Capture the Dodgeball Bear Crab Crawl

Not feeling well and with three Qs in four days, YHC almost requested a substi-Q, but decided against it. Knowing I would need to be up and moving for the Wednesday Q Source launch, what better way to guarantee my attendance than having me Q the workout before? So I dug through past workouts, found one that was fairly straightforward yet enjoyable, modified it, and prayed it would work out well.

0515, and a whole bunch of PAX posted, as is the standard for Abyss these days. Short disclaimer given (I think all the points were made), and off we moseyed out of the parking lot, toward the entrance, wrapping around the island for side shuffles, flap jack, then heels to butts, knees to chest, and toy soldiers. Circle it up in a random area behind the school before we got to the “track.”

Truth be told, the delay in the writing of this backblast has led to the forgetting of what was done in COP. Vaguely remember SSHs, windmills, MNCs, merkins, and maybe some downward dog/stretching. I don’t know. We warmed up.

Quick mosey around the school to the middle of the track for the Thang:

Flag capture the dodgeball bear crab crawl

PAX were divided into two teams. Every PAX received a length of fabric to use as a flag/tail (think flag football). A dodgeball was placed inside the perimeter of a hula hoop (to keep it from rolling away) roughly 20 yards from the “start” line. Cones were lined up to mark the outer limits of the course. Rules were simple-ish:

  • Complete the buy-in exercise
  • Bear crawl to the ball (or equidistant to the ball if somebody else got there first)
  • Crab walk back to the start
  • The team that gets the ball back to the start “wins” that round and does half the penalty
  • Losing team gets the full penalty
  • Any time you lose your flag, you have 5 burpees on the spot (even if you step on it yourself)
  • Forward passing after losing a flag is not allowed (this was Omaha’d in later)

After every round, PAX ran a lap for good measure.

Buy-in exercises:

  • 50 merkins
  • 50 squats
  • 50 CDDs
  • 50 monkey humpers
  • 50 werkins
  • 30 lateral lunge leg lifts


  • Odd rounds: 20 donkey kicks for loser; 10 for winner (teams tied first round due to rule confusion and all did 10)
  • Even rounds: 20 jump lunges/leg for loser; 10 for winner

Mosey back to to COT, arriving at exactly 0600 (as though I planned it).

Quick name-o-rama, announcements, and prayers. Apparently YHC was rushed to get out to Q Source, so apologies to any PAX who didn’t get to share.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Copyright, even though I was scheduled by Bones.


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