In-flight February

  • QIC: Anchorman/Barry Manilow
  • When: 02/04/2019
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YHC always claimed he would never be a runner but with the encouragement of the Pax I completed my first 1/2 marathon in December.  Now it’s your turn to run Forrest.

If you don’t like running or find yourself as the 6 at boot camp, join us for In-flight February.

Barry and I will be leading a group on runs every Monday and Wednesday in February, culminating in you running the Joe Davis 5K in March.

Yes, even you can do it.

We run slow and will walk when you need to.  A blade only gets sharper by rubbing across a stone.  This is your stone.  Get sharper in 2019.


What you need to do:


Step 1 is to sign up for the race:

Step 2 is to join us every Monday and Wednesday @0515 Starbucks Baxter.

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