UNO was the game with 20 PAX.  Polariod led warmup. He was first to go out in UNO also.

Each color was an exercise.  The number was the reps.  Play like normal UNO.  Each PAX takes a turn playing a card.  Either match color or number.

SKIP = run a lap

Reverse = Repeat last card

+2 = Pick two of the exercise and do 2 Reps

+4 = 4 Reps of all 4 exercises, then pick a new color

WILD = pick a new color

If you can’t play a card, draw one.  Rule was to do a burpee for each card you need to draw.  It changed to everyone did a burpee if you drew a card and it wouldn’t play.  If it could play, then we just did the exercise.  Seems like going easy on the player.


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