4th Annual Clave Boss 5k and Christmas Convergence is upon us.

So many traditions but this is one that continues to get better with age, so don’t miss it.

It is for all PAX so no excuses!!

Invite your family visiting from out of town and get ready to start the Christmas week off with Fitness, Fellowship and Faith!


Date: Monday 12/24/18
Location: The Abyss – Palisades Elementary School

What: Clave Boss 5k, Pre-Ruck, Bootcamp, Ruck, Coffeerteria


  • 0600 – Pre-Ruck will launch
    • Worldwide Leader Q
  • 0615 – Clave Boss 5k
    • Top 3 runners will receive Bundt Cake!
  • 0700 – Boot Camp
    • Cake Boss & Maximus Qs
  • 0700 – Ruck  
    • Bonsai will Q
  • 0750 – COT: Namearama, FNG naming, WORDS FROM MR. CLEAN, BoM
    • Big Leadership Announcement—-Don’t want to miss
  • 0815 – Coffeerteria:  0815 at The Grid Iron (corner of 49/160 by Rivergate)


The Legend of the Claves lives on!

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Giving Tuesday – Palmetto North F3F

Thank you for considering a contribution to support the community support efforts of your local Fort Mill and Rock Hill F3 Foundation.  For more details on the foundation itself please click <Here>.

During this season of giving please consider making a tax deductible contribution to Palmetto North F3F where the funds raised go directly into supporting the activities of the Fort and Rock pax.  Specifically these proceeds both the areas we are already supporting as well as the future service efforts in our region.  Our current efforts included:

  • 12th Man Ministries and the numerous Pax that work as mentors to help our student athletes break the performance based culture and help show them God’s love. F3F Palmetto North has supported the weekly dinners with athletes and their mentors.
  • Gfit is a weekly 1st, 2nd and 3rd F within the Paradise community where HIM step up to lead and to help mentor and be engaged in community with our neighbors
  • Reading Center is a semi-weekly, seasonal opportunity to read with the children and develop life skills for studying and reading to help children in the community get up to reading level
  • Rock Hill Children’s Attention Center is a center of children where we spend time bi-weekly with the teenage boys to engage in 1st, 2nd and 3rd F to help give them home and guidance.

Please consider a donation to support these and other efforts that your local F3F Palmetto North and any PAX will help lead across our regions.

Make contributions via PayPal – https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=BGSCH65PWDNV6

or send checks with ” Palmetto North F3F” in the memo line to the following address.

F3 Foundation, LLC

1645 Queens Road West

Charlotte, NC, 28207

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Support Thanksgiving Food Efforts in Paradise

***** Update Thursday 9:00 pm *****
Great thanks to the PAX who have donated, and in just one day 1/2, we reached our goal!  Please, no more donations, but, if you were considering, let Bolt know in case we want to add additional families to receive food.
If you would like to volunteer to help deliver (no 2.0’s on delivery, please) to the families, please let Bolt know ASAP. Delivery is being planned for Saturday from 1-3:00 pm (before the G-Fit workout). If needed we will deliver later Saturday, or on Sunday.
For this saturday….1-3:00 pm – food delivery…followed by G-Fit with the kids at 3:00 pm  please join us and bring the 2.0’s to g-fit!!!!

I will be purchasing food tomorrow.  Today, I was able to get 10 large baskets with Thanksgiving themed ‘liners’ (for a nicer food presentation) at a near-donation price from the Humane Society thrift shop. They have supported us previously, and offered to continue to give us sports balls which we use and distribute to the kids in Paradise. We will also be getting a supply of corn, beans and yams which we will not have to purchase. This means we will be able to give the families a larger gift certificate to the grocery store to purchase any additional food items that may want outside of our basic food items (ie. dessert, etc).

Thank you! bolt *****


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us,  and Bolt and Deacon are seeking PAX support (quickly) in a small effort to provide full Thanksgiving meals to families in Paradise.

F3 has had a presence in Paradise for over a year and half now. In past years we have had a community turkey drive. We are changing it up this year to provide (at least) 10 full meals to specific high priority families in need. We are working with Kim at SON Ministries to identify these families. But we must move quickly in our efforts with a target delivery of this weekend 11/17-11/18 and an absolute deadline of Tuesday 11/20.

<See also below schedule of events in Paradise over the Thanksgiving holiday>

Each meal will consist of a turkey and all side dishes (list below) needed for a full meal. THANK YOU TO FIGARO (Montrio Belton) who will purchase all of our needed turkeys! This means we just need the side dish item package.

*** As of 11/14 8:15 am, WE ONLY NEED 5 MORE FULL SIDE ORDERS! Full orders are about $30 unless you want to add few items, ie. dessert) ***


  • Partner up with another PAX to purchase the items.
  • Donate any money amount to Bolt via Paypal. Send to: thenewpauko@hotmail.com
  • Pledge: If you want to commit but can’t do PayPal, just let Bolt know ASAP and he will cover your pledge until he sees you next.
  • From there, meet up or schedule pickup with Bolt or deliver to 3728 Leela Palace Way in Waterstone near Tega Cay.
  • Assist in delivery to families in Paradise.

Paradise Schedule of Thanksgiving events

  • Sunday, November 18. Volunteer at “Harvest of Thanks and Poor Man’s Meal”, a community meal held at Jerusalem Baptist Church in the Life Center. It would be great to have F3 support at this community event. More details to come via Twitter.
  • Weekend 11/17-11/18 through Tue 11/20. Help to deliver our holiday meals.
  • Saturday, 3:00 pm,  11/24. Post at G-Fit with a holiday pizza/food party following.

Thank you to everyone for your support on this endeavor and to all PAX that have joined us in Paradise!

Aye! Bolt …….. Always open for suggestions!!!

Food side list –  (You can shop anywhere and you can alter this list as you see fit. Pics below are from Harris Teeter. This link may take you to the shopping cart: https://shop.harristeeter.com/store/C39878905#/cart)

Required:  8-10 lbs potatoes, stuffing @ 12 oz, green beans @ 30 oz, corn @ 30 oz, collard greens @ 30 oz, cranberry sauce @ 14 oz, gravy @ 18 oz, mac and cheese @ 3 boxes 20 oz.  This list includes mostly canned foods because delivery will be days before Thanksgiving.

Possible additional:  celery, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, rolls/biscuits, DESSERT.

( I don’t think these screenshots have turned out too well. Will try to improve.)




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Annual Thanksgiving Day Convergence

Date : Thanksgiving morning 11/22

Time : 6am

AO : The Ranch (Springfield Elementary School)


Before you place that turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving Day come celebrate with your F3 brothers for a Convergence at the Ranch!  Change Order and McGruff will be cooking up some post beatdown turkey for some solid 2nd F right after.  Our Nantan Cakeboss will be able to share a few words of encouragement for us all.

We’ll have several Qs taking care of you during the 40 minutes.

Your exceptional Qs will be:

Old Bay – Cornerstone – Jiffy – Longshanks!

Running options from the start will be available.

Head this way before your Turkey Trot’s in Baxter or in York.


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November of 2K LBCs for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Hello PAX:

This past September some of you all participated in the September of 1,000 burpees to raise money for Let Me Run, for whom Double D was running the NYC Marathon. Awesome stuff! You all helped him raise over $12,000 for Let Me Run. AMAZING!

Now I ask for your help. Welcome to the November of 2,000 LBCs!

Since November is a month which we usually stuff ourselves with holiday blessings, no better way to work off those extra calories than some ab work.

This January 2019, I will be running in my 4th marathon at the Walt Disney World Marathon Week in Orlando, FL. But this event will be a very special one for me and many others. I will be running the marathon for the LLS Team in Training (TnT), in memory of my late father, Carl Ransone, Sr., who went to The Lord in December 2002 after losing his battle with leukemia. It’s been almost 16 years since he is gone, but the loss still hurts. In his honor and memory I pledged to raise funds for the LLS so we can all help find a cure for blood bore diseases and help others fight their good fight.

If you choose to participate, you will be committed to complete 2,000 LBCs – not lying down head/neck bobs, get those abs working and use proper form please. That’s 66.7 per day, over the course of 30 days.

Link to Sign Up:


Tracking Your LBCs:
You can track them how you feel best suits you. I will try to put out a Google Doc but I cannot promise that. This is an honor-based pledge event. Hold yourself accountable.

Pledge and Payment:
For every LBC you are short of the 2K goal come 11/30, you can either pledge a per LBC donation or a flat amount to my LLC TnT fundraiser. All money will go to LLS TnT. I will provide a link to my fundraising site near the 11/30 deadline.

On behalf of everyone affected by the scourge of blood borne cancers, sincerely thank you for your time, effort, and hard earned money. You WILL help find a cure!!

Thank you and God bless,

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Pre-Christmas party gathering

As we’re all anxiously awaiting the upcoming Christmas Party, and our beloved Fast5 has been postponed, I wanted to throw out an informal get together where F3 brothers, along with their M’s, can share a beverage and some laughs.  For those of you who haven’t been to the Christmas party in the past, it’s a really great time!  If your M’s are a little hesitant on the Christmas party right now, or you’re getting the “I’m not sure if I want to go because I don’t know anyone”, this is a great way to introduce the M’s so they know a few friendly faces before the Christmas Party.

And if you’re not able to attend the Christmas Party, you’ll at least be able to get together with some of your F3 PAX along with their significant others.  So even if you and your M know everyone (which I’m guessing is not the case), still bring yourself and/or your significant other and plan on a good time!


Place: Amor Artis Brewing
Date: Friday, November 2nd
Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm (or until you decide to leave)
Website: https://amorartisbrewing.com/

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Introducing Turn the Page

  • QIC: Gekko
  • When: 11/13/2018
  • Posted In: Pre-Blast

Introducing Turn The Page!

What is it you ask? Turn the Page is the newest 3rd F offering,  where we will be semi-regularly choosing a book to read together over the period of a month and then we will join together to discuss the book.

When you ask? Our first meeting is planned for Tuesday November 13th at 7:00pm to 9:00ish

Where you ask? We will be meeting at the Eternal Church office, lovingly know as The Shack

Who can come you ask? Turn the page is open to all Pax and FNGs are welcome

What book are we reading you ask?  For the first installment of Turn the Page we are jumping into the deep end and will be reading The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

So your next steps are to purchase the book(if you don’t already own it), next, read the book prior to Nov 13th , and be prepared to come together to share your thoughts, struggles, likes, dislikes, etc..

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2019 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Dear PAX,

It is hard to believe, but the 7th installment of the Joe Davis Run for Recovery will take place on March 9, 2019. My family and I invite you to join us, as we gather once again, to celebrate my brother Joe’s life and bring awareness to a very real problem facing our society right now, Addiction. Joe lost his 16-year battle with Addiction in the form of an accidental heroin overdose on October 4, 2009 at the young age of 28.

Unfortunately, chances are that Addiction has touched your life, either affecting your friends or your family. Our family has chosen to turn the tragedy of Joe dying into a triumph in the form of spreading a message of HOPE. There is help for those who struggle with Addiction and other mental health issues. The race benefits Keystone Substance Abuse Services, York County’s authority on substance abuse.

F3 and FiA support has been the cornerstone of this race’s success and most of you know that it has been on one of the coldest days of the year most years when it was held in January. It was so cold last year that my family and I made the decision afterward to try a new race date. Our message of HEALTH, HOPE and HEALING needs to be far-reaching and to include the youth, which we felt the cold has kept home when the weather is not favorable. So, we chose March 9. It will likely still be cold, but bearable.

The race will offer 1 Mile Fun Run, 5k and 10k options. The course is the same as in recent years and it will be held at Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill, SC.

Please help spread the word.

I believe that we are making a difference, slowly but surely. I know the race has directly impacted the PAX and I want to ask that, if you feel led to share your story, please let me know. I believe the impact of a first-hand story would be incredibly helpful to show our mission is working.

This pre-blast is being written very early primarily to get the word out about the initial lowest prices for the race so the PAX and their families can take advantage.

Race prices will never be less than they are right now, through 10/31/18. Please consider signing up now. Not only does it save you money, it really helps us with planning a great event!

Please help me spread the word as the event gets closer.

Sign ups are at www.joedavisrun.com

We are also seeking sponsors. If you know of someone this cause may be close to, who would like to get involved, please message me.

With gratitude,

Rock Thrill

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Charter Band-aids for Little Warriors – PreBlast

As most of the PAX in the Fort and Rock regions knows my 5 year old daughter (Emma) is a leukemia survivor. We still make a trip every 4 weeks to get blood drawn to check her counts at Levine Children’s Hospital. We also stepped up and raised money last year (Christmas time) for a fellow brother bout-time out of Area 51 son Jennings who has leukemia also.

It has come to my attention that the budgets have been cut in some of the pediatric departments and the first thing to go is usually the character band aids. You say how important is to have these band-aids? Well as far as the cancer kids go every time the have their PORT’s (Port is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein) which for some kids is traumatic they get a band-aid over it. For others that are done with treatment such as my daughter Emma has to go back for the next 21 years to get checked (mainly blood counts). This not always easy for instance this past Wednesday she was poked 3 times. Well at the end the band aid can put a smile on a child’s face. This also goes for those kiddos that have to constantly get blood work done not just cancer kids.

So what I am challenging you to do is every week you go grocery shopping buy at least one box or more of character band-aids girls or boys. Also Spread the word in every COT. I will tweet out what AO’s I will be at and if anyone wants to step up and help me collect that would be awesome.

I also challenge others in different regions to pull together and do the same thing. My goal is to gather as much as possible and split it between Levine Children’s Hospital and Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital (St. Jude Affiliate Clinic) before Christmas.

Let a simple act of kindness put a smile on a little fighters face.

AYE. Lets do this.

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Pre-blast – Custom Dark Side of the Moon GORUCK

We put out a feeler and the Nation responded, you are eager and hungry for a CUSTOM GORUCK event in 2019. Details have been set for a truly unique event and event registration is now open.
The next Fort region CUSTOM GORUCK event, “The Dark Side of the Moon” will occur on the weekend of May 4th, 2019. The event is being spearheaded by our respectable CSPAN and soon to be respectable Cobra Kia, both of whom will be 50 years young on the event, plus a few others. Like the Pink Floyd album, which claims to reflect various stages of life, begging and ending with a heartbeat, exploring the nature of human experience, this custom F3 event will not disappoint.

Here’s what you need to know on event details (available at this time):
Target Date: 5/4/19
Event Format: this will be a one of a kind GORUCK format including three (3) different event lengths into a single event, first a Heavy (24 hr event) group will launch, then 12 hrs later the Tough group will join in and then 6 hrs after that the Light group will join in. So, three launch times, one for each event but each group will join in the single event, such that all three groups finish the event as a single group of pax. The Heavy is 24 hrs in duration, the Tough group is 12 hrs and the Light group is 6 hrs.
Cadres: this a single event with two GORUCK Cadre, hand selected.
Patches: yes, there will be custom event patches! You will only each one (1) patch, you will a single patch for the event you sign up and complete, i.e. the Heavy, Tough or Light.
Location: will be Fort Mill or the surrounding area.
Event Cap: GORUCK has a cap of 60 total participants, the Heavy is capped at 30 participants.
Pricing: registration pricing has been set at $200 for Heavy, $125 for Tough, $75 for Light. Please note that the event is a flat fee charge from GORUCK, we do run the risk of under collecting costs, but based on interest expressed, that shouldn’t be a problem. Any funds collected above the flat fee charge from GORUCK, will be used for the required community service event, F3 patches and can either be refunded or donated with input from the PAX. Event pricing is in-line to GORUCK non-custom events.
Registration: there is a two-step registration process, you must complete both steps in order to register for this event,
Step 1 – send payment of the full amount via PayPal to WorldWide Leader, URL = https://www.paypal.me/JustinLaRoche
Step 2 – send an email to WordWide Leader at Justin.LaRoche@Duke-Energy.com that way I can confirm receive of payment and we will need your email address to provide communication and updates on the event.

Upon successful completion of registration, PAX will be added to the public list of event participants, all pax can see who is registered and who is not and apply EHing as necessary.

Hollar with any questions, concerns or ideas.

Aye, WWL
Twitter – @jclaroche2

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