30 Day Ab Challenge – Spring 2019

Summer is almost here, so it is time to get that core firm and tight. Everyone wants to look good at the beach. But working on your core benefits not only your ego but your overall health and performance as well.

I’d like to say I am in above average physical condition, but I have NEVER had a good, solid core. I’m not talking about Tesh-like 6pack abs, but a good overall solid core. For one, I do not pay attention to the Queen (nutrition) as much as I should, but I also do not pay much attention to working my core other than F3 posts. That results in sporadic core work. Sound familiar to everyone? BTW – Tesh puts in ALOT of work towards being in the condition he is in. Kudos to him. I am not going to ask you all to do that level of effort. But what you will be doing is focusing on your core for 30 days straight.

Here is the lowdown on the 30 Day Ab Challenge:

  • It will be an App based workout program. Download the App “Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout” by the app developer Leap Fitness Group.
    • Taylor the workout to your ab/core goals – 6pack chiseled, stronger core, or losing belly fat. You can choose different levels of effort by choosing what you want to focus on.
    • Each day the app gives you a new workout.
    • It gives you tutorials on how to do the workout and shows proper form.
    • If you want to choose a different app or do your own F3 exicon workouts, then you do you, but keep it solely focused on ab/core work.
    • Any and all ab/core exercises done during an F3 post DO NOT COUNT. We want extra attention on our core.
    • Standard F3 disclaimer applies. You know your body. Don’t get hurt. Live to fight another day.
  • First workout starts Friday 5/10. That way the 30 days ends right around when all Fort Mill / Charlotte schools end (~6/7).
  • You workout when, where you want. It can be done before or after a normal F3 post or at your home on your own time.
  • This will be honor based. No signups. No spreadsheets to track it.
    • BUT……we will shield lock each other!! There will be a Twitter DM group created by YHC so we can all encourage each other on as well as hold each other accountable.
    • A Slack comz channel “30 Day Abs Challenge” has been created. Join in as well.
  • Find a battle buddy, a shield lock to hold you accountable!!
  • Try to pay attention to The Queen (your nutrition) while doing this. Keep that progress moving forward.

>> TO GET IN ON THE FUN:  Your commitment to this challenge will be registered by your HC to the Twitter posting of this Preblast and/or if you join the Slack channel noted above. When you HC on Twitter I will add you to the Twitter FM group. Then you are in! <<

Now in the end I am not saying you will have washboard abs, but if you stick to the daily exercise regimen and pay attention to The Queen, you WILL get better.

An individual working towards a goal is one thing, but a group can accomplish great things. Let’s accomplish great things together! YOU can do this! WE can do this!!


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