The Armory – Viking Metal is always better in the rain

YHC arrived and wanted to do some sidewalk chalk writing but the rain threw a wrench in that plan so had to use the phone as my weinke while also playing the traditional Viking Metal for kettle-bell workout.

After 1 1/2 rounds the cold weather shut my Apple 6plus down. My son would be throwing a fit and saying we need a new phone as this is junk……however just plug it in and it works nicely. Plus saves you $500+ dollars.

So the PAX arrived and we had a kotter, Gridlock come home to the Armory. It was some years ago that I was Q for Gridlock’s FNG appearance. Was great having him and the others there this morning. Nice work men!!

The Thang:

  • SSHs
  • 5burpees
  • squats
  • 4burpees
  • merkins
  • 3 burpees
  • Imperial Walkers
  • 2 burpees
  • Moracan Night clubs (half while holding squat)
  • 1 burpee

Mosey across front of FHC looking for cover, but the rain had stopped so it wasn’t needed.

3 sets of exercises, run lap between them, until time runs out or phone dies….whichever

  • Kettlebell swing
    5 Single hands each & 10 double
    10 Two arm bent row
    10 Figure eight
    10 Goblet squats
    10 Upright row
    10 Dips

    • RUN LAP
  • 10 Lunge press
    10 Sumo upright row
    10 Curls L/R
    10 American Hammer
    10 Bench press L/R
    10 Plank Rows L/R
    10 Tri Extension

    • RUN LAP
  • 10 Flutters
    10 Hello dolly’s
    10 Freddy’s
    10 Deadlift
    10 Sidestep upright row
    10 Kettlebell Merkins

    • RUN LAP

We made it through about 2 rounds of these.

Fun times by all!!

YHC talked about life expectancy  and that wherever we are on the timeline, we should start living intentional. I only have 40% of my life expectancy  left and so there is no wasting the days or hours on silly stuff. GET SOME!!! 2 guys decided to GET RIGHT while in COT and make choice to get better alignment. Well done gents!! We are here to support and encourage you!

Thanks JWOW for the opportunity to lead.


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