Always a burpee mile at Pantheon

Not too much creativity was brought to Pantheon on this comfortable, non-raining day. Arrived and set out 4 marker softballs around the larger running loop. YHC started with a message about serving and talked about the Thanksgiving drive in the Paradise neighborhood.

No FNGs, gave disclaimer. Started with a jog around the loop to note location of softballs for future use. Butt kickers, side shuffles, and a run backward high knees with no injuries reported. Followed with a circle of a few warmup exercises which included the always popular scissor one-leg flutters.

Workout consisted of running the large loop, stopping at 4 softballs along the way to do burpees. First loop 5 at each softball, then 4 and we eventually finished the 3rd lap. PAX took turns leading during the laps at the pace they desired. After each lap, we performed a series of exercises focusing on arms or legs. Exercises included, but may not be limited to:

Legs: squats, sumo squats, mountain climbers, people’s chair ( a few times with PAX counting down) , ski jump squats (very difficult to count as Q).

Arms: Balls to the wall 3x?, merkins, 6″ merkins, etc.

Calves: Rocky Balboa toe taps, calf raises, squat jumps focusing on getting off toes.

Finished with 3+ minutes of Mary feet never touching ground.

Gave more info about the food drive for our Thanksgiving efforts in Paradise. Thank you to Pantheon PAX for their pledges and donations which have already started come in just a few hours later!

Sign up for Christmas party.  Cornerstone is accepting character bandaids for the children’s hospital until somewhere around Dec. 20.  Come out to G-fit, our weekly workout in Paradise on Saturdays at 3:00 pm at Steele Street Park with the kids. Volunteer at the Reading Center on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 pm at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, 601 Joe Louis St.

Prayers for Triple Lindy’s son. Prayers for our kids in school and sports. Support each other outside of our workouts. Triple Lindy is seeking employment if any PAX can help. While overlooked in COT, prayers to Lutefisk and family in their time of loss of his mother.

Thank you to Olaf for taking us out.

YHC had a good talk after with Fishsticks and Triple Lindy (first time meeting).

Here is the link to support our Thanksgiving efforts in Paradise. We must move quickly, within the next couple days.

Aye Bolt.

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Support Thanksgiving Food Efforts in Paradise

***** Update Thursday 9:00 pm *****
Great thanks to the PAX who have donated, and in just one day 1/2, we reached our goal!  Please, no more donations, but, if you were considering, let Bolt know in case we want to add additional families to receive food.
If you would like to volunteer to help deliver (no 2.0’s on delivery, please) to the families, please let Bolt know ASAP. Delivery is being planned for Saturday from 1-3:00 pm (before the G-Fit workout). If needed we will deliver later Saturday, or on Sunday.
For this saturday….1-3:00 pm – food delivery…followed by G-Fit with the kids at 3:00 pm  please join us and bring the 2.0’s to g-fit!!!!

I will be purchasing food tomorrow.  Today, I was able to get 10 large baskets with Thanksgiving themed ‘liners’ (for a nicer food presentation) at a near-donation price from the Humane Society thrift shop. They have supported us previously, and offered to continue to give us sports balls which we use and distribute to the kids in Paradise. We will also be getting a supply of corn, beans and yams which we will not have to purchase. This means we will be able to give the families a larger gift certificate to the grocery store to purchase any additional food items that may want outside of our basic food items (ie. dessert, etc).

Thank you! bolt *****


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us,  and Bolt and Deacon are seeking PAX support (quickly) in a small effort to provide full Thanksgiving meals to families in Paradise.

F3 has had a presence in Paradise for over a year and half now. In past years we have had a community turkey drive. We are changing it up this year to provide (at least) 10 full meals to specific high priority families in need. We are working with Kim at SON Ministries to identify these families. But we must move quickly in our efforts with a target delivery of this weekend 11/17-11/18 and an absolute deadline of Tuesday 11/20.

<See also below schedule of events in Paradise over the Thanksgiving holiday>

Each meal will consist of a turkey and all side dishes (list below) needed for a full meal. THANK YOU TO FIGARO (Montrio Belton) who will purchase all of our needed turkeys! This means we just need the side dish item package.

*** As of 11/14 8:15 am, WE ONLY NEED 5 MORE FULL SIDE ORDERS! Full orders are about $30 unless you want to add few items, ie. dessert) ***


  • Partner up with another PAX to purchase the items.
  • Donate any money amount to Bolt via Paypal. Send to:
  • Pledge: If you want to commit but can’t do PayPal, just let Bolt know ASAP and he will cover your pledge until he sees you next.
  • From there, meet up or schedule pickup with Bolt or deliver to 3728 Leela Palace Way in Waterstone near Tega Cay.
  • Assist in delivery to families in Paradise.

Paradise Schedule of Thanksgiving events

  • Sunday, November 18. Volunteer at “Harvest of Thanks and Poor Man’s Meal”, a community meal held at Jerusalem Baptist Church in the Life Center. It would be great to have F3 support at this community event. More details to come via Twitter.
  • Weekend 11/17-11/18 through Tue 11/20. Help to deliver our holiday meals.
  • Saturday, 3:00 pm,  11/24. Post at G-Fit with a holiday pizza/food party following.

Thank you to everyone for your support on this endeavor and to all PAX that have joined us in Paradise!

Aye! Bolt …….. Always open for suggestions!!!

Food side list –  (You can shop anywhere and you can alter this list as you see fit. Pics below are from Harris Teeter. This link may take you to the shopping cart:

Required:  8-10 lbs potatoes, stuffing @ 12 oz, green beans @ 30 oz, corn @ 30 oz, collard greens @ 30 oz, cranberry sauce @ 14 oz, gravy @ 18 oz, mac and cheese @ 3 boxes 20 oz.  This list includes mostly canned foods because delivery will be days before Thanksgiving.

Possible additional:  celery, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, rolls/biscuits, DESSERT.

( I don’t think these screenshots have turned out too well. Will try to improve.)




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VQ at the Hive

It was a cold and rainy morning at the Hive. Not an ideal morning for swinging metal around, but that did not stop seven men from battling the elements to workout. After a quick disclaimer, we took a jog around the parking lot.  Next, we did some light stretching to reduce the risk of injury.

After the warm-up was complete, we formed a circle around a light pole.  The workout was called the Kettlebell Clock (not very original, but it works).  Like the face of a clock, there were twelve exercises.  At twelve o’clock, the person performing the exercise would act as the second or  “sweep” hand of the clock.  Once complete, we would rotate to the next exercise by lunge walking to the next interval of the clock.  Below are the exercises we performed for each interval:

  1.  American Hammer
  2. Curl
  3. KB Swing
  4. Flutter
  5. Upright Row
  6. Shoulder Press
  7. Tri-cep Press
  8. Figure Eight
  9. Lawnmower
  10. LBC
  11. Chest Press
  12. Rounds 1 and 2 – Squat Thrusters (20 reps), Rounds 3 and 4 –  Burpees (5 reps) with a light jog to the end of the parking lot and back.

Great job by all.  We had some fun discussion ranging from how much a musical instrument costs to the Hamm brothers.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Families traveling for the holiday



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Smashing Taboo on this Election Tuesday

Today 11 men  joined together in the unseasonably warm but wet aftermath of a heavy rain that preceded us.  Plenty of puddles to step in but lots of good fellowship to counteract the wet.  My apologies to Long Shanks for getting his shoes wet by moseying through the fields

Message:  The challenge during partner activities was to engage in the taboo… to engage in dialogue around politics and religion.  The great deceiver has created societal roles that it is taboo to talk about politics or religion because he knows when we talk about difference, when we talk about our own pain and suffering that what we usually find is commonality, hope and support that he doesn’t want you to find.  This month take a leap of faith and make yourself vulnerable by speaking about something on your heart that you wouldn’t normally speak about. Find healing, support and hope in the men around you.


Started with some stretching… because we are old (except Falcon Crest but he played along)

Moseyed past the smelly trash can to the back parking lot for some Rugby sprints that included SSH, CCDs, Merkins, Sumo Squats, Hill Billy Walkers and maybe a couple others.

Mosey to the side HT wall for some wall sits and bear crawls from one end to the other (that is one long wall……….)

Mosey to Grace parking lot for the Starfish which included 8 pain stations within 1 Min. on and 15 seconds of transition which we did two rounds of that included 50#, 30#, 25# weights and a 10# ball.

This morning was a good work out but great fellowship among the pax.  It was a lot of fun connecting but also sweating!  Special call out to my partner, Old Bay,  for the good conversation on politics and religion.  I’m better because of the conversation.  Aye!


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Tick Talk

It was a beautiful cool morning at Alcatraz. 8 men showed up for the workout, the Sale family represented half of the Pax.

After a quick disclaimer, we took a stroll around the block.  This would be the extent of the running we would do for the morning.  Next, we did the following warm up exercises:

SSH x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Plank Stretches

Honeymooner, downward dog

Arm/shoulder stretches

Next, we each grabbed a paver and moseyed to the basketball court.  We formed a circle like a clock.  At each number of the clock, an exercise would be performed until the person at the top of the hour (#12) finished a set of exercises (Round 1 and 2:   Squat Thrusters – set of 20, Round 3 and 4:  Burpees – set of 5).  After the completion of the exercise, the Pax would lunge walk to the next hour on the clock with or without the paver in hand.

Below are the exercises (with paver) for each hour:

  1.  Paver swing
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Merkin
  4. Flutter
  5. Upright Row
  6. Curl
  7. Chest Press
  8. LBC
  9. Lawn Mower
  10. American Hammer
  11. Calf Raise
  12. Squat Thruster/Burpee

Great job by everyone.  Lots of good chatter and fellowship.



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Prayers / Praises:

Bob the Builder’s recovery







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YHC knew it was going to be hard to compete against Maximus and GInsu at the Coop for a QvsQ, but I figured there would be some hearty PAX willing to step up and post; the rain though didn’t help. It didn’t matter, 3 PAX held each other accountable for a little of this and a little of that. YHC had some terrible ideas lined up (like running the stairs 5 times for a jacobs ladder) and bringing out the basketball for a little hoop challenge, however the rain required YHC to audible the weinke – and create one on the fly.

COP included windmills (shocker), Side Straddle Hops (even more shocking), slow squats, merkins, Moroccan nightclubs, Imperial Walkers.

Line up at end of pillars, bear crawl to each pillar and do 5 squats….there must have been 16 pillars…nice burn to start things off. Lunge walk to every other pillar and complete 10 LBCs. Run the big drop off loop.

Peoples chair, flutters, run the loop

Peoples chair, flutters with legs over curb, and heels to heaven, run the loop

Mossy to benches for 15 step ups, 10 erkins, 10 derkins

Run the loop, and finish with 20 merkins

Thanks Fishsticks for the opportunity. Thanks Wegmans for scheduling the QvsQ at the coop 🙂

Prayers to Never Never’s M, those traveling, and for patience in the home. Solid WO by the PAX!


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Brute Force Fight for the Fallen – Sand & Kettlebells at the Armory – PT. 1

We remembered 104 fallen firefighters as part of the Brute Force Fight for the Fallen Fundraiser.  The initiative is led by 555 fitness which is a crossfit box, however we modified our workout to suit.

Warmup:  5 count in cadence – Side Straddle Hops, Diamond Merkins, Sissy Squat Jumps.

The Thang:  5 reps single count of each below in succession while each member alternated performing Brute Force Sandbag Burpees – demonstration link here:

Squat to KB Swing
Curl to Arnold Press
Rear Lunge to Lawnmower
Front Raise to TriPress
Pullover to Straigh Leg Crunch

8 Revolutions, with Dungaree doing sandbag burpees all the way back to my truck!

In between revolutions, we discussed Encouragement, the Jester, and Bad Ideas.

Finale – 4 minute core thrasher with planks, carolina dry docks, honeymooners, and sphynx planks

Join the Brute Force Fight for the Fallen here. 

2) Sign up as a TEAM MEMBER under your TEAM NAMEF3_RELENTLESS (O’Hara)
3) And finally have them use your team discount when paying to save $5, use code: RELENTLESS
Prayers for guidance, clarity, strength and patience.


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Pax singing Panama at Pantheon

5 men showed up for the workout at Pantheon.  Numbers low due to the Ragnar race on Saturday.  No worries, we had a great group of guys ready to take on the challenge.

The warm-up began with a lap around the car pool line.  We then circled up for the following exercises:

SSH x20

Imperial Walkers x15

Plank – downward dog, honeymooner

Arm stretch – up, down, side to side

That’s when the pax started singing Panama by Van Halen

uhh, I reach down between my legs n’ ease the seat back

She’s runnin’, I’m flyin’
Right behind in the rearview mirror now
Got the fearin’, power steerin’
Pistons poppin’, ain’t no stoppin’ now

It took me a while to make the connection..I am more of an 80’s R&B guy.

Next, we began the more difficult part of the workout.  We moseyed to the front of the school next to the pillars.  We started with an exercise, then a movement to the next pillar, skipping a pillar.  There were eight stopping points where we performed the following exercises:

Merkins x 10 = 80, lunge walk between pillars

LBCs x 10 = 80, bear crawl between pillars

Burpees x  5 = 40, duck walk between pillars

Carolina Dry Docks x 10 = 80, reverse lunge walk between pillars

After each round we ran around the parking lot.

Great job by all!



Family health

Injured Pax

Unspoken prayers




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Casual Stroll to Walmart

Nice morning for a stroll to Walmart.

Run down Gold Hill Road, Right on Hubert Graham Parkway, Right on Stonecrest Road, Circle back at Dam Road, Left on 160, Left on Gold Hill Road, and back to Trailhead Park.  Five miles in total.



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Recovery Q

Almost evenly split, 6 for the bootcamp and 5 for rucking.  After a busy week of tough workouts and Qs, I did not have much time to plan for this morning’s adventure so I borrowed routines from some HIMs.


Butt Kickers

High Knees

Soccer Circles

Next, we jogged over to Just Fresh for COT.

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Windmill x 15


  • Elbows, left arm out for Moroccan Night Club x 10
  • Back to plank
  • Honeymooner
  • Downward Dog
  • Elbows, Right arm out for Moroccan Night Club x 10
  • Back to plank
  • Honeymooner
  • Downward Dog

Next, we lined up for 7 minutes of sprints.  Each segment was 1 minute, any extra time would be used to rest between sets.

We took a break from the running and performed part of this week’s Iron Pax Challenge:

25 walking lunges

25 squats

Rinse and repeat 4x

Next, we went back to the clock for ten minutes of merkins.  Each 1 minute segment, we did 20 merkins, any extra time would be used to rest.  This exercise was tough, not much rest 5 minutes in.

We headed back to COT at a slow jog pace, passing the ruckers twice along the way.  We had time for one set of LBCs before time elapsed.



Q School – Golden Corral starting next week

The Fort Invergence – Sept 21 @1730, Rush Pavilion


Injured Pax

Family stresses (kids, jobs, etc)

New F3 Pax – life changing, keep coming out

Families traveling over the holiday

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