Cannonball Party for 4

I got to the AO a little early and put Tiny Tim out in a inconspicuous place so we could later let him join the party.  I also did a little sidewalk chalk art which would also play a part of today’s action.

We took a quick not so quick run down a dark road partially lite by my head lamp to the other parking lot in front of the Pre-school for our COP.  We took our Kettle bells along for the Mosey

Sun Gods (10 each direction)
Cotton Pickers x 10
Merkins x 10
Downward Dog and some Honey Mooner
Basic Leg and Arm Stretching

The Thang:  Part 1
We moseyed over to the One-Way up hill road where Tiny Tim joined the party.  We did a basic ladder – 4 Turkish Get up’s (in honor of Iced T being injured and those are his favorite) at the bottom of the hill and ran up the road (with kettle bells in hand) at which time we did 1 big boy at the top with the kettle bells and the 3-2, 2-3 and so on ladder style.  The small twist was each Pax had to transport Tiny Tim up and down the hill at least once and instead of doing the Turkish Get up’s and big boys they did dead lifts during this rep.

Part 2
On the patio I pre-wrote with my kids side walk chalk 3 exercises.
Kettle bell Jaxs
Kettle bell swings
Kettle bell squat thrusters

Each Pax wrote their name on the patio next to the exercises and we did all three exercises for 3 rounds.  1st round was 3 minutes, 2nd round was 2 minutes and the last round was 1 minute.  The goal was pretty basic, track your reps and get better each round.   Good push and dialog this morning.  These are some HIM that I am glad are in my Shield lock and have become my Guard rails.


Joe Davis run is this weekend!
P200 is getting closer and Wolverine is Driving the Van!!!!!

Chop Block lifted up My M
All we thankful for the ability to be able to work out and worship openly

I closed in prayer, this always gets me, as I have stated before.  I truly feel that when I close my eyes and pray He grabs my heart and humbles me to the ground.  Today was no different.  I broke down in front of my HIM and they were there to support me.  I apologized and one of the Pax told me later “There is no wrong way to pray.  The Bible says those who are emotionally brought to their knees are regarded as holy and closet to God.  Sometimes just to sit and weep with our faces on the ground is all God wants.  So thank you for being faithful this morning”  I know that am far from being regarded as holy but I am glad that I am one day closer.   I am proud to announce that I have made the decision to get Baptized and I know my Shield Locks will be their yelling to from their seats “Halleluiah Two Ferns”! 

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