4×4 Fun

I haven’t been to Colosseum in a long time. I’ve been doing the ruck WOs on Tuesdays so it was good to shake up the routine. It was also great to see so many cars rolling in. I haven’t seen several guys in a while due to being under a ruck so it was great to be out in the gloom with them again.

Go time arrived and disclaimer was attempted. Mosey around loops in front of school with high knees, butt-kickers, karaokes both ways. Circle up for normal warm-ups: SSHs, windmills, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, and some Hillbilly Walkers.

Moseyed over to side lot. Today’s theme was simple, 4 exercises done 4 times. First off was Bear Crawl from top of parking line to curb, 4 Merkins, Crawl Bear back to top of parking line, 4 Donkey Kicks. Repeat 4 times.

Mosey over to lot behind school. 5-Worst Merkins (Wide, Normal, Diamond), 10-Big Boy Situps, 15-Plank Jacks, 20-Shoulder Taps then run to other side of lot. Repeat 4 times.

Mosey to loop in front of school. Starting at center of loop: 10-Burpees, 10-Mtn Climbers (4 ct), 10-Lunges (each leg), 10-Smurf Jacks, then run around loop to center spot of on other side. Repeat 4 times. Lots of good mumble-chatter during this segment, except for Tesh who almost lapped everyone.

Slow mosey over to front of middle school for some Wall Webbs. Start in People’s Chair, walk out on hands into Merkin, walk back up on hands into chair for overhead claps. Normal ratio of 1:4. I cut it short at 6:24 so we had time for some mary (and my legs were starting to burn). Back at cars to finish up with 10 tiny circles clockwise, 10 counter-clockwise, then 20 flutters. Time’s up. Hopefully the PAX got their money’s worth today.

Continued prayers for Stang’s family as they mourn the passing of his grandfather as well as all of the kids that Cornerstone is involved with in their treatment group.

Thanks to Jekyll for the opportunity!

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Burpee Bonanza

It was a beautiful 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius for the Canadian viewers) at the Colosseum this morning as 10 PAX decided to show up and get right. I started off with a quick introduction and disclaimer, and then we were off. We did a Mosey around the front of the school followed by some toy soldiers and butt kickers to warm the legs up. We then headed over to the back of the school by the half wall for warmups.


  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Cherry Pickers
  • 10 Low Slow Squats With Air Hump (Aka Fun House Special / Aka 3 Amigos). Demo compliments of Fun House.
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Moroccan Night Clubs

We headed over to the half wall for some YouTube classics.

  • 10 Muscle Ups
  • 10 Wall Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Muscle Ups
  • 10 Wall Mountain Climbers

Moseyed over to the basketball courts for some cone work. Cones were setup with the same yard markers as a football field including the end zone. There were 11 cones each 10 yards apart.

Before we got started we briefly discussed the Q source purposefulness topic this week.

To live right a man has an ultimate purpose in mind.

To live right requires self-sacrifice.

Living right helps a man to stay right.

The Thang:

  • 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 90 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 70 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 50 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.
  • 10 Burpees. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Plank Jacks. Run 30 yards. 10 Plank Jacks. Run 10 yards. 10 Carolina Dry Docs. Run 10 yards. 10 Flutters. Run 10 yards. 10 Squats. Run 10 yards. 10 Burpees. Run 110 yards back.

Since we were in the spirit of football in May, we continued the theme and did some lineman drills. We did 20 yard intervals of partner bull rushing (110 yards down the field and 110 yards back).

We line up for suicides. 50 yards and back. 110 yards and back.

Circled up for six minutes of Mary, then headed back to COT for prayers and praises.



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Grace & Freedom

We had a 8 Pax post at the Colosseum today for a high impact workout. There were 3 respectables among us (Rebel, Bassomatic and Asphalt). They posted strong, ran hard and made us hustle to keep up with them. Straight Up met us after his pre-run and he was ready to bring it. Shout out to Fogerty for blessing me with this opportunity Q.

The Thang

Mosey to the back parking lot

COP: SSH (10x), IW (10x), HBW (20x), Sumo Squats (15x), Merkins (20x), MCs (15x), WMs (15x)

Mosey to the basketball courts and partner up.

Dora (100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 Squats).

Mosey to the front of the school.

Partner Wheel Barrels to each side of the parking lot (2x), Partner Big Boy Sit Ups (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Ski Jumps (15x), Partners Push Ups (15x for 2 rounds), Partner Leg Lifts (15x for 2 rounds)     

Mosey to the bus loop for catch me if you can for 2 laps and 2 burpees at each exchange.

Mosey to the next parking lot.


We are so blessed by God’s grace that sometimes we take it for granted. He sends angels before us to protect us on a daily. For example, do we stop and thank Him for daily traveling grace and a safe commute to and from our workplace? We should.

Shame is the opposite of His grace. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and flaws. Don’t strive for perfection. Instead, commit to making a perfect effort. That’s all anyone can ask of you.

Forgive others. Giving grace to others ensure your freedom. Freedom comes from not holding on to grudges. Be free.



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Spring Break at the Colosseum

Jekyll put out the request on the Twitter machine for a last-minute Q at Colosseum. YHC hadn’t been to that AO in some time and figured, why not? There are some good spaces over there and the PAX are usually up for a tough workout. So, I threw something together and hoped for the best.

Arrived a bit early to set out the cones behind the school, and was honestly a little disappointed when I didn’t see any vehicles upon my return to the parking lot. Apparently there was one, I’m just blind, and JWOW came over to join me a couple minutes before 0515. It was quickly obvious that it was just the two of us, but you can’t ask for a much better person to join you on a cold morning than JWOW. And since I always try to plan a workout that can be done by one or by one hundred, I wasn’t worried about changing things up. Counting in cadence gets a little weird in a group of two, but we’re grown-ups and got over the awkward pretty fast.

Started with a mosey through both drop-off loops, mixing in side shuffles, karaoke, butt kickers, knees to chest, and toy soldiers (the standards). Line-segmented up (no circles here) by the basketball hoops for windmills, Moroccan night clubs, hillbilly squat walkers, and merkins. At least, I think that’s what we did. My memory isn’t so great anymore.

Quick mosey to the small parking lot with the short wall for the Thang.

Simple gauntlet style. Six cones. Descend the ladder (10-9-8-7-6…) for reps.

Cone 1: Burpees

Bear crawl to cone 2

Cone 2: Squat Jumps

Broad jump to cone 3

Cone 3: Merkins

Broad jump to cone 4

Cone 4: Runners Lunge High Knee Skips (count is per side)

Bear crawl to cone 5

Cone 5: calf raises on the curb

Get over the wall to Cone 6

Cone 6: BTTW shoulder taps

Turn around and go back, hitting cones 5-2 (with appropriate movement from cone to cone) for a second round of the same exercise. It makes more sense when you do it, and I think I used fewer words to explain.

Good 2nd F made for a fairly enjoyable time while we also pushed each other to get through the round of 5. It didn’t add up to a ton of reps, but it felt like a lot. Those runners lunge jump things are mean. Everybody who wasn’t there got off easy.

On the plus side, this just means I can reuse the workout, since only JWOWW and I have done it. You’re welcome.

Quick jog back to line segment of trust for announcements and prayers.

Jedi out.

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Colosseum 4/9/18

Perfect Gloom morning for a great beatdown at The Colosseum.  Rock Hill region looks to be partnering with The Fort this month by crossing the river.  Welcome back Reborn and Walker.

Disclaimer disclaimed and off we went.

Couple of laps around the car line with shuffles, kareoke and power skips (you’re welcome WWL) before settling in to COP.  SSH, low slow squats, Moroccan Night clubs and some plank.

Bottom of the hill we had 11’s with Merkins at bottom and squats at top.  Backward run up hill.  Walker, the 57 year old phenom with guns of steel, probably buns too was out front and getting pushed hard from Funhouse.  AYE!

Quick word on Mammon- A man’s work is essential.  It allows him to be a contributing member of society(not a burden) and provide for his family.  However, in our relationship proximity, it is our least important.  Be mindfull when work creeps toward your bullseye supplanting, whetsone, shieldlock, shorties and M relationships.  Work is what you do, not who you are.

Anchorman took over for YHC and lead the PAX through some bench work, wall sits burpees and some Mary.  AYE, Anchorman- T-Claps.

Great to see fresh faces that follow AKA calendar.  Admiral was on fire today- well done!


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The Four Horsemen

We only had four, but they were studs, willing and ready to take on the beatdown.  After a quick disclaimer, the Four Horsemen took a lap around the front of the school and stopped at the basketball court for some warm-up exercises.


SSH x20

Imperial Walker x15

Windmill x15

Plank Stretch

Arm Stretch


Next, we moseyed to the sidewalk near the school.   Our job was to make it across the ring by performing a series of exercises (Lunge walk, Squats, Broad Jump, and Burpee). Rinse and repeat to the end of the parking lot.

It wouldn’t be a Colosseum workout without involving the light pole in the workout.  First, we partnered up.  Partner 1 would run to the next light pole and back while partner 2 performed merkins.  flipflop, then proceed to the next light pole.  Repeat the exercises until the last light pole.  Lots of merkins..misjudged the distance between the light posts.  After we finished at the last light post, we jogged back to the front of the school for some ab work.

LBCs x 25

Flutter x 25

Box Cutters x 20





S2S – Jekyll on Q

Q Source – Topic “Whetstone”




Injured Pax




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3-26-19 Q at the Colosseum: “D-Day”

Normal disclosure and then a Straight Up! style warm-up (you’re gonna get movin’ . . .)

We then divided into 4 groups of personally-assessed fitness levels (no judgments):

a. Just getting restarted

b. I’m making progress, but man do I have a ways to go to meet my goals.

c. I’m not a FNG/newcomer anymore, but I have stagnated and am not at the echelon level yet. It may not be my goal, but I would  like to make a bit more progress.

d. I feel I am close to or already at an Elite fitness level for who God made me at this age. I want to keep pushing myself (some laughs on this one).

From here, I broke the groups generally up into groups of 3.

Theme: Growth

12 “D-Day” Stations. Today’s workout was in honor of my awesome now 12 year old: Yoshi:

Same general scenario throughout the workout:

  1. You are paired up with 2 other PAX. There are 12 stations.
  2. Each PAX takes a turn “leading” to the next station after the previous station has been completed with quality and quantity holding each other accountable. That includes the running pace to the next station and completing the exercises throughout the station.
  3. The “leader” of the next station reads the quote or question on the card and facilitates discussion as each person completes their 3 exercises if the exercise routines permit a discussion.
  4. If you finish an exercise before you transition to the next one at each station or you are waiting on another group to wrap up their station, you are to do “Flying Squirrels” as you wait. If you fail to do this your “leader” (at that station) will have to do 3X what you should have by himself. “Leaders” lead. Groups were asked to keep moving.
  5. If you are waiting on one of your partners to finish their exercise before you can use it (like dumbbells), do flying squirrels while you wait.
  6. You do not have to move to each station in order. Go to the available one as quickly as you can.
  7. If you finish all 12 stations, repeat.
  8. Returned at 5:52 to first bench area to complete 8 mins of Abs.

At Stations: from above do your appropriate group level a/b/c/d depending on which group you are a part of

Station 1:

Discuss your thoughts on this while you workout if your fitness level enables you to. is it right or wrong?

“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” – Lou Holtz

“Every moment of one’s existence one is growing into more or retreating into less.” – Norman Mailer

Dip Bar: 8/12/18/36

Squats: 16/22/32/45

Broad jump (both legs at same time): 10/14/20/30

Station 2:

Discuss your thoughts on this while you workout if your fitness level enables you to:

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t progress to second base and also keep your foot on first.” – Christie Mason

The Donut: squeeze each with each hand one of these times: 30/55/70/90

Merkins: 20/34/48/65

Very high knees in place (each knee up is one): 40/60/90/150

Station 3:

Thoughts on C.S. Lewis quote: “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.”

Wall bag squat thruster throws: 12/24/36/48

Step-ups (each leg): 8/12/16/22

Slow motion knees under hips flat back bear crawls: 6/12/16/24

Station 4 (Legs):

When you try to grow, do you write or journal your thoughts, challenges, experiences, . . .?

Box jumps: 10/15/25/40

Bear Crawls (1 full BC is both back legs move forward): 8/12/20/30

Bulgarian squats: 6/10/15/20

Station 5:

In your immediate surroundings during your week, how often do you crave feedback to improve or get better? Is is constantly, some, or not at all?

2/5/8/15 burpees then small sand bag carry 50 yards

Run to “the wall” and go over the wall (carefully) the number of times and run back go the station cone: 2/4/7/10

Plank with right arm high for 30 secs, Plank with left arm high for 30 secs

Station 6:

With regard to your craft, are you constantly pushing yourself to get better at your craft?

Wall squats: 30 secs/50 secs/60 secs/60 secs with one leg straight out for 30 secs each

Derkins: 8/14/22/34

Mountain climbers: 40/60/86/116

Station 7:

Run a lap at a ___% sprint: 30/50/75/90%

Station 8:

Are you one to set lofty goals, obtainable goals, or rarely set goals?

Run to behind the school to run hills: 2/5/7/12

Station 9:

Is this speaking to you today? “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

Large sand bag carry: Walk/run 30 yards/50 yards/75 yards/125 yards

Kettlebell swings: 15/20/26/42

10 forward lunges then plank hold until KB reps are done

Station 10:

Thoughts on this quote? “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” – John Maxwell

Alligator walks: 10/20/30/40

Bomb jacks: 8/14/20/30

Bucket carry: Walk/run 30 yards/50 yards/75 yards/125 yards

Station 11:

Thoughts on this quote? “All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.” – Robert White

Curls (don’t change the weight): 8/12/16/22

Reverse Lunges (1 leg is one rep): 14/20/28/50

The worst merkin ever: 1 Wide-armed merkin, 1 standard, 1 diamond, burpee up and then down, burpee kick-out (each direction once), 1 ply-clap merkin: 1/3/5/9

Station 12:

Sprints from cone to your car and touch the back wheel and go back to cone: 2/4/5/8

8 mins Abs:

60 secs each:

Figure 8’s

Tuck Planks

Rest 30 secs

60 secs each:

Cross Hop Planks

Scissor “V” ups

30 secs:

21 Crunch

Rest 30 secs.

60 secs each:

Upper Circle Crunches -left

Upper Circle Crunches -right


COT: Announcement, PRAISES-GOOD ONES!, Prayers, Send off

Thank you Jekyll for allowing me to lead.  Lots of fun, men. Thank you for joining me.

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Preparing For the Storm

I was excited to be the Q at The Colosseum this cool morning and my attempt to push the Pax at one of The Fort well known challenging AO’s.  Being one of the older pax, I wanted to push everyone physically and also share what has been going on in my life storm and how I have felt the love and support of the Pax.

A short disclaimer was given since all of the Pax were well versed in F3.  Off we moseyed to the basketball courts and circled up for some warm-up.

  • Wind mill
  • SSH
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • 6 inch hold 10 sec
  • Mountain Climber
  • MNC

Moseyed to the back bus entrance drive for some light pole work.  I arrived early and with the side walk chalk (borrowed from a neighbors child, DD made mention that my kids were to old for sidewalk chalk) I put an exercise at 6 poles.  Start at 1st pole, do the exercise and run to 2nd.  Return back to 1st and go 2nd, 3rd and return.  Continue this up the hill to the 6th pole and back.


  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats
  • 30 Monkey Humpers
  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 CDD
  • 25 Dips

Once all Pax completed then we went back to the 6th pole and worked our way back to the 1st pole.

Mosey back to the basketball court for Mary.

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Dynamic LBC (LBC with feet at 6 inches)
  • Hello Dolly
  • American hammer

This past week has been one of the toughest in our parenting years.  When we got a call at 1:30am from our 21 yr old daughter and she had a serious accident and her car flipped and then caught on fire, our hearts sank.  Thankfully through the Grace of God, all of the events of that night turned out to be ok for our daughter physically.  No injuries and just a loss of material items.  This has opened our eyes to a couple of things.  God’s love and protection of His children even when sometimes we have run far away from Him.  Mental Illness is real and when you see your adult age children struggle with this, it is heart breaking.  The relationships that we build in F3 are real and I have felt the love and support of the PAX.

In the QSource we talk about preparing for the expected and unexpected and the unexpected preparation was confusing to me.  I now understand that for me, this preparation was building the relationships with My Lord, My Shieldlock, Pax and having a good relationship with my M. When the unexpected storms of life come and crash on the beach, you have to have others around to help walk through the storm and lift you up.  I have felt this over the past week.

Thanks to Jekyll for the opportunity to Q and share!!!

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No Balance & No 50-Yard Line

6 Veteran pax posted to The Colosseum on a dry (thank you!) crisp morning to share in another #DRP experience.  Within just a span of a few days, it’s great to experience the energy of the Convergence last Friday with 70-ish pax and then the intimacy of a small group where no one can hide.  Drive-by Disclaimer today given the crowd, and then we were into the warm-up in place as Jekyll pulled in at 0516.

The Thang

COP — SSH, Mtn climber, Parker Peter, Windmill, Hillbilly walker

Mosey to front of school with grassy area/trees along right

Three separate Suicide series to 3 trees and stop sign
1. Bear crawl to trees / backward lunge walk back
2. Backward run to trees / backward run back
3. Sprint to trees / sprint back

Plank series plus Merkins x40

Mosey to basketball courts behind school & pick partner

Dora 1-2-3 EXCEPT NO AGGREGATION, each partner does full count of exercise
1. Merkins x100 / run to 1st light pole & back
2. LBCs x200 / run to 2nd light pole & back
3. Squats x300 / run to 3rd light pole & back
First partner to finish can then aid the other partner in reaching his finish line through aggregate counting of additional exercises

Mosey home



Core of today’s workout was derived from QPoint on The M.  In reading past two weeks of The Jester and The M, I was struck by just how critical these two phases are to the Get Right…almost to the point of deserving more attention, more time, more sharpening than anything up to this point (and maybe even beyond in future weeks).  Just two pieces of The M yielded today’s message and workout template. The “myth” of work-life balance, as I call it, alone could stimulate many long conversations around shared experience.  Work is part of life, and only one of many parts…to pull work outside of life and then try to create balance is like taking a pie slice out of a wheel and then expecting it to roll right.  The idea of a marriage being 50/50 is equally flawed.  I’ve been through many experiences when my wife and I both gave 100 and then we came to the other end with a sum less than 200, in some cases even less than 100.  If you’re not giving 100, then why should your wife?  Or how can you expect to reach your potential.  Thus, the reason for the Dora without aggregation.  All each man could do was encourage his partner and the others around him through word and mostly through action until he’d finished it all.  Interesting to see that each pair finished without much need for aggregate counting.  Way to push!

It was great to see Rebel in The Gloom this am, and see his spirits rebounding.  He kept pace with his partner MacGyver during Dora, proving he put it all out there.

Thank you to Jekyll for the opportunity to lead.  It’s always a privilege.






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Being Vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength

P.S.A attendance is highly recommended. March 27th mark your calendars. F3 St. Louis very own Miyagi and Aerobie has brought light to a sensitive subject that’s right Suicide-mental health awareness. A subject we try and avoid talking about at all or till it’s to late. YHC will be on Q at the Panethon if you can’t make it to the west side of town Stang is on Q at Tomahawk and will also discussing the subject.

I am encouraging you to step up and share your experience. Whether it be about yourself or family member or even a friend. YHC will testify how this subject has effected my life. Please remember what we talk about in COT stays in COT it’s okay to be vulnerable. We are stronger together rather than alone.

Don’t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others. Author Unknown

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.”

”I hide all my scars with an I’m fine.”

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. – Juliette Lewis

The world is a better place with you in it.

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. – unknown

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