30 Day Ab Challenge – Spring 2019

Summer is almost here, so it is time to get that core firm and tight. Everyone wants to look good at the beach. But working on your core benefits not only your ego but your overall health and performance as well.

I’d like to say I am in above average physical condition, but I have NEVER had a good, solid core. I’m not talking about Tesh-like 6pack abs, but a good overall solid core. For one, I do not pay attention to the Queen (nutrition) as much as I should, but I also do not pay much attention to working my core other than F3 posts. That results in sporadic core work. Sound familiar to everyone? BTW – Tesh puts in ALOT of work towards being in the condition he is in. Kudos to him. I am not going to ask you all to do that level of effort. But what you will be doing is focusing on your core for 30 days straight.

Here is the lowdown on the 30 Day Ab Challenge:

  • It will be an App based workout program. Download the App “Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout” by the app developer Leap Fitness Group.
    • Taylor the workout to your ab/core goals – 6pack chiseled, stronger core, or losing belly fat. You can choose different levels of effort by choosing what you want to focus on.
    • Each day the app gives you a new workout.
    • It gives you tutorials on how to do the workout and shows proper form.
    • If you want to choose a different app or do your own F3 exicon workouts, then you do you, but keep it solely focused on ab/core work.
    • Any and all ab/core exercises done during an F3 post DO NOT COUNT. We want extra attention on our core.
    • Standard F3 disclaimer applies. You know your body. Don’t get hurt. Live to fight another day.
  • First workout starts Friday 5/10. That way the 30 days ends right around when all Fort Mill / Charlotte schools end (~6/7).
  • You workout when, where you want. It can be done before or after a normal F3 post or at your home on your own time.
  • This will be honor based. No signups. No spreadsheets to track it.
    • BUT……we will shield lock each other!! There will be a Twitter DM group created by YHC so we can all encourage each other on as well as hold each other accountable.
    • A Slack comz channel “30 Day Abs Challenge” has been created. Join in as well.
  • Find a battle buddy, a shield lock to hold you accountable!!
  • Try to pay attention to The Queen (your nutrition) while doing this. Keep that progress moving forward.

>> TO GET IN ON THE FUN:  Your commitment to this challenge will be registered by your HC to the Twitter posting of this Preblast and/or if you join the Slack channel noted above. When you HC on Twitter I will add you to the Twitter FM group. Then you are in! <<

Now in the end I am not saying you will have washboard abs, but if you stick to the daily exercise regimen and pay attention to The Queen, you WILL get better.

An individual working towards a goal is one thing, but a group can accomplish great things. Let’s accomplish great things together! YOU can do this! WE can do this!!


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F3 The Fort Convergence to Honor our own Badger

YHC (Cake Boss) got a text back in March from Atticus that one of our own has been diagnosed with liver cancer and it was aggressive. This hit close to home in many ways as my sister passed away in October from liver cancer and it was still very tough to realize the finality of her passing.

Badger was EHed as part of the Knight’s Bridge PAX. Was a regular at Alcatraz but got very involved with Stealth Baseball and travel for work, but was still an advocate for F3 and a PAX member forever. Jiffy was one of Badger’s EH’s and is a legacy that will live in The Fort.

Through church, I saw the many prayer requests were coming in for Badger since I am a Deacon and last week I saw the call for hospice was made. Never a good sign! A group of us went to Badger’s house on Sunday and prayed with him and his wife as the time was getting short. Monday morning while leaving workout a text from Badger’s M mentioned the nurse said it would only be hours. By the time I got out of the shower, Badger had passed. 60 days from diagnoses

While at the house the conversation with Decibel, Becky and his mother in-law it was clear Badger had all is trust in Jesus and that there was “NO DOUBT” where he was spending eternity. Missing Badger will be tough for his M, Kids, family, Stealth Baseball, friends and many others but the Joy of having “NO DOUBT” where he is and that those who call Jesus Lord will see him again is overwhelming any sadness.

Here is the workout that we did to honor Badger. 124 men in The Fort with 100’s across F3 Nation wearing Badger Red on Thursday AOs for our brother.

Sir Topham Hat led the COP and asked that the PAX be silent and really reflect would it means for all of to be there and remember Badger the man!

Senator Tressel:

The Thang:
Mosey from the big lot to the small grass circle near the back entrance to the stadium.  SWITZER
I took a few minutes to tell my group about my friendship with Matt.  Matt and his family lived a few houses down from my family in Knightsbridge before they moved a few years ago.   Our families got to know each other and we did the normal neighborly things like backyard cookouts, Halloween celebrations, birthday parties, playing with our kids together, and helping each other with home projects.    My daughter Claire babysat their kids, and my son Sam and their son Brayden became fast friends.   The Gieslers were great neighbors and friends, and we enjoyed spending time with them.
Matt played late night soccer so he didn’t make many F3 workouts during the week, but he joined us (me, Decibel, Trucker) at Alcatraz for Saturday workouts.
My wife called me one day to inform me about Matt’s cancer and that it was quite serious.  I couldn’t believe it.  He was just 39 years old.   Matt and his family moved to a new neighborhood a few years ago so I had not seen him in a while.  But, I sent him a text message offering my encouragement and support.  I texted Matt several times over the past 2 months and let him know that we were all praying for him.  Decibel, Trucker, Jiffy, Change Order, and I visited Matt a few weeks ago at his home.  We just hung out together, had a few laughs, talked about what Matt was going through, and we prayed together.    The group had plans to get together this past Wednesday, but sadly, Matt died before we could meet again.  I am very, very sad for the loss of my friend at such a young age, and I grieve for Becky, his children, his Mom and Dad, and his sisters and brothers.  I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with Matt before he passed away so suddenly.
On to the workout:
Line up facing the driveway leading to Munn Road for Jacob’s Ladder.  Run to the 2nd light, do a burpee, run back and loop around the grass circle.  Repeat for 1-7 burpees at the light.   Plank at the base of the drive way and wait for the 6.  Right arm/left arm high, 6″ hold and recover.
Mosey to the grass field outside the stadium for Jack Webb.  Start with 1/4 and work up to 10/40.
Freddie Merc x 20, Rosalita x 20, Hello Dolly x 20.  Superman hold x 3
Meet the rest of the Pax on the football field for COT.
Here’s my WO: mosy to football field. in honor of Badger being 39; 39 merkins, 39 squats, 39 CCD, 39 LBCs. Since he was a football and soccer fan, run up and down the stadium stands from one end to the other. In end zone, Jake Webb’s 1-4 ratio but stop at 39 arm raises. Sprint every 10 yard line from end zone to end zone. At each 10 yard line do 1 merkin to 5 squats. Increase by 1/5 up to 5/25, then descend back to 1/5 at opposite 10yd line. Head to fence, toe touches holding onto fence for 39 reps. Spoke James 1:12 at COT. We lost a humble friend. Loved opening house for us to sit around fire pit and drink a beer and fellowship; a great family man.
BURPEE X15 Soccer Run
LBCs X39 E2K X20
Soccer Run During the workout we keep 3 soccer balls moving at all time to honor Badger’s love for soccer. Badger was a man I respected to the utmost. He was not a guy that sought attention or glory, but he was always there when you needed him. He was in short a dependable guy. He loved his family and was a loyal friend. I was able to sit and talk with him after his sickness and his braveness and faith shown through at that time. He did not want to leave his family but was also welcoming of heaven. I am at peace because I know he is at peace. One thing I learned from the experience was not to wait to sit down with friends and be real. Let them know how you feel about them and always make sure they are walking with God.
Here my workout : Mosey over to the side of the parking lot and circled up the Pax. Started with reminding them that this was a silent workout. I asked them to keep Becky and the family in their thoughts to provide her strength and comfort. We got started with the workout – 5 burpees OYO. There were 3 rows of cones setup. Started first bear crawling to the first, then running to the second, then bear crawling to the last. At each cone do 10 merkins. Once you hit the last cone run back. Repeat with 10 wide arm merkins at each cone. Switched to legs with lunge walk to the first cone, run to the next, lunge walk to the last. At each cone do 5 bomb jacks. Run back. Repeat again with 10 squats. We circled up and did a set of 10 LBCs and then 10 American Hammers. Next in sequence – 10 merkins, 10 plank jacks, 10 wide arm merkins, 10 plank jacks and then 10 diamond merkins. We paused and shared with them that I’m involved with F3 because of Matt. I shared how weeks after Matt first moved in across the street he had a party. At the time I had never heard of F3. In his basement I met a number of the guys leading today’s Q. A couple of weeks later Matt got me to my first workout at Alcatraz. I shared that F3 has had a very positive impact on my life and I would be forever grateful. We returned to do more cone work. First a straight suicide. Then the bear crawl sequence with 10 dry docks and 10 dips, the the lunge walk sequence with 10 monkey humpers. Circled up again and did the sequence of 10s again of merkins, plank jacks, wide arm merkins, plank jacks and diamond merkins. We paused and talked with the Pax about how Matt got diagnosed just 60 days ago. I shared how Matt was a great man and a servant leader to his family. I shared that his introduction to F3 had a lasting impact on me. I challenged the Pax (and myself) on what impact am I having, how am I using my time. Returned to the workout with 5 burpees. We wrapped up with some ab work and headed over the stadium. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the Convergence and to Matt
Men of The Fort:
There will be a 60 day challenge coming to continue remembering Matt/Badger….be prepared
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Children’s Attention Home / Guidance New F3 Exercise Station – Thank You

All Area PAX:

On Saturday Sept 30 a small group of F3 PAX set out that morning, a short time after the Convergence celebrating The Fort’s 5th Anniversary, to permanently change the landscape at the Children’s Attention Home / Guidance. The fruition of all the burpees and subsequent pledges from the 2017 CAH Burpee Challenge spearheaded by Chicken Wing would culminate in the installation of some permanent outdoor exercise equipment that day. This small group of men would be representing many from F3 Nation’s local regions – The Fort, Rock Hill, York, and Indian Land, among others – who participated in the challenge. Those who participated believed that there was a meaning, a purpose, a goal that is greater than themselves. The exercise equipment will be a permanent physical example to those at CAH Guidance, and others as well, of what F3 is all about. Not only of the importance of the 1st F, but power behind the 2nd and 3rd F’s as well – when you invigorate the leader within, and you have Faith, the possibilities are limitless.

After several hours of hard work, with help from the young leader residents at CAH Guidance, as well as a lot of GREAT 2nd F, the work was finally complete! It was not easy work at all, but by now we all know to choose to do the harder thing and get after it, which the team did with no complaints. We all pushed, pulled, and motivated each other to completion, a true Shield Lock effort. By no means was it a ‘professional’ installation, but the heart put into the work cannot be denied. It was obviously a labor of Love.

The equipment is quite rugged, well designed, well built, and installed in a manner to where it will last quite some time. T-Claps to Chicken Wing on the design, Iron Horse for his incredibly well done job fabricating the bars, and to all of those who participated in the installation efforts led by Chicken Wing and Iron Horse. It was a GREAT team effort.

Before we even left, it was making an impact:
* Richard, who is the Supervisor of Grounds / Equipment Maintenance there at CAH, was nearly in tears and overwhelming in thanks at the effort put forth and how the equipment will help the kids there
* Many of the staff where quite speechless and thankful when they came out to see the finished work
* The youth were already hanging all over the equipment (who needs the concrete to set??), laughing and having a good time

And the impact will be a lasting one. Attached is a letter sent by the Volunteer Programs Coordinator at CAH, Sharada Abraham:

“”Good Morning Gentlemen,

I hope you all are well! I wanted to thank you all for the phenomenal job that was done on last weekend with the installation of the Pull Up & Dip Station. It looks great (pics are attached) and everyone is asking about it from the children, staff, and even our volunteers. I had the pleasure of giving a tour yesterday to one of our community partners and they were in awe.
Thank you all so much for your continued support of the Home. The pull up and dip station is a great addition to our Campus and I do believe our teens will spend more time getting FIT!
Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sharada Abraham
Volunteer Programs Coordinator


On behalf of F3 Nation and CAH, I am incredibly thankful for the efforts put forth by the area PAX to get this done. From the inception of the Burpeee Challenge fundraiser by Chicken Wing, to the PAX participating in the challenge (I still do not like burpees, but I’m better at them now), to the PAX designing, fabricating the equipment, procuring the materials, facilitating the approvals, leading the installation efforts, and finally participating in the installation. It was quite a project, and a good example of what happens when you step outside your comfort zone to lead and make things happen.

Keep up the great efforts F3 Nation! Remember that within each one of you there is a true leader waiting to be unleashed if it has not been already. Believe in yourself,  be the change you want to see in the world, and get out there and make a positive difference in the world. Be the vessel through which He works.

You are all HIMs, and I am honored and privileged to be part of this wonderful thing we all call F3.

Thank you and God Bless

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Preblast – S2S – Sharing to Sharpen (3rd F)

  • QIC: Chicken Hawk
  • When: 07/27/2017
  • Pax:
  • Posted In: 3rdF

Starting Thursday, 7/27 at 0620 until 0645 after your 1st F post (or in lieu of) join Pax for a new 2nd / 3rd F opportunity at Panera Bread @ Kingsly outside in the screen patio area.  This is not a bible study per se, this does not require any deep knowledge of the Word, this doesn’t even require that you know and follow God to participate.

The purpose of this AO is to give men an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and to share our burdens and struggles and to get support and encouragement from those that we sweat with every day.  The idea is that this time together will be part 2nd F and being in community with our brothers, it will have tentacles of Whetstone and the idea that we sharpen each other (Iron Sharpening Iron) and it will have flavors of 3rd F where we seek answers in God’s word.  In some ways, this will be an opportunity to test the “living word” for answers to every day struggles and for men to come alongside each other to encourage and strengthen each other.

The format of discussion will go something like this…

  • Q will bring the topic of a struggle they are wrestling with personally. This can be a very personal struggle or trial or it can be something of this world that is bothersome to them that they can’t come to grips with.
  • Pax will engage to give their perspective on their experiences/struggles with the topic
  • Q will take the opportunity to look into the Word to find scripture that supports, acknowledges, gives encouragement or guidance around the topic
  • Pax will give perspective on how they have handled, overcome, found hope around the topic.

Please join if you are available on 7/27 and any Thursday thereafter at 6:20 @ Panera Bread.


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Principal Discipline at 3rd F Convergence

On Friday, August 4th at Eternal Church at 0600 (1787 Pleasant Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29708) join several #HIM men in our community that have a significant influence on raising our children.  Join principals from all three levels of our schools represented who will engage in a panel discussion about discipline, to help us think about how fathers can help influence our children and our homes and they will be willing to take questions based on your experience in the school system.

Representing the elementary level will be Travis Howard from Pleasant Knoll Elementary School, Mr. Tony Caricari will represent middle school from Fort Mill Middle School and finally representing our high school level will be Dee Christopher.

As our children prepare to for another school year take this as an opportunity to prepare yourselves as we as fathers have a huge influence on our children’s education the way we parent, lead our families and engage with the school system.

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Mid-Year Update on CAH Guidance


As you all know, for the past few years F3 has been working with the Children’s Attention Home (CAH), AO “Guidance” in Rock Hill. For those not familiar with CAH, it is a place of healing, nurturing, love, and care for abused, neglected, and abandoned children of all ages. Originally named “Justice League”, this year the youth renamed it “Guidance”. The name fits perfectly. The PAX of F3 has had a growing presence there, with the mission being the same as F3 Nation:

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

It runs deeper than those words. Every other week older PAX meet up with the younger PAX residents (ages 11-18) there and workout, reinforce the 5 core principles, discuss what the three F’s mean and how they apply in everyday life, and also discuss the theme of the month. Plus, another impactful thing we do for them is spend time with the youth and let them know we care, they matter, and they are leaders waiting to blossom. More importantly, we reinforce that they are a vital part of something larger than themselves, they are all His Children, and He will always be there for them. For anyone in F3 for some time, we all know the immensely positive impact all of this can have on one’s life.

Myself, Chicken Hawk, and Reborn are in regular communications with the staff at CAH, and if anyone needs any proof of the positive impact F3’s presence is having on the youth there, here is some input offered by the Volunteer Programs Coordinator there as to what she has noticed this year:

  • She has seen Tristen (F3 Travolta) go from being a bully to a mentor to the younger children
  • She has seen Daniel (F3 Curry) work through differences with other children that he would previously fight with
  • She has seen Samaj (F3 Chihuahua) genuinely excited when he knows F3 is coming to the home
  • Plus. she has noticed that the boys bunk house has become the ‘choice assignment’ for the staff because of the transformation of the boys. Not long ago staff did not want to be assigned to it for their various duties. Now they ask for it because the boys have ‘settled down’, fight less, and are much more respectful towards them
  • In her words – This group of men are providing a model, giving hope and helping to influence a new outcome that likely wasn’t in these boys future

Glory be to God!! It is much more than exercises, funny names, unique lingo, and sweat that is making this happen. We are providing them a sense of community and belonging, discipline, mentorship, guidance, intentionality, love, care……all in a little of one’s own time. Combine that with His word, His mercy, His grace, and His love, it is clearly evident the positive impact we are making down there. It has been a blessing to have these youth in our lives, and watching them transform week to week.

None of this could have happened without the support of the F3 PAX who have taken their time to be there at CAH and make this difference happen. That impact has been made stronger by the PAX who have supported in whatever way they can – burpee challenge fund drive, snack drives, drink drives, Catawba river float, whatever. It takes effort to make a difference, and the greater the forces the greater the impact.

Keep up the great work, but by no means are we done. We will continue to need PAX support to continue to make this happen…..to plant, grow, and serve in order to invigorate.

Thank you for your efforts, and for being the HIMs you all are. God bless.
– NASA, Chicken Hawk, and Reborn

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