Murph Jr and Balls to Wall-Whoppers last Q at crows nest

By a mixture of being out of town over the weekends and just staying up too late/laziness, I’d managed to avoid posting at crows nest despite it being literally the closest AO from my home.  What with me moving sometime between the 17-23rd, I was glad to get put on the Q schedule in advance so that I could have one last whirl for the time being. I wanted to do something unique and fairly painful for the pax.

Short mosey to closest parking lot, COP-

Sungods, forward and reverse, windmills, imperial walkers,

Musical Primer- At some Q’s they have brought speakers but NOT been playing 80’s headbangers, much less the one most appropriate to a classic exercise, Balls to the Wall!

Had the PAX get into peoples chair, one at a time run to walkway and perform burpee+shoulder tap, as the song played on shakespeares speaker via my phone bluetooth. At part right before chorus, We would go balls to wall. Fun little warmup.

Main Event- Murph JR

Mile run, 1 minute pushups, squats, pullups, with note taken to what max reps done by any of the PAX was.

Another mile run, and started running out of time so we didn’t go back to the pull ups. all together, did 66 merkins with a ten count break, and 60 squats, which was records from the 1 minute timed.

with two minutes left, mosey back to COT and did some ab lab, 10 bigboy situps, 20 4 count flutters and then time up.

Prayers for safe travels and england Godspeed in the world cup. humbled by the PAX and the support they have given me for over a year. At the end of this week I will know if my future is leading me to Greensboro, Washington state, or ft worth texas. Wherever I go, I know I will want to join or create fellowship like that I’ve had in F3. Thanks to everyone who has sweated with me and helped me grow as a man.

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