Challenged to “Bring It”

A few months ago, Dark Helmet and I were challenged to “bring it” to The Deep. I’m not sure how I got roped into the conversation as I no longer provide the top-tier workouts I used to. You see, it’s not because I’ve gotten soft (well, maybe a little), it’s more due to the physical acceleration of the PAX, which is evident when I cross the water and see the brothers in Lake Wylie. My workouts aren’t as hard as they used to be for some.

That said, I’ve become known for 2 things: the deck of cards and cinder blocks. I couldn’t disappoint the fellas. Dark Helmet on the other hand, is known for many things (not including many leather-bound books, rich mahogany, a perfect quaff or starbuck-y hands). And, with these many things, he brought his level of creative, pain-inducing exercises to the first half of the morning’s Q.

Once DH signed a few autographs, gave a very clear disclaimer, he took off for the warm up mosey. Then did a few warm-up-type exercises which included all the regulars and plenty of chatter.

Grab a partner and since when does size not matter…in Wheelbarrow racing?

You and your partner will alternate wheelbarrow’ing around the circle which I swear, grew as we were encircling it.

Next, grab the cinder blocks from Maximus’ truck for a little DORA activity.

Partner 1 (P1) would run around the main lot while Partner 2 (P2) would do the exercise then flapjack for:

200 Bicep Curls

300 Overhead Press

400 Bent-Over Rows (modified the count for timing and inserted chest press)

Hand off to Maximus for more partner work

P1: Ski Abs

P2: Toe Taps on the block (25ea side)


P1: Burpee Broad Jump ~50yds & NUR back

P2: Mountain Climbers with your hands on the block


P1: Beep Beep I’m a Jeep for 25yds & Lunge Walk back

P2: Bomb Jacks


Now with both partners at one end and the block at the other:

P1: Sprint to the block, 10 Man Makers with the block, Sprint Back

P2: Flutters from the V-up position

Next up, partner big-boy sit-ups while passing the block back and forth

I can’t fully recall if we did a few 8ct burpees to finish it off but it’d be a lot cooler if we did…so let’s assume we did.

Hey PAX, wherever you call home, go somewhere different. Organize a clown car with a few other locals and go see a different AO on a Saturday and attend their Q-Source. You never know what you’ll learn. Dark Helmet and I appreciate the opportunity to put ourselves through misery in the spirit of Qing for a great group of F3’s finest PAX.

Until Next Time.


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Games at The Deep

So this was my 3rd Q of the week and I was seriously running out of ideas. Also I was exhausted and wanted to have a little fun with the Pax, so I channeled my inner Mainframe and planned some games for the Pax.

We stared with a disclaimer and an note that this was a fun Q and to just have fun with it. Then we did a quick warm up of windmills and weed pullers before we started the games.

The idea was we would have three attempts at each activity which would determine the exercise, the rep count and the mode of transportation to the next event depending on a make or miss. The exercises for makes varied (merkins, SSH, jump squats) but misses were always burpees (We did a lot of burpees) The rep counts varied depending on the make or miss or miss from 10 to 20. Mode of transport was always running for a make but always bad for a miss (bear crawls, lunges..)

Below were the events:

Baseball – Pax had 3 chances to hit the ball to the fence off the tee. I would say this was one of our more successful events

Basketball – Pax had 3 chances to make a free throw. We will not be starting a F3 Lake Wylie basketball team any time soon. 

Soccer – Pax had 3 chances to soccer a goal from the center line. This was more difficult then I originally thought. 

Football – Pax had 3 chances to make a field goals from about 10 yards. Was impressed by the Pax ability to make these kicks. 

Baseball – Pax had 3 chances to throw the baseball at the school and hit a 5×5 square I had drawn from about 20 feet. Talk to DaVinci about this….

Basketball – Pax had 3 chances to hit a 3-pointer. See comment above.

Golf – Pax had 3 chances to chip a ball into the GaGa pit from 50 yards. YIKES.

Football – Pax had 3 chances to throw a 40-yard pass to another Pax (had to catch it for it to count) WATCH OUT FOR THE CURB….

Archery – Pax had 3 chances to hit a target with a bow from about 10 yards. Shout  out to Grizzly and Yoda on there archery skills. 

Cornhole – Pax had 3 chances to land a bag on the board from about 15 feet. We need to practice this more at happy hour. 

All in all this was a fun Q and the Pax gave it all they had. But we should stick to running a merkins.

Thanks to Shakespeare for the opportunity to lead.

Until next time, back to the hunt…


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Co-Q with Two Ferns

Last minute Co-Q with my boy Two Ferns stepping up to lead the first half.

Those brave enough to pre-run made an appearance 45 minutes prior. (For the record, those PAX were Two Ferns and Shakespeare).

Disclaimer given by YHC and Two Ferns took us on a mosey to the elementary school parking lot for Warm-O-Rama.  We welcomed Delay-Of-Game (Chop Block’s name after missing the starting gun), his 2.0s, and Respectable Olaf to the party as they arrived.  Mosey to the football field.

Lacrosse Drills w/ Two Ferns:

Two teams pitted against each other for glory.  With YHC keeping score, I just want the record to show that my team won.  First drill of partners going out to pick up a lacrosse ball with a stick, minimum 5 partner passes (each drop, other team members complete a punishment), first team to retrieve all balls gets the win.  Team members “on deck” held plank until the others returned, when a ball dropped, teammates completed a merkin.  Other times through, we held Al Gore and completed a squat on dropped balls.

After a few rounds, we did 1v1 sprint retrieval, 1v1 back to back fight for the ball, and 2v2 sprint retrieval with passes.

Little Tykes Basketball w/ YHC:

In what seemed to be easy (and was extremely hard) each PAX took 3 attempts (some more as we had to change the rules a few times for LOTS of misses) at shooting on a Little Tykes kid hoop.  For every miss, we completed a Burpee.  Let’s just say there were lots of burpees.

Ultimate Football:

In what has become a tradition at The Deep, we played some Ultimate Football. It was a short game, but again, my team won (I was keeping score).

COT & Prayers

Thanks for helping me Q this one Two Ferns!

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Relays at Abyss

Been trying to come up w/ ideas that force guys to naturally push themselves harder than they would normally.  What better way than to do some team relays w/ punishments and a time hack that forces us to push it to be under the time challenge.

Took the pax on a quick mosey to the back of the school, one lap around the track and then a warm-up in order of merkins, downward dog, honeymooner, peter parkers, wind mills, squats and moroccan nightclubs.  Relay time.  On the long hill in way back of Palisades Elementary.

Instructed the pax to count off by 2 (we had 14) so we had two teams of 7 – Team 1 vs. Team 2.  I then asked the pax to count off by 2 again within their teams.  This apparently was too much counting  for these particular guys at 5:20a.  Lots of grumbles from the crowd, but they finally got it.  My intent was to “evenly” (we had 7 per team) split each of the teams so that half would be at the bottom of the hill and the other half would be at the top of the hill.  Half of each of the teams ran to the top of the hill and the half at the bottom started each relay:

  • Relay 1 – first guy in line on each of the teams sprints up the hill and tags their teammate at the top of the hill, who then sprints down the hill and tags the next guy up.  This particular relay lasts as long as it takes all team members to sprint 4 times (two uphill, two downhill).  While all the sprinting is happening, the rest of the team is doing 3 exercises (you switch exercises once a runner finishes at your end of the hill).
      1. 6 inch holds
      2. Jump knee tucks
      3. Big boy sit ups

WINNER – Team 1.  Team 2 does 6 KRAKEN BURPEES while Team 1 does 6 normal burpees

  • Relay 2 – wheel barrows.  First TWO guys in line on each of the teams (at the bottom of the hill) wheel barrows half way up the hill (it’s a solid stretch) and then switches w/ the guy holding his legs.  Once they get to the end, they tag their teammates on the other side and they wheel barrow down the hill switching midpoint.  Same idea – entire relay lasts for all pax to do one wheel barrow hill.  Exercises done for this relay, with a switch in exercise taking place each time a partner changes on the wheel barrow was as follows:
      1. Diamond merkins
      2. Lunge jumps
      3. American hammers

WINNER – Team 2.  Team 1 does 8 KRAKEN BURPEES while Team 2 does 8 normal  burpees

  • Relay 3 – ruck run.  First guy in line on each of the teams has a ruck that they carry and they sprint up the hill, tag their teammate on the other side by throwing a ruck sack at their face, who then runs down the hill.  This relay lasts as long as it takes all pax to complete 2 full hill sprints w/ the ruck sack.  Exercises during this relay that are cycled through were:
      1. Carolina dry docks
      2. Side straddle hops
      3. Plank on elbows


WINNER – Team 2.  Team 1 does 5 KRAKEN BURPEES while Team 2 does 5 normal burpees

From there, we only had 7 minutes, so it was time for a quick Time Hack.  I started the timer on my phone that is as bright as the sun, and as a team, we did one lap on the track w/ a stop in the middle for 15 merkins.  We did it in 1 minute, 10 seconds (clock stops upon last guy finishing).

  • Time Hack Challenge – do two laps on the track, stopping once during each of the laps at midpoint to do 15 merkins in 2:35.  We did it in 2:50, a 15 second party foul.  That meant 15 burpee penalty…wa wa.  If I had more time I wanted to do a 3 lap time and a 4 lap time hack w/ the same burpee penalty.  Would have been fun.

Flew back to COT, did our burpee penalty and ended 1 minute past 6am (shame on me).  Prayers were shared for kids, travel mercies for Witch Hunt and family, new beginnings at work, and healing.  Thanks Copyright for the chance to lead this awesome group of Lake Wylie pax.  Crazy to see the explosive growth out here.  Had a blast!

Cha Ching

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Proud Daddy Day at the Deep #Shorties

I was rucking Friday morning with Olaf and the Chupacabra crew and he mentioned that he had the Q at the Deep but also signed up for the Operation Sweet tooth 8k so he was stuck with two HCs.  I mentioned I could take the Q at the Deep and about 12pm he took me up on that offer.

Here was my chance!  My 10 year old son “Blocks” has been asking me how he might get a name change.  He’s been saying “Blocks is his F3 Dads name and he’s looking to grow up” I told him that he’d have to lead some of the workout before a name change would be in order.

So Friday night I offered him the opportunity.  We worked on the warmup options, he picked 8 exercises, and we practiced some in cadence.  He even came up with a new exercise routine, “Death Grippers”.  More to come on that in a sec.

So Blocks and I got to the school early to set up and scope out the plan.  He was ready.  I told the guys what we had planned for a potential name change, gave the disclaimer and we headed out.

Mosey over to the soccer field for Blocks to take over.

He circled up the PAX and went to it.

SSHs – Arm circles 5 forward 5 back large and small – IWs – LS Squats – Windmills – Big Boy Situps (his favorite) and the new Death Grippers.  They are Burpee –> Squat –> Lunge = 1!

He had a strong voice, checked his paper several times, but kept cadence really well.  He was so excited when he was done!  I definitely had a proud Dad moment right then.

I took back over for the rest of the fun.

We headed back to the hill for 11s

10 CDDs at the top –> 1 Sumo Squat at the bottom .  Count up/down until flipped.

Good hustle, especially from our 2nd Day PAX Hermey.  The hill work is not easy.

Mosey to the back of the school for what I call “Concentrica Cornhole”

Blocks and I set up by drawing the Concentrica on the ground. From inside to out it went:

M = 10 SSHs

Shorties = 10 Flutter Kicks

Shieldlock = 10 Lunges

Whetstone = 10 Partner Hand Slap Merkins

Mammon = 10 Absolutions

I had set up a line about 20 yards away and the PAX would throw a cornhole bag at the bullseye.  It definitely paid to be a winner.  Missing the whole target was 10 burpees!  Each PAX got to go twice.  Let’s just say we did way too many burpees!

Once we finished up I shared a small message about Q-source and what the Concentrica is. How we have a limited and unknown number of arrows and that we should aim for the bullseye everyday… and how life doesn’t allow that often, but small and intentional changes can help to correct that!

Off to the front of the school. Time for some wall sits while each PAX from each end did 5 merkins. Then 30 count BTTWs, repeated this twice.

Only a few minutes left, made it back to COT for a little Ab lab.  The PAX finished strong!

So the group agreed Blocks did his part to get a new F3 name.  He shared with the PAX, we batted a couple things around…we ended on Lancelot at the recommendation of Shakespeare.  Pierce loves his new name, and I’m so happy I got to share that experience with him.


Announcements – read your newsletter

Prayers from around the PAX, sorry I should record these…

More moleskin:

A lot of times I feel like an absent father.  I spend more time usually with you guys in the gloom than my own family each day… it’s a regular struggle for us men. I definitely spend way too much time at work, it’s not easy to balance…and shouldn’t be looked at as a balancing beam anyway. But it’s these moments, where you can put good intention into action, be intentional, and build that bond with your shorties.  We went to Qsource and I lead that with Lancelot sitting right next to me… it was an awesome Saturday!


An Honor to Lead

~ Royale

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Flag Day

15 High Impact Men rolled up to the Crow’s Nest for a very humbling day for myself.  I did a quick disclaimer as we did have a FNG in the house and we moseyed on over to one of the side parking lots for some COP.

SSHx20/Windmillx10/Reach To Sky,Touch Toes, Down Dog,Honeymooner/Annie’s/Produce Pickersx10 

We then moseyed on over to the back playground which where all the fun toys are.  With the crowd at the Nest this morning I decided against having each individual PAX doing monkey bars swings while the rest of the PAX did Burpees as it would have taken forever and most of the PAX would’ve beed smoked within the first 15 minutes of the workout, so I went right into the …

Main Event

My very first post was the Crow’s Nest during the very first time there was an F3 workout there and in honor of this I borrowed from Flux’s workout all the way back from last March 5th, 2018.  He had us do crazy 8’s so I followed suite but with a little modification.  We all did 8 Pull Ups/ 8 Merkins/ 8 Squats for 8 rounds.  In between each round we traveled in between the parking lot islands in a figure 8 pattern but each time there was a different mode of travel. First was a normal run, then bear crawl curb to curb, then Crab Walk curb to curb, then bunny hop around islands, then pylo skip around islands, normal run, bear crawl, finishing off with a run.

Co-Main Event 

Bear Crawl up ramp to park area with plenty of stone seats where I had us do Elevens of Step Ups(each leg) and merkins.

Moseyed on over to side wall for some people’s chair while end Pax did 3 burpees each. Much to the chagrin of Flux, Qbert had the best burpee form though Flux’s bear crawl is second to none. Moseyed on back for COT.

Observations-never drink a protein shake before a workout or it might splash back up on you.  Luckily I was able to hold it down as it would have been real embarrassing to splash merlot while Q’ing.  Also welcome FNG Meltdown!  Someone wanted to name him Chernobyl but that would have been just wrong(LOL).

Grateful and honored to receive the Crow’s Nest shovel flag from Flux.  He has truly been a great leader. The 13 months I have been a member of F3 have been some of the best months of my life.  To many more adventures with you crazy people! Prayers for the families of some high profile murders that have been in the news lately, God give them strength.  Till next time, peace.

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F3 Baton Relay Race

9 men and 5 2.0’s rolled into the Deep on a mildly chilly Saturday morning for what turned out to be a fun workout.

We started with a short mosey around the parking lot and then…

COP-SSHx30/Annie’s(in lexicon)/Abe Vigoda’s/The non-insulting Produce Pickers.  All exercises were interlocked with Arms to the Sky-Touch Toes-Down Dog-Honeymooner.  We finished the COP with 5 4×4 Merkins.

The Thang

We moseyed on across the street to the school’s track where I had 2 12 pound dumbbells waiting for us.  The mission was for each Pax to run a lap holding both dumbbells in their arms while the rest of the Pax do an exercise of the runners choosing waiting for the “Baton” handoff.  The 2.0’s only had to carry one around the track and went 2 at a time to speed thing up a little.  The exercises picked were Lunges/”Happy Dance”(which I don’t know if that is in the Lexicon)/Merkins/SSH/Moroccan Night Clubs/Bent Over Shoulder Raises/Back Bridges(Hip Thrusters?)/LBC’s/Freddy Mercuries/Burpees.  There might have been others but they are lost to memory.

Plenty of shenanigans with the 2.0’s running around the track making for some light hearted, fun moments.  The second F was definitely in play while waiting for the handoff making this workout one of the funnest I’ve been to.  We then grabbed some wall so I could give the Pax a small taste of my previous Zero G workout but I soon realized that this time around it did not work out as smoothly as in my previous Q.  

From a Balls To The Walls position we did Peter Parkers x10 and Parker Peters x10 in cadence.  Half the Pax could not do it so I quickly decided not to do anymore Zero G for the day.  So we moseyed on over back to COT where I played out 3 cones in a triangle formation where we did a 7 of Diamonds.  We split up in 3 groups and started with 7 Burpees at each cone, then I had a different Pax pick an exercise but round 2 was 14 reps at each cone till we hit 28 reps.  I forgot the exercises picked, I think there was also squats and Mountain Climbers involved.  We then finished with Royale’s favorite exercise of 10 Big Boy Sit-ups.

The 2.0’s bring a different energy to the workout and it was a blast being their Q for the day.  Prayers for sick and injured Pax/Cancer victims/ and for our Soldiers and Sailors all over the world doing their thing and representing the Stars and Stripes.  Till next time, peace.

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Getting Funky

Waking up this morning I was trolling YouTube for an original workout I could “borrow” for Cannonball and came across an MMA trainer who actually specializes in training people over 40 who goes by the name of Funk Roberts.  I had done one of his kettlebell workouts before and remember being smoked afterwards so I figured I would share his knowledge of  torture to the Pax of F3.  

COP-5 Burpees/30xSSH/10x Sungods fwd and reverse/Down Dog into honeymooner for 3 rounds with left and right arm high/ 5 Burpees/ 5 Turkish Getups each arm(there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth for this one)

Round 1

Alternating merkens with one hand on the kettlebell x5

Kettlebell Halo’s fwd and reverse x5

Crossbody Cleans x5 each arm

Single Arm Squats x5 each arm

Single Arm Rows x5 each arm

Rinse and Repeat for 10 minutes

Round 2

Overhead Press x5 each arm

Lunges x5 each leg

Single Arm Curls x5 each arm

Single Arm Tricep x5 extension each arm

Kettlebell Thrusters x5 each arm(squat to overhead press)

Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes

Round 3

Kettlebell Swings-Burpee ladder starting at 7 Burpees to 1 Swing 

Rinse and Repeat for 10 minutes

I finished the workout with an exercise I call All Around The World-While holding a Sumo Squat Position you move the kettlebell over your head in a windshield wiper pattern left-right/right to left and finish with a hop from the sumo squat position-2 minutes rinse and repeat.

Prayers for the sick and injured Pax out there and for an injured 2.0 of one of our Pax.  Stay Funky everyone!







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Lazy Q-san

7 pax came out to be Abyss for a chilly Q.

After pax were thoroughly disclaimed, we mosied around the parking lot and over to the track for COP.

COP- usual: SSH, IW, MNC, LSS, windmills, Peter Parkers

The thang:.

No rules, just right (see below).   Pax were given the following guidance: every pax had to complete the list, but could transfer to any other pax what they wished.  Cinder blocks had to make it around the track 4 times, twice overhead and twice as farmer walks.   Goal was to have 2 rounds, but took a bit longer than anticipated so on to ab lab we went.

Abs: Pax mosied back to COT, everyone called out an exercise then sprinted to end of parking lot for 5 burpees while pax did exercise down the line.

  1. COT: read your newsletter.


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Rosetta Stones

8 pax came out to Crows Nest for something new I’ve been wanting to try.   After a comprehensive disclaimer, we mosied over to the rock pile for a warm up.

COP – usual… SSH, IW, MNC, Sun Gods, Squats, Peter Parkers

SSH one step forward one step back with stones to the back of the school.  PAX grabbed a stone, shuffled two light posts, ran back one added 10 SSH, ran back and took stone to next light post, ran back for 20 SSH …. Until 50 SSH.

The Thang

See picture below….  PAX had a stack of excercises with a number, exercise, and was in a foreign language.  Pax had to guess all three categories, after which we would perform the guessed exercise.  YHC would then inform PAX which they got right/wrong and each had a different reward/punishment.   PAX would then complete the correct exercise and reward/punishment.   Overall YHC was surprised how many the PAX got right… next time it won’t be so easy.  Had to cut it short and book it back to COT.   This Q needs some work, but it was fun to try something new.

Welcome FNG Chop Block.   I liked the other name IcedT came up with, but also don’t want to get PAX fired…so deferred to Royale’s judgement as I have no idea what a Chop Block is.  Also dropped the Q ball on getting his info, but saw Royale getting it as I drove off, so Tclaps to Royale.

Scorecard: French (Y,Y,Y), German (Y, N, Y), Norwegian (N,Y,Y), Polish (N, N, Y) , Bulgarian (N,N,N) (#, exercise, language).  Exercises included in same order: 25 bicep curls, 10 pullups, 25 situps with weight, 25 pushups, 20 bulgarian split squats

The Rosetta Stones we got through


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