • Set the weight down and rotate to the right
  • Rinse and repeated until we were back at our own gear (8 times)

Mosey to the parking lot curb and setup with the 4 rows of spaces in front of us.

  • Lunge-walk with pass through to the other side
  • Stop at each set of parking spaces for 10 merkins (40)
  • Leave bells & run the length of the lot and back to the bell
  • Lunge-walk with pass through back to where we started
  • Stop at each set of parking spaces for 10 squats

Back to COT for some Mary. SkateorDie mentioned that we were at 120 merkins….so:

  • Merkins x10 in cadence (20 total)
  • Hand-release merkins x10 to reach 150 total merkins for the day. 170 if you count the warmup in-cadence merkins.
  • Flutter w/ press x10
  • American Hammers x10
  • Finished with a leg stretch sequence:
    • Seated Forward Bend, Pigeon Lunge, Butterfly


I usually do a kettlebell workout on Fridays at the Hive. About ¾ of the way through the workout when most of us had sweated more than seemed humanly possible for 5:45am, Polaroid quipped, “They trained you well at the Hive.” I love this thought of being in training.

2 Corinthians 5:4-6 (taken a bit out of context, don’t tell my Christian studies professor friends)

“These tents [bodies] we now live in are like a heavy burden, and we groan…As long as we are in these bodies, we are away from the Lord.”

We are put here for a purpose, and being in these bodies is part of that purpose. It is good and right that we should push ourselves physically and train to be better. Everything is connected. If we can be better physically, we can be better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. As PAX, we must focus on our growth as a whole person. Training for this life starts in the gloom.

My first time out at The Tomahawk. Great AO! Props to Polaroid for asking me to Q and motivating me to get out of my comfort zone of AOs.


A PAX dealing with some medical issues both with family members and himself. Prayers for healing and strength on this HIM and his family.

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Ask and Q’s show up…with a couple day old weinkes!

This was almost a repeat from #thehive after the quick Q request from none other than Polaroid. Since that Friday workout was such a good sweaty mess, it was worth keeping as is with a few minor tweaks for extra fun.  After the full on disclaimer was made, we did a quick mosey around the parking lot and continued with some warm-up.

Warm-up included: merkins x10, Moroccan night club x30, windmill x10, parker peter x10, hillbilly walker x10, cherry picker x10, SSH x20, downward dog and honeymooner.

The Thang….with some classic rock jams in the background brought to the PAX by the site Q – always a bonus!

  • 30x KB swings
  • 30x KB squats
  • 30x KB shoulder presses
  • 30x KB rows
  • 30 total / 15 each leg KB lunges with passing the KB between your legs on each lunge
  • 30 / 15 (single) clean and jerk – start at left foot, lift KB with right arm, press over right shoulder

Suicides as a quick cool down at 3 sections in the parking lot – then a quick 10 count break or so.

  • 30 / 15x one arm KB swings
  • 30x (double count) American hammers
  • 15x burpee – dead lift the KB, set it down next to you, burpee, pick it up on your way up
  • 30 / 15x lawnmower pulls
  • 30x KB presses
  • 30x triceps presses behind your head
  • 30x KB shoulder shrugs

Suicides as a quick cool down at 3 sections in the parking lot – then a quick 10 count break.

THEN – we got to choose between round 1 or 2….we chose round 1 for another go because burpees weren’t part of that round.  But of course, after we finished the last exercise, the burpee somehow made it into our mix for a 10 rep count.

Finished up with a round of Mary being called out around the circle by PAX for final 5 min.

Count off, name-o-rama, announcements, prayers and praises, BOM – and that’s all she wrote.  Enjoyed it (again) and can’t wait to see what kind of pain we’re in store for tomorrow!

Aye – Shady

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The Brave Men who have gone before us were remembered this Memorial Day throughout the Nation with various tribute workouts. It was an honor to lead a great group of Pax on this day and appreciate the gift of freedom that our brave have fought so hard to provide for our great country.

Warm Up in the light rain of standard far of SSHs, Abe Vigotas, Arm Circles with calf stretch, merkins, downward dogs, and honeymooners.

Mosey around the lot and headed to the school.

We did two rounds of the following….15 reps on the first round and 10 on the second for time.

F – Frankensteins
A – American Hammers
L – Lunge w passthrough
L – Low Slow Squat
E – Elf on the Shelf
N – No Fun Burpees

H – Hot Potato (Big boy situps with weight pass to partner)
E – Endless Merkins
R – Run with bell
O – Overhead Press
E – Elevens (Freddies and Box Cutters w bell)
S – Suicides w bell


Praises for Uncle Donald and Uncle Richard killed will in uniform.
Praises for the men before us for the freedom they have provided us.
Prayers for the strength to lead in the footsteps of those who lead by great example.

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The Tomahawk – Limited Mumble Chatter

I hold myself accountable for the limited mumble chatter this morning!   As the leader of the workout I set the tone of getting straight to work and holding ourselves accountable to whatever reason we have for being at the first F of F3.  Let’s make the best of it!  Thank you all who came out!

The Tomahawk – Accountability (OYO)

Mosey around parking lot, 20 SSHs, 10 Windmills,  20 MNCs, 10 Merkins, Downward Dog, Honeymooner

Mosey to KBs

The Thang

20 KB Around the World

20 KB Figure 8s

20 KB Swings

KB Dora I

100 KB Lawn Mowers

100 KB Big Boy Sits ups

100 KB Squats

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


20 KB Figure 8s

20 Swings

Mosey to fountain – 50 dips OYO, 20 Derkins OYO

Mosey bask to KBs

KB Dora II

100 KB Shoulder Press

100 KB America Hammers

100 KB Lunges

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


20 KB Figure 8s

20 Swings


50 KB Upright Rows

50 KB Flutters

50 KB Calf Raises

Partner runs to end of parking lot and back w/KB


Prayers for Uncle Sam as he travels back to Columbia – prayers for all 2.0s as they transition through different phases of school and life.  Praises for healthy recoveries and employment.

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