You Can Keep Your Speed…This Is About Form


PAX of The Fort or wherever else you call home. Let me offer you a slight change to your regularly scheduled Friday post. Or if you don’t have a regularly scheduled Friday post, consider joining me this Friday, April 26 at what is normally named, Slow Burn.

In short, I’m tired of seeing my brothers focused on speed which often comes at the expense of their form which in turn, can lead to injury. If you’re waking up early, putting on your workout gear, driving your 1/2-alert soul to an AO and engaging in the local mumble chatter, then you owe it to yourself to do the exercises correctly. This 45mins on Friday will be focused on doing exercises slowly AND correctly. I should also note, this will not be a moderate-level bootcamp but judging by over 1/2 the men that are consistently posting at moderate workouts, your minds and bodies are ready for the next challenge anyways. So save the whining and recognize that this will be focused on accelerating your KING, not merely coasting with your King.

Our Rock Hill brothers talk preach, “Tighten Your Core” but what does that really mean? I can tell you, it is more than a loud directive; there is something to it. Well, this Friday, I will help you identify what that means to you. Let me state again, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. But, after years of lifting things, pulling things, pushing things and carrying things, I do want to ensure we do all these things correctly. Injuries will sometimes inhibit you but if you can’t do it the right way, you might want to consider why you’re trying to do it at all. Modification can be a good thing.

I am not doing this to be critical; I’m excited to do this to encourage you to learn a few tips that can be incorporated into all of your exercises. Things like how to tighten or at least, engage your core during everyday exercises like squats, merkins, side-straddle hops and yes, even windmills. We’ll even review what your core is and why it’s important to strength and stability.

That said, I hope you’re able to join me this Friday and if there is enough interest, we might have an encore one day soon. And who knows, we might even need to illicit additional guidance from the professionals like Sasquatch, Bones and a few others.

So, enough with the 1/2 squats, the head-bob or body-pivot merkins or even the imperial walkers where it looks like your only goal is to barely lift your size 11’s off the earth. Let’s focus on doing these correctly and at a pace that will remind you how hard these exercises can be. Come join me to learn, get pushed, get better and yes, this will be a serious workout.


Maximus – Your Q for April 26 at Slow Burn.

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