Snow Day – Pantheonish – RUCKS – SNOW

So yeah, I knew Tempo was going to be closed but I really really really wanted to “play” in the snow.  So I threw it out on Twitter that I would be at the Pantheon field with sandbags and a RUCK if anyone wanted to join.

To my SURPRISE, OLAF and Maximus were there!!!

The workout:

Warm – Up

Unload the Truck – Workout in itself

Sandbag lap around the field

A second lap around the field but now we tossed sandbags the entire way

Half lap tossing/carrying sandbags

Coupon Suicides 

These ran the entire length of the soccer field – How it went down

Mosey carrying sandbag – 40, 60 , 80 to first check point – drop it sprint back to start and back to coupon – exercise – 40 = curls, 60 = Squats, 80 = Deadlift – Carry back to the start grab a different weight and repeat to next stop until we did the whole field.  That went down twice.

Circle of Pain 

Gathered in a circle and each took turns calling out exercises

Round 1 

Rad – Curls

Olaf – Overhead Press

Maximus – Tricep Extension

Round 2 

Rad – Ruck Swings

Olaf – Lift up and over soccer goal post (AWESOME IDEA)

Maximus – Cleans with squats and overhead

Round 3 

Rad – Run a lap around field alternating carrys – Bear Hug – Farmer Right – Farmer Left – Overhead – Tray Carry – Carry by waist strap

Olaf – Low Slow Squats

Maximus – Curls

Thanks for coming out guys and always allowing us to push ourselves further than we think.  Prayers for officers and safe travels.



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