The Green Monster @ Crow’s Nest

Monday morning came quickly…always a great day to get started the right way!  It was going to be dark (like most F3 mornings).  I was happy to see the Nantan Cakeboss and our OG for the Fort Double D roll in for their first experience at Crow’s Nest.  9 started to mosey with me after the disclaimer.

Dynamic Warmup as we headed back to the rear of the school.

-High Knees – Butt Kickers – Side shuffles – Toy Soldiers


This is where #10 found us, respectable Olaf joined in.  We started to give him grief until he told us he RAN from his house to the AO.  That was more than the other 9 of us so we gave him the credit due!

-SSHs – Ab Vagotas – MNCs – LS Squats – Merkins – Peter Parkers – Parker Peters – some broga here and there…

Evolution 1

6 Pack #1

We headed over to the playground to find some pull-up bars

6 pull-ups then 6 CDDs count your way down 6-5-4-3-2-1 in reps

6 pack #2

Merkins and American Hammers 6-5-4-3-2-1 reps

Evolution 2

The Green Monster – I’ve been to Crows Nest more Mondays than not, but for some reason I have always missed the Big Green Monster workouts.  No better time than now to give it a try.  I had arrived early to check out the condition on the hill.  It was VERY dark back here, so I set up 3 lantern lights to give us just enough light.  I have to say, this was one of those “I love being here” moments that was etched into my memory from the dim lighting, guys running up and down this long hill, and feeling great putting in the work!

We did 11s

10 Merkins at the Top

1 CDDs at the Bottom

we switched each time up the hill until 10 CDDs & 1 Merkin

It was long, we broke a huge sweat, but that’s why we get out of bed a Zero-Dark-30 for F3 mornings!

Evolution 3

Moseyed back to a lighted area in the wet grass.  Sat down and did a crowd favorite – Captain Thors!

Ab workout like Jack Webb but 1 big boy sit-up to 4 American Hammers

Work your way up from 1:4 to 10:40, it always sucks…

Moseyed back towards the front of the school, we still had 7 minutes left, so we did Lt Dans from one long light post to the next.

Made it back to COT with 1 minute to spare so we finished with 10 more Merkins in cadence.


I’ll keep it short here, but throughout the workout I shared about the King, the Queen and the Jester.  The King can’t outrun the Queen and the Jester lies to you to get you to stay with him!  Talked a little about intermittent fasting for the Queen and the CSPAN-Bones podcast.  Lots of ideas and ways for the men of F3 to get better everyday!


Announcements and sharing from Cakeboss about the weekend’s Bourbon Chase.

Thanksgiving Convergence – Christmas Party – Read your newsletter

Praises & Prayers

for marriages, praise for the safety and return of the Bourbon Chase men.

An Honor to Lead!


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A Few Words on Encouragement at The Deep

8 PAX assembled in the gloom at The Deep to push themselves and each other in the theme of the month encouragement.

A brief disclaimer was given while Royale and The Lorax came in hot. The PAX took a quick mosey from the Middle School over to Elementary School and on the way stretched out with some Toy Soldiers and Knees to the chest.

Circle up in the parking lot of Elementary School for a brief CoP including: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Morrocan Nightclubs, Windmills, and a little Broga to loosen us up.

The theme for the workout was set up to mirror the theme of the month, encouragement. YHC asked the PAX who knew the word of the month and who had read the accompanying 3rd F document. Few knew the word of the month and no one had read the 3rd F piece. If you haven’t read it at this point, STOP READING THIS and take a few moments to pull up your newsletter and read it.

The document was briefly summarized and the first evolution was laid out. The PAX were to move as a team and complete all the exercises before moving on, ENCOURAGING each other along the way. The evolution went like this:
2 laps around the school
25 Pull Ups
50 Dips
100 Squats (done together with each PAX taking a turn counting)
200 Flutter kicks (100 4 count in cadence)
1 Lap the school and back mosey to the back of the Middle School

The second evolution was a twist on an old favorite. Starting from the brick pillars on the practice field side of school each PAX would pick up Sandy (40lb sand bag) and run to the next brick pillars just past the first basketball goal (about 40ish yards). The remaining PAX would through the exercises below:
Kracken Burpees
Jump Squats
American Hammer
Bear Crawl/Crawl bear

Sufficiently smoked the PAX meandered back to COT. Thank you Shakespeare for the opportunity to lead this great group of men.


This month’s 3rd F Theme really struck home with me. To think that a 35 year old wife, mother, and school teacher couldn’t find enough encouragement in her life that she thought nobody would miss her if she was gone seems almost impossible to imagine for most people. I unfortunately am not most people. As a teenager this was a recurring thought of mine as I would sit at home on Friday nights by myself wondering if any of my friends would call, or how I could invite myself to the party or hangout. I spent those nights wondering if I didn’t show up on Monday, or if I were gone would anyone miss me. Those thoughts can be irrational, but the feeling is real. Years later I found myself on the other end of a phone call informing me that one of my best friends had died of an overdose. He was in his early twenties and was the poster child for what someone would want in a US Marine. I would get two more similar phone calls from back home about other friends who didn’t think they would be missed when they were gone, so they took their own lives. Can this be prevented? Who knows. I know this though, a few words of encouragement can change someone’s life. Letting a person know that their presence in your life matters more than you can possibly know. Never assume. Encourage those in your life to live their lives to the fullest. Make sure that they know they would be missed if they weren’t around. Each of you reading this means something to me, even if we have never met. If you get to this point or have these thoughts I encourage you to reach out to me, or one of your brothers. I can tell you that you make an impact on someones life and would be missed if you were gone.

Wild Thing out!!

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Dora Vol. 1 – No legs

6 Pax came out to Crows Nest for a post-Ragnar friendly workout promised by YHC.  Only one PAX who ran (Royale) came out, but a promise is a promise.

We started by moseying down towards the playground, with a pit stop for COP and to pick up some cinder blocks I had dropped off.

COP (pretty much everything a x15 count) – Moroccan night clubs, imperial walkers, windmills, peter parkers, merkins

The Thang After carrying the blocks down to the playground, we started with 7s of pull ups and sit ups, then on the the main event.

Pax partnered up for DORAs – 200 over head press, 200 curls, and 200 bent over rows, while partner bear crawled to the loading bay and crab walked back.

Finished up with farmer walking the blocks back to where we got them, alternating partners every 30 seconds and made it back to COT with some time to spare.

We had about 5 minutes left, so to finish off the shoulders, we ended with 10 rounds of jack webbs (merkins/hand claps), after the PAX realized I wasn’t joking.


Don’t remember much from COT, pretty late on writing this up… read our newsletter.

Thanks Flux for the opportunity to lead.

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Pre-Michael Showdown at the Abyss

YHC didn’t look at the weather forecast last night so it was a bit of a surprise walking outside this morning to the pouring rain. No big deal but had to audible a couple of things on the weinke.

One thing I love about F3 is the dedication of the PAX to show up rain, shine, freezing rain, snow, single-digit temps, etc…to get to a workout. Today was no exception and 16 men (2 of whom were runners) showed up in the pouring rain to get better. One FNG was present so an F3 certified disclaimer was given and off we went.

Mosey to Bus Circle

Butt Kickers, High Knees, Side shuffle facing the school, Side shuffle away

Warm up (In Cadence)

15 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – WM
15 – Mountain Climbers
25 – Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey to the covered sidewalk for some partner work. Some grunge music seemed apropos so it accompanied our work.

Brief Discussion on Encouragement – YHC asked the PAX to thing of someone in their life who has been a big encouragement as we completed the exercises.

Partner up – Size doesn’t matter

Partner 1 – Run the circle
Partner 2 – Work on the exercises

150 Carolina Dry Docks
250 Squats
350 LBC’s

Everyone completed one round and a few Pax made it through the CDD’s for the 2nd round.

Mosey to the paved hill at the exit of the school. No partners for this part.

Lt Dans to the first set of rocks, backwards lunge to the second set, sprint to the top, and slow mosey to the bottom
Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)
5 burpees OYO
Bear crawl to the first set of rocks, backwards Lt. Dans to the second set, sprint to the top, 5 burpees OYO and slow mosey to the bottom

Mosey to the wall for wall sits

Round 1
Each PAX counted to 10 while holding the wall with one leg out
Shake it out, Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)
Round 2
Hold the wall while each Pax ran to the sidewalk, 2 burpees and back to the wall
Shake it out, Rinse and Repeat (Mumble chatter)

Mosey back for COT


Read your newsletter. Christmas Party, Bourbon Chase, etc…

Prayer Requests

Moab and his wife are foster parents and are receiving a newborn today. Prayers for them and for the mom.
Unspoken prayers that are heavy on our hearts
Having the strength to encourage others in our circles

Great job by the Pax and great job by the FNG Matt (F3 Aztec). He did a great job keeping us with us and did a lot better than I did on my first post. Keep up the good work!

Always an honor to lead. Thanks Bones for the opportunity.

Until next time…


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A Darth Visor Backblast

I came across this backblast while trying to find something to say about Darth Visor’s passing.  After reading it, I figured what better way to learn a small something about the man he was, than to “participate” in his VQ.

Other than not having an outhouse or a baseball field (we used road by the playground and the track), I kept the Weinke as close to the original as I could.  It was surprisingly easy to tie the IR race.

After finishing, I let the PAX know who was responsible for the Q, and had some time left for ab lab.


We finished up with some good discussion and prayers for Darth Visor and his family.

Thanks Bones for the opportuNITY.

The original backblast:

Virgin Q – Darth Visor – It’s about time Back Blast – 6.23.15

  • When: 06/23/15Where:

    The Pax: Hickory Stick, Trojan, Light Bulb, Sketch, Green Bean(@F3ATL), Gear(@F3theFort), Boomer, Foghorn, Def Con 2, Nacho Libre

    QIC: Darth Visor

11 PAX joined the party at THE RUBICON for a VIRGIN Q by Wardaddy in charge. Great to have @greenbean from F3Atlanta and @Gears from The Fort join in the GLOOM.

What had happened was…

7:00 sharp we mosey to the slice of heaven between the diamonds for a little warm up

Starting Position…Move….In Cadence….Exercise


Squats “really missed GRITS” was going to have him demonstrate proper technique


Cotton Pickers

Feeling loose – we mosey

The Thang

1-2-3 ‘s lovely learn’t this’n up thar in fort mill region.

Partner Up and head for the outhouse…partner sprint around outhouse while other partner commenced to exercising!

100- step ups

200- dips

300 – LBCs’

Whew 10 count needed.

Let’s mosey to the ole ball field for a slight twist on our old favorite IR. PAX you got’s to sprint….not jog when its your turn. So we turned up the heat with a little team race – IR around the ballpark. Losers get to enjoy OYO 15 Burpees.

Trojan takes early lead for left side, then Boomer hits high gear to pad the lead, Hickory Stick notches one for the right side, and someone hit the speed switch for Light Bulb and it looks like left side is going to “run away” with it BUT amazing speed from Nacho Libre, Sketchy, and Gears even things up by the time we pass home plate.

Strong Showing by both teams BUT WE TIE AND EVERYONES a LOSER.

15 burpees for all and all for the PAX

Outfield Fence for little Wall Squat to catch our breath.

Let’s Mosey to THE HILL

Merkin Ladder 10 down run up hill 9 at top back down 8 back to top 7…all the way to 1 MERKIN.


Much to be thankful for…GBABY arrives for WD,  remembering Foghorns wife – expecting, Mufasa’s back.


There was some more Beatdown but who can really remember it was soooo long ago.

Pleasure to have led you men, inspiring, fun, makes me feel good at 6:15 AM on beautiful 2sday AM

Sorry CRACK, MUFASA, Grits, Peanut, Stang, and other faithful had to miss…we’ll get you next time.

NEXT DARTH VISOR Q coming soon to the Gloom near you F3Alpha.

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The Fort 6 year Anniversary – Making Getting Better a Priority!

September 29, 2012 the landscape of Fort Mill changed dramatically. Some men from north of the border grabbed the attention of a few men south of the boarder and said we may have something for you. Double D, Santini, Senator Tressel, World Wide Leader, Red Banjo, Assassin, Peach and maybe others made the commitment to come to a “workout” on that Saturday morning. It was very skeptical, but I am sure each of them will say it changed their lives.

Here we are 6 years later, meeting in the same park with more than 200 regular participants (800+ over the years) at 37 workouts across The Fort/Lake Wylie area. Thank you to those that gave it away and thank you to those that said yes!! I think it is safe to say, IT’S MORE THAN A WORKOUT!!!

Today we recognize the 6 years with 6 Qs leading a beat down in 1st F style. On September 21st, Jekyll led us in our Invergence, which reminds us of the 3rdF and that there is something bigger than ourselves. Serving, Praying and Worshiping together happened then. On this day, we are getting better physically and having some fellowship with 70 of our PAX,

Format was a rapid fire approach where each Q has 10mins to lay it on the PAX. Old Bay would keep time and blow the air horn (maybe tweet the horn??), and then the next Q jumps in.

YHC asked for FNGS, (none) and explained the plan of attack, and then the Horn Sounded

The Thang:

  • Wegmans for COP
    • Mosey down path out to grass
    • Circle up and some traditional and not so traditional exercise moves.
    • We did notice another “Boot camp” group in the gloom. T-clapps to them, however also saw 2 holding clip boards…..not F3!!
    • Horm Blows
  • Funhouse on Q
    • Mosey to the hill for Jacobs ladder
      • Burpees
      • Squats
      • Some mary to fill time
      • Horn Blows
  • Jwow on Q
    • Mosey to top of hill for partner work
    • step ups/lunge walk up and down hill
    • squat jumps/lunge walk up and down hill
    • Plank hand slap with partner
    • Horn Blow
  • Twister on Q
    • Mosey to tree line
    • Army Crawl to tree /SSHs
    • Sprint to tree/Merkins
    • Army Crawl to Tree/SSHs
    • Sprint to tree/merkins
    • 2 rounds
    • Run Path until Horm
    • Horn Blows
  • FLUX on Q
    • Mosey back to hill
    • 6s – do following 6 times
      • bear crawl up hill
      • diamond merkins
      • bear crawl back down hill
      • Some filler in there of something aweful
      • Horn Blows
  • Assassin On Q
    • Mosey to play grownd
      • Dips
      • Derkins
      • Burpees
      • multiple rounds with running around the playground until…..
      • Horn Blows

The PAX was dripping wet from rolling in grass but also from the humid beat down that just occurred. Thanks to all the Qs for bringing it and having fun out there.

I brought up to the PAX “WHY”? Why F3 versus the many other options we have even outside of fitness and self help books. Why do we get up early and why do we do CSAUPS and why do we attend 3rdF and give away our time at various community organizations???

Pockets, Spud and Assassin all shared their Why. Thank you! I’m sure there were many more that would undoubtedly impactful.

I mentioned my why was straightforward for me. I want to continue to challenge myself physically, surround myself with like minded guys heading in the same direction and reach more guys for Sky Q and HIS purpose. I feel F3 has positively impacted my life in all 3 Fs and why would I not give it away??

See you in the GLOOM!

Cake Boss

TClap |

Rolling Dice at Crow’s Nest

Today’s Q was super special to me. It’s my first day after a long weekend getaway with the M and my first post after GoRuck Selection which inspired me to push harder and discipline myself further in everything I do. I have become more persistent in house chores, time with my family, time with my God and intensity in workouts.

This Weinke was partially tested on some elementary kids at church Sunday night so I had the kinks worked out haha

The callout was put on Twitter for a ruck friendly Q, so a couple of PAX strapped up as well as YHC.

After a short disclaimer we went over to the well known at this point rock pile to find a new friend for the morning. With the coupon we jogged over to the east side road and lunge walked with the rock held overhead between lightpoles. Then reverse lunge to the next light pole. This was a VERY LONG 9 minutes

At the eastside parking log I had some cones set up and a colored cube (Awanas cube if anyone wants to repeat this and can snag one from church, could do a regular die also of course)
So I had matching colors on the cones, every PAX would roll the die and then state a number of reps. It had to be over 10 was the only rule, to be fair no one went crazy we only had one set of 20. Then the group would bear crawl to the cone and the PAX in charge would look under the cone and pick 1 of the 3 exercises available. These could be repeated. We went for 14 cones before setting out for the next set.

Examples of exercises
Run a lap
Clap Merkin
Big Boys
Overhead clap
Flutter Kick

nothing too crazy because the bear crawl to each cone really gets the sweat rolling

Then we took our friendly rock and carried it towards CoT, however to help with the overheating I decided we would cool off and take a break by low crawling across the soaked grass rolling our rock along with us. Never leave a friend behind right? This came with lots of mumblechatter and drenched clothes. Dropped the rocks off for some quick MoM

Crab Cakes
Freddie Mercury

To close it out 5 8-count bodybuilder OYO

9 PAX in the name-a-rama
Please pray for those chasing after the Ragnar trails this Friday night. That’s mostly whats on everyone’s minds right now. Stay safe on the trails in the mornings too.

Until next time

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Homecoming Season

Thanks to Peg for the opportunity to lead!  It was something different today and it was fun while it lasted.

Let’s get to it… shall we?

Mosey to empty-ish parking lot behind Bagel Boat. (Hi, NASA’s twin brother on moving truck!)


SSH x 30, Windmill x 10, Hillbilly Walkers x 10, Weed Pickers x 10, Peter Parker x 10, Parker Peter x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, Honeymooner/Downward Dog x 2

The Thang:

Split into two teams… 4 vs. 4 FOOTBALL in the parking lot (at 5:15 A.M.?… you betcha!).  1 or 2 hand touch.  Witch Hunt as all-time QB due to an odd number (did I say Witch Hunt?… I meant Ryan Leaf).  Parking lot light to handicap signs were end-zones with parking spaces in the middle serving as a first down marker.  If a team scored a TD, 5 Kraken burpees to the defense!

***Crazy Cat Lady Sighting*** ***5 Burpees***

We played with each team getting 3 possessions.  Highlights included: Respectable Olaf with the catch of the day, Shakespeare getting burnt like toast on defense, Shakespeare dropping passes on offense, and no injuries.  I can blame a lot of things on my performance today… the rain, the gloves, lack of sleep, the QB… but it was simply, just me.  Can’t wait for some redemption…


After our Homecoming football game, we moseyed back over near COT area because it was time for the Homecoming Dance!  3 songs with exercises in cadence to the beat (not really, but that was the idea).  Songs were a throwback to when I was in high school… why not?  After each “dance” we did a little something in between.

Song 1: Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring (note: apparently played at Witch Hunt’s wedding)

  • Crabcakes during instrumental/”give it to me…” parts
  • Dying Cockroach during verse
  • LBC’s during the chorus (missed the first one)

Break in between:  People’s Chair near Bowl N’ Bounce, 1 person at a time come off wall and complete 5 sandbags curls, stand up when all have completed.  After which, we did an Indian Run with sandbag starting up front, passed to the back of the line, once it reaches the person at the end they run it to the front and start passing back again.  Came up with this idea a few days ago and wanted to see how it was.  It wasn’t fun.

Song 2: Where The Party At- Jagged Edge

  • Imperial Squat Walkers during instrumental/verse parts
  • Side to side ski jump/strides (something like that) during the chorus
  • Overhead press/raise the roof during the “oh ooooohhh…” parts

Break in between: BTTW, starting at the end one person at a time complete 1 burpee, all come down when everyone has gone.

Song 3: Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm (idea courtesy of Jedi… RIP… errr, thanks I mean)

  • Shoulder taps during instrumental
  • Plank Jacks during verse
  • 1 merkin for every “Okay” in the chorus… it’s a lot

Cut short of the end to start COT on time.


read the newsletter, Ragnar, Fast Five, Convergence, etc.


missing boy and family in Gastonia, continued recovery and support for people affected by Florence.


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Making an IMPACT at Poopdeck

Another great morning in Lake Wylie.  I got to the Poopdeck a little early to set up some cones, and still some of the PAX are already there stretching and yapping. By 5:15 we had 10 guys ready to roll out for the bootcamp as Davinci & Shakespeare were leaving for some miles.  Gave the disclaimer and we were off.

We ran over to west parking lot (the best one of three) for COP.  A standard group of warm up exercises to loosen up.  I like using random counts to keep the PAX guessing!  We moved on to the first evolution.

Evolution 1 The Burpee Mile

I set up 3 cones around the lot.  We would run up a lane and back down the one to the right, at the turn where the cone is stop and do 10 burpees.  We did this rotation around the parking lot for 3 cones and then back around again.  Total 60 burpees and about a mile run.

Evolution 2 Merkin Mania

No running in this one. We moseyed over to another cone with a nice list on it.  This was the non stop rotation.  As I was explaining we see our favorite car… Cat Lady sighting! 5 burpees!

20 Diamond Merkins

20 Plank Jacks

20 Ranger Merkins

20 Shoulder Taps (SC)

20 Hand Release Merkins

20 Plank Jacks

20 Ranger Merkins

20 Shoulder Taps (SC)

20 Wide Arm Merkins

20 Plank Jacks

Shared some words about IMPACT. I stole the message from Qsource 2.1.

(Read it HERE )

We discussed the “Survivor <——-> Servant” scale and how my father was an unfortunate example of a survivor during his homelessness last year.  Lucky for all of us in attendance we fall further down the scale towards Servant.  But many men fall right in the middle, and that’s a sad clown.  How do we find these men and move them forward?  Proximity is required to have a strong effect on the life of a sad clown!  At one point I shared a paragraph or two from the Q source directly. No need to make it up when it’s right there for you to share with your brothers!

Evolution 3 Sprints

Back to running.  We moved to the other side of the parking lot where another 4 cones were set up.  We would sprint  to the closest cone and then back to start, second cone and back, etc until the final stop was tapping the building at the end of the lot. After a 10 count  we did it again, cutting off the final stop.  We continued working down the stops. total number of sprints around 10.  That sucked, but everyone pushed hard!

Time for a slow mosey  back to COT.  With 5 minutes to go we circled up.  We have an announcement today, someone was turning 34!  So I asked Birthday Boy Witch Hunt to call an exercise.  He picked his favorite…Crunchy Frogs.  So we did 17 double count Crunch Frogs (34 total).  A few minutes left, so around the horn for some U-Call-It ab lab.




Invergence Friday – 6th Anniversary Convergence Saturday 9/29 @ WEP

Iced-T on Q at the Deep – read your newsletter!

Praises and Prayers

Witch Hunt’s 34th Birthday and Davinci’s son Aiden’s upcoming 9th birthday


An Honor to Lead


TClap |

Abyss got tired once again

We started our workout with a quick disclaimer and moseyed to the basketball goals area behind the school, all the props had been distributed into 4 stations.

Circled up for the warm up:


Moroccan night clubs

Low Slow Squats

Hillbilly walk

Hillbilly squat (combination of hillbilly walk and squat, we had a few issues coordinating the count with the actual movements of the body but by the sixth rep most PAX got the idea)

Mountain Climbers

Low Slow Merkin

Arm circles

After the warm up we split in 4 groups and each group went to a different station:

Station 1:

-> 15 big boy sit ups

-> 20 Rosalitas

-> 30 Sledgehammer                                                                                                                                                                               swings (15 each side)

-> 40 Heel Touches SC

-> 40 Dying Roach SC

Station 2:

-> 8  Tire flips

-> 20  Monkey Humpers

-> 20 lunges SC

-> 30 low squat (touch the ground with hand)

-> 50 calf raises

Station 3:

-> 15 biceps curls

-> 20 curb dip

-> 25 dumbbell swing

-> 30 SSH IC

-> 40 Carolina drydocks

Station 4:

-> 10 diamond merkins

-> 15 wide arm merkins

-> 20 regular merkins

-> 30 battle rope wave SC

-> 40 Shoulder taps

After each group finished a full circuit of 4 stations we went to the grass area to do a full Captain Thor routine (1 big boy sit up and 4 american hammers, 2 BBSU and 8 AH, 3 BBSU and 12 AH and so on all the way up to 10 BBSU and 40 AH) lots of mumble chatter before, during and after this routine, some requested yoga mats, but we only had the grassy area, everyone pushed their body to the extreme to complete this routine.

On the way back to COT with 8 minutes to spare we found the hill and went for a run downhill, run up to the middle of the hill and perform 3 reps on each position of the around the clock merkin routine, back to the top, rinse and repeat.

Once done with the hill, we moved against the school wall for mike tyson merkins, Wall Makhtar N’Diayes and balls to the wall, more mumble chatting happened here as every PAX counts to 5 at a different speed and everyone had to hold the BTTW position untill all PAX had done their 5 count from left t op right.

Moseyed back to COT, planked for 1 minute, right arm high, left arm high, right leg high, left leg high some chatter included; we figured that our favorite Star Wars character was cranky since he had missed his daily m&m’s dose.

We finished up with prayers, praises and announcements.

Thank you Bones for the opportunity to lead.

Tinsel out…

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