Being Still at the Pantheon

4 warriors met in the gloom at the Pantheon. No FNGs present, so the disclaimer was short and we started with some stretching.


2 sets Single leg stretch – one foot planted with knee bent and six near the earth, the other straight out to the side with toes up for a mental count of 30, hold and keep the six down when transferring to the opposite foot
Side split for mental count of 30
10x split fingertip pushups – Fingertips on the ground, sway back as you sink, sway forward to put weight on the fingers as you push up

Mosey to the back parking lot
20x SSH
10x “Werewolf” merkins

The Thang

Mosey to the swings for some fun.
Here we did an exercise using the swings with feet on the swings and palms on the ground in plank position.  (The surface of the playground is this rubbery stuff, so it makes what we were going to do easier on the wrists.) Then a run across the playground (the short way) to the sidewalk by the fence for another exercise. Always running between each.
10x Mantis strike pushups – Do half a merkin and explode up with enough force to get some air. Flip those hands over and land on the back of the wrist with the hand folded in (fingertips up for the mantis strike were demonstrated, but definitely not required).  Alternate every pushup.
10x squats
10x knees to chest – Pull the knees into the chest while on the swing, it feels easy the first few times
10x Pretzel crunch (each leg)
10x mantis strike pushup
30 second hold – No name for this one. Left elbow and knee on the ground. Right palm on the ground. Right leg straight and as high as it can go with toes pulled in towards the knee.  Keep it high for the entire time.  Both sides
10x knees to chest
10x squats – Asked for an audible from Slapshot and got squats

The next thang

Mosey to the amphitheater
Here the plan was to follow the sidewalk.  PAX ran up the left side and down to the end of the sidewalk and performed a number of reps before running back to the main path, up a branch and down again.  There are four ends, so each time there are four exercises.
5x Squats, 5x single leg touch the ground (think single leg deadlift, but straight leg down and up), 5x burpees, Bear crawl the length of the last path and back
After a 10 count… YHC still needed some air and spoke a bit about how he spent a lot of time ‘being still’ when trying to understand things he can change and should, can change and shouldn’t, and can’t change at all.
Then… Rinse and repeat from SET 1
YHC needed some more air, so we assumed “bow and arrow” stance.  Right knee bent (90 degrees), left leg straight. Right hand at right temple, palm out, left arm extended over left leg in a fist with thumb down.  30 seconds and shift to bending the left.
Called out to each PAX for new exercises and got:
Tesh -> 10x 4-count Russian Twists
Slapshot -> 10x Merkins
JWOWW -> 10x donkey kicks
YHC -> 10x Monkey squats

When set 3 was completed there was six minutes left. Time for one more mental position.  Again, no name that I recall, but…
Stand on the right leg, slightly bent. Left knee high with toe pointed down. Back slightly arched, looking over the right shoulder and behind, right arm extended with palm up, left hand palm up by the right armpit.  Hold for 30 seconds (there was a lot of hopping on YHC’s part) and then switch to the other side.

A quick Mosey to COT and enough time for 10 4-count flutters and 20 4-count Russian twists.


At the request of the PAX, YHC expounded a bit on ‘being still’ when dealing with situations where one can, can and shouldn’t, and cannot at all take actions.

YHC practiced with things like job interviews and personal relationships praying and setting defined action dates.  Often starring at the phone, desperately desiring to make an ill-advised phone call… the wait until the date and time was crucial.  It was never about lengthening the wait to condition the mind, so much as making wise decisions about not stirring a pot that doesn’t need stirring.

Announcements were announced. Lots of stuff happening.  Stuff your faces with a cannoli and mow lawns with Assassin!

Prayers and praises were offered and the PAX went home with a little more peaceful warrior in their blood.

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