KettleBell Temple Of Doom

The temperature was below freezing, the AO is in the recon stage, but 8 brave souls came out of their fart sacks at an un-Godly hour to go to Church.  Special thanks to New River Church for allowing us to workout at their parking lot. 

After a disclaimer in which I repeated several times during the workout to modify if necessary since we would be working with weights, we moseyed around the parking lot with our kettlebells and did some toy soldiers which are much more difficult with the kettlebell in hand as the grumbling already began.  We then circled up…



Hot Potatoes x10

Halo’s x5 each direction

Kettlebell Windmill’s x 5 each arm

5 Turkish Get-ups x5 each arm

The Thang

In my second ever Q I whipped out the Burpee Temple Of Doom, so in my first KettleBell Q I figured I would do a repeat concept but with KettleBells.  I placed 10 cones in the shape of a pyramid with exercises pasted on each cone.  Each level had progressively more difficult exercises with the pinnacle being the most difficult. 

Level 1

Cone 1- 1 Kettle-burpee/10x right hand merkins with the left hand on the kettlebell

Cone 2- 2 Kettle-burpee/10x left hand merkins with the right hand on kettlebell

Cone 3- 3 Kettle-burpee/10x right hand Kettle-thrusters(squat turning into over head press)

Cone 4- 4 Kettle-burpee/10x left hand Kettle-thrusters

Level 2

Cone 5- 5 Kettle-burpee/20x right hand kettle-swings

Cone 6– 6 Kettle-burpee/20x left hand kettle-swings

Cone 7- 7 Kettle-burpee/20x press jacks(SSH but instead of swinging arms you press the kettlebell over your head)

Level 3

Cone 8- 8 Kettle-burpee/30x right hand Kettle Snatch

Cone 9- 9 Kettle-burpee/30x left hand Kettle Snatch

Pinnacle- 10 Kettle-burpee/20x Clean and Press Right and Left Hand

We then did Lieutenant Dan’s over from the parking lot to the Church wall where we sat down to rest by doing People’s Chair while holding our KettleBells.  The outer 2 Pax(going into the middle) did…

Monkey Humpers x10

Sky Humpers(Back Bridge while pressing the Kettlebell) x10

Figure 8’s(Passing the Kettlebell between your legs in a figure 8 pattern) x10

2 minutes of Mary

10x Kettle Big Boy sit ups

12x Box cutters holding Kettlebell over head(Nemo)

20x Flutter Kicks holding Kettlebell over head(Two-Ferns)


Travel Prayers for Royale and prayers for HomeBrew’s Father-In-Law whose Shell Plant is closing down.  Thanks to Two-Ferns for setting up the Church for us.


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Santa’s Trip Around The World

It was a cold one at the Abyss on Wednesday.  Sub-freezing temps at COT as everyone slowly made it out of their warm vehicles before starting.

Nice-long mosey to get the blood flowing and the body warm… again… sub-freezing temps.


SSH, Windmill, Hillbilly Walker, Peter Parker, Mountain Climbers, Honeymooner/Downward Dog

The Thang:

Take the 4 corners concept and make it into 7 to represent the different continents of Earth.  In the center is the North Pole. Partner up.

One partner runs to one of the locations while the other stays in the center (North Pole) and chooses an exercise (AMRAP) until the partner returns.  When the partner returns, they switch places.  Repeat this until all places have been visited twice (2 different exercises at each place).

What made this fun for me was choosing exercises that were loosely connected/related to each continent/location.

EUROPE- Visit 1- Freddie Mercury x 30 and Visit 2- Ski Jumps x 30

ASIA- Visit 1- Sumo Squat x 30 and Visit 2- Bear Crawl (to cone)/Crawl Bear (back)

AFRICA- Visit 1- Diamond Merkin x 25 and Visit 2- Moroccan Night Club x 30

ANTARTICA- Visit 1- Seal Jack x 30 and Visit 2- Imperial Walker x 20

AUSTRALIA-Visit 1- Peter Parker x 25 and Visit 2- Spiderman Crawl(Cone & Back)

NORTH AMERICA-Visit 1- Carolina Dry Docks x 40 and Visit 2- Crabcakes x 20

SOUTH AMERICA-Visit 1- Mountain Climbers x 30 and Visit 2- Monkey Humpers x 30

North Pole-: Rotate between Sleigh Stuffers (with weight, start to the side of one foot and raise above head to opposite side of body, wash/rinse/repeat), Boxcutters, SSH’s, and American Hammers

Some of us made it through the full rotation.  Some others got relatively close.  Due to it being cold, I didn’t fully go over my master plan.  PAX had a choice on how they and their partner would complete the 7 corners.  Some chose to complete an exercise, swap with partner, then return to the same location to complete the second exercise.  This was the way it was intended.  Others chose to run to a location and complete both exercises before returning.  This was also acceptable, however it did lessen the amount of running.  As long as PAX are completing exercises, does it really matter?

Circle up for COT… annoucements, prayers… and peace out!

I really enjoyed getting my first chance to Q at the Abyss.  I look forward to Q’ing again in the future… thanks Bones for the opportunity!

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Working Hard @ Crow’s Nest

Of course this is way late and will be abridged but it is my duty to put together a backblast and I’m not going to slouch.  #LeadByExample

We started off with a disclaimer (had an FNG) and some light stretching… don’t want anyone to get hurt out there!

Took a nice mosey around the left side of the building (facing the front) and circled up for some Warm O Rama.  SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers were completed in quick succession.  It started to get cold again, so we went to work.

Partner up… partner A runs front start point around the loop and back while partner B completes an exercise until they return.  No keeping up with numbers, we just kept going until they came back and switched up the exercise each time.  1st- SSH   2nd- Squats  3rd- CDDs

Mosey back around the front to the opposite side of the building. Circle up and completed the following together.

Seal Jacks, 5 burpees, Merkins, 5 burpees, Freddy Mercury’s, 5 burpees

Mosey back to the back parking lot and back around to the Green Monster.

Partner exercise again.  A runs down the hill and back while B completes an exercise with weight (we had 50lb sandbags and 15-20lb kettlebells/dumbbells).  Exercises were: 2 rounds of overhead press, 2 rounds of curls, 2 rounds of tricep extensions, and 1 round of bent over row.

Mosey back around the front parking lot for a quick 3 rounds of Mary.

Numbered off, Name O Rama, and naming of a new FNG!  Welcome to Cousin Eddie!  T-Claps to Two Ferns for bringing him out!


Thanks for the opp. to lead Flux!  I look forward to the next time!

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Hills, Hills, Hills

We ran.

Mile and a half-ish warm up around the parking lot, up the back hill, around the front on 49, back into the parking lot, around towards the back of the school, around the track, and back out to the front entrance near the metal barrier.

Ran the hill from the barrier to the stop light on 49 x 5 at a 3-5K pace with a light jog back down and a 30 sec – 1 min rest between.  Note: some people’s 3-5K was more like a sprint.

Indian Run from the stop light to the back bus parking lot hill.

Hill sprints from the 2nd light pole to the gate x 6.

After final sprint, we took a run up 49 in front of the school again back down to the main parking lot .  With a few minutes to spare, we were able to get in one final Indian Run around the parking lot before COT.

Announcements: Turkey Day Convergence, Band Aids, F3 Christmas Party…

Prayers: Travels for Turkey Day and Royale for patience as he continues the journey of Fatherhood (which we all can use).


Thanks for the Q opp. Hauschka!  Put me back on more often to keep me accountable for getting out and keeping me honest in my runs!

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All Legs at The Deep

YHC arrived a little early for the workout since I haven’t been out to the Deep in a while. Been doing a little running this year so did a little pre-run myself while Q-Bert and Olaf did some rucking with some heavy tire pieces. Looked nasty and heavy.

It was a cool morning and gave us a break from the week of rain so it was a perfect day for a workout. The Pax rolled in a little before 0700. No FNG’s were present but a brief disclaimer was given and off we went.


Mosey around to the back of the school with butt kickers, knees to chest, side shuffle, etc…

In Cadence

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – WM
15 – Low Slow Squat
25 – Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey to circle

Brief Discussion on Vulnerability. YHC used the analogy of a baseball game where the outfielder calls “I got it” when a fly ball is hit. Being vulnerable is admitting to God and to your brothers that you “Don’t Got It”. When we admit that we need help with whatever we “Don’t Got”, growth can happen. The challenge was to think of the thing or things that we need where we need to ask for help.

The Thang

150 Lunges (Single Count)
250 Squats
350 LBC’s

Run a lap around in the inside circle after every 50 count of exercises.

Finish early – Find someone to help finish

Lt. Dan’s to the speed bump, run back
Bear Crawl to the speed bump, run back

Run to the speed bump and do burpees on the odd numbers back to the arrow for donkey kicks on the evens to 10.

Walls Sits- Each person count to 10 while holding the wall with one leg out
Shake it out
Switch legs for another 10 count

Total running mileage – 3.26

Mosey back for COT


Lutefisk – Loss of his mother
Soprano – Loss of his brother
Olaf’s grandfather
Peg-Internal Interview

Coffeeteria at DD

Great job by the Pax and always great to see the 2.0’s out there. Mine were lazy Saturday.

Always an honor to lead. Thanks Shakespeare for the opportunity. Cobains to Wolverine for trying to age you a couple of years!

Until next time,


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Eight Face the Balls of Doom at Crow’s Nest

YHC was less than enthusiastic about the chilly drizzle that greeted me on on my front porch in the gloom; hesitation gave way to excitement when I hit the driveway in anticipation of a hard workout and a strong showing from the Pax.  Here’s how it went down:


Started with a slow mosey from the front of the school to the back, about 400 yards, with a decent cold drizzle smacking the faces of the men we ran and wondered if it would keep up, stop or get worse.  Most of us thought for a moment once again that the fartsack is where we’d rather be, but we shook it off as we circled up for the warmup:

  • 15 Windmills IC (at this point Nemo joined having arrived two minutes late, Pax gave him the requisite crap; he accepted it gracefully)
  • 20 SSH, IC
  • 15 Cherry Pickers, IC
  • 15 Imperial Walkers, IC
  • 15 LSS, IC

My mind having gone blank, YHC decide we were warm enough and we moseyed 400 more yards to the back of the school to begin Part 1 of the Thang:

The Thang, Part 1:

  • 5 rounds: 5 pull ups on the playground, 10 yard mosey to the side walk for 10 Merkins
  • Mosey back to the area where we warmed up for The Thang, Part 2

The Thang, Part 2: Balls of Doom:

YHC has two grab bags, one with 10 ping pong balls, upon which are written numbers from 5 to 25, plus the letter “Q” (puller gets to choose the number of reps); The second bag contains 15 plastic golf balls with excercises on them.  Pax took turns pulling one of each and this is about what we got:

  • Burpees – 25 (Flux of course!)
  • Big boy sit-ups – 10
  • Bomb jacks  – 10
  • Merkins – 20
  • Dips – 10 IC
  • CDD – 15
  • Derkins – 20
  • Crunch frog  – 20 IC
  • SSH – 25 IC
  • Triangle merkins – 20
  • Bomb jacks – 20
  • Run a lap (about 200M)
  • Lt. Dans – 25! (Flux again!)

Frankly there were a few more in there…that’s what happens with the Balls of Doom, fate decides!  Moseyed back to COT where we mentioned the F3 Christmas party, thanked the Lord for everything, lifted our brothers and loved ones in prayers for mercy and healing.  As always, I am grateful for F3 and the for the opportunity to lead.


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Starfish at Poopdeck

This morning was a particularly important one for me to post at, but we will get to that in a few minutes.

Peg had “planned” on having a community Q this morning so after … wait who did the disclaimer? ooops

Flux took us around for a long mosey with shuffles and Toy soldiers and then some warmup
Low Slow Squat
Mountain Climbers
Moroccan Night Club

Peg took over for BLIMPS, we laid out a path and the mode of transportation was Lunge
5 Burpees
10 Lunge each leg
15 Imperial Walkers each side
20 Merkins
25 Plank Jacks
30 squats

Two Ferns was up to bat and we started at Sherwin Williams for a 10-20-30 with a full parking lot lap between each exercise
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
30 Squats

Cornerstone’s turn and we went a found some wall. First was 30 count balls to the wall then 10 merkins
70 count peoples chair (10 per pax) with some minor crop dusting by DaVinci, luckily I was on the other side
20 more counts of balls to the wall

DaVinci must have liked Two Fern’s idea so much that he also gave us a 10-20-30
Im not confident I have this one right but I think it was 10 LBCs, 20 merkins, 30 squats

Twitch ran us back to the parking spaces for bear crawl 5 spaces, 30 LBCs, lunge 5 more, 10 merkins.
We did this twice

Flutters to finish out the last :45 seconds

Sign up for the christmas party!! Sign up soon please!!
Read your newsletter, if you don’t have it, ask!
Need to collect character band-aids for local and regional doctor’s office and hospitals
See Cornerstone or go here

Prayer Requests
Honestly I can’t remember them, please post and keep in touch with the PAX to find out what’s going on in their lives! Reach out, make someone know they matter

Well here goes……
Last night and most of yesterday I finally admitted that I have been wrestling against God and not letting go of a specific thing in my life. Ive been very open and clear that F3 has led me down a path of discipline that has overflowed into my life as a father, husband, employee and even church member. This new church has put a family in my family’s life who has literally be the best relationships we have ever had. It is clear that the relationship with these family friends are a benefit to both families and those around us, we have been growing in Christ together and I recently had a discussion with Picasso, the dad of this family, and some of the – not necessarily depressions, but certainly just bleh moments going on in my life lately and he wondered if God is stripping away the identity I thought made me who I was so that He could fill me up with Jesus instead. That has been in my head all summer and I have just refused to give up video games and the like; knowing EVERYTHING about comics, tv, movies, and games was EVERYTHING I was about in middle school through college. So the last time I fought God this hard was October 2008, when I finally gave up and begged God to change my life and put Jesus as MY King. So because of this feeling, I am really not wanting something big right now. Things are smooth, I am only 26 and have been married 7 years, out of college for almost 8, a father for close to 6 and a homeowner my entire adult life, I’ve even been unemployed in the past for months during all this and moved 3 times so I have had enough big things. So I remember some of my favorite, the most theologically charged, the most emotional and the most life changing words in the Bible – “But God” and I am done, I give it up. Ocotber 31, 2008 I gave my life to God for eternity following Jesus’ example and woke up November 1 to a new life and October 31, 2018 I decided to take a new step to lead a life different than before and today woke up and posted to F3 to confirm it and let those important to me know. I life of engaging with Him ceaselessly. I won’t just be a good moral father, husband, person anymore. I won’t just know God, I will enjoy Him and thrive in Him and abide in Him. Please push me in this. God, MY Father, I give my sin to you please take that last piece I was holding on to away from me. This will be a continual process. More to come.

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VQ At the Abyss

The Abyss has been around, what, 2 years or so?  YHC has never made it down there, and that’s a shame.  Not only is it a great, well-lit AO, but the pax there represent Lake Wylie very well! Sure wish Siri hadn’t been lying to me all this time on how long it takes to get there.  At 4:45am, it seems every AO in TheFort can be reached in 15 minutes or less.

This cool halloween morning, the count was 14 pax.  The mumblechatter level made it feel more like 25. Excellent! YHC knew most of the pax there, but the hats and my historically bad memory for names threw me off (cobains Wolverine for calling you “Moreen”).

Disclaimer was issued as Flux was coming in hot.  We moseyed the opposite direction from where he parked, but made a loop for him to catch up.  Stopped in the same front lot for some warm-up:

  • SSH (IC) x25
  • Imperial Walker (IC) x20
  • Mountain Climbers (IC) x20
  • Flutters (IC) x20
  • Windmills (IC) x20

Moseyed around to the back lot to find 4 cones set up, one in front of each basketball goal (along long side of track).  Time for some Webb-o-Rama.  The exercises at each cone were to be done in a Jack Webb style, (1:4 ratio).

Cone 1: Burpees and Side Straddle Hops, then Bear Crawl to cone 2

Cone 2: Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers, then wheelbarrow to cone 3

Cone 3: Knee Tar N’Diayes and Run-Stance Switches, then wheelbarrow to cone 4

Cone 4: Traditional Jack Webb (merkins and overhead claps), then run around track back to cone 1

We did a total of 3 loops of the circuit.

Round 1: 1-5

Round 2: 6-8

Round 3: 10 (didn’t have time for 9)

Moseyed back to COT.


I took just a few minutes after round 1 to share how my kids are at an age that I’m really proud of them.  But as a father, it is very important we don’t give them the impression that our love and pride for them is based on winning or achieving a certain status.  It should be based on them showing a good work ethic, passion, and self-motivation to try and use the gifts God has given them.  And shifting the perspective a little, I am incredibly grateful that God’s love for me is not based on how much I “win” or am “successful”.  Thank God for His GRACE that keeps me from having to accomplish things in order to earn His love.


Excellent effort by LW’s finest this morning.  Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  And thanks to Bones for the opportunity to lead.

Keep it spicy.
-old bay

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Dora Vol. 3 – Doracides

3 PAX joined by hurricane michael for a rainy BC in the gloom.

After disclaimer,  and COP (x15) of MNC, IW, WM, Squats, Merkins, PP, we headed down to the parking lot by the lake for the main event.

The Thang

Keeping with my theme, we formed a three man DORA team (100 OHP, 200 Squats, 300 Curls, 400 Flutters with press) with cinder blocks.  One man did exercises, while two other PAX did burpee suicides on 3 cones (1 burpee first cone, 2 second cone, 3 third cone).  After every round of suicides, we alternated, so always two pax running suicides.   The random downpours made flutters interesting…

Finally, farmer walked the cinder blocks back up to the main parking lot, and finished up with some abs.

Thanks Peg and Homebrew for coming out.

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Pre-Michael Showdown at the Abyss

YHC didn’t look at the weather forecast last night so it was a bit of a surprise walking outside this morning to the pouring rain. No big deal but had to audible a couple of things on the weinke.

One thing I love about F3 is the dedication of the PAX to show up rain, shine, freezing rain, snow, single-digit temps, etc…to get to a workout. Today was no exception and 16 men (2 of whom were runners) showed up in the pouring rain to get better. One FNG was present so an F3 certified disclaimer was given and off we went.

Mosey to Bus Circle

Butt Kickers, High Knees, Side shuffle facing the school, Side shuffle away

Warm up (In Cadence)

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – WM
15 – Mountain Climbers
25 – Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey to the covered sidewalk for some partner work. Some grunge music seemed apropos so it accompanied our work.

Brief Discussion on Encouragement – YHC asked the PAX to thing of someone in their life who has been a big encouragement as we completed the exercises.

Partner up – Size doesn’t matter

Partner 1 – Run the circle
Partner 2 – Work on the exercises

150 Carolina Dry Docks
250 Squats
350 LBC’s

Everyone completed one round and a few Pax made it through the CDD’s for the 2nd round.

Mosey to the paved hill at the exit of the school. No partners for this part.

Lt Dans to the first set of rocks, backwards lunge to the second set, sprint to the top, and slow mosey to the bottom
Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)
5 burpees OYO
Bear crawl to the first set of rocks, backwards Lt. Dans to the second set, sprint to the top, 5 burpees OYO and slow mosey to the bottom

Mosey to the wall for wall sits

Round 1
Each PAX counted to 10 while holding the wall with one leg out
Shake it out, Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)
Round 2
Hold the wall while each Pax ran to the sidewalk, 2 burpees and back to the wall
Shake it out, Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)

Mosey back for COT


Read your newsletter. Christmas Party, Bourbon Chase, etc…

Prayer Requests

Moab and his wife are foster parents and are receiving a newborn today. Prayers for them and for the mom.
Unspoken prayers that are heavy on our hearts
Having the strength to encourage others in our circles

Great job by the Pax and great job by the FNG Matt (F3 Aztec). He did a great job keeping us with us and did a lot better than I did on my first post. Keep up the good work!

Always an honor to lead. Thanks Bones for the opportunity.

Until next time…


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