Gettin’ SWOLE! – Too many Ruck Merkins to Count

Was reminded the day before of my Golden Corral ruck Q, so did the only thing I could think of – tabata.  Sort of.

Deacon, Mainframe, Rad and I rucked over behind the Teeter and did the world’s fastest warm-up that consisted of some windmills, moraccans, imperial walkers and curls.  Threw the rucks back on and hit the first tabata:

  1.  For 5 minutes, each minute do 30 side straddle hops and 10 merkins (w/ the ruck on) (150 ruck side straddle hops, 50 merkins).  Thankful for the Rocky theme music and Dropkick Murphy’s to get us through it!
  2. For 5 minutes, each minute do 15 squats and 10 merkins (w/ ruck) (75 ruck squats and 50 merkins)

Next up – Partner pushes down the HT parking lot w/ exercises.  Partner 1 pushes partner 2 (both have rucks on) about 50 yards, then drops and does 35 flutters and 20 ruck merkins.  Partner 2 pushes partner 1 back to the starting line and does the same thing together.  Do that two more times.  (140 flutters, 80 ruck merkins).

Last, but not least, 3 sand bags were waiting.  4 stations – 1) no sand bag, just ruck, 2) 40 lb sandbag and ruck, 3) 60 lb sandbag and ruck, 4) 90 lb sandbag and ruck

  1.  each of the 4 pax gets one station and we do 10 squats per station in order moving to the next after each w/ no break.
  2. do it again, this time w/ chest press.  Press each of the sand bags (or your ruck if you’re at that station) x10, 4 stations in a row, no break.

Did a full lap (running of course) around the Harris Teeter complex w/ rucks on.  The pax did great.  Think we can all say we got our chest work in for the week.  I haven’t been that sore in some time.  Final count – 180 ruck merkins, 150 ruck side straddle hops, 140 flutters, 115 weighted squats, 40 weighted presses.  Gettin’ SWOLE!

Until next time –

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