Being Still at the Pantheon

4 warriors met in the gloom at the Pantheon. No FNGs present, so the disclaimer was short and we started with some stretching.


2 sets Single leg stretch – one foot planted with knee bent and six near the earth, the other straight out to the side with toes up for a mental count of 30, hold and keep the six down when transferring to the opposite foot
Side split for mental count of 30
10x split fingertip pushups – Fingertips on the ground, sway back as you sink, sway forward to put weight on the fingers as you push up

Mosey to the back parking lot
20x SSH
10x “Werewolf” merkins

The Thang

Mosey to the swings for some fun.
Here we did an exercise using the swings with feet on the swings and palms on the ground in plank position.  (The surface of the playground is this rubbery stuff, so it makes what we were going to do easier on the wrists.) Then a run across the playground (the short way) to the sidewalk by the fence for another exercise. Always running between each.
10x Mantis strike pushups – Do half a merkin and explode up with enough force to get some air. Flip those hands over and land on the back of the wrist with the hand folded in (fingertips up for the mantis strike were demonstrated, but definitely not required).  Alternate every pushup.
10x squats
10x knees to chest – Pull the knees into the chest while on the swing, it feels easy the first few times
10x Pretzel crunch (each leg)
10x mantis strike pushup
30 second hold – No name for this one. Left elbow and knee on the ground. Right palm on the ground. Right leg straight and as high as it can go with toes pulled in towards the knee.  Keep it high for the entire time.  Both sides
10x knees to chest
10x squats – Asked for an audible from Slapshot and got squats

The next thang

Mosey to the amphitheater
Here the plan was to follow the sidewalk.  PAX ran up the left side and down to the end of the sidewalk and performed a number of reps before running back to the main path, up a branch and down again.  There are four ends, so each time there are four exercises.
5x Squats, 5x single leg touch the ground (think single leg deadlift, but straight leg down and up), 5x burpees, Bear crawl the length of the last path and back
After a 10 count… YHC still needed some air and spoke a bit about how he spent a lot of time ‘being still’ when trying to understand things he can change and should, can change and shouldn’t, and can’t change at all.
Then… Rinse and repeat from SET 1
YHC needed some more air, so we assumed “bow and arrow” stance.  Right knee bent (90 degrees), left leg straight. Right hand at right temple, palm out, left arm extended over left leg in a fist with thumb down.  30 seconds and shift to bending the left.
Called out to each PAX for new exercises and got:
Tesh -> 10x 4-count Russian Twists
Slapshot -> 10x Merkins
JWOWW -> 10x donkey kicks
YHC -> 10x Monkey squats

When set 3 was completed there was six minutes left. Time for one more mental position.  Again, no name that I recall, but…
Stand on the right leg, slightly bent. Left knee high with toe pointed down. Back slightly arched, looking over the right shoulder and behind, right arm extended with palm up, left hand palm up by the right armpit.  Hold for 30 seconds (there was a lot of hopping on YHC’s part) and then switch to the other side.

A quick Mosey to COT and enough time for 10 4-count flutters and 20 4-count Russian twists.


At the request of the PAX, YHC expounded a bit on ‘being still’ when dealing with situations where one can, can and shouldn’t, and cannot at all take actions.

YHC practiced with things like job interviews and personal relationships praying and setting defined action dates.  Often starring at the phone, desperately desiring to make an ill-advised phone call… the wait until the date and time was crucial.  It was never about lengthening the wait to condition the mind, so much as making wise decisions about not stirring a pot that doesn’t need stirring.

Announcements were announced. Lots of stuff happening.  Stuff your faces with a cannoli and mow lawns with Assassin!

Prayers and praises were offered and the PAX went home with a little more peaceful warrior in their blood.

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History at The Hive

Pulling into the HIVE early to set-up shop YHC was surprised to see 2 cars already there! Rebel was enjoying a few ‘Be Still’ minutes and Geronimo was getting after it in the parking lot with what appeared to be his Ruck. The rainy weather was holding off & it was a perfect 65 degrees-A great morning to be in the Gloom!

The cars kept rolling & rolling in….17 PAX in total

5:15am- No FNG’s so hit the disclaimer and off we went

COP: Mosey to band parking lot and return back.  Exercises in cadence-

  • SealJacks x 20
  • IW x 15
  • HW x 15
  • Windmill x 10
  • Cherry Picker x 10
  • Plank, Honey Mooner-Downward Dog, Plank
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers x 15

The Thang:

Today’s workout was built around the History of the Hive. All repetition #s, exercises & stories shared were specific to this AO.

4 stations here we go:

Station 1- History Lesson- What is the most famous saying @ The Hive? “5 @ The Hive”. The PAX passed the test with flying colors. In honor of “5 @ The Hive” we hit a 5 cone drill Jacobs ladder style:

  • Cone 1) Inch Worm Merkins & Goblet Squats
  •  Cone 2) Triceps Ext & Reverse Lunges
  • Cone 3) Bicep curl w/ Shoulder press & Burpees
  • Cone 4) BackRows & Swings
  • Cone 5) Upright Rows & Fwd Lunges

Kudos to the PAX as they just got after this station. Little time for mumble chatter with the exception of those as they finished Cone 3 with Burpees.

Station 2- History Lesson- How many years has the Hive been an AO? How many site Q’s have there been & who are they? The PAX again pulled together and we went with 3 years (almost 4 years) and 3 sites Q’s- Longshanks, Tesh & BandCamp!

In honor of this we went 3 rounds of the Site Q’s assigned exercises:

Longshanks-Thrusters, Tesh-The Standing Tesh or Bi/Tri, Bandcamp-Swings

  • Round 1: 9 Thrusters, 9 count Standing Tesh, 9 Swings
  • Round 2: 9 Thrusters, 18 Bi/Tri Superset, 9 Swings
  • Round 3: 9 Thrusters, 9 count Standing Tesh, 9 Swings

Station 3- History Lesson- Geronimo’s Gauntlet (This needs to be in The Exicon) 

We did our best rendition of the 2018 Hive version of Geronimo’s Gauntlet. A Pax favorite it was started by no other than Geronimo himself and it goes something like this- *Line up all the Kettlebells lightest to heaviest. One by one, Pax go down the line and perform bent over rows at each KBell. (3 rows each side for time today). The waiting Pax can plank up, Al Gore, etc… With 17 KBells lined up our lats got some serious work. The heavy 40-50lb KBells at the end of the line gave us all an example of how JWOWW, Geronimo & Tesh get after it. Strong work Men!

Station 4- 5:58am and we escaped the planned AMRAP station due to time. Better to be over prepared than not enough. YHC took a moment to read  from the theme of the month and take just a moment to “Be Still”.

COT- Announcements from Newsletter, upcoming events

Prayers/Praises: Rebels 28th Wedding Anniversary. Prayers for all families traveling for the upcoming Spring Break week.

It was an honor to be with the Pax this morning- Thanks BandCamp for the opportunity!





TClap |

Shovel flag hand off at LacesIn

15 Pax sounded the call and hit LacesIn on this brisk morning while 4 Pax hit the track for LacesOut.

The Thang

YHC ran through the disclaimer and then handed off Cyclops to get the party started.  I think Cyclops may have said Mosey, but it was basically a sprint from the stadium parking lot to the band parking lot.

COP – all in cadence.  Moroccan Night Clubs x 16, Baby Arm Circles foward and backwards x 16, SSH x 32, windmills x 16, Merkins x 8

Mosey back to The Hive’s parking lot and start at first light pole for 64 squats, mosey to light pole across parking lot for 32 walking lunges.  Mosey to next light pole for 16 calf raises regular, 16 calf raises with toes pointed in and 16 with toes pointed out.  Mosey back across parking lot to light pole for 8 box cutters, 4 bomb jacks and 2 burpees.  Do same exercises in reverse starting with the 2 burpees and working back up.

Hand off back to YHC.  I had planned on some NCAA march madness trivia and life got in the way, so just settled for one question.  Who has won the most titles and how many?  Bonsai and Offset combined for correct answer of UCLA with 11.  In honor of UCLA’s 11 titles we did 11’s with burpees and squat jumps.  Lined up on curb to start with 10 burpees ran to 2nd light pole for 1 squat jump, back to curb for 9 burpees then back to light pole for 2 squat jumps.  Continue until you are 1 burpee and 10 squat jumps.

Mosey back to stadium parking lot for 6 minutes of mary all exercises in cadence to 10.  LBCs with feet on the ground, lbcs with feet raised (normal), lbcs with right leg straight, lbcs with left leg extend, and dying cockroaches.


Christina Latini Memorial 8k in Huntersville on 3/30.  If you cannot make that they are doing a virtual 8k at Alcatraz.

T-claps to Cyclops as he takes over as site Q of LacesIn.  Very excited to see what he will do as new site Q!  Also, much appreciated to everyone that has come out or Q’d at LacesIn the past couple of years.  You have made posting each Thursday enjoyable.

TClap |

Laces In 11:2019

14 PAX gathered in the Lenten gloom. 10 Laced up bootcampers stayed IN and 4 runners went OUT. With a disclaimer and a reminder that YHC makes no claims as to the efficacy of the following workout, we were off:

Mosey to spot outside the cafeteria
SSH x50 (almost all cadence counts began slowly and got faster. See the NMM.)
Acceleration talk
Mtn Climbers x20
Windmill x10
Moroccan Night Club x20
BTTW w/ shoulder tap x10

Mosey to band practice lot
Set up on the line
Run 100+yards
25% 50% 75% 95%, Bear Crawl the entire length, 100% (accelerating)

Mosey to spot between the main building and the band/ceramics wing
Hold People’s Chair while each PAX completes 5 burpees
10 count
Hold People’s Chair while each PAX says their 2019 word of the year
PAX echo the word of the year in affirmation

Mosey to the front entrance
Dips x20
Derkins x10

Mosey back to COT running up and down the tennis bleachers and around the back (there’s two barely visible benches back there, be careful if you take that route).

Down Dog to Piegon Lunges
Standing and Seated Forward Bend

Flutters x20 (variable tempo on the count)
Dying Cockroach x20 (variable tempo on the count)



In this Lenten season, I find myself contemplating the Christian discipline of self denial and examination that relate to accelerating man and issues that hinder acceleration (The Jester).

When PAX commit to accelerating towards advantage, then deceleration may (must?) take place in areas of a man’s life that hinder acceleration. Like deciding to run a race with a weight attached, we can remove the handicap by our choices, systems, and structures (my word for 2019). An accelerating man is continually refocusing on what is important and what is essential for each of the three Fs. Where in our life to we need to decelerate to maximize acceleration?

My challenge as a Q is to build 2nd and 3rd F elements into the 1st F workout. For this one, I  accelerated most cadence counts and occasionally decelerating the count (especially in Flutters) to help emphasize the additional physical gain from moving faster or slower.

Great to post with such a illustrious group of HIMs; an honor and a privilege to lead them.

-Band Camp dismissed

TClap |


What an amazing day to be a part of The Fort Region! The weather was glorious. We kept the workout at a high level of intensity for 45 minutes. All of us pushed each other beyond our limits. Each HIM shared what was on their hearts in COT. I got emotional when Band Camp and 38 Special shared their fatherhood blessings and struggles. In fact, I’m still impacted by their testimonies. #RealTalk

The Thang:

SSHs (20x), IWs (20x), Parker Peters (15x), Slow Sumo Squats (15x), WMs (15x), Box Cutters (15x)

The Kettlebell Board of Pain:

  1. 100 Yard Dash
  2. Lunges (Double Count)
  3. Big Boy Sit Ups
  4. Goblet Squats
  5. Man Makers
  6. Merkins (Split Count)
  7. American Hammers (Double Count)
  8. Kettlebell  Swings
  9. Flutter Kicks (Double Count)
  10. Curls (Double Count)
  11. Tricep Extensions
  12. Upright Rows

COP: Leg lifts (15x), Skull Crushers (15x), Captain Thors (7x)  


God has invested power in each of us. An example of God’s investment of power in man is when Peter healed the lame beggar in Acts 3. To make this miracle happen, Peter had to build a relationship with God, hear God’s calling and practice an act of obedience.

Do you know what power or spiritual gift God gave you? If so, what are you doing with your power?

We may not all be miracle makers. However, sometimes your obedience can help God’s victory.

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Sightseeing at The Colosseum

Today was my first post at The Colosseum. So with a quick drive by and with a little help from google maps, I planned a flexible weinke that could change as we went along. Also, this was the first weinke that I memorized, so seeing some progress!

I met Jekyll at Wegman’s Chimbote convergence (officially… cant recall if we had crossed paths prior). The first thing he said to me was an encouragement, and that spoke volumes. He is definitely a HIM and a leader. Some just make a huge first impression – he’s one of those people.

Five PAX rolled up on time, and a sixth snuck in as we began to mosey. We took a quick loop around the middle school pick up lane and then headed toward the flags for our warm up.

Windmills x 11
SSH x 11
Overhead Claps x 11
Tappy Taps x 7
Yoga Flow (so deep there may have been some indecent exposure, we were told)

Mosey under cover to basketball courts.

Basketball Courts

Bear Crawl across court
Al Gore in wait for six + 30 seconds at each light pole
Bear Crawl back across court
Low Plank in wait for the six + 30 seconds at each light pole

Covered Lunges

Lunge walk under cover from courts toward Dave Gibson
5 burpees at each double door (4 doors)
BTTW for 30 seconds
Lunge walk back, 5 flying squirrels at each double door.

We came upon a wall that looked perfect for a little BTTW side shuffle.

Go as far as you can and go, then back in the same direction. 

Mosey to the hill. Wait for the six.

Hill Work

Run down first hill – 10 CDD’s
Run up hill toward 160 – 10 Bomb Jacks
Run back down hill – 10 CDD’s
Run up hill toward GH – 10 Bomb Jacks
LBC’s for the six

Light Pole Suicides

From the main entrance – Furthest Four Lights
Out and back run, merkins at each light starting with the furthest.

From between GHMS and GHES – Closer Four Lights
Flying Squirrels

In all, 2.4 miles were run.


Joe Davis run is this weekend!
Omaha – Laces Out and Tempo meeting Thursday morning at 0500 at WEP for a course preview of Joe Davis.

JWoww’s Father In Law passed last Wednesday – pray he can be the rock for his family, and that he can help process it in a healthy way with his children
Sleep training for my youngest – 3 months and she is starting to show signs of progress.
F3 – Boone is starting up. Pray it launches well and that it continues to grow the mission of this community. Pray for Double D leading that.
F3 has been a blessing and a support system unlike many we could find on our own.
Tesh was able to speak for 40 minutes without issue to a group of 100+ engineers. He says he wouldn’t have been able to do so without the training and encouragement here at F3.

We prayed and dispersed. Solid morning.

While driving home, my quads felt like they were burning. I’d say that’s indicative of a good workout. In all, it was a successful first trip to The Colosseum. A solid AO with many options to get your beat down on!


Thank you, Jekyll, for being  a HIM and challenging me to lead.


Punch List Out.

TClap |


It was a blessing to post with 7 #HIMs this morning. We finally got a break from seven straight days of rain. JWOWW shared his frigid and wet Yeti experience with us which drastically reduced our FOMO. Polaroid ran a 5K during our workout and finished up the boot camp with us, like a boss. Today’s workout was a slow burn. Intentionally reps that forced us to use our core instead of momentum.

The Thang:

SSHs (20x), IWs (20x), HBWs (20x) Slow Sumo Squats (15x), WMs (15x), MCs (15x)

Mosey w/ your kettlebell to the first corner.

Circuit 1:

  • Upright Rows (7x)
  • Floor Presses (7x/side)
  • American Hammers(7x)
  • Kettlebell Swings (15x OYO)
  • Crushing Halos (10x/side OYO)

Mosey w/ your kettlebell to the next corner.

Circuit 2:

  • Overhead Squats (7x)
  • Bent Rows (7x/side)
  • Curls (7x/side)
  • Around The World (10x/side OYO)
  • Get Ups (5x/side OYO)

Mosey w/ your kettlebell to the next corner.

Circuit 3:

  • Goblet Squats (7x)
  • Kettlebell Holds (2x, 5 counts)
  • Travolta’s (15x)
  • Skull Crushers (20 OYO)
  • Figure 8’s (8x/side OYO)

Mosey w/ your kettlebell to the next corner.

Circuit 4:

  • Tricept Extensions (7x)
  • Saxxon Press (7x)
  • Oblique Press (7x/side)
  • Kettlebell Swings (10x OYO)
  • Ribbons (10x/side OYO)

Partner Drills – Line up at the stop sign and face the end of the parking lot.

  • Partner Drill 1: 100 floor presses total and alternate runners to the end of the parking lot.
  • Partner Drill 2: 100 curls total and alternate runners to the end of the parking lot.
  • Partner Drill 3: 100 goblet squats total and alternate runners to the end of the parking lot.


What’s the difference between grace and mercy? Mercy is God not punishing us as we deserve.Grace is our undeserved favor from God. An illustration of their difference In today’s terms is as follows:

  • The mercy of God is like God forgiving your financial debt.
  • The grace of God is like filling up an empty bank account with new money.

Know that we deserve God’s wrath but we’re still here because He is merciful. # Proverbs 28:13. Share His mercy by forgiving and praying for others who have trespassed against you. The act of forgiveness is counter to today’s culture but can lead to more abundant life under His mercy.



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Tomahawk 2019.05

I’m posting this a little late because I have been lacking in the discipline department lately.  It’s my One Word because for some reason, I knew it was going to be a hard year to stay motivated…

This workout was a JackWeb-o-thon.

Warmup (nothing special)

Small dora to ramp up heart rate (100 merkins, 200 LBCs while partner farmer carries 2 KBs 40 yds and back)

Snatch and Tricep Ext x10 each
Jack Web – up to 7
Snatch and Tricep Ext x10 each

Squats and single leg deadlift x10 each
Jekyll Web – (squats and jump lunges)
Squats and single leg deadlift x10 each

Russian twist and dying cockroach (w KBs) x20 each
Tesh Web? – (leg lifts and heals to heaven)
Russian twist and dying cockroach (w KBs) x20 each

Some more exercises to finish up time.

TClap |

Laces In 2019.08

So for the beat down portion of this I was trying to accomplish an under 30 second max effort and a 3 minute max effort.  So the 30 second effort was a 100 yard dash and the 3 minute max reps of burpees.  This was flanked by other exercises but generally, I wanted to hit the two shorter metabolic pathways (google it) this morning.

Because we were doing sprints, there was a longer warmup period than usual.  After the obligatory SSH there was windmills, squats, merkins, and slow MNCs (full rotaion) .  Then the warmup for legs which includes your karaoke, buttkickers, high knees, and WWL power skips.

Sprint, some talking for cooldown, sissy squats, (or Greek god Sisyphus squat, again google it) peter pointers x4
Mosey to patio
Peoples chair 2 min w arm flutters, B2W w/ 10x should taps
3min max reps Burpees
Peoples chair 1 min w calf raises, B2W 30 seconds
Mosey to COT for more slow MNCs

I kinda went over the two prevalent “feel good” hormones in the body: dopamine and serotonin.  Dopamine is associated with addiction while serotonin is associated with well being.  The body can get easily addicted to dopamine release, and once associated, addictions will “cross pollinate” and an addictive personality is born.  So please look for addictive patterns and don’t feed them, in yourselves or others.

On the other hand, serotonin is not really tied to addiction as it is slow releasing  usually requires some sort of initial effort or discomfort.  Exercise  stretching, breathing, as well as cold exposure and meditation all influence serotonin.  But most is created in your stomach.  So feed your stomach and not your mouth.

TClap |

Keeping it moving at FMHS

No FNG’s but made sure to deliver a Disclaimer on this brisk 23-degree morning. The crowd was a little light this morning, but strong.


SSH x50- for Trucker

Quick stretch

Mosey- HS Lot- Toy Soldiers in between heading to big parking lot

Mosey to Hive area-

Circle up

  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Hillbilly Walker x20
  • Moroccan knight club x20

Mosey to Cut through

  • Shuffle/Karaoke
  • 20 squats

Mosey to light post

  • 5 burpees

The Thang

Mosey to front of school- Partner up for some DORA

  • 100- Flying squirrels
  • 200 merkins
  • 300 flutters- double count


Partner 1- works through the exercises until Partner 2 returns

Partner 2- Runs the outside of the parking lot area around the 4 posts

Flapjack until Exercise goal is reached

Head to the benches- 20 dips OYO

Find a spot on the curb for calf raises- 25 reg, 25 out, 25 in

During the calf raises, I reminded the PAX of the upcoming theme for February- Living. It was great timing after Ginsu’s message last week at the Fort on finding JOY in every day. With everything going on, that is unbelievably a challenge. We need to start asking ourselves why? Because we are trying to keep up with everyone else instead enjoying what is right in front of us? Or maybe we are holding on to old scars that keep our mind from enjoying the moment?  I need to work on this and try and fail every day. So much to be thankful for, but yet we (and I) struggle to live that way each day.  PAX reach out to your Whetstone, or me, and let’s work together to get there. AYE!


Mosey back to cut through

  • 15 LS squats/ 25 LBC’s/ 5 burpees

Mosey to end of parking lot to the curb and turn and face lot

  • Suicides- 4 lines x 3 three rounds. After each round, 5 merkins and 5 CDD

Mosey to COT

  • Heels to heaven
  • American hammers
  • Hello Dolly



Joe Davis- March 9th

YETI- Feb 23rd

OP Sweet Tooth- Virtual run in FT. Mill area. Check Pre-Blast



JWWOW- family member cancer free (I might have messed that up but I think it is close)

PAX appreciation for the group that was present




A lot of prayers went around which was positive. Good to hear PAX putting it out there for support


Rock Thrill’s daughter (recovery after a bad spill at school)

Family/ Children

And anyone else that was mentioned and missed.

Appreciate the PAX who made it happen today, and thanks LIL’ E for the opportunity.


Frat Boy

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