13 HIM showed up on a blustery Tuesday to make the choice to get better.

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • Cherry Picker
  • Windmill
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Mosey to the playground

The Thang


100 reps of each exercise in sets of 20 with a run up the hill and back after each set.

  • 20 Merkins (x5)
  • 20 Pull-ups (x5)
  • 20 Big Boy sit-ups (x5)
  • 20 Dips (x5)
  • 20 Squats (x5)
  • Run up the hill (x5)

That took most of the time. We mosey-ed around the park as a cool down and it was time for the COT. Pull-ups suck. Must do more.


TClap |

WEP for some 45’s and an almost Merlot

11 PAX showed up with no fear of what was supposed to be a wet morning. Lucky for us, after a quick sprinkle during the disclaimer, mother nature held out for us.

The DOHA and I were teaming up for this one and I knew ahead of time that he was very eager to include cinder blocks into the rotation.

Mosey up the hill to the end of the parking lot away from the” house.”

45 was my target rep number (Presidents) and the PAX were so excited to participate:

45 SSH- fluctuating cadence to fast

45 Imperial Walkers

45 Moroccan night clubs

45 Seal Jacks

At the great request by DH, over the to the curb for some calf raises (15 reg, 15 out, 15 in)

Mosey to bank drive through area. Partner up

A little round of Dora. Started out as 100, 200, 300 but had to modify because of time.

Partner One-

100 knee jump slaps

150 merkins

200 flutter kicks

LBC’s waiting on the Six

Partner Two- runs around the Bank

Mosey back to last parking lot to the wall for some wall sits. PAX were to remain in sit position, while each PAX steps out to sidewalk for 3 burpees.

Once completed, we headed back to COT area to pick up the cinder blocks.

Hand off to DH

Mosey with CB up the hill and to guess where, the same parking lot we were just at!

DH had us all line up right where the wall sit area was for COP with the CB’s. Before starting, DH shared a message about PAX asking for help when they need it, and emphasized there would be no judgement. Many PAX are out there struggling (maybe on IR) and continue to face their challenges alone.

The Thang

One PAX would bear crawl the entire hallway to the end where the entrance to the building was (est 100 yds).

Other PAX would complete instructed exercise until the PAX returned.







(I Probably forgot one or two here)

Rinse and repeat

It is worth noting that after DH returned from his bear crawl, the PAX noticed him standing in the corner as if in “timeout.”  In fact, he was taking his own timeout to avoid a potential Merlot splash. Nice recovery DH.

Back to COT for some Mary

Heels to heaven


Hello Dolly



Joe Davis


Prayers and Praises



PAX on IR- reach out them

Thanks for the opportunity!

Frat Boy (and DH)

TClap |

Jammin’ at The Hive

You know how I roll…there will always be music! 17 guys came to The Hive to jam with me. 90’s Alternative all the way! I pulled up at 5:10 and saw 3 cars in the parking lot, told my co-pilot Dangerfield that we had at least 6 guys working out this morning and was excited about that number. By the time I finished setting up my circuit, 6 more cars had driven in to the Fort Mill High Schools parking lot. At 5:15, I was talking to 16 HIM about how important it is to modify if something I suggest/do sounds crazy. We moseyed with our bells over to my setup where we immediately got into some…

25 SSH
15 Hillbilly Walkers
15 Merkins
1 Round of Name Shoutouts while we Planked (I always like to know who I’m working out with in the dark!)
1 Lap around the the parking lot ending back at the bells for…

The Thang
I had 10 parking spaces setup with cards calling out an exercise. We doubled up in most of these spaces and did AMRAP for 1 minute in each space. The exercises were:
Big Boy Swings (regular swings with a 40-50lb bell)
Plank Pull Thrus
Slam Ball (this seemed to be liked and most said they had never used a slam ball. Holler if you Q a gear workout and would like to borrow it.)
Half Kneeling Cleans
Half Kneeling Shoulder Presses
Man Makers
Lunge Pass Thrus
Tall Kneeling Curls
Big Boy Situps – Partner Bell Pass

After we each hit every space we took another lap around the lot. When we arrived back at the bells we flipped over the notecards to find a few new exercises on the backside and completed Round 2. Those exercises were:
Big Boy Swings
Slam Ball
Jump Rope
Turkish Getups
Calf Raises w/ Bell
Half Kneeling Halos
Box Cutters with Press
American Hammers
Goblet Squats
Big Boy Situps – Partner Bell Pass

After Round 2 we took another lap around the lot. Total running was about .75 miles. We finished with a set of SSH, 1 for each Pax, and then moseyed back to cars for COT.

Joe Davis Run
Sweet Tooth Run

Prayers & Praises:
YHC is officially down 30lbs since joining F3 – Thank you Brothers!
An F3 brother helped his son enter rehab – praise for his son’s open heart and ears, prayers for strength to finish
Drug epidemic in York County
Health – Flu is still spreading like crazy
I always ask our Lord to open our eyes and hearts to help us see what he puts in front of us. We are given opportunities everyday to be HIS hands and feet. Do we see those opportunities?

Thank you to Band Camp for the opportunity to Q at The Hive. It will forever be my pleasure.



TClap |

The Fort – We are on a “Journey” and looking for “Hook Ups”.

18 men came to The Fort for an extremely hyped beat down by YHC on the twitter machine. Ginsu is off of the machine so I had to hype it up even more. I think everyone got their money’s worth and here is what happened.

Standing right in the parking lot:

Seal Jacks
Wind Mills
Imperial Walkers

3 lines at stairway to heaven
Run/lunges every other pole

Mosey to Hill

Back to stairway to heaven
1-suicide 4 poles
2-sumo squats
-calf raises
-Backward lunges

As we were working out, I asked the men about getting extremely good hook ups. No we were not talking dates or “women”, but events and special treatment. I heard things like Masters Tickets and Playing Augusta and Meet and Greet with front row tickets at concerts. YHC was able to be on the track at the Daytona 500 right next to the drivers…..was totally wild. Point is we felt special and privileged.  I told the men that the best hook up available to every single one of us is when JESUS escorts us through to heaven. All of us will have our day in front of the big guy and the invite to all of us from Jesus today is, are you with me or against me?? Does he know you? I’d be happy to discuss with anyone about this hookup because it happens on this side of eternity…..not at the ticket window!

Hand off to Ginsu

Ginsu focused on the Journey and taking in everything along the way. The good and bad builds us into the men we are. The choices we make and lessons learn can make all the difference.

Mosey to Springs building and find wall
-People’s chair
-Muscle Ups-10counts with hold

Mosey to parking lot
-Broad jump Burpees 3 islands (50yards), Run back

-bear crawl 4 step then Merkin, 3 islands (50yards), Run back

Mosey to playground
2-run lap
3 rounds


Thanks Bonsai for the Q

We carried a piece of wood the whole workout called The 6 as a reminder of servant leadership and that by picking up the 6 we are developing future leaders.

Qsource LDP led by Old Bay after COT

TClap |

The Armory: Envelope Notes

A lucky 13 PAX gathered in the not too cold late-January gloom for this rendition of The Armory.

Set the disclaimer into motion and the PAX soon followed moseying over to the far side of the church parking lot.

Warm Up:
Windmill x10
SSH x35 (sparked up Trucker’s legendary mumble chatter)
Mountain Climbers x10 (fast count)
Down Dog –> Honeymooner
Mountain Climbers x10 (fast count)
Down Dog –> Honeymooner –> Down Dog –> Standing forward bend (SFB)

Mosey towards bells but then right turn to the back side of the church

Imperial Walkers x10
Hillbilly Walkers x15
Merkin x 10 (slow count)
Down Dog –> HM –>  DD –> SFB

Mosey to bells

The Thang:

Circuit of:
Goblet Squat x20
Upright Row x12
Merkin x10 (modified to manmakers in the 2nd set)
Romanian Deadlift x12 (this was a lot)
Split Squat x8 each side (lunge isolating the reps to one leg before moving to the other side)
One arm press x8 each arm
Kettlebell Swings x20

Mosey a little — 8 snatches (each arm) — rinse and repeat.

At Trucker’s suggestion, we utilized the bell during the Merkins by modifying to 10 Manmakers. I’m not 100% sure that’s what he meant, but his input was helpful.

We made it through 3 sets. Somewhere in the workout we held a plank and everyone shared their word for 2019. I believe Deacon’s word is Maat or Ma’at which is Egyptian mꜣꜥt /ˈmuʀʕat and required a little explanation: the additional plank challenge was welcome. We also discussed at one point how feeling the weight of the kettlebell and gravity pulling you down also allows you to feel the earth holding you up.

After 3 sets, we sprinted to the end of the parking lot and back, did some pigeon lunges, and followed that with flutters until the hour arrived (we made it to 40).

I referenced Mary Oliver‘s passing two weeks ago and none of the PAX were familiar with her work. So YHC took the opportunity to read some of her poem “The Summer Day:”

I don’t know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention . . .
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild precious life?

Gotta up the culture and Third F challenges during the First F work. F3 is certainly more than a workout.

Joe Davis Run
Paradise Reading Center

Prayers and Praises:
Shady’s M back pain
38 Special: 2.0 is having an EKG
Deacon’s dad is recovering well from surgery
Chicken Hawk’s extended family interpersonal
Trucker’s 2.0 is dealing with some illness

Official welcome to FNG’s from last week: Chunk and Pigeon. Must have missed getting into the system directly and should now be up and running as PAX of The Fort.

TClap |

Disrupting 12 days???

As I type this up, I realize that copy and pasting right after the workout would have been a very easy task but I decided to wait but build up the suspense….or something like that.  At the Swamp gathering, we divided into 3 groups – runners, ruckers and bootcampers.

As YHC led the bootcampers away from COT off into the gloom, we did a quick mosey that included butt kickers, high knees and side to side shuffles.  Once we reached our destination, we circled up to get in some quick warm up and stretching given the cooler temps.

Starting out we did: SSH, windmills, Moroccan night clubs, low slow squats, smurf jacks, and some hamstring and back stretches along with downward dog and honeymooner.

Once stretching and bodies were somewhat defrosted, we got into the Thang.

Given our first week of Q source was disruption, what better way to mix things up and disrupt the status quo than pick on something everyone was familiar with – the infamous “12 days of Christmas”.  With this in mind, YHC went with “12 days…since NYE” which was still true and this was only the beginning.  Each exercise was going to have a bit of a twist and was going to make the PAX challenge not only their bodies in the early gloom, but also their listening, math and memory skills!  Here’s how we started out and in true “12 day” style, started with 1, then moved to 2 and back to 1, then to 3 to 2 to 1, then to 4….and so on.  Whatever number you’re on, that’s how many exercises were done unless there was a multiplier included after the exercise (for example see #4 which is x2 meaning 8 of each variety of calf raise.  Also where there’s 2 exercises listed, you got to do both at the designated number.

1. Lap / run (which included up and down the set of stairs and around the parking lot for a short loop)

2. Cracken burpees (if you don’t know what this is, a regular burpee with 3 hand release merkins at the bottom and a Lake Wiley special!)

3. Fluttters & Rosalita & American Hammer (3 sets of each and double count with flutters and hammers)

4. Calve raises (all 3 varieties – inside, regular, outside) x2

5. Smurf jacks x2 (this is a squat position while doing SSH)

6. WWII big boy (legs in butterfly position and big boy situp)

7. Diamonds & Hand release

8. Jump lunge (each leg)

9. Dips x2

10. CDD x2

11. Plank ski jump (1 full cycle is 1 count)

12. Squats x3

13. Bonus round…Toe Taps

A few PAX made it through the 12 days and were looking for more, so in true disruption fashion, YHC was happy to accommodate with a 13th bonus day!

Headed back to COT with 4 min remaining, we managed to get in a few minutes of Mary while we were joined by our fellow runners and ruckers.  Wrapping up with name-o-rama, announcements and TAPs, YHC was happy to be called upon to lead.

Even with the disruption we face every day, no matter how big or small, it’s how we handle the change that makes us better.  Even if throwing in a small curve ball into something like “12 days” gives you pause to think about change, applying this “pause” to everyday life for bigger curve balls is great practice for the game of life. Slowing down life to wait for the curve balls that will come across the plate is a patient man’s game. Disrupting the status quo for controlled (or even uncontrolled) practice…there’s nothing wrong with that game!


TClap |

Heavy Hors D’oeuvres at Block Party

Today, we enjoyed a variable palate of play sand, peat gravel, and dirt. Luckily it rained around 0400, making it not “too dry” of an offering. I rolled up around 0445 to check site conditions, and had my back up plan ready in case it was too moist. Cars started rolling in around 0505. 


Meet up to start


Mosey halfway around park and Back

Stop at .10 & .20 Mile Intervals to Warm Up

Each Stop = Warm Up Exercise (s)

Mosey to 

7 x Merkins

Pause for walker!

3 x Merkins

Mosey to next .10

11 x SSH

10 x Windmills

10 x Deep Squats + Yogi Squat

Mosey Back to Parking Lot

Quick Yoga Sun Salutation/Side Plank both sides


Partner Up 

This is when I turned to my truck bed, filled with a delicious offering of pain. 

Grab some heavy hors d’oeuvres and mosey to the lower Pike Parking Lot. Halfway(ish) we swap coupons with partner. 


Circuit Down in the Parking Lot – Flap Jack the following:

Partner 1 Runs up the grass hill and back, partner 2 works out with coupon. Flapjack.




Bent Over Rows


Every round, shift to sandbag to the left of you so everyone enjoys the varying weights (40-60).

After we finish in the lower parking lot, we mosey to the base of the hill.

Partner Farmer Carry sandbags to upper Pike Parking Lot

Line up on end of the parking lot:

Partner 1 lunges with coupon on shoulders across lot, partner 2 does 10 merkins, runs to partner 1 and flapjack. Do to the end of the lot. Switch sandbags. 

Line up on this side of the lot.

P1 holding sandbag does manmaker burpees while P2 runs to far end of lot and back. Flapjack. Do two rounds. 

Mosey back to COT. Halfway there, partner 2 takes the bag from partner 1. 

Everyone grabs a coupon! Flutters to the end. 





YETI Happening 2/23

Joe Davis Run for Recovery – 3/9 – Prices go up 2/1

Q Source this week: Lizards, Bull Frogs, and Leeches 

If you aren’t doing Q Source as the group, it is still worth reading. I was pushed by Pusher to do so, and I think I will. 



C-Span was next-door to the active shooter at the UPS store in Philly yesterday. Pray for his (and concentrica) continued safety and readiness at all times. 

Prayers for my brother-in-law and his current dive down deep into “end of times” theories. His marriage, relationships, and work are all suffering. Pray that he keeps his eyes focused on Jesus first and foremost. 


After we prayed we discussed our words for the year. I heard a few in passing, but wanted to remind all to keep your focus on your word and let those close to you know it and hold you accountable to it. 

Mine is Activate. I am not the leader I want to be, and I have for too long sat passively and let things happen as they happen. This is the year I activate the leadership within me that I know has always been there. 

Block Party was a mainstay of mine this past summer, and I’m excited I finally was asked to Q. Thanks for the opportunity, Shady. I appreciate you asking me to step up. Everyone kept saying how quickly the 45 minutes went. I agree and I was happy we were able to keep it moving quickly! Great work by all men who showed up. 

Punch List Out.

TClap |

“Is this a typo?”, said Grantan. “A long time coming”, said the new Nantan. “Hey man, you tha Q,” said Bonsai.

Thanks Shady for the chance to VQ. We had 21 PAX at this Block Party. I felt the love and encouragement, made it fun and invigorating. A slight chill on this early 2019 morn also added some vigor.

The first Mosey took us to a lot too close to potential noise ordinance violation, so we audibled to Founders, where the warm-up Windmills, Little Baby Circles, Imperial Walkers, and Hillbilly Walkers ensued. I purposefully passed over the traditional warm-up SSHs, trying to save legs for what came later.

I then introduced a Dora, had two exercises planned for it but one PAX said, “Where’s the third?” So Doras typically involve three exercises I learned, VQ mistake, but then Bonsai chimed in, “Hey man, you tha Q.” So we partnered up and settled in for 100 LBCs and 200 Flutters.

Then a circuitous Mosey route around the bank across the street to the lot below the old Springs complex. Ab work: a Captain Thor 1:4 up to 10 big boys and then Rosalitas in cadence, in Spanish, like they should be shouted.

Then a Bear Crawl up the Hill to the upper lot where we circled up for a word on Accountability. In short, the point: accountability is about more than sharing our brokenness, about more than sharing our struggles, but sharing our dreams and desires and ambitions as we say to one another, “Go for it, brother!”

And then, the beat down. 22 was the operative number, Lunge Jumps and Merkens the mix. It went down like: 20 LJs, 2 Merks; 18 LJs, 4 Merks; 16 LJs, 6 Merks…and so on, down to 2 and 20.

A third and final Mosey then to the COT. Remember QSource. Remember Joe Davis. PAX hopeful for new job opportunities. Sugardaddy’s daughter Caroline going Legally Blonde this week:) Pray for her Elle Woods debut.

LAST WORD: About half way through with us all holding a Chillcut, I shared my one word: Deeper. Going Deeper for me means caring for my soul well this year. But how? I’m gonna pursue better and more beautiful inputs. Yes, I’m talking about reading better literature, listening to better stories, discovering beautiful art and landscapes that inspire me. But better and beautiful abounds when I’m engaged with my 2.0s, and M.

Oh, and this is the mountain if any of you want to “go for it” with me.

TClap |

Balls of Gloom, Inaugural Edition

With a new year, YHC wanted to try something new at Quagmire. I’ve been tossing around ideas, and having some sort of benchmark workout – like the Board of Pain – that is straightforward to work through but also a good workout seemed like a good idea. So, for the month of January, we are rolling out the Balls of Gloom using the red balls outside Target. Poorly advertised, but there will be more opportunities.

Ten PAX showed up for the inaugural running of the BOG (get it? Because it’s Quagmire?). Quick explanation, brief disclaimer, and off we went on a quick mosey to the lot in front of what used to be Books a Million (that’s closed now, apparently). Some side shuffles (sorry Shady, there’s a bump there), high knees, butt kickers, and toy soldiers thrown in for good measure.

Warm up with SSH, windmills, Moroccan night clubs, and maybe something else but I can’t remember.

Mosey to Target and get going…

Balls of Gloom

The idea is simple. Workout is AMRAP for 33ish minutes, you v. you. Exercise posted on each of 10 balls, run between balls, and then run a lap from the stop sign, out to the road between Target and Kohls, around behind Verizon, and back to the start. Rinse and repeat. Try to beat your best next time.


  • 10 burpees
  • 20 merkins
  • 20 squats
  • 40 LBCs
  • 20 CDDs
  • 20 jumping lunges per leg
  • 40 Hello Dolly
  • 20 werkins
  • 10 squat jumps
  • 10 burpees

ChaChing and Bones knocked out four complete rounds with the run at the end and got into the burpees for round five. Three more PAX completed the burpees at the end of round 4 but not the run. Remaining five were somewhere else in round 4. All pushed hard and did great.

Quick mosey back to COT, arriving at precisely 0600 (after being stalked through the parking lot but a vehicle that seemed lost).

Looking forward to doing better next week. You should join us, at least for one, and see what you can do.

TClap |

The 2018 Fort Clave Boss 5k & Christmas Convergence

0545 – Arrive at Palisades Elementary School AKA The Abyss where Bear Grylis is tailgating like its the Summer Concert tour and he’s at FORT-A_PALOOZA.

Ruckers and Runners were gathering and getting ready for a full morning of all 3 F’s. The Pre-Ruck led by Bonsai (as Worldwide Leader was MIA) got together and away they went.

YHC gathered all of the Clave Boss 5k runners and gave the instructions for the course. Signs were posted however it was still difficult for some to follow (Royale, Funhouse and some others) and they got 3.5mi surprise.

0605 – The 4th Annual Clave Boss 5k launched and 32 runners hit the hills of Palisades. This year we awarded Bundt Cakes to the first runner at various paces.

  1. MacGyver flew in at 20:47 6:60/mi and then went back to encourage other runners – True #HIM
  2. Sharkbait came in at 24:43 7.88/mi
  3. Islander rolled in at 27:10 8.74/mi
  4. Twister with a 31:25 10.08/mi
  5. Smuggler wrapped it up with a solid 34:11 11:00/mi

Appreciate all the participants. Next Year’s 5th Annual will be a special event for sure!!

0700 – Preruck has returned, Clave Boss has wrapped up and now more cars have entered the parking lot with PAX gathering all around. It was time to launch the convergence. YHC ask if there were FNGs, and we had 4 in attendance, gave the disclaimer. YHC then gave RUCK crew green light to jet with a 0750 COT. The remaining 75 or so PAX had YHC and Maximus for the next 50minutes

The Thang:

Mosey parking lot….20 SSHs, Go to other end of lot, Merkins, go to other end of lot for squats, back to other end of parking lot for LBCs

Line up in 6 lines, each line goes to a cone and each cone has exercise on it

  1. Merkins
    1. Bearcrawl
  2. Leg Lifts
    1. Lunge walk
  3. Wide Arm Merkins
    1. Run
  4. Donkey Kicks
    1. Bearcrawl
  5. Spider-man Merkins
    1. Lunge walk
  6. Sumo Squats
    1. Run

3 rounds of above, 5 reps, then 10 reps, then 15 reps

The mumble chatter was classic and the fellowship as always enjoyable

Handoff to Maximus

Mosey to back of School and line up in 6 lines for Pain Platoon

  1. Santini led squat routine that is always a crowd pleaser
    1. Burpees
  2. Pusher led Lunges
    1. Burpees
  3. Double D led Mc-tar-Ny ??
    1. Burpees
  4. Bubba Gump led SSHs
    1. Burpees
  5. 4 lines – turn to face one another – then Seal Team Sit ups–always a big crowd pleaser

Mosey to front of school for COT:

Plank while waiting on RUCK crew and 6 inches with Walker…..always fun!!

  • 93 was the count with 4 FNGs
    • Bo Knows
    • Ferris
    • Gaylord
    • Doubtfire


  • We Switzered to gather around and listing to Mr. Clean give a message and challenge to the PAX
    • I’m honored to speak with you today;
      Tomorrow (Christmas night) is the 1 year anniversary of me and the kids finding Cindy (my wife) unconscious. She was immediately put on life support
      Cindy died 3 days later from complications of MS and an addiction to alcohol
      I thought our life was on cruise control. I was being non -purposeful and non intentional. Being a single parent and grieving thru the tragic death of a spouse has been unreal.A few things I have learned from this that I would like to share.

      1. I have a much deeper awareness of emotional health. I have been humbled. Being humble creates avenue for change and growth. My question to you is…are you vulnerable and humble enough to let brothers in to help you?? Are you humble enough to ask for him if you are escaping reality w addictions? Alcohol, porn, etc
      2. I have a more real relationship w Christ.At a time when I doubted Christ care for me and my children and his desire to help our family Christ stepped in and answered a very exact prayer request. If you have doubts about Christ, speak to me please. I would love to share with you what He alone has done.
      3. I am thankful for the suffering. It has brought our family closer together. Even though I and the kids are miss Cindy everyday, we have so much to be thankful. I am thankful for the life that we had w Cindy. I am thankful that she is suffering no more. I am thankful that Cindy is made as new. Most importantly, am thankful for the birth of Christ. He gives us HOPE for a better day.
    • My Challenge to you is Love Deeper and Speak Sweeter. — too often people speak disrespectfully of their spouses and children and parents. Words matter and we all need to choose them wisely. We need to hold each other accountable and “get our heads out of our asses” as you never know when that person will be taken from you.

YHC can’t thank Mr Clean enough for this message and his friendship. over the last 2 years we have grown together to be better Christ followers, better husbands and fathers. He is such a great leader and I’m blessed to have him in my life.

If you need someone like this in your life, reach out to me and we’ll get you set up as there are a boatload of HIMs in the PAX


It was time for some major announcements in leadership. YHC has led as NANTAN for The Fort region for about 15months. Prior to that I was Weasel Shaker and prior to that 3rdF Q and in-between Site Qs of Ranch, Ballroom, Crossroads,, ChicknWizdim, and led CSAUP teams at P200, Kiawah and others.

It was time to hand over the keys to this well oiled machine to a new leader. A man I’ve watched grow and lead in all 3 F’s and lead well. First got to know him well on the 2014 BRR 9 man team. I was asked to attend Colombia mission with with him in 2015 that he led. Have Qd many times with him and attended a retreat in Boone with him in 2017 and saw his heart for God, Family and the PAX of The Fort. In 2018 he led BEYOND and pushed men to not only dig deep physically but to stretch themselves emotionally and spiritually. This sealed it for me that this man understood leadership and that men needed to be Freed to Lead.

MAXIMUS is the new NANTAN of The Fort!

I personally am excited for this next chapter and look forward to more men being Freed to Lead by his example and inspiration. With this change, some other leaders have stepped up as well.

  • Weasel Shaker = Funhouse
  • 1stFQ = Royale
  • 2ndFQ = Wegmans
  • 3rdFQ = Gecko

I personally want to thank Old Bay for years of leadership and more importantly friendship. I true HIM who makes so much happen behind the scenes that there is no way The FORT would be where it is today without him.

Also, want to thank Anchorman for 2nd F Q during my time as Nantan, as well as all his leadership at Footloose, encouraging guys to push themselves and the many great ideas and ways to challenge the PAX. Appreciate you brother!

BOM – Gecko had great words to close out this convergence. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus and all of the Holidays, I pray we find JOY in everything and not take anything for granted. I appreciate all the PAX and my brothers of THE GLOOM.

Cake Boss

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