Kettlebell Flush Draw

Cherry Pickers
Imperial walkers

Play Some Cards – split deck from 2 to 7’s (lo’s) and 8 to A’s (hi’s)

Round 1:
Spades (hi) – lawnmower pulls, right arm
Clubs (hi) – lawnmowers pulls, left arm
Diamonds (hi) – Shoulder press, right arm
Hearts (hi) – Shoulder press, left arm
Jokers = 5 Burpees

Round 2:
Spades (lo) – shoulder pulls, right arm
Clubs (lo) – shoulder pulls, left arm
Diamonds (lo) – Shoulder extensions, right arm
Hearts (lo) – Shoulder extensions, left arm
Jokers = 5 Burpees

Round 3 (whole deck):
Spades = Swings
Clubs = Goblet Squats
Diamonds = Curls
Hearts = Rest/Count/Stretch
Jokers = 5 Burpees

May 13
The Armory

TClap |

Leg Day at The Hive – Friday, May 17th

12 men joined YHC at the Hive to make a baker’s dozen of PAX ready for a kettlebell beatdown.


  • mosey around the parking lot
  • 25 side straddle hops
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • 11 windmills
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • 10 peter parkers
  • 10 parker peters
  • 10 4 count mountain climbers
  • mosey back to bells

The Thang

Pax lined up on one side of the parking lot. Will do a series of 4 exercises, run at 75% speed to the other side of the lot for another series of exercises, then sprint back to start to rinse and repeat.

First set 

  • Side 1
    • 10 single arm thrusters – each arm
    • 10 overhead lunges – each leg
    • 10 goblet squats
    • 10 kettlebell swings
  • Side 2
    • 10 big boy sit ups
    • 10 burpees

Rinse & repeat x 3

Second set

  • Side 1
    • 10 snatches – each arm
    • 10 sumo high pulls
    • 10 single arm rows – each arm
    • 10 overhead press
  • Side 2
    • 10 big boy sit ups
    • 10 burpees

Rinse & repeat x 3

Extra credit

  • 25 LBCs
  • Captain Thor to 3×12


  • Convergence


  • marriages
  • churches
  • personal issues
  • travel
TClap |

I’m your huckleberry…

A little background for any historian looking for minutia about May of 2019…  A couple weeks ago, our very own Nasa sent out a call to all the PAX in the Twittersphere to participate with him in the “30 day ab challenge”. Something about wanting to look good for summer.  YHC decided that having having abs (yes, just the word in its plural form) would be a nice change.  Each day HURTS.  They hurt a lot more whenever the Q pulls a favorite bit of pain out of the app to share in the mornings.

When YHC noticed on the Twitty thing that there was a call to Q footloose, I very quickly volunteered (“I’m your huckleberry”), knowing that I could stack the deck in my favor for one day, and one day only… No overlap. But that doesn’t mean easy.

Mosey up the road over to the SE lot of 1st Baptist for
15x SSH

During the set an angry and loud dog appeared. To be good neighbors we moseyed down to the other end of the lot to finish the warm up.

15x Moroccan Night Club
15x Low Slow Squat
15x Calf Raises

Mosey down to the stairs and into the little lot next to Fort Mill Church of God. There’s a very nice retaining wall there that’s great for some moderate step ups.

Everyone paired up for some fun

Partner one does the exercise, person two does the motion for about 20m up and down the lot. Switch and wait for the six before moving on. Everyone kept together very well.
Stationary, motion

  1. Step ups, Bear crawls
  2. Merkins, Toy Soldiers
  3. Lunges, High knees
  4. Pistols R, Butt kickers
  5. Pistols L, butt kickers
  6. Supermans, Bear Crawls
  7. One leg deadlift R (toe touch), Toy Soldiers
  8. One leg deadlift L (toe touch), Toy Soldiers
  9. L elbow, left knee, and right hand on the ground, right leg straight and high, hold until the other PAX gets back from -> high knees
  10. Squats, Butt kickers

We took a rest lap after the supermans and when the circuit was complete.  There looked to be enough time to try for another full circuit, but around # 8, on of the PAX noticed my nice watch, causing YHC to LOOK at said watch, realize how bright it was getting, and we ran back to COT for announcements, prayers, and praises.

TClap |

600M Shoulder Shredder at Pantheon

GREAT morning!! Take advantage of the May chill. A month from now we will be far from it.

No FNGs, disclaimer was said and off we went.

Ran around the short loop of the parking lot to warm up and to the non-residential side of the school for the COP:

20 or so of each:
* Windmills
* Imperial Walker
* Hillbilly Walker
* A little Broga

Then we went back to the front of the school where YHC had set up the main event.
What did these two numbers mean to me? That’s what I asked on Twitter the day before.
The large oval-ish drive that starts at the student drop-off area at the front of the school and proceed all the way around the field out front and back is about 600m long. Then I had set up 6 work stations of cones w labels that detailed an exercise to do, then a means to transition to the next cone. That’s 100 meters roughly from station to station.  First station is right by the school near the baseball field, then proceed clockwise all the way around.

Stations are as follows:
Station / Exercise / Transition to Next
1 / 25 Merkins / Burpee broad jump
2 / 25 4ct Flutter / Lt Dan
3 / 25 Reverse Crunch / Bear Crawl
4 / 25 Merkins / Run
5 / 25 4 ct Flutter / Bear Crawl
6  / 25 Reverse Crunch / Lt Dan

A lot of bear crawls and Lt Dans!!  We finished with almost 10 minutes left. Next time I’ll up the exercise count from 25 to 50. I did not want to start another loop so we went to the posts along the student drop off for  2 rounds of BTTW-to-burpee, and people’s chairs – to – burpee. Then a short jog around the lot to COT.

Everyone did great. Shoulders are kinda smoked. Great discussions during the WOD. See below.

Announcements / P&P:
* Read your newsletter, get involved!
* Remembrance workout in honor of Badger at Golden Corral coming up
* Cannoli run/ruck on 5/18
* Convergence 5/24
* F3 Dads/kids at the Deep on 5/25
* Prayers for Bear’s mother in law as she fights cancer
* Prayers for Router’s M
* Prayers  for injured PAX, marriages

Mental Health Awareness Month – My Story

May is Mental Health Awareness month, with the purpose of bringing mental health in all aspects out in the open, drive support, find cures/treatments, and open minds. During the first half of the workout, when I had breath, I started sharing with the PAX something that has recently and directly affected me and my immediate family I am responsible for here in Fort Mill. I have a sister who, for 30 years, has fought depression and still is. I have friends who live with it as well. I have a friend who is bipolar. Mental health issues have been in my life for some time, I am no stranger to them.

But this new development hits even closer to home now. My older son, who is now 10, has been diagnosed with ADHD since 1st grade. We got him the help and meds he needs and all was well.  But over the past year we noted some changes in him. Not just pre-puberty or a 10yr old boy being a 10yr old boy, but some of the previous diagnoses were being amplified, as well as some new concerns. To most people he is a normal boy but in certain situations our concerns became evident. He’s an incredibly intelligent boy but his grades were way off, and some behaviors were concerning. After several months of doctor visits, questionnaires, testing, and so forth we found that he is now on the Autism spectrum, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. We were really not too surprised, and by no means disappointed or mad or what not. It’s NOT about us as parents, that our child is ‘defective’ or ‘broken’ or ‘abnormal’ as some parents would possibly feel when they hear the diagnosis.  To most others who first meet him he seems like a normal boy – active, chatty, but a little socially awkward (just like his dad). Because he is. He just processes info, reacts to input, and shows emotion a little differently than others. What the diagnosis meant is that he will get the help he needs when he transitions to middle school next year. He won’t be in special ed classes, he won’t be set aside from the others or what not as most parents fear about. He will be in a normal class but will have his own ‘personal assistant’ of sorts. All of this came from months of effort by many, including us.

But my main point is not my personal plight or that of my son. It’s that it took so long to get to where we are now, with answers and a plan to get him on a path for better success in life however it is defined. In the US there are over 1.1 MILLION physicians and growing. They are everywhere. They fill up their own phone book (millennials may have to google what a phone book is). But there are only roughly  28,000 psychiatrists and 106,000 psychologists in the US. And that number is declining as the number of registered psychiatrists that are retiring is more than new ones to replace them. That’s almost 9:1 ratio, which is unacceptable, and to me is VERY indicative of our view, culturally, towards mental health. What that also means, and what we experienced first hand, is when you have a need for mental health diagnosis, treatment, and support – it is not easy to find. It is not as readily available as the minute clinics inside every CVS and Target, not as readily available as the Ortho treatment centers or family care centers that are everywhere. Seeking help is a long, arduous process that you have to push, drive. If you break an arm, in most suburban environments help is less than 10 minutes away on average. But if you are suffering depression or show signs of mental trauma, your options are few and they are often over-booked. Why is that? Why isn’t anyone concerned as they should be?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Period. Unfortunately many do not see it that way. It is still in the shadows in this country in my opinion. It’s getting better, but still has a long way to go. When the average person hears ‘mental health (issues)’ they think looney bin, straight jackets, problem people/children, crazy people, warped minds, and just general problems they do not want to understand, deal with, or be exposed to in their warm, comfy cocoon of a life they’ve made. Because hey, it does not affect them right? Mental health issues are more prevalent that one may think, but they still have a stigma associated with them. Birds of a feather flock together is the old saying. It is a quite true and very simplistic statement about human sociology, human nature. Those in the mental health struggle feel they cannot be part of the “normal”, average flock. That is the burden they bear, but it is also the burden placed upon them as well. That has to change.

The only way to break that stigma, to bring things out of the shadows, is to be open with the struggle, be open-minded about the struggles, and to educate and enlighten for fear tends to be bred from the unknown. People in the struggle cannot feel ashamed or scared to talk about it. People in their lives need to learn that they need to be the non-judgmental, fearless support system they can be. Society in general needs to demand more access to diagnosis, treatment, and support. If we can change a culture over time to – view cigarettes as a health hazard and not a cool stress relief; to view great white sharks as an endangered species that need to be protected instead of slaughtered like Jaws monsters; to be more mindful of our resources and impact to our earth; and to value diversity and the differences in each other – then why can’t we change the culture to a one more empathetic, understanding, and open towards those in the mental health struggle?

We need to break the stigma.
Be open.
Be open minded.
Be the change.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.


TClap |

A Hive workout with no SSH’s or Swings?!? It’s true.

17 #HIMs decided to follow the tweet of Band Camp (or decided on their own) and came out on a reasonably pleasant morning to lift and put down objects of varying weight numerous times.  YHC was honored to get the call (it’s always a privilege to lead – more on that later) and learned the night before that the deck of cards had not made its way to the Hive in some months.  Seemed as reasonable a time as any to bring them back.  So I did.  After the disclaimers were given and the traditional check for FNG’s came up empty this time around, we were off.

We moseyed with bells to another area of the parking lot (minimal running today – it is a kettle bell workout) and circled up for COP, which consisted of the following (yes – there were no side straddle hops, believe it or not):

Moroccan Night Clubs X 20 I/C – holding arms out after completion

Little arm circles  X 10 forward and backward keeping them held out in between and after

Overhead claps X 10 – after completion, arms at ease which were now warmed up for what was to follow

Imperial walkers X 15 IC

Low Slow squats X 20 (another precursor for future exercise)

Mosey with bells to the East side of the lot for the main event:  Out comes the deck

Spades = Goblet Squats, Clubs = Upright rows, Diamonds = Skull Crushers, Hearts = Hammer Curls

YHC was pleased by the mumble chatter and simultaneous effort and the PAX delivered so well, we made it through 1 deck and 1/2 way through a second time.  Upon completion of the first deck (which happened faster than anticipated due to efficient PAX), YHC was asked if a sermon was to be given.  When silence ensued in response, YHC smiled and promptly requested the PAX to sprint to the West end of the lot as fast as possible then mosey back – all obliged.  Following a few 10 counts and one round of 10 burpees (just because),  T-Square had to choose between one of two piles of cards as YHC had split the deck of cards in 1/2.  He chose the pile that ended up having a disproportionate amount of face cards – much to the pleasure of the PAX.  Mumble chatter increased as consecutive suits were drawn on multiple occasions citing a few accusations of a rigged deck and flush draws (fake news).  Nonetheless, all got better.

With 5 minutes to go, we moseyed to COT with bells in hand for…….a little ab work – but just a little:

All exercises were with bells and double-count:  flutters with the press IC x 20, LBC’s IC x 10, Hello Dollys IC x 10 and Rosalitas IC x 10.  This took us to 5:59:30.  A body destroyer was called, then a 10-count delivered from Trucker and lo and behold, 6:00 was upon us and the time came for COT and BOM.

Announcements – Convergence on May 24 at Harris Teeter Baxter – all 4 workout options available – KB, Ruck, Run, Boot Camp with 3rd F at Eternal Shack (behind Zaxby’s) following.

May 21 – one year anniversary W/O to honor Badger and his legacy at Golden Corral.  Wear red to honor.  Decibel on Q and Badger’s oldest 2.0 will be in attendance.

Read your newsletter.

Prayers – for teachers, for families, for our 2.0’s finishing school, for Mom’s – especially this weekend and for those working through strained maternal relationships, especially on this weekend.  Be a light to someone when you’re called – you never know what someone is gong through – No OYO.

NMM – YHC had stated in the past that serving in any position of leadership is a privilege.  No matter the opportunity, when called to lead a group of #HIMs, it should be taken as the blessing and opportunity it is meant to be.  And one of the greatest gifts we can pass on to one another through leading is the gift of sharpening, strengthening and honing ourselves – physically, mentally and spiritually.   To Band Camp, my sincere thanks for the opportunity to get out in front of such a strong group of #HIM’s this morning.  Every man gathered today made YHC better and, for that, I extend my thanks and gratitude.

Honored to serve,


TClap |

Swings at Block Party

YHC had two plans in case the setup for the Strawberry Festival hindered the better workout, but a quick walkthrough of WEP revealed that everything was normal and the fun could begin as hoped.

12 PAX appeared in the gloom, 4 runners ran, 8 campers booted. No FNGs, issued the disclaimer anyways.

Starting with a mosey half way around WEP and stoping to warm up the no leg parts in the field the PAX enjoyed the following:
20x SSH
10x Low Slow Squat
10x Werewolf
10x Tea stance dips, each leg – Standing normal, step the right leg over the left and space about shoulder width.  It’s awkward. Now sink until the left foot comes up and the left knee hovers over the ground.  Now hold both arms out with palms out, dip down until the knee brushes the dirt.  Do this ten times and reverse.

Now mosey back to the trail and over to the playground.

PAX paired up (8 was the magic number, worked perfectly!). One partner has his legs hanging on a swing, hands in the wood chips, doing one of three painful exercises until their partner comes back. The other runs about 50m away to perform a set number of exercises. The groups worked together. No man was left behind.

YHC demonstrated palm to back of hand pushups for advanced mode. After a few on the swing, knuckles were preferred.  The flips caused a lot of wood chips in the face.

Swing exercise | Partner exercise 
Pushups | Squat Jumps x10
Knees to chest | Calf Raises x20
Pike (plank to down dog) | Squat Jumps x10

Pushups | Squat Jumps x10
Knees to chest | Calf Raises x20
Pike | Squat Jumps x10

Broga break
10x windmill
Down dog
Justifier on the ground, pressing up with arms to stretch abs. Isolating left by looking over right shoulder and a slight right twist, reverse, then center. Good stretching all around

Back to the swings for another set

Pushups | Flutter x20
Knees to chest | Box Cutter x10
Pike | Bomb Jacks x10

With only six minutes left we moseyed the remaining trail back to COT with enough time for:
Squat Calf raises x 20
Bomb Jack’s x 3 (with a four count)

The runners rolled in and someone may have referred to Polaroid as “A shining unicorn in the gloom” as he ran through the fog.

Circle up for announcements and a prayer.

TClap |

Slow and Intentional now at Armory


Mosey around the full parking lot. Intermittently throwing in toy soldiers, high knees, and butt kickers.

Exercises not necessarily in this order:

Windmills, SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers and Mountain Climbers

The Thang-

Everything in cadence slow and intentional (except where noted SC).

  • Right arm curl 5x
  • Left arm curl 5x
  • Right overhead tricep extension 5x
  • Left overhead tricep extension 5x

20x SSH SC

  • Goblet Squat 10x
  • Right leg lunge 5x
  • Left leg lunge 5x
  • Calf raises 10x

5 Burpees SC

  • Merkin with bell in RH 5x
  • Merkin with bell in LH 5x
  • Bent over row RH 5x
  • Bent over row LH 5x

20 Mountain Climbers SC

  • Shoulder Press RH 5x
  • Shoulder Press LH 5x
  • Carolina Dry Docks w bell in RH 5x
  • Carolina Dry Docks w bell in LH 5x

A mosey around the parking lot

  • American Hammers 5x
  • LBCs 10x
  • Kettlebell lateral swings RH 5x
  • Kettlebell lateral swings LH 5x

Asked for a couple of favorites since we had time.  So we performed more LBCs and rows.

We all need to slow life down a bit.  Everything pulls at us from all directions.  Work with productivity/work efficiency, family, children events etc.  I asked for things that we do to slow it down a bit.  Moving appointment to avoid family time and putting down our phones was mentioned to help.

We finished with a Round of Mary


Count off


Praises and Prayers

Prayers for those on IR; Ruckers and their 24 hour event coming up, praise for healed collarbone.


Thanks for the opportunity to Q JWow

TClap |

Bottoms Up at the Hive

About a year ago, YHC successfully evaded a request from Tesh to Q at the Hive, citing lack of experience at a kettlebell AO – and a lack of a kettlebell – as sufficient reason to decline. He never asked again. Band Camp comes along and won’t take “no” for an answer, providing sufficient responses to all my excuses. So, here we are. Jedi’s first post at a kettlebell AO ever, and he’s given Q responsibilities. This’ll be interesting…

0514:45 rolls around and just as I’m about to give the disclaimer, 38 Special rolls in without any sign of urgency, so we patiently waited for him to gracefully park the car and meander to the group. A disclaimer was given with a half-hearted apology that I truly have no idea what I’m doing, and off we went on a mosey around the parking lot. Threw in some knees-to-chest, heels-to-butt, and toy soldiers to get some mobility in before circling back up where we started.


  • 10 Windmills IC
  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  • 12 Hillbilly Squat Walkers IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • Downward Dog with cross-body reach, through to honeymooner, then recover

Slowly walk a few feet over with the bells to line up with the cones that I had (apparently mysteriously) laid out across the parking lot. Basically, every row of parking spots had a cone, making for 6 cones (no cones were placed in the lines where we parked, since I didn’t know where people park at the Hive). Anyway, lunge walk with bell held inverted goblet style, twisting and lowering the bell to both sides before standing up and taking the next step. This was to be our mode of transportation forward. When we got to a cone, lose the bell, run back to the curb at the edge of the parking lot by the school, then back to the cone where we would all do the exercise together-ish. Then lunge walk to the next cone (as before), run to the curb and back (as before), exercise, etc.

Exercises on cones:

  • 20 Renegade Rows per arm (somehow this was a new exercise to the PAX; maybe they know it by a different name?)
  • 50 Toe touches (on your back, legs straight up, hold bell “bottoms up” style and touch toes)
  • 20 Bottoms Up Arnold Presses per arm (hold handle with the bell sticking up rather than resting on forearm, hand facing in at shoulder level then forward at the top of the press)
  • 20 Single Leg Deadlifts per leg (holding bell in same side arm as leg that goes up behind)
  • 50 Overhead V-Ups (um…hold the bell overhead and do a V-up)
  • 30 Crush Chest Presses (kneeling, squeeze bell between open hands rather than holding it with the handle or even using your fingers, then press straight out in front and bring back to chest)

That was fun. We still had maybe 6-7 minutes left, so we did a little AMRAP Gorilla Complex until time was up.

One arm at a time, do:

  • 8 bicep curls
  • 8 upright rows
  • 8 strict presses (preferably bottoms up)
  • 8 triceps extensions
  • Lose the bell and do 8 normal merkins
  • Switch arms and do it again

That brought us to 0559, so we grabbed the bells and returned to COT to wrap up at 0600.

Fair amount of mumblechatter, lots of quiet. Slow and steady, but we still pulled in a mile of running. For those wondering, holding the bell “bottoms up” style engages more stabilizer muscles through your forearm and makes you focus on good form. Most of us realized a significant difference between our two arms when holding the bell differently, as our non-dominant arm usually lacks the stability of the dominant one.

So, that happened. I can now say I’ve done a kettlebell workout. See you again in two years.


TClap |

Frying Pan Fun

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, YHC’s youngest 2.0 wanted to watch a Disney movie that I never wanted to see.  I did my best to pick apart the plot holes and inconsistencies to keep myself entertained, and the thing that stuck out the most was the fact that the main character, some lady with absurdly long hair, could wield a cast iron frying pan as if were a hair brush or whiffle ball bat..  I walked into my kitchen and picked up my iron skillet and noticed that swinging it around would require someone to be JACKED…

The Setup

The night of the 23rd, a plyometric box, 3 bells (20, 25, and 30), as well as a cast iron skillet (with lid) were loaded into the back of YHC’s suv.  The M was very confused.  The morning of the workout, I arrived around 0505 and had to navigate through half a dozen runners who answered Polaroid’s call for a pre run.  It’s alway encouraging to see such bad-assery so early in the morning.  Today would be a good day to Q.

During setup PAX continued to arrive in droves. I plunked down the plyo box in a parking space and held onto the cards I made to deploy depending on group size. Thankfully, Polaroid threw his slam ball into the COT, so I grabbed it and threw it into the plyo box space so everyone would be able to have fun

Overall, 20 PAX appeared in the gloom at The Tomahawk.  A lot of faces were new to YHC, and so we quickly talked about the 5 core principals and disclaimed.

The warmup

Started with a quick mosey around the parking lot to warm up those whom had not already accumulated a couple miles, circling up on the east side (more of an ellipse).
2 sets of single-leg stretches (one leg bent, six close to the earth, other leg straight with toes up) Lots of mumble chatter already
Hands down into plank
10 werewolf merkins – The chatter continues
Back into plank

The workout

Mosey to pick up the bells and count off by 5’s.

Four stations were created including that of the plyo box.

PAX worked on their station exercise while the timer group grabbed the cast iron skillet and walked to the other end of the lot and back. The skillet was to be held with arm at a 90 degree angle, holding the handle with the skillet extended (in theory but not often in practice). At 15lbs it’s not that heavy, but holding just the handle makes for a sneaky bit o pain. The other PAX of the group would distribute the remaining bells and walk with the skillet holder, trading off as necessary. Optionally, the PAX could do lunges at the station.

Genuinely cannot recall the ORDER of the exercises, but below is what was available to the non plyo spots.
Snatch and squat
Plank Row
American Hammer
Goblet Squat
Upright Row
Man Maker
Plank Pass Through
Lawn Mower Pulls

One station was dedicated to the plyometric box (20x24x30) and the slam ball.

After each group visited each station the PAX were pulled aside for some group exercises.
Between sets 1-2
10x Imperial Walker
10x Merkin

Sets 2-3
10x Imperial Walker
10x Hillbilly Walker
10x Straight leg kicks (each leg)

One station short of a full third set and it was time to hit COT. Name-o-rama revealed the presence of an FNG, now named Tricycle (WELCOME!!!).

Polaroid got the former site Qs together and handed off the shovel flag to 3D.

Announcements were announced and the COT ended with a prayer. Great work by all the PAX. YHC is truly humbled and honored to have gotten to Q this day.

TClap |

Beep beep I’m a jeep, clank clank I’m a tank

17 strong at The Armory. The weather was great and the iron was aplenty.

Warm up

  • SSH 25 I.C.
  • Windmill 10 I.C.
  • Leg stretches
  • Merkins 10 I.C.
  • Mountain Climbers (foot all the way up to hands) 10 I.C.
  • Moroccan Night Club 15 I.C.
  • Imperial Walker 15 I.C.
  • Hillbilly Walker 15 I.C.
  • Mosey over to the middle of the parking lot

The Thang

  • 10 Man Makers
  • 10 Turkish getups (5 each arm)
  • Split into Teams Alpha and Bravo
  • 1st timing mechanism: mosey with bell while other team does exercise
      1. High pulls
      2. Curls
      3. Triceps
  • 2nd timing mechanism: bear crawl drag bell
      1. V ups skull crusher
      2. Thrusters
      3. Calf raises
  • 3rd timing mechanism: “Beep beep I’m a Jeep, clank clank I’m a tank” (“Jeep” is a duck walk with bell close to chest. “Tank” is a duck walk holding the bell out in front.
      1. Flutter presses
      2. Dead lift
      3. Around the world

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to lead and associate with such a great group of men. Good work today from everyone.

TClap |