Bear of a Time

The weather report was absolutely miserable, mid-30’s and pouring down raining, so we were all pleasantly surprised that it was rain free for the duration of the 45-minute workout and the morning felt great because of it.

We had a newer guy there I had never met before, Duck Dynasty, so I gave a disclaimer and told everyone to glove up and off we went.

Fast mosey with some Toy Soldiers along the way and some shuffles followed by a quick lap around the track before circling up for a quick CoP.

  • Windmills x8
  • SSH  x25
  • Peter Parker x15
  • Downward Dog/Honeymooner stretch
  • Tempo Merkins x10
  • MNC x20

I did this workout last time I Q’d the Abyss and we didn’t quite get through it, I was hopeful that with the colder weather and a faster CoP we would have just enough time and I was right.

1st Routine – Paula’s up & down the hill/road at the back of the school

6 cones placed about 30 paces apart going up the hill each with an “up” exercise and “down” exercise on them.  We would move 2 cones forward and 1 cone back until reaching the top.  Our method of movement was always via Bear Crawls 2 cones forward and Crawl Bears 1 cone back.  Once we reached the top/cone 6 we started over and performed the “down” exercise on the cone, which were the same exercises in reverse order.

  • Cone 1 – True Americans/Absolution x 10
  • Cone 2 – Donkey Kicks/Diamond Merkins x10
  • Cone 3 – Squats x30 /Groiners x10
  • Cone 4 – Groiners/Squats x30
  • Cone 5 – Diamond Merkins/Donkey Kicks x10
  • Cone 6 – Absolution/True Americans

A few of us finished this up, Jedi out in front followed by YHC, Cha Ching, and Wolverine.  Most of the rest of the PAX were about to finish up or maybe a cone or 2 back when I told everyone to finish up their exercise and bear crawl back to cone 1 and finish up to keep things moving along.

Last time we did the next routine on the grassy hill, but due to the weather, we kept it on the road for better traction.

2nd Routine – Burpback Mountain

Partner up and split 120 total burpees.  1 PAX NUR’s up the hill all the way to the top and mosey’s back down while his partner is doing as many Burpees as possible then switching etc, until 120 Burpees are accumulated.

Once we finished this we mosey’d back to CoT and had a couple minutes to spare.  I called out 20 Flutters IC and Cha Ching followed with 15 Crunchy Frogs.  That’s it, circle up.


Yeti is almost here and read your newsletter!  Continued prayers for this group of men and the ability to come out every morning together.  We also lifted up Prayers for some friends of Jedi’s family whose father committed suicide and Emma, Cornerstones daughter, who hasn’t been feeling well and pray her cancer stays away.

Thanks for the Q Copyright, I can’t wait to come back, I love this AO.

Until next time,


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13 HIM showed up on a blustery Tuesday to make the choice to get better.

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • Cherry Picker
  • Windmill
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to the playground

The Thang


100 reps of each exercise in sets of 20 with a run up the hill and back after each set.

  • 20 Merkins (x5)
  • 20 Pull-ups (x5)
  • 20 Big Boy sit-ups (x5)
  • 20 Dips (x5)
  • 20 Squats (x5)
  • Run up the hill (x5)

That took most of the time. We mosey-ed around the park as a cool down and it was time for the COT. Pull-ups suck. Must do more.

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The Quagmire Coin Flip

FNG in the huddle so YHC disclaimed a proper disclaimer.  As the clock struck 0515, it appeared two vehicles were coming in hot.  We took a Capri Lap.  Pickup another FNG and Cable Guy.  The rain decided to make an appearance so YHC #ModifiedAsNeeded and moseyed the warmup under the Home Depot pickup spot.  Covered and dry!

Warm Up:
Since we picked up an undisclosed FNG, plank for another disclosure. Informed FNG’s that we often respond “AYE” in affirmation.  On each “aye,” do a merkin.  YHC felt the urge to discuss choices.  Some we make, some are made for us (insert a couple of aye’s).  Next, OYO 5 “aye’s.”  Recover.
Bring out the coin toss.  For today, the coin will determine the workout, which includes warmups, how we travel from one location to the next, and the thang’s. In the air, guess heads or tails.  Correct = 18 reps of said warm up (Feb 18th).  Incorrect = 28 reps (# days in Feb).  I have two columns with an exercise on each side (heads/tails). I also have the Q here on Friday.  So whichever side doesn’t get picked, we do the opposite on Friday.  Guaranteed 100% different workout!
1 – Tails. 18 windmills
2 – Heads. 18 shoulder taps
3 – Heads. 18 toe squats
4 – Heads. 28 groiners
5 – Heads (see a trend yet?). 28 peter parker
6 – Heads. 28 monkey humpers
7 – Heads. 10 burpees with tuck jump at the top
8 – Heads (seriously). 18 LBC’s

Mosey to the wall behind Home Depot – it pretty much quit raining now – for the thang:
On the back of the paper I filled in for Heads or Tails, a corresponding thang item was determined.
1 – wall work – 10 derkins (wall was slippery.  oops)
2 – wall work – 10 BTTW mountain climbers
3 – travel time – AYG to the fountain
4 – bat wings (18x forward arm circles, 18x reverse arm circles, 18x seal jacks, 18x overhead claps, 18x Moroccan nigh clubs)
5 – travel time – crab walk to parking lot across the way
6 – lut. dan’s – 1:4 work way up to 10:40 (squats and lunges)
7 – travel time – duck walk back to fountain
8 – partner up for black jack (always adds to 21, partner a = 1 merkin then plank while partner b = 20 lbc’s. flapjack. then partner a = 2 merkins then plank while partner b = 19 lbc’s.  Continue until smoked.  Time for COT anyway.

See you Friday for the other side of the coin.

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WEP for some 45’s and an almost Merlot

11 PAX showed up with no fear of what was supposed to be a wet morning. Lucky for us, after a quick sprinkle during the disclaimer, mother nature held out for us.

The DOHA and I were teaming up for this one and I knew ahead of time that he was very eager to include cinder blocks into the rotation.

Mosey up the hill to the end of the parking lot away from the” house.”

45 was my target rep number (Presidents) and the PAX were so excited to participate:

45 SSH- fluctuating cadence to fast

45 Imperial Walkers

45 Moroccan night clubs

45 Seal Jacks

At the great request by DH, over the to the curb for some calf raises (15 reg, 15 out, 15 in)

Mosey to bank drive through area. Partner up

A little round of Dora. Started out as 100, 200, 300 but had to modify because of time.

Partner One-

100 knee jump slaps

150 merkins

200 flutter kicks

LBC’s waiting on the Six

Partner Two- runs around the Bank

Mosey back to last parking lot to the wall for some wall sits. PAX were to remain in sit position, while each PAX steps out to sidewalk for 3 burpees.

Once completed, we headed back to COT area to pick up the cinder blocks.

Hand off to DH

Mosey with CB up the hill and to guess where, the same parking lot we were just at!

DH had us all line up right where the wall sit area was for COP with the CB’s. Before starting, DH shared a message about PAX asking for help when they need it, and emphasized there would be no judgement. Many PAX are out there struggling (maybe on IR) and continue to face their challenges alone.

The Thang

One PAX would bear crawl the entire hallway to the end where the entrance to the building was (est 100 yds).

Other PAX would complete instructed exercise until the PAX returned.







(I Probably forgot one or two here)

Rinse and repeat

It is worth noting that after DH returned from his bear crawl, the PAX noticed him standing in the corner as if in “timeout.”  In fact, he was taking his own timeout to avoid a potential Merlot splash. Nice recovery DH.

Back to COT for some Mary

Heels to heaven


Hello Dolly



Joe Davis


Prayers and Praises



PAX on IR- reach out them

Thanks for the opportunity!

Frat Boy (and DH)

TClap |

10 Accelerating Together

TClap |

Saturday Feb 16: 40’s

Warm UP:

10 reps each of Hilly Billy Walker and Imperial Walker.  15 SSH


40’s:  40 reps of Merkins, LBC’s, Flutters, Carolina Dry Docks, and Squats then run (under awning cover is necessary) to FMES doors and back then do 35 of each exercise then run then drop 5 reps and so on.  Called an audible at about 10 reps and finished togetherish.  Mosey to benches for dips, calf raises and wall sits X2.  Bear Crawl down the sidewalk then complete a Jack Mary Webb (A Jack Web with a 10 count ab exercise between Jack and Webb)…1 b or 2bb’s?

COT:  Announcements of Joe Davis, In Flight February, Journey Bible Study, and Yeti.  Do an event per month and get involved.  Prayers for family and family relationships and softening of PAX hearts towards family, Vivian (Twister coworker), Murray (best friends father) for cancer, and Gwen a coworker.  Gwen, a BTMS custodian, lost her grandson.  A gofundme has been established to pay for the services.



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Jammin’ at The Hive

You know how I roll…there will always be music! 17 guys came to The Hive to jam with me. 90’s Alternative all the way! I pulled up at 5:10 and saw 3 cars in the parking lot, told my co-pilot Dangerfield that we had at least 6 guys working out this morning and was excited about that number. By the time I finished setting up my circuit, 6 more cars had driven in to the Fort Mill High Schools parking lot. At 5:15, I was talking to 16 HIM about how important it is to modify if something I suggest/do sounds crazy. We moseyed with our bells over to my setup where we immediately got into some…

25 SSH
15 Hillbilly Walkers
15 Merkins
1 Round of Name Shoutouts while we Planked (I always like to know who I’m working out with in the dark!)
1 Lap around the the parking lot ending back at the bells for…

The Thang
I had 10 parking spaces setup with cards calling out an exercise. We doubled up in most of these spaces and did AMRAP for 1 minute in each space. The exercises were:
Big Boy Swings (regular swings with a 40-50lb bell)
Plank Pull Thrus
Slam Ball (this seemed to be liked and most said they had never used a slam ball. Holler if you Q a gear workout and would like to borrow it.)
Half Kneeling Cleans
Half Kneeling Shoulder Presses
Man Makers
Lunge Pass Thrus
Tall Kneeling Curls
Big Boy Situps – Partner Bell Pass

After we each hit every space we took another lap around the lot. When we arrived back at the bells we flipped over the notecards to find a few new exercises on the backside and completed Round 2. Those exercises were:
Big Boy Swings
Slam Ball
Jump Rope
Turkish Getups
Calf Raises w/ Bell
Half Kneeling Halos
Box Cutters with Press
American Hammers
Goblet Squats
Big Boy Situps – Partner Bell Pass

After Round 2 we took another lap around the lot. Total running was about .75 miles. We finished with a set of SSH, 1 for each Pax, and then moseyed back to cars for COT.

Joe Davis Run
Sweet Tooth Run

Prayers & Praises:
YHC is officially down 30lbs since joining F3 – Thank you Brothers!
An F3 brother helped his son enter rehab – praise for his son’s open heart and ears, prayers for strength to finish
Drug epidemic in York County
Health – Flu is still spreading like crazy
I always ask our Lord to open our eyes and hearts to help us see what he puts in front of us. We are given opportunities everyday to be HIS hands and feet. Do we see those opportunities?

Thank you to Band Camp for the opportunity to Q at The Hive. It will forever be my pleasure.



TClap |

Presidential Day Massacre at the Armory

The weather mostly held out with a few spitting showers but good  mumble chatter by the 11 pax on this cold and wet morning.  It was a morning filled with maybe a little too many facts our presidents but it was a good lesson that no man is perfect and all even through our flaws we can still achieve great success.  May we all be encourage to NOT be defined by our mistakes and to overcome them.

Warm Up:  In honor of our 45 presidents and 4 assassinated presidents (Four sitting Presidents have been assassinated while in office: Abraham Lincoln, James Abram Garfield (1881), William McKinley (1897-1901), and John F. Kennedy (1961-63)

  • 45 – SSH
    • 4 – Burpees
  • 45 – Mountain climbers
    • 4 – Burpees
  • 45 – Squats (single count)
    • 4 – Burpees
  • 45 – Merkins (single count)
    • 4 – Burpees


Mosey to the Knee Wall

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were close friends and correspondents — but they also had a bit of a rivalry. Adams’ dying words were, “Thomas Jefferson survives,” unaware that he had died hours earlier. Both died on July 4, 1826.

4 rounds  –

  • 7 – Wall Jumps
  • 18- Skull Crushers
  • 26 – Dips with Bell

10 – Count:

  • Monrovia, the capital of the Liberia, is named after James Monroe. He supported the American Colonization Society in its work to create a home for freed slaves in Liberia.
  • During his presidency, John Quincy Adams enjoyed skinny-dipping in the Potomac River in the early mornings.
  • Zachary Taylor was a tough guy — a major general in the U.S. Army and hero of the Mexican-American War. But oddly enough, what brought him down in the end was a glass of milk and some cherries that he enjoyed on July 4, 1850. The cherries were likely contaminated with bacteria that caused his death by cholera five days later.

Mosey to Open Parking Lot – Partner Up:

Andrew Jackson was involved in as many as 100 duels, most of which were fought to defend the honor of his wife, Rachel. He was shot in the chest in a duel in 1806 and took a bullet in the arm in a bar fight with Missouri Sen. Thomas Hart Benton in 1813.

John Tyler had 15 children, more than any other president. Two of his grandsonsare still alive today. One of Tyler’s children, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, born in 1853, fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. in 1924 and Harrison Ruffin Tyler in 1928.


  • 100 – Pass Through Lunges/ Halos/ Curls
  • 15 – Bomb Jacks after each 100 (each person)

10 – Count:

  • Millard Fillmore lived the dream of many a teenage schoolboy. Fillmore’s first wife, Abigail Powers, was his teacher while he was a 19-year-old student at the New Hope Academy in New York.
  • Pierce had a tough time guiding the nation and perhaps an even tougher time guiding his horse. During his presidency, Pierce was arrested for running over a woman with his horse. Charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.
  • James Buchanan regularly bought slaves in Washington, D.C. and quietly freed them in Pennsylvania.

Mosey back to COT

Get ready to rumble: Abraham Lincoln could throw down in the wrestling ring. As a young man, he was only defeated once out of approximately300 matches. He made it to the Wrestling Hall of Fame with the honor of “Outstanding American.”

  • 300 Cumulative Reps (KB Swing, Plank Row or Shoulder Press

Ulysses S. Grant smoked a ton of cigars — at least 20 a day. After a great military victory at the Battle of Shiloh, citizens sent him more than 10,000 boxes of cigars as gratitude. He died of throat cancer in 1885.

  • End with continuous rotation of exercises of 20 count until we get to 10,000 total reps.

Other Facts:

  • William McKinley almost always wore a red carnation on his lapel as a good luck charm. While greeting a line of people in 1901, he gave the flower to a little girl. Seconds later, he was shot by an assassin, and died eight days later.
  • Teddy Roosevelt was shot in an assassination attempt while delivering a speech in Milwaukee. “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot,” he told the stunned audience. “I give you my word, I do not care a rap about being shot; not a rap.” He completed the 90-minute speech with the bullet still lodged in his chest.
  • Herbert Hoover’s son had two pet alligators, which were occasionally permitted to run loose throughout the White House.
  • Eisenhower played a big role in popularizing golf. He installed a putting green at the White House and played more than 800 rounds while in office — exceeding the record of any other president. He holds a spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame in the Lifetime Achievement Category.
  • LBJ wasn’t scared to show off his, err, Johnson — he nicknamed his penis “Jumbo.” According to biographer Robert Dallek, Johnson met with a reporter who asked him multiple times why American troops were in Vietnam. In response, Johnson unzipped his pants, pulled out “Jumbo,” and yelled, “This is why!”
  • “Dubya” garnered the media attention with his frat boy past, but he also has a more wholesome side (aside from painting, that is). During his senior year of high school at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., Bush was captain of the cheerleading team.
TClap |

Pre-Blast March 8th Convergence

What:  Convergence

When:  Friday March 8th 5:15am

Where: Baxter Harris Teeter

Ok Pax it’s been a while since we’ve all gathered under one shovel flag for a large scale beat down!!  Come on out Friday March 8th 5:15am to the Baxter Harris Teeter, we’ll have multiple Qs ready to dish out a variety of workouts to help you acclerate your 1st F.  After the workout we will have a 3rd F convergence at the Eternal Church office(The Shack) behind Zaxby’s.  We have a few HIM from the Pax that are excited to share with you how to acclerate your 3rd F.  There will be coffee!!

Those of you that have been to these convergenses know how powerful they are, make sure you encourage any new guys to get out there and to stick around for the 3rd F.  This is a great opportunity for FNGs and to get those Kotters back out!!!

TClap |

Cindy Circuit DRP at The Deep

Oh yeah! Nice rainy day for your DRP. Some chose to stay in bed, nice and warm and all snuggy-like. Some unfortunately could not post in the gloom for whatever reasons. But those who did made that choice to take their DRP to get better. Two participated in a 4mi pre-ruck, and one knocked out a pre-run.

A good crowd for a rainy Saturday gathered, ready to go. No FNGs, disclaimer was made, and off we went……

About 20 yards to the back of my truck where a load of cinder blocks awaited the crowd. Each PAX buddied up with your ruck or a Cindy – even the 2.0s (KUDOS!!) – and off we moseyed to the far end of the parking lot for the COP:

  • No weight/ruck (slick):
  • SSH x 20
  • WM x 20
  • IW x 15
  • Hillybillies x 15
  • MNC x 20
  • Sun Gods x 20
  • PJs x 15
  • Downward dog and honeymooner to round it off

Now that we were all warmed up we moseyed over across the street carrying our buddies to the track at the elementary school for the fun stuff…..

DRP – You vs You – Cindy Circuit:
At one corner, the PAX knocked out the following circuit . 8 exercises, 10 reps each, non-stop, followed by a 400M lap. No breaks.

  • Merkins *
  • Squat **
  • Box Cutter, weight overhead **
  • Lunge, 2 ct **
  • CDD **
  • Thruster **
  • Flutters, 2 ct, weight OH **
  • Burpee *
  • Run a lap*
  • Rinse and repeat
    * With ruck (if you have it) >> cindy pax are slick/no weight
    ** With cindy or ruck (if you have it)

A good overall circuit that hit every major muscle group. You vs you, as fast as you could grind it out. We just ground it out. No music, no non-sense, good mumblechatter, in the rain/wet. Each PAX completed at least 3 complete circuits. That ground out at least 45 minutes of glorious fun. After a brief discussion about the DRP and Get Right, we had about 10-15 mins left. I wanted to add in a little ‘fun’ in the wet, mucky conditions before we went back to COT.


Starting on one side of the football field, everyone got in the downward dog (DD) pose, shoulder to shoulder, creating a tunnel of PAX. The PAX on the far left proceeded to army crawl thru the tunnel and out the other side then got back in the DD position, extending the tunnel to the right . Once the first person got about half way thru, the next in line on the far left proceeded thru. So on and so forth. Rinse and repeat until we got all the way to the other side of the field. About 50-60 yds across. We had to adjust a little because we started heading towards the center of the field. That would’ve been lovely….a 100yd+ ToL.

This was a real crowd pleaser in the wet, mucky field. We left a real nice swath thru the nice turf. Hopefully the grass will recover.

After that we gathered our buddies and headed back to COT.

Kudos to the PAX…..especially the 2.0s who did not modify at all. We really ground it out, encouraged each other. It was awesome!

COT – Announcements, P&P:

  • Keep taking your DRP. Hold others accountable for it. Get Right!!
  • Read your newsletter and GET INVOLVED
  • Yeti, P200, DSM custom GoRuck, Rooster – alot of events coming up. Get after it!
  • Children’s Attention Home / Guidance today at 4pm.
  • Prayers for injured, sick PAX
  • Prayers for Wild Thing and his M with their 2.0
  • Praises for Wolverine’s son’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! WOO HOO!!
  • Prayers for Qbert and his M regarding children and expanding their family
  • Praises for the new addition PAX that they continue to post and get better
  • Prayers for me and my M in the struggles we are having with my older 2.0 and his struggles w ADHD
  • My apologies if I missed any others……pre-respect brain I am working with here.
  • Praise Him!!
  • It was an awesome morning! GREAT job PAX!!


Every day you wake, you have an immediate choice……do I stay stagnant or do I get better? Seriously. Everything you do may have this two-sided choice. From then on your choice dictates your actions. Do you continue to do the same thing, or do you try and change something, anything, regarding an aspect of your life that could make you – or others – better. Do you take the red pill for change, or the blue pill for stagnation? It can be a real struggle. Change hurts at times, disruption can be difficult, ‘new’ can be scary in that it moves us out of our comfort zones. But if you want to get better, get right, you have to take that DRP. You have to make that choice. Only YOU can do that. Folks can EH you all they want, but in the end it is YOU that proactively decides to change, get out there to do something, continue to do it to where it is a new positive habit, and keep taking that DRP. The real kicker that helps is letting others know you want to do that……letting others hold you accountable. Whether it is a “HC” to a workout notification, or posting that you are going to lead a workout, a pre run/ruck, or whatever. If you stay quiet, nobody knows your intentions so you stay in the shadows until YOU decide to come out. Once you advertise an intention, the spotlight of accountability from others comes down on you. It takes commitment, discipline, and a dose of vulnerability to advertise and intention and thus bring accountability out in the open. Just today I was thinking “well, I am not feeling 100% (not a hangover), so if nobody shows up for the pre-ruck I advertised, I’m going to nap in my truck until the workout time”. Man that was a total clown attitude! I was SO thankful when I saw Wild Thing’s car pull around the corner. That was a motivational boost and dose of accountability he provided just by committing to be there himself. POW!! That’s how it works. Once we put our rucks on and started off at ranger pace I was so grateful he was there. We had a great conversation throughout the pre-ruck. That’s what it is all about. That is how the 3 F’s really come full circle and help us all accelerate together. You can try to do it alone, but man is it SO much better, effective, and easier when you do it in a group setting. But it takes the decision to take that DRP and get out there and get after it.

Make the choice to take it!!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


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