2019 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Dear PAX,

It is hard to believe, but the 7th installment of the Joe Davis Run for Recovery will take place on March 9, 2019. My family and I invite you to join us, as we gather once again, to celebrate my brother Joe’s life and bring awareness to a very real problem facing our society right now, Addiction. Joe lost his 16-year battle with Addiction in the form of an accidental heroin overdose on October 4, 2009 at the young age of 28.

Unfortunately, chances are that Addiction has touched your life, either affecting your friends or your family. Our family has chosen to turn the tragedy of Joe dying into a triumph in the form of spreading a message of HOPE. There is help for those who struggle with Addiction and other mental health issues. The race benefits Keystone Substance Abuse Services, York County’s authority on substance abuse.

F3 and FiA support has been the cornerstone of this race’s success and most of you know that it has been on one of the coldest days of the year most years when it was held in January. It was so cold last year that my family and I made the decision afterward to try a new race date. Our message of HEALTH, HOPE and HEALING needs to be far-reaching and to include the youth, which we felt the cold has kept home when the weather is not favorable. So, we chose March 9. It will likely still be cold, but bearable.

The race will offer 1 Mile Fun Run, 5k and 10k options. The course is the same as in recent years and it will be held at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill, SC.

Please help spread the word.

I believe that we are making a difference, slowly but surely. I know the race has directly impacted the PAX and I want to ask that, if you feel led to share your story, please let me know. I believe the impact of a first-hand story would be incredibly helpful to show our mission is working.

This pre-blast is being written very early primarily to get the word out about the initial lowest prices for the race so the PAX and their families can take advantage.

Race prices will never be less than they are right now, through 10/31/18. Please consider signing up now. Not only does it save you money, it really helps us with planning a great event!

Please help me spread the word as the event gets closer.

Sign ups are at www.joedavisrun.com

We are also seeking sponsors. If you know of someone this cause may be close to, who would like to get involved, please message me.

With gratitude,

Rock Thrill

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Charter Band-aids for Little Warriors – PreBlast

As most of the PAX in the Fort and Rock regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother bout-time out of Area 51 son Jennings who has leukemia also.

It has come to my attention that the budgets have been cut in some of the pediatric departments and the first thing to go is usually the character band aids. You say how important is to have these band-aids? Well as far as the cancer kids go every time the have their PORT’s (Port is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein) which for some kids is traumatic they get a band-aid over it. For others that are done with treatment such as my daughter Emma has to go back for the next 21 years to get checked (mainly blood counts). This not always easy for instance this past Wednesday she was poked 3 times. Well at the end the band aid can put a smile on a child’s face. This also goes for those kiddos that have to constantly get blood work done not just cancer kids.

So what I am challenging you to do is every week you go grocery shopping buy at least one box or more of character band-aids girls or boys. Also Spread the word in every COT. I will tweet out what AO’s I will be at and if anyone wants to step up and help me collect that would be awesome.

I also challenge others in different regions to pull together and do the same thing. My goal is to gather as much as possible and split it between Levine Children’s Hospital and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Affiliate Clinic) before Christmas.

Let a simple act of kindness put a smile on a little fighters face.

AYE. Lets do this.

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Pre-blast – Custom Dark Side of the Moon GORUCK


Go ahead and mark your calendars now, May 4th 2019, the next Fort region CUSTOM GORUCK event! Being called “The Dark Side of the Moon” and being spearheaded by our respectable CSPAN and soon to be respectable Cobra Kia, both of whom will be 50 years young on the event. Like the Pink Floyd album, which claims to reflect various stages of life, begging and ending with a heartbeat, exploring the nature of human experience, this custom F3 event will not disappoint.

This pre-blast serves a few purposes: 1) to share details of the event and 2) gage the level of interest so we can finalize details and event pricing.

Heres’s what you need to know:
-Target date: 5/4/19
-Event: this will be a one of a kind GORUCK format including three differ event lengths into a single event, first a Heavy (24 hr event) group will launch, then 12 hrs later a group of fresh recruits will arrive to the battlefield (the Tough group, 12 hr event) and then 6 hrs after that another wave of fresh recruits will arrive to the battlefield (the Light group, 6 hr event). So the Heavy starts, at the 12 hr event mark the Tough group will join in and then at the 18 hr event mark the Light group will join in. This a single event with two GORUCK Cadre, but you have the choice of which patch you want to earn H, T, or L. You will only earn the patch for ththe event duration you start and finish, H, T, or L.
-Location: will be Fort Mill or the surrounding area.
-Event cap: GORUCK has a cap of 60 total participants, the Heavy is capped at 30 participants.
-Price: there is a fixed fee from GORUCK ($6,500) for the event, so depending on signups for each event will determine pricing. There will be additional costs to put on the event including F3 patches, the required community service event, team weights, etc. Any collected funds above and beyond event costs will be donated (team can make a decision on this). All moneys paid by pax will be considered final, no refunds will be issued, if you need to transfer a spot to someone else, that’s on you.
Target pricing is as follows:
Heavy: $200
Tough: $125
Light: $75

Again this our targeted pricing and why this pre-blast was launch. Please shoot WWL a note if you are interested, identify the event (H/T/L) and indicate that date and pricing work. Pricing is inline to GORUCK non-custom events.

WWL contact info:
Twitter @jclaroche2
Email Justin.LaRoche@yahoo.com

We will finalize event details and pricing based on interest expressed.
This will be a custom GORUCK event that you will not want to miss out on!

Aye, WWL

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Pre-Blast: The Fort Region 2018 Christmas Party

  • QIC: Anchorman, Cake Boss, Old Bay, Royale, Gecko
  • When: 12/01/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast, The Fort

The Thang:

Meet up at Regal Manor Clubhouse for a diet beatdown at 6:30 pm

Warmup with some meetin’ and greetin’.

Mosey to the buffet line for catered fine foods (menu in works). Partner carry plate to table and fellowship.

3 hrs of Live Music  delivering the hits. Mumble chatter welcome.


F3 is awesome and it makes us all better. We have such and awesome community of PAX and so many new men, that we need to come together and celebrate. 2nd ‘F’ is Fellowship. That means hanging together, enjoying conversation and having a good time. Make every effort to be part of events like this. Because #ISI.


Place: Regal Manor Clubhouse 549 Starlight Drive Fort Mill, SC 29715
Date: Saturday December 1st
Time: 6:30pm-10:30pm
Cost: $30/person
Includes: Facility, Tables/Chairs, Food, Music
“In the Works”
Sweet Tea
Fruit Infused Water
BYOB – No bar this year…responsible for own drinks
Dress: Nice Casual or crush velvet red suit


  • RSVP: We need names of all attending
  • Google Forms:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeY4cV9y-EZCwSFSk_OxcbBAd7_hXxbzd_zV6boygtndBynUw/viewform
  • Cost: $60.00 per couple or $30 per person
  • Pay here: PayPal Link: https://paypal.me/f3thefort
  • Charity: “In the Works….stay tuned” This will be a local cause!!
  • Questions: Contact Cake Boss or Anchorman
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The Bacon is Back!

  • QIC: Anchorman
  • When: 10/27/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast

Are you man enough to run 1k?

The fastest CSAUP in all of F3 Nation returns for another trip around the track.  Fast 5!

You and 4 teammates run, ruck, walk (in Jedi’s case on his hands) a total of 5k.

The only requirement is that one Pax on your team must be EITHER over 200 lbs or a respectable (50 and over).

Also NEW this year since we are just before Halloween, if the team adds some costuming into their attire, they will get a time bonus.  What does that mean?  I have no idea.  This was Zima’s add on and you know how he is.   I just bring the bullhorn and bacon.

Families welcome to come watch.  It’s an hour or so from start to finish – inc a kids run around the track after so have them wear sneakers!

We are currently still securing a location – just know it will be at a track at one of the Fort Mill schools Saturday October 27 at 9am.  Sign up now!


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The Fort 6 year Anniversary Convergence –9/29/2018

  • QIC: Wegmans, Funhouse, Jwow, Twister, Flux, Assassin
  • When: 09/29/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast, The Fort


On Saturday September 29th, The Fort celebrates 6 years of F3 in the Fort Mill, Lake Wylie and beyond. We are pulling together the PAX from across the region for a 1st F Convergence with Pre-Ruck Option and Pre-Run Option  at the mother-ship, Walter Elisha Park (The Fort) where it all started.

This event is a great opportunity to EH and bring new guys out. Continue to give it away.

Besides pre-ruck and run options, we will have 6 Qs for 6 years. This will be Rapid Fire and moving quick, but we have Qs that represent history, character, strength and future of The Fort.

Talk it up in all COTs and 2nd/3rd Fs!!

Here’s the Plan:

WHAT: Pre-Ruck

  • Q: Trucker
  • Time: 0615
  • Launch from Panera

WHAT: Pre-Run

  • Q: Cake Boss
  • Time: 0630
  • Launch from Panera
  • 2-3mi

WHAT: Boot Camp Convergence

  • Q:
    1. Wegmans
    2. Funhouse
    3. Jwow
    4. Twister
    5. Flux
    6. Assassin
  • Time: 0700

WHAT: Coffeteria

  • Q: Double D
  • Time: 0830
  • Panera

6 years of impacting men, families, and community! Its been life changing and worth recognizing.



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PRE BLAST F3 The Fort 6th Annual Invergence

Men of  The Fort,

On Friday, September 21st, we will celebrate 6 years of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith in the Fort Mill area with our annual F3 Invergence party.   Bring a beverage, some food to share, and enjoy a relaxing evening with your brothers.   We’ll have presentations from your local leadership, take a look back at the previous year, and look ahead to what’s in store for 2019  F3 The Fort and F3 Nation.     This is the premier 2nd F event of the year so mark your calendars now,  and plan on being at Rush Pavilion on Friday night, September 21st.

This is a great FNG opportunity!

This is a Pax only event.  Make it up to your M and 2.0’s next weekend.
What:  Fort Mill Invergence (6th anniversary party)
When:  Friday, September 21, 5:30pm – 10:00pm
Where:  Bruce T. Rush Pavillion at the Anne Springs Greenway
Bring:  Food, drink, chair, cash (to cover the pavillion rental/donations to the F3 Foundation)
Please use the link below to RSVP and list what food you will bring:
6th year F3 The Fort Invergence Food Sign Up:




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Pre-Blast: September ’18 – Back to (Q) School


The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. In order to invigorate male leadership, we must strive to invigorate and encourage new males to step up and become leaders. One of the best ways we have to accomplish this is to help new PAX learn what it takes to Q.

This is especially important this year as we push to expand the number of leaders in The Fort with our #218in18 FNG Campaign. We are encouraging SiteQs to schedule VQs throughout the remainder of this year. To support this effort, we need to make sure we provide the resources needed to these new leaders.

We’ll be launching Q School at Golden Corral (centrally located for everyone in the region) every Tuesday in September (4th, 11th, 18th, 25th). Q School will be led by a few of our veterans (who are also trying to get better at these opportunities to lead). Q School will feature both Q101 (perfect for new guys or those that want to get a handle on the basics) and Q201 (a more advanced session focused on some of the more detailed aspects of Q’ing).

Here is the schedule:

  • September 4th – Q101 – CakeBoss + Longshanks
  • September 11th – Q101 – Senator Tressel + Bones
  • September 18th – Q101 & Q201 – Double D + Royale
  • September 25th – Q101 & Q201 – Pusher + Dark Helmet

This is a great opportunity to work together to continue to develop leaders across the Fort Mill/Indian Land/Lake Wiley area. Contact Ginsu or any of the Qs listed above with questions.

– Ginsu

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Prayer Convergence for FMSD

Matthew 18:20  For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Calling All PAX of Fort Mill to step up and live out the 3rd F that is the “Dynamite” of F3. What better way to start off the school year than to go to the schools, physically go, and pray?!?  Most of us have children that attend these schools, neighbors, friends and family that work at these schools and some of the PAX work in these schools. Regardless of how we are connected to them, we are all impacted by what happens in these schools and this is a chance for us to live out what we are called to do.

What: The Fort PAX (at least 2, preferably 3 or more at each location!) converging at every school in the FMSD, to pray for the school leadership, every employee of the school, students, the safety of the school, etc.

When: Sunday, August 26th,  6:00PM

How (do I get involved):  Click the SignUp Genius below! Pick a school, grab a few fellow PAX and show up, ready to pray. We will post some details about format.  Post the number of PAX and where you posted with the hashtag #F3TheFortPrays4FMSD when you are done.

Why: Evil looks for every opportunity to cause chaos in schools.  We pray, in the name of Jesus, to keep any and all evil from these schools, administrators, teachers, children and families. We pray that God uses the believers in these school to be a light unto those that do not know him (students and adults alike).

We realize this is week after school started, but sometimes “better late than never” applies.



I was inspired by First Baptist North Spartanburg.  If you go to the (approx) 16 minute mark of the video below, you will see Pastor Mike Hamlet as he leads his church members through this entire process.  While we plan to lay out some specifics around the prayers, we will not have this type of set-up. This is for our reference.

Converge 2018: County-wide School Prayer Service

Posted by First Baptist North Spartanburg on Sunday, August 19, 2018



Contact Beacon for questions. Aye!

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Rooney on the bus to Northwest, but no gummy bears!!

Our Brother Rooney is starting a new chapter in life and it is calling him to the Northwest. Where he came from, however he is going back a changed man. Filled with service, spirit and desire to get better each day. Rooney will undoubtedly make an impact in the greater Seattle area, as he did here, but as in all moves and changes we pray for protection, wisdom and guideance for him and family.

Join us Friday to honor our Brother and voice our memories and times with him in da gloom.

*No Convergence (other AOs are open)

Friday August 17, 2018 to recognize and honor our brother Rooney

·         Slow Burn AO (Launching from Empire Pizza)

·         0445 – Pre-run with Funhouse as Q

·         0515 – Boot camp with Old Bay as Q

·         0615 – Coffeeteria at Chick filet with Cake Boss as Q

                      o We will be doing more 2nd F discussing Rooney moments over the last 5 years

·         Rooney heads to Seattle WA, August 20, 2018

To honor Both Rooney and CSPAN with M’s we will have an Open House Saturday Night

·         Saturday evening Couples Open House

o   Towne Tavern –  Route 160 Fort Mill

o   6pm-9pm private room

o   Purchase own food & drinks

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