YHC knew it was going to be hard to compete against Maximus and GInsu at the Coop for a QvsQ, but I figured there would be some hearty PAX willing to step up and post; the rain though didn’t help. It didn’t matter, 3 PAX held each other accountable for a little of this and a little of that. YHC had some terrible ideas lined up (like running the stairs 5 times for a jacobs ladder) and bringing out the basketball for a little hoop challenge, however the rain required YHC to audible the weinke – and create one on the fly.

COP included windmills (shocker), Side Straddle Hops (even more shocking), slow squats, merkins, Moroccan nightclubs, Imperial Walkers.

Line up at end of pillars, bear crawl to each pillar and do 5 squats….there must have been 16 pillars…nice burn to start things off. Lunge walk to every other pillar and complete 10 LBCs. Run the big drop off loop.

Peoples chair, flutters, run the loop

Peoples chair, flutters with legs over curb, and heels to heaven, run the loop

Mossy to benches for 15 step ups, 10 erkins, 10 derkins

Run the loop, and finish with 20 merkins

Thanks Fishsticks for the opportunity. Thanks Wegmans for scheduling the QvsQ at the coop 🙂

Prayers to Never Never’s M, those traveling, and for patience in the home. Solid WO by the PAX!


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