Spring Break at the Colosseum

Jekyll put out the request on the Twitter machine for a last-minute Q at Colosseum. YHC hadn’t been to that AO in some time and figured, why not? There are some good spaces over there and the PAX are usually up for a tough workout. So, I threw something together and hoped for the best.

Arrived a bit early to set out the cones behind the school, and was honestly a little disappointed when I didn’t see any vehicles upon my return to the parking lot. Apparently there was one, I’m just blind, and JWOW came over to join me a couple minutes before 0515. It was quickly obvious that it was just the two of us, but you can’t ask for a much better person to join you on a cold morning than JWOW. And since I always try to plan a workout that can be done by one or by one hundred, I wasn’t worried about changing things up. Counting in cadence gets a little weird in a group of two, but we’re grown-ups and got over the awkward pretty fast.

Started with a mosey through both drop-off loops, mixing in side shuffles, karaoke, butt kickers, knees to chest, and toy soldiers (the standards). Line-segmented up (no circles here) by the basketball hoops for windmills, Moroccan night clubs, hillbilly squat walkers, and merkins. At least, I think that’s what we did. My memory isn’t so great anymore.

Quick mosey to the small parking lot with the short wall for the Thang.

Simple gauntlet style. Six cones. Descend the ladder (10-9-8-7-6…) for reps.

Cone 1: Burpees

Bear crawl to cone 2

Cone 2: Squat Jumps

Broad jump to cone 3

Cone 3: Merkins

Broad jump to cone 4

Cone 4: Runners Lunge High Knee Skips (count is per side)

Bear crawl to cone 5

Cone 5: calf raises on the curb

Get over the wall to Cone 6

Cone 6: BTTW shoulder taps

Turn around and go back, hitting cones 5-2 (with appropriate movement from cone to cone) for a second round of the same exercise. It makes more sense when you do it, and I think I used fewer words to explain.

Good 2nd F made for a fairly enjoyable time while we also pushed each other to get through the round of 5. It didn’t add up to a ton of reps, but it felt like a lot. Those runners lunge jump things are mean. Everybody who wasn’t there got off easy.

On the plus side, this just means I can reuse the workout, since only JWOWW and I have done it. You’re welcome.

Quick jog back to line segment of trust for announcements and prayers.

Jedi out.

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